19th May … An Explanation that Seems to be Required (?)

I have been surprised to see from the “Statistics” Page,
that there has been an inordinately high number
of VISITORS during this past week (12th to 19th May).

PLEASE note – those who have made multiple attempts
to “refresh” the ‘page’, in order to see the full content –

I HAVE emptied the site, intending to leave it empty until
my subscription period for 2019 expires.

I came to the Internet in 2012, in an attempt to find
and ‘meet’, and share ‘links’ or ‘photographs’ with,

articulate, sober-minded people whose lives are not
given over to playing with technological iToys;
searching constantly for Entertainment;
or ‘surfing’ for whatever will glorify Vanity.

I looked forward to visiting their sites
or ‘web pages’ – to be encouraged by others
whose personal world view surpassed the
“You’re perfect, just the way you are”
mentality of modern, infantilised humanity.

All I ever wanted was to ‘talk’ to,
commiserate with, or encourage – people
who value more in life than what is represented
by 21st century humanity …

… to be re-assured that I am not absolutely
and utterly alone in this world.

As far as I can tell (from that 7-year effort),
I am, evidently, the only one of my kind. (?)

My philosophy of life makes me incompatible
with modern humanity:

when a Television is broadcasting nothing
more substantial than mental and moral sewage
punctuated by crude humour, gratuitous violence,
and filthy profanity — I get rid of the TV;

anyone who is cruel to animals or degrades moral,
peaceable people — is the lowest form of thug life
that exists — and I want nothing to do with them;

I will not ‘tailor’ this site to suit modern minds
who are too lazy to read for 5 minutes;
or too apathetic for anything containing
more substance than self-esteem humanism
or vacuous amusement.

99 out of 100 who come here are “1 view, 1 visit” –
they arrive, find words that oblige people to
examine their consciences – and immediately realise
that there is nothing here to entertain them.

What I CANNOT understand, though, is why people
return here regularly … read, look at the photographs,
… and leave without the slightest effort at civility.

There is something wrong with anyone who cannot say
“Thank you for your work” – when they regularly read it;

or even leave a comment similar to one received in 2012:
“What you wrote bothered me: It made me look in a mirror.
I didn’t like what I saw.”

(Presumably, that person never returned
because I bothered his conscience (?) )

In October of 2015, I stated that I was going
to close this site. Two or three would ask me to stay.
I would renew it … and never hear from them again.

This happened at the end of 2016 … 2017 … and 2018.

I would love to ‘talk’, share links, view the sites or pages
of the folk who have visited here this past week from
Japan … Sweden … Austria … America … the U.K. … Canada –
but none of them want to so much as say “konnichiwa”, “hej”, “hallo”, “hello”.

When 21st century humanity cannot even say ‘Hello’ –
I am utterly beyond my capacity to take that in;
but if this is 21st century humanity,
and the Internet is where they meet –
I want nothing to do with either.

Today is the 19th of May … and I see that a surprising
number of people have been here through the past week
– none, of course, leaving any word of greeting –

I hope that these words will explain the situation
for those folks.

I will ‘post’ below, the last piece that I wrote
should it be – however unlikely – that it may be of interest
to any that have been trying to make the site ‘work’
by ‘refreshing the page numerous times’.

I do not know what more to say:

I came to the Internet anticipating ‘meeting’
folk who possessed more than modern-day vacuity:
apart from 14 people in 7 years, there was instead, silence.

I have asked – MANY times – for visitors to explain
to me, if I am simply not “seeing” something.
Again: silence.

I shall place this ‘up’ for another week
with the intention of returning
to empty the site again, on the 25th of May.

Comments are welcome – ‘talk’ to me; explain;
help me to understand, if I am missing something
because I have an “old fashioned” mind …

What more can I possibly do than ask people
to explain that which I cannot see ???

What I will not do, is keep making the effort
to ‘converse’ with people
who do not want to ‘talk’ to me.

Fair enough ?

There is nothing that I can offer
to people who use the Internet.

I am simply tired of trying year after year.

The last written work
that appeared on this site … is presented below.

–  P Livingstone

Why Do I Exist ? … A Conversation with Conscience

Why am I on this earth ?
What purpose is there in my life ?
How am I using the time given me in this life ?

EVERY form of SUFFERING in this world
exists BECAUSE selfish men, women,
boys and girls

– who Could show compassion –

place their own Arrogance, Ease,
Greed or Ambition

ahead of the well-being
of an animal or human being.

And that does not take into consideration
legions of Sadistic Bullies
who are cruel because they enjoy it;

Or profanity-spewing multitudes
who are without self discipline,
or respect for common decency.

A hero is someone who places the well-being
of some person or animal
ahead of their own ease, convenience, or even safety.

A hero esteems moral decency
before the Love of Self.

1. You have a Soul.
It is eternal.

Animals have a Spirit.
It is not.

And yet, “A righteous man
regardeth the life of his beast.”
It is a cruel and selfish brute
that feels no compassion for an animal.

2. Every human being begins life
with a Moral Conscience – which is the Moral Law
written on the human heart:

People know Right from Wrong

– a little child knows to steal a biscuit,
and then hide it
when Mummy comes into the kitchen –

and most successively obliterate that capacity
as they age in the religion of Self Esteem.

Infants and undisciplined children must
be constantly reassured and entertained:
if they are not, they cry … or react in the
violent rage – name-calling, spewing obscenities,
and vilifying those with whom they disagree ?.

And – honestly now, is this not the conduct
that is displayed in the 21st century ?

Any mature man who quietly advocates
considered thought,
is now a ‘sad, miserable old man’ seeking to
spread his ‘misery’ to everyone else.

3. You are given time on this earth to see
HOW you will use the mental and moral
faculties that you possess.

Will you live to exalt Yourself ?
Or will you strive to gratify something
other than “Me” ?

Will you feel Empathy
for Man and Animals that deserve it?

Or will you live with Apathy
for anything but what interests you?

Will you use your mind
to Discern Right from Wrong?

Or will laziness and selfishness
bid you believe whatever is pleasing
to Pride and Ease?

The Atheist who maintains that God does not exist
would do no wrong to live as though he did:

by living submissively – as though
under the gaze of God,
you live humbly –
setting a moral example to Man.

The Ten Commandments offer
a ready summary of how to end misery in society –

and if men choose to ignore or defy those rules,
and live instead to gratify greed, lust, and ambition
they Reap the Fruits of their own Self will.

When personal Self Esteem
over-rides objective Moral Conscience,
Misery is sure to follow.

“The wicked walk on every side
when the vilest men are exalted.”

4. Do you possess Integrity?

The world maintains that ‘Every man
has a price at which he can be bought’;
Men and Women of Integrity … cannot.

The fact that people in general, give clear evidence
that they have ‘sold themselves’ to

My Pride, My Ambition,
My Greed, My Family,
My Denomination, My Country, My Agenda –

demonstrates how few there are in the world
whose Integrity – truly, cannot be bought.

5. Do you even exercise Love … ?

Love will never countenance Evil;
Love will not excuse Error – but seek to correct it
in a mindset of Humility, out of a desire
that people not be deceived.

Love does not strive to make people Feel Good;

Love seeks the best mental and moral welfare
of the person it views.

Love says “You are Wrong”,
“You are being foolish”, and,

Love forgives those who genuinely
and sincerely … Ask to be forgiven.

Forgiving those who are unrepentantly evil,
condones their cruelty, and encourages them
to do more.

6. WHAT have you done with your life up to now?

In the split second that it will take
for your mind to summarise
the course of your life thus far,
you will know precisely
for what purpose your life has been used.

The Conduct and Conversation of most
gives open evidence that they have lived
in the constant daily pursuit of Ambition,
Possessions, and Entertainment …

How is it with you?

You already know whether you have
lived to gratify Self,
or used your time on earth
for a higher purpose.

7. What changes need to be made ?
What thoughts need to be corrected ?
What shame needs to be well and truly felt ?

Do I have the moral capacity to say Thank You
to someone whose words have made me think
critically about myself ?

Do the above words have no effect upon me ?
Or do I find the trace of an active Conscience ?

And If so,

What will I do about it now?

P Livingstone