A Boyhood Hero …

In an age when people steal one’s thoughts and writing,
and do not possess the decency to say ‘hello’,
– taking a moment to remember childhood,
and a hero who gave me the will to keep trying
when the conduct of people made me want to quit.


I began to notice, as a teen, that my heroes
were never the same as anyone else’s.

Boys seemed to marvel at football players – grown men
who chase a ball around a field;
or James Bond – a make-believe character in a film;

while girls were invariably enthralled
by the likes of Davy Jones or Donny Osmond.

Now … I was certainly moved to hear the sentiment
expressed by the Osmonds in “Love Me for a Reason”
– and have never yet heard
my own thoughts upon romance
expressed by any man apart from those brothers
in that particular song – but honestly,
I could never understand being so enamoured
as to have a poster of them on a bedroom wall.

A hero, for me, had to exhibit personal qualities
of tender-heartedness and compassion.

I admired my Dad, and my grandpa –
they were quiet, gentle men who were
very courteous towards others

and instilled in me a sense that I was subservient
to God in all things; and to my elders – as long as they did not
ask me to do, or believe, anything that was evil.

That stipulation of always having moral integrity,
was something that – for me,
made life meaningful.

Without integrity – the strength to stand for virtue
while multitudes all around followed the crowd –
to have spent my life always gratifying vanity
would be something of which, in later years,
I would be ashamed.

Bullies gratified their own conceit by being selfish and cruel.
Hypocrites used people: ‘took’ and never ‘gave’ anything in return.
But Heroes were people who endured personal hardship
in order to help or protect the weak and the frightened.

That capacity to strive to do what is right; to be kind, and gentle
— that spirit of self sacrifice — is what I always looked for
in any boy or girl … man or woman,
before deciding that they were worth admiring.

In an age when any thug in a polyester uniform
is now regarded as “our hero”,
that stipulation of … moral integrity …
is something that is wholly overlooked
in the shallow world of the 21st century.

I suppose, the first real boyhood ‘hero’ that I recall
… was Tom Crean.

I admired Tom Crean because of the famous photograph of him
– pipe firmly ensconced – holding the puppies Roger, Toby,
Nell and Nelson …



Born on the 25th of February (according to his birth certificate;
and not July, as the Internet insists), 1877,
the son of a farmer from Kerry,
Tom Crean joined the Royal Navy at the age of just 15.

In 1901, the ship to which Crean had been drafted,
was moored in New Zealand,
in the vicinity of a second ship
from which a crewmember had only just deserted.

That ship was the ‘Discovery’,
under the command of Robert Scott.
Bound for an expedition to the Antarctic,
Scott now found himself embarking for unknown territory,
being one crewman short.

A hasty search for a replacement was ended
when Tom Crean offered his services.

It was self-appointed mentor Sir Clements Markham,
head of the Royal Geographic Society,
who propelled Scott into the spotlight of Antarctic exploration.

That Markham clearly had designs of grandeur in backing Scott
is fairly discernible in the fact that Markham had lauded
the efforts of Shackleton who – in 1909 –
had reached furthest south in his “British Antarctic Expedition”
voyage to Antarctica.

Almost instantaneously however, Markham went from
recommending Shackleton for a medal of the Geographical Society
… to disparaging him and his achievements,
almost – it seems – ‘overnight’.

Markham’s insistence, from that point on,
seems certainly to have been that the “conquest” of the South Pole
should belong to Scott who, being under the tutelage of Markham,
would of course make Markham a perpetual hero.

One can almost ‘see’ the mental machinations of Markham:
Scott the hero for generations to come … a hero
moulded and mentored by the great Clements Markham.

Just as the true genius behind electricity – Nikola Tesla
was ridiculed, belittled, and swept into obscurity
by the commercial cohorts, arrogance, and cruelty
of dog-and-elephant-killing thug
Thomas Edison,

so Shackleton was being resolutely debased by Markham
and Scott.

No matter what his achievements, the physical achievements of Shackleton
would never be able to stand up to the bureaucratic manipulation
of aristocrat Markham and his suitably docile apprentice, Scott.

[ Markham’s own low moral character would be made more than evident
when, in 1912, the Royal Geographic Society invited Roald Amundsen
to a Society dinner – only to have Markham
resign from the Society in outraged protest. ]

On board Scott’s Discovery, Crean began to demonstrate his superiority
and indispensible good nature in the face of hardship and disaster.
On the 31st of December, 1902, Scott and his party
were forced to turn back due to weather
and the deleterious effects of scurvy,
which had affected them all.

It was at this time that Scott sent (perhaps unnecessarily)
a suffering Shackleton back to England
in a decision that would ever after foster ill will
between the men.

On a subsequent voyage to Antarctica on-board the Terra Nova, in 1910,
Crean accompanied a party bound for the South Pole.
In a disgraceful manifestation of Old Boys Club sectarianism,
Scott ordered the big Irishman to return to base with an ailing officer, Evans;
and another crewmember, Lashley.

On the return journey, Evans fell gravely ill,
and the trio knew that their lives would be lost
travelling at the greatly reduced speed that resulted
from hauling the sick man on the sled.

With 35 miles left to reach base camp, the trio could go no farther,
and Evans ordered the two men to leave him.

It was an order, which Crean disobeyed.

With Evans resting inside a tent, and Lashley left to nurse him,
Crean set out alone into the appalling Antarctic weather
and crevasse-strewn landscape,
in an effort to reach base camp.

Equipped with the clothes on his back,
two pieces of chocolate, and three biscuits,
Crean set off.

Averaging around two miles an hour,
Crean reached base camp roughly 18 hours later.

Despite being massively beyond exhaustion, starving,
and intensely cold, Crean announced
that he was going back with the dog team to rescue his two comrades.

It was a gesture that was flatly refused, and as the dog team set out
following Crean’s instructions, the man rested
from what had been – overall,
an intense 1,500 mile walk in appalling conditions.

In 1914, Ernest Shackleton asked Crean to accompany him
on another expedition to the South Pole.
With Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, crushed in ice;
the men struggled to guide three lifeboats towards Elephant Island
which – although effectively “land” – still left them facing certain death.

It was here that Shackleton proposed an idea that was utter madness:
an 800 mile journey in one lifeboat,
in a final attempt to find rescue.

With 22 men left on Elephant Island to wait
– either for a boat, or death –
Shackleton, Crean, and Frank Worsley led a small crew
into the grey sea.

“One of the memories that comes to me from those days
is of Crean singing at the tiller. He always sang while he was steering,
and nobody ever discovered what the song was.
It was devoid of tune and as monotonous
as the chanting of a Buddhist monk at his prayers;
yet somehow it was cheerful.” [ Shackleton, South ]


Their arrival at South Georgia, 800 miles across raging, freezing seas,
was the greatest feat of navigation ever accomplished –

equalled only by the equally astounding exploit
accomplished by William Bligh after the mutiny on HMS Bounty.

Even with landfall on South Georgia, Shackleton,
Worsley, and Crean faced a outrageous march
over the coastal mountains before they could even get
within shouting range of Stromness Whaling Station.

Crean would later accompany Shackleton
back to Elephant Island,
taking part in the actual rescue of the remaining men.

Tom Crean continued to serve in the Royal Navy
until 1927 when – at the age of 42, he left to subsequently
open The South Pole Inn, a tavern located in County Kerry.

Whether enduring outrageous cold and physical hardship;
insisting upon building an ice-house
for the dog, Sally (who produced the litter of pups);
or running industriously around the Antarctic wasteland
worriedly ‘mothering’ the pups,

Tom Crean was a man of humility, compassion,
and tender-hearted empathy.

In what can only be described as an appalling epilogue
to a life of real exploration devoid of technological comforts,
Crean was NEVER able to share with the patrons of his inn,
those adventures that filled his life.

This was Ireland in the 1920’s,
and the villainous scum who composed the Irish Republican Army
would allow no mention of the exploits of the … Royal … Navy,
or anything that might cast passing admiration
upon Britain or British interest.

In April of 1920, Crean’s own brother, Cornelius
– a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary,
was murdered in ambush by craven thugs of the I.R.A.

A life of pure adventure, exploits, and ‘daring do’ –
… yet forced subjection to murderous thugs

kept Crean from thrilling people
with the re-telling of any of it.

Eighteen years after his brother’s death,
with the local hospital having no surgeon to operate immediately,
Tom Crean died from infection from appendicitis in July of 1938.

He was 61.

The 21st century is an age of loud, vulgar,
obnoxious and arrogant “men”
who strut, and gloat, and preen
because they own things …

… or are vicious enough to threaten
those who are smaller, weaker, or timid.

This is an age when politicians, police and pastors
can, and do, brutalise (figuratively or literally) others
through the abuse of their ‘office’ and the authority
– the responsibility and trust of which, they do not deserve.

A crude mouth belongs to a crude man
and reveal his character – ( to any, that is,
who have the wit or the will to see it. )

Any man who can dispense mercy and kindness
at the expense of his own conceit, ambition, or comfort
is a genuine hero to me.

If observation and personal experience
is anything by which to discern,
such a standard of man is scarce to be found
in the world today;

And women, tragically – for forty years and more –
have been obsessed with striving to imitate the ‘men’
that they see around them.

Whether this brief biography is of any interest to anyone
who visits this site is largely irrelevant to me,
but I do hope that someone will have appreciated
this brief biography of a man whose efforts
permitted a few pompous toffs to be labelled “heroes”.

A hero sacrifices his own comfort, vanity, ambition,
for the sake of someone who is in genuine need.

Writing in his diary on the 31st of January, 1909,
with rations in dire straits – in addition to a meagre supply
of pemmican and meat from the dead ponies,
each man had four biscuits per day –
Frank Wild recorded of Shackleton …

“Shackleton privately forced upon me
His one breakfast biscuit,

and would have given me another tonight
had I allowed him.

I do not suppose that anyone else in the world
can thoroughly realise how much generosity
and sympathy was shown by this:

I do,
and by God I shall never forget it. “

[ From “South” … by Ernest Shackleton … ]

“As an addition to their foster-father, Crean,
the pups had adopted “Amundsen”.
They tyrannized over him most unmercifully.

It was a common sight to see him, the biggest dog in the pack,
sitting out in the cold with an air of philosophic resignation
while a corpulent pup occupied the entrance to his “dog-loo.”

The intruder was generally the pup Nelson,
who just showed his forepaws and face,
and one was fairly sure to find Nelly, Roger, and Toby
coiled up comfortably behind him … “

I have mentioned elsewhere in this site, that
Heroes are men and women who are self LESS
… not self ISH.

The Hypocrite is “charitable” and “kind”
when it serves to further his own vanity
or prestige in the eyes of others:

they “give” when people are taking note.

A hero, for me, is the man or woman
who is kind, gentle, and compassionate
when there is no one around to see.

Tom Crean was such a man.


ABOUT This Internet Site


PLAIN Lifestyle, FEW Possessions, GREAT Contentment –

Humility, Modesty, and Empathy
in a World of Self-Deification, Hedonism, and Greed


An attempt to convince modern-minded humanity to
Pause … Consider … and THINK – like men and women;
rather than React – like children … or savages.


THIS Internet site is as you see it:

I am just one man who began using a computer in 2001
because I could no longer buy ribbon cartridges for my typewriter.

The thoughts presented here are merely observations
that are presented as a result of 50 years
of watching human society progressively degenerate;

and to lament the almost-complete elimination
of moral decency: courtesy, consideration, and conscience.

Criticism is good: it keeps a wise man or woman ‘sharp’ –
PROVIDED, of course, that the one doing the criticizing
is QUALIFIED by Humility, Wisdom, and Mature Life EXPERIENCE.

About the Writer

I have no part in any company, corporation,
denomination, or agenda.

I ask people to comment … to share photographs, links,
a bit of conversation … to be sociable,
because I would be interested to meet any thoughtful,
quiet, and congenial folk who may still be left in the world.

This site consists of the observations
of a quiet and peaceful man
who is incapable of ‘fitting in’ with modern multitudes.

More than a few folk have told me
that what is here, has been of help to them.
For that, I am exceedingly thankful.

Most simply ‘take’ and have neither the decency,
nor the conscience to leave a congenial comment.

It is never nice to admit that one has no friends, however,
as much as I love the amiable conversation
of articulate and gentle people, I have found that people
do not want the company of a man who cannot talk about
‘partying’, popular entertainment, or vanity possessions.

Once the initial fascination wears off,
folk invariably walk away;
which leaves me to the pleasure of the garden,
the birds, and the animals
that come down from the mountain behind our house.


About This Internet Site …

When I began this Internet site in March of 2012,
it was intended to be a place for those who can remember

when the terms “Lady” and “Gentleman”
actually had relevance;

when young women were not ashamed to be ladies,
nor sought to imitate the pathetic macho posturing
of vicious and vulgar men …

… and being a mother at home
was the most honourable job in the world;

when men had enough maturity and respect for other people,
to tuck in their shirt, and exercise self discipline
in conduct and conversation;

when courtesy, consideration, and conscience
still distinguished men and women … from savages;
and children were taught enough respect for adults
as to address them as ‘Mr’ ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’.

It is heart-breaking to realise that
the things that I value in life …

conscience, courtesy,
consideration for neighbours;

the ability to read, write,
and carry on a conversation:

making an effort to be congenial,

– have not only vanished,
but are now regarded with suspicion,
derided as “weakness”,
and viewed with contempt;

to see that anything that advocates moral discernment,
self control, or moderation
is now reviled as “Hate Speech” ;

and to understand that this is now a world
where those who cry for “Equal Rights”
– once they get what they want –
are the very LAST to give equal rights
to those who are different from themselves.

Moral Integrity and Conscience are CLEARLY
all-but non existent in the world today –
as is PLAINLY observable in the daily conduct
and conversation of multitudes.

WG01 The Walk

Until we became familiar with the Internet
and ‘had a look around it’,
I had never imagined ‘ordinary’ people to be
as vulgar and alliterate;

or as vicious, callous, and apathetic towards anything
that did not immediately gratify their lusts, ease, or vanity.

Good people ‘post’ a nature video; a film-clip of their dog,
or even a portion of a documentary film,
and the comments that appear below
seethe with filth, vulgarity, and contempt.

I shall never forget the film on a mother with her autistic child,
and the comment from America
that the woman should have … “put your retard down”.

Or the assertion below the piece on the Amish farmer and his wife,
noting that “they are all pedophiles [sic], brainwashed, and stupid”.
“What a f–king useless, boring life” declared another. [my edit]

The depravity of modern mankind – especially young people –
is completely beyond my capacity to fully take in.

It took me less than a week to realise
that I cannot ‘surf’ the Internet.

To attempt YouTube is to wade through a cesspool of filth:
find a video of bluebells growing in a woodland clearing and, it seems,
there will be some vile creature
spewing profanity and invective at that.

My brief look around the Internet
taught me about the 21st century
– actually, it explained a great deal.

Why it was, for instance, that
whenever I held the door open
for a young woman at the supermarket,
she tells me that she can ‘get it’ herself.

Why people stand in the checkout queue bellowing into ‘cell phones’
for all around them to hear.

Or why one cannot spend ten minutes in any public place
without hearing “f**k“ after each use of the word “the”.

They even have a slogan now – “WTF”.

The filthy obscenities of forty years ago
… are now a fashion statement.

There just is no lower depth of depravity than that.


It has been distressing to see –
not only the progressive infantilising of the human race,
but – the willingness with which multitudes
have facilitated it –

people striving with every waking breath, it seems,
for no higher goal in life
than to be entertained;

men dressing like slobs;
spewing vulgarity and obscenities
as so-called ‘conversation’ –

and women doing everything they can
to imitate men.

The 21st century is an age that is CHARACTERISED by
laziness, greed, and malicious vanity –
in which the humility to learn has utterly vanished.

Skill and wisdom gleaned from life experience
are now relegated to … “Well, that’s your opinion”
by people who, generally, can no longer spell,
write cursively, or even read anything
requiring an attention span.

Attempt to help by correcting a person’s grammar
and they will call you a “grammar Nazi”.

It is not merely that people are unbelievably ignorant:
BUT they dogmatically insist upon being that way.

Human beings no longer have the ability to blush.
And shame is a thing of the past.

We have come to understand the ease
with which modern “friendship” evaporates
in an instant.

Simply being ethical and quiet
is enough to earn the hatred of multitudes
in whose seared consciences, the very existence of morality,
moderation, and self discipline … is a ‘thorn’.

I live in a wilderness, as far as the world today is concerned.
The last time that I had anything in common with contemporary society,
the radio was playing The Original Cast
singing the morality tale, “One Tin Soldier” …

and even television stations broadcast the nightly message:
“It’s ten o’clock: Do you know where your children are?”

Of course, this is a world that could not care less
WHERE their children are .

This is the 21st century where it seems that people
WANT to live in a moral sewer where

“Do what thou wilt,
shall be the whole of the law.”

And anyone who might reason them away
from that self-serving existence
is dismissed as a sad fanatic
who has nothing of value to offer
beyond … ‘complaining’.


In an effort to explain the absence of congeniality
in people who regularly use this site,
it has been kindly suggested to me
that while people may find the concepts expressed here
to be curious,
they do not like to be ‘told how they should live.’

Permit me to point out that
this Internet site contains … OBSERVATIONS
that have been made over the course of my life.

Nothing more.

While reading the contents of this Internet site,
it may well be that … YOUR … Conscience
may be telling you how you should live:

I am not.

You can be an atheist, a Buddhist, a Christian;
you can hug trees, or worship the Third Moon on the Right:

As long as you do not inflict fear, pain, or injury
upon any animal, child, or peaceful adult –
I am not the least concerned with how you live
– provided you harm no peaceful creature.

Whilst this site does reflect my sadness at the
discernible degradation of humanity
– in the space of the last 30 years particularly;

and my inability to find any point of similarity between me
and the world and its people,
that I see and hear displayed around me,

it consists of straightforward Observations.

Nothing more.

From Northern Ireland, having served – since 1983,
as a lecturer, school-teacher of Oxford English,
and writer of bespoke documents in prescribed English,

my wife and I live a plain lifestyle without television, stereo,
newspapers, or iToys,

in a 1920’s farmhouse
contentedly avoiding the noise,
vulgarity, and ‘party’ mentality of modern humanity.

WG09 House b

No longer being called upon to lecture on
“Principles of Dress and Deportment for Professionals”,
or to write bespoke documents befitting formal etiquette,
I occasionally lecture upon aspects of “Contentment: Plain Lifestyle
with Few Possessions”.

The seven year effort to build a Visitors’ Garden,
located on our farmland, has thus far
met with no interest from local people.


A practitioner of Wing Chun Gung Fu
I can most often be found in the garden,
or finding solace in the serenity of tea
and the toasted vanilla aroma of pipe tobacco.

I have lived my entire life as a quiet and peaceful human being
always seeking to help others;

and have now reached its latter end
in the deep distress of realising
that the world into which I was born,
no longer exists.

Visitors will find this Internet site to invariably reflect
those obviously unwanted, ‘out-of-touch’ characteristics
which define me.

This Internet site consists of “Old Paths”
that are now despised in the modern world –

written from the perspective of a man
who remembers … and laments
a world that is now long gone.

P Livingstone
23rd November, 2016


The Erinmore PINEAPPLE – History and Pipe Tobacco Review



Having noticed the most absurd declarations
circulating on the Internet – primarily on YouTube,
and a certain soapbox of fantasy named, tobaccoreviews,

I presented a video on YouTube in 2009
in order to dispel the fog of nonsense
concerning the appearance of the pineapple logo
which appears on tins of Erinmore pipe tobacco.

In offering this review of the Erinmore Flake,
8 years later, it seems to be information
that would bear repeating –

in order to prevent folk falling prey
to the foolish assertions that once again,
seem to abound.


Murray and Sons opened their Northern Ireland factory
in Belfast, in 1810. It was a large, imposing,
reddish-brown stone square monstrosity that,
to me as a boy, was a very austere – even ‘scary’ looking building.

I remember that because, as a schoolboy,
I would regularly pass Murray’s factory
– Whitehall Tobacco Works –

whilst walking from my grandma’s house in Rosetta,
along Sandy Row towards Linfield Avenue,
and Great Victoria Street train Station,
on my way into Belfast city centre.

When it opened in 1810, Great Britain
was at the height of being “great”
from invading, enslaving, occupying,
and stealing the results of skill and effort
from countries all over the world.

This was the Georgian era and it was
the age of … “exploration”.

Great sailing ships brought goods to Britain
from exotic lands – about which,
people could only have heard
and barely have imagined.

For anyone in Britain to be able to afford
any of these exotic imports,
marked that person, and his family, as being
– not only ‘well to do’,
but also someone of refined taste.

For guests to enter a house to see,
at the centre of the dining table such luxury foods,
as bananas, coconuts, oranges
from the far side of the world

immediately resulted in the conclusion
that their dinner host
was a man of true ‘refinement’.

But arguably more than anything else –
due perhaps, to its large size, shape, a
and unusual texture — it was the PINEAPPLE
that became the ultimate symbol of elegance
and sophistication.

The Pineapple, on its own, became quickly recognised
as a symbol of … QUALITY.

And THAT is why the Pineapple appears
on the tins of Erinmore pipe tobacco.

Regardless of what Internet fantasists claim
on the Internet, Erinmore pipe tobacco has NOT
ONE THING to do with the taste of the pineapple.

A fact that is specifically noted in tins throughout the decades
where that image of the pineapple is flanked by the two words
“Trade” and “Mark”.

The pineapple is a trade mark denoting excellence in quality.

Whilst that 2009 video was widely viewed on Youtube,
– and more than a few people expressed their thanks
for now being able to understand the image of the pineapple,

it seems that a timely message is once again needed
in order to counter a new wave of “reviewers”
who mention the pineapple that they… “detect” …
in Erinmore tobacco.


Murray and Sons closed down its Belfast factory
in 2005 as, they stated to press, the demand for pipe tobacco
was steadily declining.

From that point on, rEiinmore was manufactured in Denmark
and it is also the time when Erinmore noticeably changed –
prior to the Danish takeover, Erinmore was
a much more full bodied, tasteful, tobacco.

Erinmore was always a – quite literally – secret recipe;
the whole of which was said to have been
never known by more than one man at a time;
the recipe being stored in a safe deposit box
in the (I believe it was) Northern Bank, in Belfast.

Individuals would add distinct ingredients,
but none of them knew what the other was adding,
or in what quantity.
It truly was … a secret recipe.

Since about the early 90’s, and certainly
after the Danish (Orlik’s) takeover,
Erinmore has become imore ‘mild’ in comparison
to its once stronger taste.


This notion of “Tongue Bite” …

is a phenomenon that I had never so much as imagined existed,
until seeing and hearing of its plague-like manifestation amongst
21st century pipe smokers on the American Internet in 2009.

Not – since 1985 – amidst the ‘old countrymen’
who used pipes in my part of Ireland,
had I EVER heard any one of those placid,
slow-smoking men, mention a word about
burning their tongue.
on any cased (what is erroneously referred to today as “Aromatic”) tobacco.

What was noted in a 24th of January, 2009 Review of MacBaren Vanilla Cream,
may be repeated here …

“Fed up with hearing the Mantra “Tongue Bite” from those
who do not practice proper smoking technique,
I wholeheartedly recommend this SUPERB tobacco
that excels in taste, and room note.

Since its inception, I have not had a day at an outdoor cafe pass by,
wherein someone has not stopped to comment on the wonderful aroma
from my pipe tobacco.

In my own experience since 1985, I am obliged to view so-called ‘tongue bite’
as the fault of the smoker (improper packing, rushing, furious sucking &c.),
rather than the tobacco; and certainly,
there is something truly amiss in ANY reports of ‘bite’
from this mild tobacco.“ [ End Quote ]


Erinmore Flake is a very pleasant, for me,
lightly-flavoured, unadorned pipe tobacco
that has a pleasant aroma to those in the area.

It is certainly worth trying for those who want a light taste
and have the courtesy and conscience to care
about the people around them.

Erinmore Flake – a mild, pleasant pipe tobacco.


P Livingstone
Pipe Tobacco

The White Feather


The White Feather

Presumption and Perception.

Created by an Irishman who had ascended
to the rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy,
the White Feather Movement began in 1914
when thirty women were tasked to make it their business
to approach any healthy young man not in uniform,
and hand him a single white feather.

The message was a simple one:
any man who was given a feather
was now considered to be a ‘coward’.

It was an utterly ignorant method intended
to compel any and all able-bodied men to ‘join up’
or face the ‘fact’ that he was a ‘coward’.

And demonstrates the malicious ignorance
and the obscene presumption of those
who find no conscience in freely transferring
their own uncharitable thoughts
upon peaceful or undeserving people.

There were men in Britain, at the time,
whose presence ‘at home’ was deemed more important
than being either cannon fodder
or gun-toting political pawns overseas.

Clergymen, veterinarians, and farmers
were amongst those included in a list of reserved occupations.

Others, were men who, were they to be placed in battle
– or even in supplementary roles,
would be more of a detriment to their comrades than help:
those with poor eyesight, physical infirmity, or congenital defects.

Some … were simply home on ‘leave’.

But to the women of the White Feather Movement,
none of these things mattered.

THEY saw something … Developed an instant opinion
based upon presumption and wholesale ignorance:
and THAT was all that mattered.

The fact that THEY could possibly be wrong –
never once occurred.

Far easier to degrade people, apparently,
than to consider for a moment,
that they just … might … have a coherent reason
for living quietly, peaceably, and morally;

or for having deeply held, moral convictions
that are different from yours.

Many of the “cowards” in ages past
were those whose genuine moral conscience
moved them to avoid military service
because they did not wish to threaten, intimidate,
or butcher people in foreign lands,

often for no greater reason than serving
the mere whim of grasping politicians and
whatever foreign policy was instituted to serve their purpose.

More than a few such men were forced to ‘serve’ …
and then jailed, shot, or hanged for “treason”
when they could not bring themselves to pull a trigger,
or gun down men, women and children
who had no weapons whatsoever;

They were regarded as cowards
by the great general population
who had neither interest nor moral integrity to pause,
and think, and consider.

[ On a purely personal note –
I would have thought it better (surely?)
to have a willing thug who will empty his weapon
into a human being
without the slightest bit of moral trepidation,

than a man who would actually
think about WHY he is doing what he is doing,
before snuffing out a human life ? ]

The White Feather Movement, however,
felt no compunction about publicly degrading
any man – based purely on ignorant presumption.


Perception: Wilful Delusion

There is something about slaughtering people
(whether literally, or vicariously) that appeals to those
who are ruthless, vicious;

or hold that they above all others on the earth,
deserve to live as they wish.

And any fantasy that reflects that capacity,
is embraced with unthinking enthusiasm.

My chief interest in life
– merely because it is the last culture
on earth that reflects my values and way of living –
is traditional Japanese culture.

Once familiar with (any) culture, it is a simple matter
to see the effects of ignorant presumption
that is held by people in ‘western’ parts of the world.

In the thug mentality of the modern world
there is much fanfare about ‘Bushido’ –
the way of a ‘warrior’.

In 1905, Japanese politician Inazo Nitobe
wrote a very well-crafted book in response to an American query
about how the Japanese nation could possibly be so civilised
without having the Bible as its central feature for moral living.

Nitobe died in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1933,
but his book was arguably “The Book” that stimulated
interest in oriental thought in the western world.

He wrote very eloquently about the Japanese
code of moral principles – “Bushido”,
a spirit of Self Sacrifice as a [ Note ! ] COMMON …
standard of behaviour for people in his nation.

A hundred and ten years later, the common
‘standard’ of the masses in ‘western society’
is, observably, the spewing of obscenities,
crude vulgarity, and arrogance
where any demonstration of manners renders one

( my brother and I have found from repeated personal experience)

an object of bewilderment to what now passes for “men” –

and a source of pleasant curiosity for women who are
– clearly, unfamiliar with the experience of genteel courtesy.

A tragedy, as gentle people deserve far better
than the brash selfishness and profanity
that they receive at the hands and mouths
of multitudes today.


For Nitobe, ‘Bushido’ comprised qualities of …
composure in times of danger or calamity;
contemplation, in order to attain heights of considered thought
that could not easily be described;
and the sympathetic regard for the feelings of others –

a concept that is continually advocated throughout this Internet site.

The cultivation of tender feelings, (I have endeavoured to assert)
will foster a regard – thoughtfulness – for the suffering
and anguish of others who genuinely are in distress.

Modesty and Respect for Others, Nitobe maintained,
are at the root of Politeness.

Three qualities that are all but absent from the Internet,
and western society at large.

This code of Bushido [ Mandarin: wǔ shì dào]
is applied to the Samurai – as is the notion
of ‘chivalry’ of the mediaeval Knights,
or the modern trend of seeing ‘honour’
in anyone wearing a uniform
– by those who seem captivated
with the glorification of macho ferocity

It is a perception that is based on fairy-tale illusion:
a romantic fantasy that, in any age, rarely applies.

Samurai was a class into which one was born; (or,
on occasion, to which one could be upgraded
by bringing the heads of many opponents in battle
and thus, being awarded land.)

The Samurai were land-owners who were
‘on call’ to go to battle the moment they were needed.

More than just military thugs, many would be familiar
with subjects such as art and Calligraphy;
and had (think “officers”) servants who attended them
both at home and on the battlefield.


Samurai who, for whatever reason, had lost their employment,
would travel from place to place in search of a new lord
and a steady pay-cheque. These were known as ろうにん
– “rounin” [ ‘ronin’ ] or, ろうし – “roushi” …

the image was of men who drifted about like flotsam on a wave.
Re-employment for such men required the approval of a previous lord;
in the interim, they would take sporadic employment
as, for example, “bodyguards” … to anyone.

Fully employed, or seeking work, the supreme characteristic
of the Samurai was … implicit obedience
to whomever paid him.

What seems to be ignored by those who consider such men
to be ‘hoourable’, is the plain fact that a Samurai
would murder anyone
if his ‘lord’ told him to do so.

Multiple Samurai murdering a lone man
was considered ‘honourable’ – because,
– blind, amoral compliance –
they had obeyed their lord.

Implicit, unthinking obedience to “orders”.

The Samurai wanted reputation, and pay.
If that meant cutting you, me, him, or her down
for no other reason than that his lord directed him
to do so … that was all the reason a Samurai required.

To see ANY “moral code” to that mentality is
– for me, impossible to understand.

Yet multitudes – clearly – insist upon holding perceptions
of people, because it appeals to their fanciful ideas,
or lends credence to their own unprincipled nature.

Those who insist upon seeing ‘honour’ in killers
reveal a great deal about their own standard of morality.


Many prate on about Bushido – ‘honour’

but VERY few practice it, when it ‘gets in the way’
of Self.

People believe and act, without being able
to provide a coherent reason why.

To see the Samurai as some principled warrior,
who exercised ‘noble’ characteristics …
… before brutally cutting someone down
for no other reason
than that his employer ordered him to do so …?

Honestly now.

I have learned (this past month) that to go into a shop
with the intent of giving the owner one’s business (and money)
actually permits one to be called a thief
because I refused to accept the insult
of having to leave my bag ‘at the front’.

I learned that, on my own Internet site,
to call on all men and women of maturity
to think less of Self, and more of others;

… is to be deemed – by a presumptuous visitor,
to be an “angry” and “bitter” man.

In 1875, the crew of HMS Challenger were plumbing the depths
of what was known to be the deepest part of the ocean

… until the line they had been using, suddenly ran out,
and more line had to be added, and added, and added:
they had discovered the Marianas Trench.

I, too, have discovered new depths.

To live a life –

to have used the time given me in this life

– to no higher purpose than to
seek almost constantly to be entertained,
gratify my conceit,
and live vicariously through family, children,
‘friends’, and possessions …

… would be (for me) to have utterly wasted my life.
and would, on my deathbed,
fill me with shame and regret.

This entire Internet site contains observations made
from my own first-hand experience.

Experiences that, I had hoped, might benefit others.

Others, that is, who refuse to imitate
the savage arrogance seen around them;
and instead, possess the humility
to receive the counsel offered here,
in the spirit of heart-felt concern
with which it is made.

I had learned early in life
that IF ANY teaching, ‘teacher’, or personality

is POPULAR with the vast majority of people,

it, he, or she should be treated with extreme Caution.

There seems to be no limit
to the ever-increasing ease with which multitudes
allow their own presumption to

obliterate facts,
embrace fantasy,
degrade another person’s character,

and actually ‘justify’ themselves in so doing.

The White Feather signified “cowardice”
in those who did not deserve it;

Perception makes heroes and villains
of those who are neither.

It has been truly astounding
to see the ease and willingness
with which people will believe Anything
that is presented to them on television, cinema,
and the Internet.

And deeply disturbing to realise
the readiness of people
to debase someone

without so much as pausing to consider
that … they JUST … might be wrong.

Nor are such individuals troubled
about the cost to a man’s name or reputation,
if they are.

Malicious men and women are so resentful
or unable to bear the moral efforts of others,
that they cannot endure that anyone
should outshine them – and so,
are ever seeking to drag others down
to the gutter with themselves.

Others feel the need to ruin the work
of anyone who possesses the diligence,
skill, and makes the effort
to do what they will not.

Read the comments on almost any medium
thoughtfully presenting (
genuine) history on the Internet,
and there will be some obnoxious narcissist nit-picking
that ‘the border was actually 20 feet to the left’,
or some similar inanity or outright error.

Almost nobody can just say “Thank You” any more.

When considering the perceived faults
of any man or woman,
look at what they have done;
and what they have said …

… and not what others

have said about them.

A ‘pure heart’ is one
that makes conscience
of every selfish word,
and every arrogant thought.

Something that requires
considered deliberation,
rather than
impulsive speculation.

P Livingstone

Silencing the Lone Voice


His was the lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

And no one was listening.

Listening ?
It was not simply that people were NOT listening,

they were becoming increasingly irritated
at his rambling pronouncements
and ‘doomsday’ speculation.

But to this one man, his concern was of
incredible significance.
Despite the fact that no one wanted to know.

The year was 1847 and, in the teaching hospital
of Aligemeine Krankenhaus, Vienna,
women who delivered babies were dying.

Or rather, women whose babies were delivered
by physicians and their assisting medical students,
were dying of what was termed “Childbed Fever”.

Women, in the other ward – by contrast,
who were delivered by the hospital’s midwives,
went home following successful births.

Hungarian obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis
was not only bothered by the phenomenon,
he was determined to stop it,
and took it upon himself to discover and make known
the reason for the appalling rate of mortality.

Semmelweis was agonising over possible causes
when his colleague, professor Jacob Kolletschka,
cut his finger on a scalpel blade
whilst conducting the post mortem of a woman
who had died in labour.

Kolletschka died.

His body revealed the same symptoms
as the woman who had died in labour.

How, Semmelweis wondered,
is it possible for a MAN to die
from a disease restricted to … WOMEN in labour?

Upon considering the matter,
Semmelweis was absolutely certain
that he knew the answer:

transfer of disease from a physician’s hands
following autopsy,
to the bodies of women in labour.

Women delivered by midwives, survived.
Women delivered by doctors bore a good chance of dying.

Physicians conducted post mortems.
Midwives did not.

Physicians and their medical students
moved freely from scrutinising a corpse,
to examining a labouring woman.

They had to be – he reasoned – carrying infection
on their hands.

Semmelweis began to insist that his colleagues
wash their hands with chloride of lime
before tending women in labour.

Whilst the idea of sepsis was, of course,
unknown to Semmelweis,

he was certain that NOT washing hands,
led the deaths of women in labour.

Using the mandatory washing of hands and instruments
in Chloride of Lime, the mortality rate
in the physician’s ward dropped from 18%, to 1%.

But to physicians who worked with Semmelweis,
the very idea that … THEY … could cause death was,
outrageous and insulting.

THEY … Were Doctors !

His 2 year appointment to the hospital was not renewed
and Semmelweis was obliged to leave the hospital in Vienna,
and return to Hungary where, in 1851,
he took up a new position
heading obstetrics at St Rochus hospital.

The death rates of women plummeted.
But still, his new colleagues were becoming more and more irritated
at Semmelweis’ insistence that they
were causing death by not washing their hands.

Never one to display great patience for apathetic,
vanity-saturated, wilful imbeciles,
Semmelweis began to write –

(much to the heightened irritation of those
for whose self-importance, arrogance, and laziness,
he was a threat.)

In 1861, Semmelweis completed a text
on the Aetiology of Childbed Fever,
which conveyed his insistence
(and very evident frustration against care-free doctors)
that death was caused by lack of proper washing.

Physicians were unrelenting in their contempt of
Semmelweis’ warning of danger,
and continued in their filthy habits, infecting women
with whom they came into contact.

On a holiday arranged by his wife,
Semmelweis was grabbed by several men
and dragged inside a hospital
that his wife had told him she wanted to see.

The hospital was a lunatic asylum
and Semmelweis realised far too late,
that his wife had betrayed him,
and conspired with Semmelweis’ own doctor
to have her husband ‘committed’.

Imprisoned in a lunatic asylum,
the only sane physician
amongst a medical community full of them,
would die in the same madhouse, from infected cut.

A physician who insisted upon hygiene
was declared ‘crazy’ for being clean;
and died at the age of 47, in an asylum,
from a wound infected due to lack of hygiene.
Betrayed by his wife;
despised by conceited medical doctors,

Semmelweis would not live to see his name
utterly exonerated by the work of Joseph Lister.

As a boy, I would always try to find a moral
from which I could learn something of substance,
from the life of someone else.

Even though I persistently maintain
in this Internet site,

that to follow whatever is popular and pleasing
to the majority of modern humanity,
is to guarantee certain degradation of mind and morals,

surely, anyone (who has not abandoned their minds to TV, liquor,
and iToys) will be capable of seeing
the moral in the appalling tragedy of Semmelweis ?

That moral is …

There Are Times when ‘The Majority’ are Wrong.

There are times when individuals
who are declared by the masses
to be ‘crazy’ … ‘narrow-minded’ … or ‘alarmist’,

are the only sensible and intelligent voices
amidst multitudes who are either

anaesthetised with vanity,

or just too lazy to care.

P Livingstone
Crude Humanity

Ignorance: The “Danger” of ‘Second Hand Smoke’

Yes, modern humanity HAS been Infantilised:
unable to think; unable to exist
without being attached to, or entertained by,
some form of toy. BUT please –

Allow those few of us who are left in the world,
the dignity of Common Sense, moderation,
and the maturity to NOT abuse things
which may be used judiciously
without harm to anyone.

The Scientific FARCE of “Second Hand Smoke”

A woman’s hair can kill you.

Surely ?

After all, human hair contains Arsenic.

Any such “fact” can be readily presented
to modern-minded humanity who are unfamiliar
with the concept of pausing, and thinking,
and questioning –
before believing surprising new “revelations”
that seem never to have bothered generations past.

Alas, in the 21st century,
humanity has been so re-engineered to react,
rather than think,
that people will now believe anything if they
hear it on the radio;
see it on television; or
read it in a popular newspaper or magazine.

In matters of “health” …

Add someone standing in a white lab coat,
and the modern mind will swallow any rumour or remedy
that is presented to them.

The present mass hysteria known as “Second Hand Smoke”
was manufactured by the social engineers
of the current world government known as The United Nations.

In 2006, the American Surgeon General made the declaration that
“scientific evidence” “has shown” that a whiff of smoke
from an old man enjoying a pipe on a park bench 50 feet away …
will kill you.

Your children.

And your dog.

By 2008, there was scarcely a programme on television
that featured a character smoking a cigarette.
In France, a popular print of national artwork
featuring a pipe in its subject’s possession,
had the ‘offensive’ item air-brushed out.

( In 2016, interestingly, cigarette-smoking central characters
were not only returning – but featured prominently
in many British television ‘police’ dramas.
It shows the ease with which mass humanity can be manipulated. )

“Second Hand Smoke” ???

Thousands of area cars, trucks, and buses
may be spewing out benzene and carbon monoxide
under high pressure –

but that old man and his pipe will obliterate your family,
and everyone you hold dear.

No forensic pathologist had EVER – EVER as far as
a search for publicly available documents is concerned –
listed on an official death certificate,
“Second Hand Smoke” as a cause or factor, of death.

It has Never happened.

If there is ANY autopsy report prior to this farcical hysteria
becoming a mass, media-fed madness,
we would appreciate being sent a copy,
in order that it may be placed for public inspection.

The only “scientific” “research” conducted to provide claim for this insanity
was a questionnaire that was filled out by grieving relatives of men who died,
asking them to go back until childhood,
and recall how many pipes, cigars, or cigarettes,
their family member had smoked.

Allow me to ask you: Do you remember
how many cups of tea or coffee you drank a year ago ???
Yet, you (if you were handed this questionnaire)
were expected to accurately recall
how many cigars your uncle had ten years ago;
twenty years ago; when you were aged “0 to 5”.

The “Scientific” “Research” of the Questionnaire – Sample Question …

“Have you ever (lifetime) traveled [sic] daily
or at least a couple of times per week
by car, train, bus, or another enclosed vehicle which was smoky
(or where you could at least smell tobacco smoke) most of the time?
Yes … 1 No … 2

If Yes, please state from what age to what age,
on which type of vehicle and for how many hours per day or per week
were you exposed to tobacco smoke.” [ end quote ]

THIS — This — the VAGUE Recollections of Joe and Janet Six Pack …
is what is termed “Scientific Research”
by those in charge of the “Second Hand Smoke” hysteria.

Grandiosely entitled “European Multicentre Case-Controlled Study
of Lung Cancer in Non-smokers”, this questionnaire contains
requests for subjective guess-work along the lines of …

“I would like to know about all houses/residences where you lived
for longer than two years, starting with the home
where you were born …”

and proceeds to ask its reader to estimate the number of people
who were ever in their house, throughout their life;
whether that person smoked a pipe, or cigar, or cigarette;
and even how much they smoked.

THIS is the … “Scientific research” –

Back to ‘the home where you were born’
being asked of people who most probably cannot even recall
how many times they ate their favourite breakfast cereal
one years ago.

It is a Disgrace.

And yet, this is called “Scientific Research”.

And whatever “Science” says – You MUST believe.
Whatever you are told that Science says – YOU MUST believe.

And self-obsessed, paranoid masses who react rather than think,
do believe that whatever they are told is a … “fact”.

In July of 1998, American Judge Osteen gave the following
official judgment on the matter of the (American)
Environmental Protection Agency’s “research”
into Second Hand Smoke as a cancer-causing agent –

“The Agency disregarded information and made
findings based on selective information… [[they] deviated
from its risk assessment guidelines;
failed to disclose important (opposing) findings and reasons;
and left significant questions without answers … “

and noted that: “With a new methodology,
EPA demonstrated from the selected studies
a very low relative risk for lung cancer based on ETS exposure.

Based on its original theory and the weak evidence of association,
EPA concluded the evidence showed a causal relationship
between cancer and ETS.
The administrative record contains glaring deficiencies.”
[ July, 1998: EPA Fraud, The United States Federal Court Decision, page 88/89 ]

The World Health Organisation – incredibly – delivered its assessment
of Second Hand Smoke following a ten year study [ Bofetta, 1998:
Multicenter Case-Control Study of Exposure to Environmental
Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer in Europe. ]
that involved seven European countries,

in which it STATED that there was NO statistics
which demonstrated ANY risk of harm
to people who lived with individuals who smoked tobacco.

But facts NEVER ‘get in the way’ of those with a mass-controlling agenda:

The mayor of New York City, Blomberg by name, announced that bartenders
inhale half a pack of cigarettes per Day …

… Matthews and McDonald, 1998, showed that a bartender inhales
about six Cigarettes PER YEAR.

But still, to multitudes whose brains are ‘formed’ by entertainment,
facts mean nothing in the face of media frenzy repetition.

Research by Enstorm and Kabat, – British Medical Journal, 2003 –
showed that, of 35,000 mature, non-smoking adults in California
– having lived a lifetime with smokers, bore NO increased indication of cancer risk.

A finding that (it is again worth noting) that was published
in the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal.

How many Deaths are directly caused – directly caused – by Alcohol use …?
How many Beatings, Crimes, and Acts of Aggression
are caused by Alcohol use …?

AND YET there is NO call whatsoever …
to ban the sale of liquor;
or close down the liquor shops.

The anti-tobacco frenzy is nothing more
than an experiment in social engineering:

an attempt to gauge the level of control that is held
over the mindless, TV-addled masses
who are incapable of discerning
their left hand from their right.

And like every other aspect of induced fear in the 21st century,
the hand-wringing hypochondriacs of society,
embrace it with whole-hearted panic.

An old man will be ticketed and fined
were he to dare sit down on a park bench
to puff contentedly on his briar pipe …

… while the entire city park is surrounded
on four sides by streets,
with cars, trucks, and busses,
disgorging carbon monoxide, benzene
under high pressure.

And modern humanity ACTUALLY believes
that they live in a … “Smoke Free Environment”.

Truly, it begs belief.

Alcohol consumption – with all its accompanying
violence, vulgarity, car fatalities, and brutality
to spouses and family – is actively encouraged
by Hollywood ‘heroes’ who ‘party’ with liquor,
‘think’ with liquor, socialise with liquor,
and mourn with liquor.

Were that not enough to encourage the masses
to turn their minds to soap,
marijuana is now being legalised
– the stench of which can certainly be smelled
coming from cars in parking lots.

And people cannot even shop for groceries
without shouting into ‘cell’ phones
or leaning over shopping trollies to ‘text’.

People have lost the capability to endure quietness,
without some form brain-filling noise.

That humanity has been effectively reduced
to the level of compliant, unthinking,
mindless automations,
is an absolute credit to social engineers
of the past forty years.

By all means, if masses are so easily led
(which they are) by ‘TV heroes’,’celebrities’,
and ‘sports’ stars;
if they are so completely dependent upon
iToys, texting, and staring at media screens,
then – by all means – lead them
where you want them to go.

But, PLEASE, administer ‘new world’ rules
to those under, say, 50;

and – ( surely, it cannot be unreasonable ??? ) –
allow the few, peaceful, “old fashioned” men and women
to live out their lives peacefully,

while still retaining the dignity
of being able to practice that Common Sense
that was once permitted to be exercised

by mature adults everywhere.

Quiet folk such as I, are no threat to anyone;
we simply would like to live our lives peacefully:
giving, and receiving, the due consideration
and respect to elders with which we were raised.

Those who demand “Equal Rights”
– once they get what they demand,
are the very last to grant equal rights to others
who differ from them.

Allow those few of us who are left in the world,
the dignity of Common Sense, moderation,
and the maturity to NOT abuse things
which may be used judiciously
without harm to anyone.