15th …

Thank you Robin … Thank you, Roger. – PL

This site is due for annual renewal.

As I am absolutely convinced that people either
cannot understand the words that are written on this site; or,
are determined that what is presented here
has nothing to do with them,
I cannot see the point in being on the Internet for another year.

If those who regularly return here
to read – (and leave without a word)
actually do appreciate the work put into this site,

or find edification or moral challenge
that they would like to have continue,
THIS would be the time to let me know.

Comments left will NOT be made public.

I am willing to put in the effort –
… but cannot think it unreasonable (surely?)
to ask that people who regularly use this site,
themselves make minimal effort this one time.

Having my character dragged into the muck
for trying to do good work, from a tender and caring heart,
is the ultimate indicator that my efforts here
are utterly ludicrous
in an age where moral discernment
and the ability to actually read what is written,
is obsolete.

If the carefully written ‘Queen’s English’
– and spoken word in videos – that is presented here
cannot be plainly understood by the modern mind,
I can see no further point in continuing;

and this world is quickly going to become more brutal
as its inhabitants recognise nothing but the gratification
of their own vanity, agenda, and hedonism.

If you can be moved enough to let me know
whether this site is of any value to you,
I can think more clearly about whether to continue or not.

I thank you and remain,

Yours Sincerely,
– P Livingstone
15th October

ABOUT This Internet Site …

P2015 alt

PLAIN Lifestyle, FEW Possessions, GREAT Contentment –
Living Humbly in a World of Self-Deification, Hedonism, and Greed


An attempt to convince modern-minded humanity to
Pause … Consider … and THINK – like men and women;
rather than React – like children … or savages.

Criticism is good: it keeps a wise man or woman ‘sharp’ –
PROVIDED, of course, that the one doing the criticizing
is QUALIFIED by Humility, Wisdom, and Mature Life EXPERIENCE.

こんにちわ … Hello …

THIS Internet site is as you see it:

I am just one man who began using a computer in 2001
because I could no longer buy ribbon cartridges for my typewriter.

The thoughts presented here are merely observations
presented out of tender-hearted concern,
as a result of 50 years of watching human society
progressively degenerate from imitating
the mental and moral sewage of Hollywood;

and lamenting the almost-complete elimination
of moral decency: courtesy, consideration, and conscience.


About This Internet Site …

When I began this Internet site in March of 2012,
it was intended to be a place for those who can remember

when the terms “Lady” and “Gentleman”
actually had relevance;

when young women were not ashamed to be ladies,
nor sought to imitate the pathetic macho posturing
of vicious and vulgar men …

… and being a mother at home
was the most honourable job in the world;

when men had enough maturity and respect for other people,
to tuck in their shirt, and exercise self discipline
in conduct and conversation;

when courtesy, consideration, and conscience
still distinguished men and women … from savages;
and children were taught enough respect for adults
as to address them as ‘Mr’ ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’.

It is heart-breaking to realise that
the things that I value in life –

conscience, courtesy, consideration for neighbours;
the ability to read, write, and carry on a conversation;
making an effort to be congenial,

– have not only vanished,
but are now regarded with suspicion,
derided as “weakness”,
and viewed with contempt;

that anything that advocates moral discernment,
self control, or moderation
is now reviled as “Hate Speech” ;

and that this is now a world
where those who cry for “Equal Rights”
– once they get what they want –
are the very LAST to give equal rights
to those who are different from themselves.

Our home, from where the thoughts on this Internet site
are composed …

WG09 House b

House 1c

Until we became familiar with the Internet
and ‘had a look around it’,
I had never imagined ‘ordinary’ people to be
as vulgar and alliterate;

or as vicious, callous, and apathetic towards anything
that did not immediately gratify their lusts, ease, or vanity.

Good people ‘post’ a nature video; a film-clip of their dog,
or even a portion of a documentary film,
and the comments that appear below
seethe with filth, vulgarity, and contempt.

I shall never forget the film on a mother with her autistic child,
and the comment from America
that the woman should have … “put your retard down”.

Or the assertion below the piece on the Amish farmer and his wife,
noting that “they are all pedophiles [sic], brainwashed, and stupid”.
“What a f–king useless, boring life” declared another. [my edit]

The depravity of modern mankind – especially young people –
is beyond my capacity to fully take in.

It took me less than a week to realise
that I cannot ‘surf’ the Internet.

To attempt YouTube is to wade through a cesspool of filth:
find a video of bluebells growing in a woodland clearing and,
it seems, there will be some vile creature
spewing profanity and invective at that.

My brief look around the Internet taught me about the 21st century
– actually, it explained a great deal.

Why it was, for instance, that whenever I held the door open
for a young woman at the supermarket,
she tells me that she can ‘get it’ herself.

Why people stand in the checkout queue shouting into ‘cell phones’
for all around them to hear.

Or why one cannot walk thirty feet in any public place
without hearing “f**k“ after each use of the word “the”.

They even have a slogan now – “WTF”.

The filthy obscenities of forty years ago
… are now a fashion statement.

There just is no lower depth of depravity than that.

WG01 The Walk



It has been distressing to see –
not only the progressive infantilising of the human race,
but – the willingness with which multitudes of so-called “adults”
have facilitated it –

men dressing like slobs:
without even the decency to tuck in their shirt
(a thing for which we, as little boys in the 1960’s,
were routinely scolded by every woman who passed us) –
spewing vulgarity and obscenities
as so-called ‘conversation’ –

and women doing everything they can
to imitate men.

The 21st century is an age that is CHARACTERISED by
laziness, greed, and malicious vanity –
in which the humility to learn has utterly vanished.

Skill and wisdom gleaned from life experience
are now relegated to … “Well, that’s your opinion”
by people who, generally, can no longer spell,
write cursively, or even read anything
requiring an attention span.

Attempt to help by correcting a person’s grammar
and they will call you a “grammar Nazi”.

It is not merely that people are ignorant:
but they dogmatically insist upon being that way.

Human beings no longer have the ability to blush.
And shame is a thing of the past –
as ten minutes spent in any public place
will quickly reveal.

We have come to understand the ease
with which modern “friendship” evaporates
in an instant …

… in an age when pride and resentment
have replaced the desire to be taught;

and where “friends” will cut all ties with anyone
who offers wisdom or experience that conflicts
with their ‘ego’, personal ‘agenda’, or profit-making enterprise.

Simply being ethical, and quiet

is enough to earn the hatred of multitudes
in whose seared consciences, the very existence of morality
is a ‘thorn’.

I live in a wilderness, as far as the world today is concerned.
The last time that I had anything in common with contemporary society,
the radio was broadcasting The Original Cast
singing the morality tale, “One Tin Soldier” …

and even television stations broadcast the nightly message:
“It’s ten o’clock: Do you know where your children are?”


Having watched for 50 years
as technology has turned the human brain to mush,
I can only espouse the reading of quality books
as the greatest legacy that a teacher – or parent –
can leave a child.

Strange Last Voyage 2

From Northern Ireland, having served – since 1980,
as a lecturer, school-teacher of Oxford English,
and writer of bespoke documents in prescribed English,

my wife and I live a plain lifestyle without television, stereo,
newspapers, or cellular telephone,

in a 1920’s farmhouse
avoiding the noise, vulgarity, and ‘party’ mentality
of modern humanity.

No longer being called upon to lecture on
“Principles of Dress and Deportment for Professionals”,
or to write bespoke documents befitting formal etiquette,
I occasionally lecture upon aspects of “Contentment: Plain Lifestyle
with Few Possessions”.


The seven year effort to build a Visitors’ Garden,
located on our farmland, has thus far
met with little interest from local people.

This Internet site will invariably reflect those
obviously unwanted, ‘out-of-touch’ characteristics
which define me.


A life-long practitioner of Wing Chun Gung Fu
and ぶしどう – traditional Japanese ‘Bushidou’,
I can most often be found in the garden,
quietly reading an historical book,
or enjoying the serenity of the Tea Ceremony.

Tea Preparation

I notice my own thoughts increasingly
being voiced in Japanese – not out of any need
to practice ‘nihongo’ or write Hiragana,
but because I have always found Japan
to be the last place left on this earth
that still practices the type of formal etiquette
with which I was raised.

It simply seems, to me, that – with very little exception,
if a person speaks – what now passes for “English”,
he is invariably spewing vacuity, viciousness, vanity,
or obscenities.

I have lived my entire life as a quiet and peaceful human being
always seeking to help others;

only to reach its latter end in the deep distress of realising
that the world into which I was born,
and the human race amongst whom I was raised,
has degenerated into such a cesspool of crude vulgarity
and selfishness.

This Internet site consists of “Old Paths”
that are now despised in the modern world –

written from the perspective of a man
who remembers … and laments
a world that is now long gone.

Moon 2c 25th

The White Feather


Created by an Irishman who had ascended
to the rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy,
the White Feather Movement began in 1914
when thirty women were tasked to make it their business
to approach any healthy young man not in uniform,
and hand him a single white feather.

The message was a simple one:
any man who was given a feather
was now considered to be a ‘coward’.

It was an utterly ignorant method intended
to compel any and all able-bodied men to ‘join up’
… or face the ‘fact’ that he was a ‘coward’.

And demonstrates the malicious ignorance
and the obscene presumption of those
who find no conscience in freely transferring
their own uncharitable thoughts
upon peaceful or undeserving people.

There were men in Britain, at the time,
whose presence ‘at home’ was deemed more important
than being either cannon fodder
or gun-toting political pawns overseas.

Clergymen, veterinarians, and farmers
were amongst those included in a list of reserved occupations.

Others, were men who, were they to be placed in battle
– or even in supplementary roles,
would be more of a detriment to their comrades than help:
those with poor eyesight, physical infirmity, or congenital defects.

Some … were simply home on ‘leave’.

But to the women of the White Feather Movement,
none of these things mattered.

THEY saw something … Developed an instant opinion
based upon presumption and wholesale ignorance:
and THAT was all that mattered.

The fact that THEY could possibly be wrong –
never once occurred.

Far easier to degrade people, apparently,
than to consider for a moment,
that they just … might … have a coherent reason
for living quietly, peaceably, and morally;

or for having deeply held, moral convictions
that are different from yours.

Many of the “cowards” in ages past
were those whose genuine moral conscience
moved them to avoid military service
because they did not wish to threaten, intimidate,
or butcher people in foreign lands,

often for no greater reason than serving
the mere whim of grasping politicians and
whatever foreign policy was instituted to serve their purpose.

More than a few such men were forced to ‘serve’ …
and then jailed, shot, or hanged for “treason” ,
when they could not bring themselves to pull a trigger
or gun down men, women and children
who had no weapons whatsoever;

They were regarded as cowards
by the great general population
who had neither interest nor moral integrity to pause,
and think, and consider.

On a purely personal note –
I would have thought it better (surely?)
to have a willing thug who will empty his weapon
into a human being
without the slightest bit of moral trepidation,

than a man who would actually
think about WHY he is doing what he is doing,
before snuffing out a human life ?

The White Feather Movement, however,
felt no compunction about publicly degrading
any man – based purely on ignorant presumption.

Perception: Wilful Delusion

There is something about slaughtering people
(whether literally, or vicariously) that appeals to those
who are ruthless, vicious, or hold that they
above all others on the earth,
deserve to live as they wish.

And any fantasy that reflects that capacity,
is embraced with unthinking enthusiasm.

My chief interest in life
– merely because it is the last culture
on earth that reflects my values and way of living –
is traditional Japanese culture.

Once familiar with (any) culture, it is a simple matter
to see the effects of ignorant presumption
that is held by people in ‘western’ parts of the world.

In the thug mentality of the modern world
there is much fanfare about Bushido –
the way of a ‘warrior’.

In 1905, Japanese politician Inazo Nitobe
wrote a very well-crafted book in response to an American query
about how the Japanese nation could possibly be so civilised
without having the Bible as its central feature for moral living.

Nitobe died in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1933,
but his book was arguably “The Book” that stimulated
interest in oriental thought in the western world.

He wrote very eloquently about the Japanese
code of moral principles – “Bushido”,
a spirit of Self Sacrifice as a [ Note ! ] COMMON …
standard of behaviour for people in his nation.

A hundred and ten years later, the common
‘standard’ of the masses in ‘western society’
is – observably, the spewing of obscenities,
crude vulgarity, and arrogance
where any demonstration of manners renders one

( my brother and I have found
from repeated personal experience)

an object of bewilderment to what now passes for “men” –

and a source of pleasant curiosity for women who are
– clearly, unfamiliar with the experience of genteel courtesy.

A tragedy, as gentle people deserve far better
than the brash selfishness and profanity
that they receive at the hands and mouths
of multitudes today.


For Nitobe, ‘Bushido’ comprised qualities of …
– composure in times of danger or calamity;
– contemplation, in order to attain heights of considered thought
that could not easily be described; and
– the sympathetic regard for the feelings of others:

a concept that is continually advocated throughout this Internet site.

The cultivation of tender feelings, (I have endeavoured to assert)
will foster a regard – thoughtfulness – for the suffering
and anguish of others who genuinely are in distress.

Modesty and Respect for others, Nitobe maintained,
are at the root of Politeness.

Three qualities that are all but absent from the Internet,
and western society at large.

This code of Bushido [ Mandarin: wǔ shì dào]
is applied to the Samurai – as is the notion of
‘chivalry’ of the mediaeval Knights,
or the modern trend of seeing ‘honour’
in anyone wearing a uniform
– by those who seem captivated
with the glorification of macho ferocity

It is a perception that is based on fairy-tale illusion:
romantic fantasy that, in any age, rarely applies.


The work of photographer Felice (he preferred to be called ‘Felix’) Beato
featured the Samurai of the mid-to-late 19th century; here, 1881.

Samurai was a class into which one was born; (or,
on occasion, to which one could be upgraded
by bringing the heads of many opponents in battle
and thus, being awarded land.)

The Samurai were land-owners who were
‘on call’ to go to battle the moment they were needed.
More than just military thugs, many would be familiar
with subjects such as art and Calligraphy;
and had (think “officers”) servants who attended them
both at home and on the battlefield.

Samurai who, for whatever reason, had lost their employment,
would travel from place to place in search of a new lord
and a steady pay-cheque. These were known as ろうにん
– “rounin” [‘ronin’] or, ろうし – “roushi” …

the image was of men who drifted about like flotsam on a wave.
Re-employment for such men required the approval of a previous lord;
in the interim, they would take sporadic employment
as, for example, “bodyguards” … to anyone.

Fully employed, or seeking work, the supreme characteristic
of the Samurai was … implicit obedience
to whomever paid him.

What seems to be ignored by those
who consider such men ‘honourable’,
is the plain fact that a Samurai would murder anyone
if his ‘lord’ told him to do so.

Multiple Samurai murdering a lone man
was considered ‘honourable’ – because,
– amoral compliance – they had obeyed their lord.

Implicit, unthinking obedience to “orders”.


Beato, 1864

The Samurai wanted reputation, and pay.
If that meant cutting you, me, him, or her down
for no other reason than that his lord directed him
to do so … that was all the reason a Samurai required.

To see ANY “moral code” to that mentality is
– for me, impossible to understand.

Yet multitudes – clearly – insist upon holding perceptions
of people, because it appeals to their fanciful ideas,
or lends credence to their own unprincipled nature.

Those who insist upon seeing ‘honour’ in killers
reveal a great deal about their own standard of morality.

Many prate on about ‘honour’

but VERY few practice it, when it ‘gets in the way’
of Self.

People believe and act, without being able
to provide a coherent reason why.

To see the Samurai as some principled warrior,
who exercised ‘noble’ characteristics …
… before brutally cutting someone down
for no other reason
than that his employer ordered him to do so …?

Honestly now.

I have learned (this past month) that to go into a shop
with the intent of giving the owner one’s business (and money)
actually permits one to be called a thief;

and that,

to call on all men and women of maturity
to think less of Self, and more of others;
is to be deemed a “bitter” man.

And that (with the exception of one man from South Africa)
visitors to this Internet site
cannot find it in themselves
to offer a word of moral commisseration.

In 1875, the crew of HMS Challenger were plumbing the depths
of what was known to be the deepest part of the ocean

… until the line they had been using, suddenly ran out,
and more line had to be added, and added, and added:
they had discovered the Marianas Trench.

I, too, have discovered new depths.

To live life – to have used the time
given me in this life –
to no higher purpose than to
seek almost constantly to be entertained,
gratify my conceit,
and live vicariously through family, children,
‘friends’, and possessions …

… would be, for me, to have utterly wasted away my life.
and would, on my deathbed, fill me with shame and regret.

This entire Internet site contains observations made
from my own first-hand experience.

Experiences that, I had hoped, might benefit others.

( Others, that is, who refuse to imitate
the savage arrogance seen around them;
and instead, possess the humility
to receive the counsel offered here,
in the spirit of heart-felt concern
with which it is made. )

I had learned early in life
that IF ANY teaching, ‘teacher’, or personality

with the vast majority of people,

it, he, or she 
should be treated with extreme Caution.

There seems to be no limit
to the ever-increasing ease with which multitudes
allow their own presumption to

obliterate facts,
embrace fantasy,
degrade another person’s character,
and actually ‘justify’ themselves in so doing.

The White Feather signified “cowardice”
in those who did not deserve it;

Perception makes heroes and villains
of those who are neither.

It has been truly astounding
to see the ease and willingness
with which people will believe Anything
that is presented to them on television, cinema,
and the Internet.

And deeply disturbing to realise
the readiness of people
to debase someone

without so much as pausing to consider
that … they JUST … might be wrong.

Nor are such individuals troubled
about the cost to a man’s name or reputation,
if they are.

Some have been so vindictive
that they have ‘dredged’ this site
specifically to find fault.

Malicious men and women are so resentful
or unable to bear the moral efforts of others,
that they cannot endure that anyone
should outshine them – and so,
are ever seeking to drag others down
to the gutter with themselves.

Others feel the need to ruin the work
of anyone who possesses the diligence,
skill, and makes the effort
to do what they will not.

Read the comments on almost any medium
thoughtfully presenting
(genuine) history on the Internet,

and there will be some obnoxious narcissist nit-picking
that ‘the border was actually 20 feet to the left’,
or some similar inanity or outright error.

Almost no one
can just say “Thank You” any more.

When considering the perceived faults
of any man or woman,
look at what they have done;
and what they have said …

… and not what others

have said about them.

A ‘pure heart’ is one
that makes conscience
of every selfish word,
and every arrogant thought.

Something that requires
considered deliberation,
rather than
impulsive speculation.

P Livingstone
6th October 2016


A Word …


Why bother ???

Two weeks ago, I was called a thief,
and thrown out of a shop for not agreeing to the insult.
Now, I am labelled ‘angry’ and ‘bitter’
and subjected to unfair reprimand for not agreeing to that.

It is a heart-breaking thing indeed, to either –
have to accept by admission,
the defamatory assertions that are made about oneself
(no matter how genuinely someone may believe them to be true),

or refuse to accept them,
and be ‘thrown out’.

I am – and have been since a little boy,
a quiet, introverted, and peaceable human being.

I will not, therefore, at the age of 55,
acquiesce to any man, woman, or child,
who is determined to have me admit
that I am ‘ bitter’ … ‘angry’ … a thief,
or express myself by ‘shouting in anger’.

For me to NOT agree to character traits that,
to me, are disgraceful in any person,
does not mean that I am “angry”.

It means that I am resolute
that I will not be falsely misrepresented
by anyone.

I find it hard to believe that that is unreasonable.

I am a very patient man,
not prone to ‘raving’ or ‘raging’.

I state facts made from quiet observation.

I present evidence that may be observed
by all who read the words on this site.

I give a solution to the problem.
And even anticipate likely ‘ah buts’ and ‘what if’s’.

To do this articulately requires Calmness of Mind.

This, I had thought, would be self-evident.

In the video concerning “Fierce Evangelicals”,
I was deeply upset at the conduct of a woman who was
a frequent visitor to this site; a woman from Ireland
(No, I would not have the audacity to make that up)
of all places);

a woman who ran for political office,
and would ‘jail’ certain groups of modern humanity
who did not (shall we say) “follow” biblical standards of life
in their private lives.

That particular video was made for, and directed to
all who share her sentiments.

I would ask any visitor of this site to VIEW it, and
see for themselves, if my demeanour and speech
reveals an “angry”, “bitter” man … shouting,
raging, or anything similar.

The world is not mine to change:
BUT My Life is mine to use as best I can
to make a moral change in those who fall
within the sound of my voice
(or sight of my written compositions).

When Malignant creatures on YouTube,
curse, and degrade, and tell the American mother
of a disabled child that she should have “Put your retard down”,

by no stretch of the imagination do I speak out because I am
“full of resentment at how the world seems to be treating [me]”;

I do so because I despise bullies, and have a moral centre
which seeks to defend those who are timid, quiet, or weak.

I did not remain long in the military because I had no commonality
with those whose days were filled with macho posturing
and spewing obscenities at every personal inconvenience;
whose ‘social’ antics revolved around liquor and copulation.
While many came to me seeking advice with personal
and family problems, I was never part of the ‘social scene’.
Such a world is no place for me.

The problem is that the military under Mrs Thatcher
was (at least, what I saw of it) a refined ‘finishing school’
compared to the filth that can be seen on teen social sites,
or heard coming from the mouths of teenage boys … and girls
(to say nothing of adults who set the ‘example’) today.

There is, throughout this Internet site,
a great deal of ‘what to do’, and ‘what not to do’
… as well as the consistently repetitious
‘how to do it’ advocated in words such as “selflessness”,
“humility”, modesty”, and “empathy”.

If someone does not know what these basic terms mean,
I expect them to make the effort to find an Oxford English Dictionary,
and ‘look them up’. Those who are sincere will make the effort.
Those who are not may go elsewhere for their entertainment.

Critiques are good … as noted in this site – provided
that the person is morally qualified to do so.
Where I will not be … “critiqued” is to have my character defamed
by making me out to be an ‘angry’, ‘bitter’ man.

That is not a “critique” – that is slander.

Refusing to accept such degradation
does not mean that I am ‘angry’,
it means that I am honourable and honest –
and will not accept a lie about my character,
or the character of anyone with whom I am familiar.

An illustration:

A man is named ‘Andrew’.
He meets a man on the street:
a man whom he has ‘seen around’,
but does not know personally.

“Hello, my name is Andrew”, he says.
The man replies: “Hey, Andy! How are you?”
“Andrew”, he replies, “… I am fine.”
“Great, Andy! What are you doing now?”
“Please, I prefer to be called ‘Andrew’ … I am going home.”
“Okay, Andy, well, I am heading this way. ‘Bye Andy.”

They meet a second time. Again the conversation starts:
“Hey, Andy, how are you today?”
“Please, I hate ‘Andy’ – call me ‘Andrew’.”
“Okay, Andy – you know, whatever!”
Well, And’, I got to be off.”

And a third time:
“Andy, how’s it going?” … and so on.

Now … IS Andrew going to continue to ignore the disrespect
of being addressed, not by his proper name,
but by a vulgar contraction of it,
which he has specifically asked not be used ?

I suspect that he will tire of correcting this fellow
who will not be corrected.

I suspect that he will not be on intimate, personal terms
with a man who insists upon calling him
something … that he is not.

So, in like manner, surely, one should not persist
in degrading my nature, and somehow imagine
that I will acquiesce and accept it.

I am a writer by trade: proficient in the presentation of words;
I am good at what I do.

I can describe growing up amidst explosions
and bloodshed in Northern Ireland-
without being afraid;

I can present the effects of tyrannical injustice,
without being angry.

I have been a school-teacher of 14 and 15 year olds;
which requires Patience … not anger.

I am utterly indifferent whether anyone visits this site or not.
It does not worry me in the slightest.

I am here, out of conscience.

I pay, from my own pocket, the equivalent of
130 American dollars each year
so that anyone who does arrive here,
does not have to have adverts shoved in their face.

I provide thoughtful observations,
encourage people to see for themselves,
if what I suggest is true in society at large;

And I give the solution, by telling people … ‘How’ –
what they can do to reverse the trend of filth
and selfish malignancy within their own sphere of daily life


practice “You first”, rather than “Me First” ;
be content with few possessions and a simple lifestyle;
throw the TV where it belongs;
look at the way people treat their animals, and discern accordingly;

let a man talk or write,
and you will soon see his character revealed;
have no companionship with those who are loud,
arrogant, and cock-sure of themselves …
… and so on and so forth,
throughout the entirety of this site.

Clear instructions, observations, and suggestions –
‘How to do what is right’ – are regularly and copiously provided
for anyone who does not want to be the same
as what they see and hear around them.

If such thoughts are of use to no one;
and no one visits this site,
it does not concern me in the slightest.

All I ask is that, if people ARE finding value in this site,
they let me know.

If no one does, it would be foolish of me (wouldn’t it, now ?)
to continue handing out annual fees for a site on the Internet
where no one visits with genuine interest.

Many visitors return here regularly.
If they will not comment, I presume that they are here
to laugh or plagiarise, which I have seen.
If no one finds any value in this site,
I will not waste time in composing and editing,
or in spending money upon it.

I have renewed each year,
because people have asked me not to leave.

But where my nature as a quiet and peaceful man
( I was originally deemed a “pacifist”
in the exchange that prompted this ‘post’ ),
is trodden upon, and I am made out to be an angry, bitter creature
who shouts at a computer screen … No, I will not have that.

If someone persists, to the point of obnoxiously presuming
to … “picture right now how angry [ I am ]” …
because they are bound and determined
to depict me as an ‘angry’ man,

that person is clearly beyond the reach of any reasoning
that I might attempt.

Even the artistic use of dark background to better display
the colours of photographs on this site,
was drawn in to represent the ‘bitter’ nature within me.

When even this prodigious fantasy was swept away by simple reality,
no word of apology was forthcoming.

Nothing I do will escape the persistence of such a person.
And anything I say, will, I fear, only be used
to build some further sand-castle of false accusation.

Oliver Cromwell’s chaplain put such thoughts in order
when he said (referring to the Day of Judgment):

“Good men shall then be manifested;
their principles, their practices …

They who are now accused of hypocrisy
and obstinacy, and pride and peevishness,
because they could not swim with the stream,
nor run with others to the same excess of riot,

will then be manifested
to be men of integrity and humility,
and to have declined the profane course of others,
not out of foolish preciseness …

but out of conscience …” [ Owen ]

A simple (genuine) word of regret and change of heart
will always find a hand of friendship extended here.

But I will not have my character degraded.

Nor will I stand idly by to have the character
of any good and honourable man or woman degraded –
whether by evangelical thugs, atheistic bullies,
or anyone in between.

VIDEO – “A Plea to Fierce Evangelicals”

Now on my fourth day with the pain of blocked Eustachian Tubes
and an infected tonsil and throat, I am off to get my Netti Pot,
flush my sinus cavities with warm water and purified salt,
and will be taking some time away from this site,
and from the absurdity of what I have had to contend with of late.

If anyone has slanderous rhapsodies
that they wish to dedicate to me,
I shall reserve discovery of such melodious calumnies
until such times as I do not have tears coming out of my eyes
due to pain, and feel better able to attend unto them.
Thank you for your understanding. [ – PL, 29th September ]

“Worldly men cannot endure to be outshone;
and because they have no mind to be
as good as others, they would fain make others
to be as bad and vile as themselves:
therefore, they are full of hard thoughts
and hard speeches
against good men.” [ Thomas Manton ]