Relief …

Having endured temperatures of 37 degrees Centigrade for the last few weeks,
I had the inexpressible joy of looking outside this morning,
and seeing

this …

beautiful, miraculous sight …


Having basked in the blissful coolness
that comes from the absence of horrible, persistent heat

… a letter was received from a kindred spirit
who understands what this site
– and its author,
is ‘about’.

( And did not consider it a ‘hardship’ to let me know. )

Relief … from searing heat.

Relief … from the mounting frustration
of maintaining this Internet site.

I am indeed, immensely grateful for both.

ABOUT This Internet Site …

P2015 alt

Hello … こんにちわ …

Thank you for stopping by today …

It had been my hope when opening this site four years ago,
that presenting heartfelt observations,
with quality photographs, on an ad-free Internet site,
might present an opportunity to ‘meet’
and exchange ‘conversation’ with folk
who, like me, find themselves singularly
“out of place” in the 21st century.

Now, it may be that I am the only person left on earth
who is utterly uncomfortable (and evidently unwelcome)
in the 21st century, but I have come to realize that
(with the exception of 5 folk in four years)
people today … do not want to be friendly.

Nevertheless, I hope that the following
will serve as an overview of this Internet site;
its lament,
and the lone voice behind the words …


PLAIN Lifestyle, FEW Possessions, GREAT Contentment –
Living Humbly in a World of Self-Deification, Hedonism, and Greed


An attempt to convince modern-minded humanity to
Pause … Consider … and THINK – like men and women;
rather than React – like children … or savages.

House 1c

Criticism is good: it keeps a wise man or woman ‘sharp’ –
PROVIDED, of course, that the one doing the criticizing
is QUALIFIED by Maturity, Wisdom, and Life EXPERIENCE.

About This Internet Site …

When I began this Internet site in March of 2012,
it was intended to be a place for those who can remember

when the terms “Lady” and “Gentleman”
actually had relevance;

when young women were not ashamed to be ladies,
nor sought to imitate the pathetic macho posturing
of vicious and vulgar men …

… and being a mother at home
was the most honourable job in the world;

when men had enough maturity and respect for other people,
to tuck in their shirt, and exercise self discipline
in conduct and conversation;

when courtesy, consideration, and conscience
still distinguished men and women … from savages;
and children were taught enough respect for adults
as to address them as ‘Mr’ ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’.

It is heart-breaking to realise that
the things that I value in life –

conscience, courtesy, consideration for neighbours;
the ability to read, write, and carry on a conversation;
making an effort to be congenial,

– have not only vanished,
but are now regarded with suspicion,
derided as “weakness”,
and viewed with contempt;

that anything that advocates moral discernment,
self control, or moderation
is now reviled as “Hate Speech” ;

and that this is now a world
where those who cry for “Equal Rights”
– once they get what they want –
are the very LAST to give equal rights
to those who are different from themselves.

WG09 House b

Until we became familiar with the Internet
and ‘had a look around it’,
I had never imagined ‘ordinary’ people to be
as vulgar and alliterate;

or as vicious, callous, and apathetic towards anything
that did not immediately gratify their lusts, ease, or vanity.

Good people ‘post’ a nature video; a film-clip of their dog,
or even a portion of a documentary film,
and the comments that appear below
seethe with filth, vulgarity, and contempt.

I shall never forget the film on a mother with her autistic child,
and the comment from America
that the woman should have … “put your retard down”.

Or the assertion below the piece on the Amish farmer and his wife,
noting that “they are all pedophiles [sic], brainwashed, and stupid”.
“What a f–king useless, boring life” declared another. [my edit]

The depravity of modern mankind – especially young people –
is beyond my capacity to fully take in.

It took me less than a week to realise
that I cannot ‘surf’ the Internet.

To attempt YouTube is to wade through a cesspool of filth:
find a video of bluebells growing in a woodland clearing and,
it seems, there will be some vile creature
spewing profanity and invective at that.

My brief look around the Internet taught me about the 21st century
– actually, it explained a great deal.

Why it was, for instance, that whenever I held the door open
for a young woman at the supermarket,
she tells me that she can ‘get it’ herself.

Why people stand in the checkout queue shouting into ‘cell phones’
for all around them to hear.

Or why one cannot walk thirty feet in any public place
without hearing “f**k“ after each use of the word “the”.

They even have a slogan now – “WTF”.

The filthy obscenities of forty years ago
… are now a fashion statement.

There just is no lower depth of depravity than that.

WG01 The Walk

It has been distressing to see –
not only the progressive infantilising of the human race,
but – the willingness with which multitudes of so-called “adults”
have facilitated it –

men dressing like slobs:
without even the decency to tuck in their shirt
(a thing for which we, as little boys in the 1960’s,
were routinely scolded by every woman who passed us) –
spewing vulgarity and obscenities
as so-called ‘conversation’ –

and women doing everything they can
to imitate men.

The 21st century is an age that is CHARACTERISED by
laziness, greed, and malicious vanity –
in which the humility to learn has utterly vanished.

Skill and wisdom gleaned from life experience
are now relegated to … “Well, that’s your opinion”
by people who, generally, can no longer spell,
write cursively, or even read anything
requiring an attention span.

Attempt to help by correcting a person’s grammar
and they will call you a “grammar Nazi”.

It is not merely that people are ignorant:
but they dogmatically insist upon being that way.

Human beings no longer have the ability to blush.
And shame is a thing of the past –
as ten minutes spent in any public place
will quickly reveal.

We have come to understand the ease
with which modern “friendship” evaporates
in an instant …

… in an age when pride and resentment
have replaced the desire to be taught;

and where “friends” will cut all ties with anyone
who offers wisdom or experience that conflicts
with their ‘ego’, personal ‘agenda’, or profit-making enterprise.

Simply being ethical, and quiet

is enough to earn the hatred of multitudes
in whose seared consciences, the very existence of morality
is a ‘thorn’.

I live in a wilderness, as far as the world today is concerned.
The last time that I had anything in common with contemporary society,
the radio was broadcasting The Original Cast
singing the morality tale, “One Tin Soldier” …

and even television stations broadcast the nightly message:
“It’s ten o’clock: Do you know where your children are?”

Having watched for 50 years
as technology has turned the human brain to mush,
I can only espouse the reading of quality books
as the greatest legacy that a teacher – or parent –
can leave a child.

Strange Last Voyage 2

THIS Internet site is as you see it:

I am just one man who began using a computer in 2001
because I could no longer buy ribbon cartridges for my typewriter.

The thoughts presented here are merely observations
presented as a result of 50 years
of watching human society progressively degenerate
from imitating the mental and moral sewage of Hollywood,

while lamenting the almost-complete elimination
of moral decency: courtesy, consideration, and conscience.


From Northern Ireland, having served – since 1980,
as a lecturer, school-teacher of Oxford English,
and writer of bespoke documents in prescribed English,

my wife and I live a plain lifestyle without television, stereo,
newspapers, or cellular telephone,

in a 1920’s farmhouse
avoiding the noise, vulgarity, and ‘party’ mentality
of modern humanity.

A life-long practitioner of Wing Chun Gung Fu,
I can most often be found in the garden,
quietly reading an historical book,
or enjoying the serenity of the Tea Ceremony.

I notice my own thoughts increasingly
being voiced in Japanese – not out of any need
to practice ‘nihongo’ or write Hiragana,

but because I have always found Japan
to be the last place left on this earth
that still practices the type of formal etiquette
with which I was raised.

It simply seems, to me, that – with very little exception,
if a person speaks – what now passes for “English”,
he is invariably spewing vacuity, viciousness, vanity,
or obscenities.

I have lived my entire life as a quiet and peaceful human being
always seeking to help others;

only to reach its latter end in the deep distress of realising
that the world into which I was born,
and the human race amongst whom I was raised,
has degenerated into such a cesspool of crude vulgarity
and selfishness.

This Internet site consists of “Old Paths”
that are now despised in the modern world –

written from the perspective of a man
who remembers … and laments
a world that is now long gone.

Moon 2c 25th


P Livingstone
15 March 2016

A Taste for Tea … Instruments for Infusion

Tea Preparation

“The refreshing nature of tea …
is especially fitting for persons of self restraint

… for those who are virtuous in nature
and satisfied with a simple life.”

[ Lu Yu, “A Tea Classic”, written c.775 ]

A Tea Pictorial:

Possessions Tea

Indispensable Instruments for Infusion

a brief over-view of the items that are needed
to infuse quality tea …

Tea Kettle

1. Kettle: Boiling the water – for the ‘British’ method of brewing,
water should come off a rolling boil,
and will be around the 95 degree mark
when it hits the tea leaves;

2. A Quality Tea Pot …

Pot 01 tetsubin

Here, a Tetsubin, cast iron tea pot from Iwate Prefecture,
can be purchased with a cast iron interior (oxide film
coats surface as part of manufacturing process); or,
with an enamelled interior for ‘western’ sensibilities.

Whilst this one has an included infuser,
it is better still to allow the tea
full movement in the pot …
and use a strainer when pouring.

Pot 02 tetsubin

Pouring water from a high point – hand and kettle held high,
allows the tea to move rapidly at the onset,
and continue to move freely and infuse properly.

The reliable British Standard (Brown) …

Tea Pot Br-3

3. Tea Cups
Here are examples from my own two sets …

Tea Cups-2

and Cast Iron …

Tea Iron Cup-2

4. Tea Caddy

Tea Caddy-2

For storing quality teas,
reserve one tea caddy for one type of tea …

5. Tea Tools
for handling tea …

Tea Tools

And of course, quality loose-leaf tea …

Tea Raspberry

BLACK TEA is the most oxidized tea.


Having the most intense (or, strongest) flavour
of all the teas, it alone goes well with milk.

To prepare Black tea, use one spoonful
of quality loose-leaf tea for each person
and adding another half ‘for the pot’,

Pour in – to about three-quarters’ full –
PROPERLY boiling water – ( that is to say,
on a ‘rolling boil’ …

NOT the appalling North American practice
of placing a mug (one might as well drink tea
from a bucket) below a spigot,
and filling the monstrous receptacle
with hot bilge water
that has been kept stewing in an electric urn. )

With water off a rolling boil in the tea pot,
allow a 3 minute brew time,
add a splash of skim milk,
and savour the perfect cup of tea.

“The refreshing nature of tea …
is especially fitting for persons of self restraint
… for those who are virtuous in nature
and satisfied with a simple life.”

[ The rest of humanity … drinks Coffee! ]

MAKE the time for tea.
MAKE the time to pause, and consider … to Think.
If you pause to relax with tea,
I promise that tea will certainly relax you.

The bulk of this world’s people
chase frenetically after ambition, greed,
vanity, and hedonism –
pursuing madness at the neglect of everything
that SHOULD truly matter.

We grew up – in the 1960’s and ’70’s
without the curse of ‘cell phones’ –
You would never know it by the conduct
of the masses today.

I live without nine-tenths of the things
that you think are “important”.

Turn the TV off (or throw it out altogether);
dispense with noise …
… and start to change your life
with an exquisite cup of tea.

I do sincerely hope that this pictorial was of interest:

P2015 alt

Tea appreciation in the tea ceremony,
is a social pursuit …

it is meant to foster appreciation for all things –
the tea, the host to his or her guests,
and the guests to their host, as well as each other.

In this pictorial, I have endeavoured to extend a hand
of congeniality to such folk as appreciate the experience of tea.

If this has been of interest to you,
return the courtesy, and
please do let me know.

[ P Livingstone ]

A Beautiful Gaiwan …

In the event that there may be one or two folk
who might have an appreciation for
genuine (skillful) works of art,

a photo series of a beautiful Gaiwan
whose painted scenery absolutely captivated me.

Although it is rare for me to buy anything,
I simply could not leave the tea shop
without it.

As I have always enjoyed seeing quality workmanship,
I imagined that there might be a few folk
left in the world, who feel the same way …

Gaiwan 07

Gaiwan 01

Gaiwan 02

Gaiwan 03

Gaiwan 05

Gaiwan 06

I hope that you have enjoyed
sharing these few photographs with me.

Gaiwan 07

Humility … and Every Evil in the World


It was a question that seemed genuinely to perplex
my temporary acquaintance at the little table
outside the coffee house:

He had been remarking about memories of his youth
when he turned to me and asked …

“What happened to the world?”

I looked at him,
to see if he was seriously asking the question …

“Humility …” I replied.

“… has been thrown away.”

He seemed to drift away for a few moments;
then, looked straight at me,
and told me that I should write a book.

“No one would buy it” I replied.

I cannot even get people to ‘talk to me’
when they visit on the Internet.

Upon leaving, he shook my hand; said ‘Thank you’
– and told me that that cause of ‘absence of humility’
would never have occurred to him.

Which shocked me.

Do people genuinely NOT See
what is going on all around them?

“Ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee;
and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee …”

… but even if “a little bird” was to tell
the bulk of modern humanity –
would anyone even hear?

Housefinch Youngster

Even an animal has the willingness to learn.
People, it seems, just want to be entertained.

And that – is precisely the problem.

In 1990, a switch was flicked,
and every last semblance of human decency
was removed from society.

Popular “music” was transformed
from the confused heap of noise
of the late 1980’s,

into an onslaught of arrogant, sneering ‘pop stars’
unleashing a torrent of unrestrained filth
in which crude obscenities
extolled the virtues of ‘gangs’, greed,
and copulating like rodents in sewers,

in a decade that presented teenage youths
in their most repugnant display of depravity
that has ever been seen in any society –

smirking boys running around with ludicrous lumps of chain
hanging from their necks;
trousers sagging between their knees;
and girls … transformed into ‘whores’ and ‘bitches’.

The standard mental and moral sewage of Hollywood
became a torrent of vicious savagery
extolling the veneration of gun culture
where ‘cops’ and criminals alike held pistols sideways
and spewed the same filthy vocabulary
that was now contained in the explicit, ‘parent-advisory’
products being vomited out by the “music” industry.

Television routinely featured belligerent,
back-talking children
speaking to adults – not as equals,
but … as inferiors.

And, of course, along with the glorification of brutality,
running in packs, adulation of greed, and casual copulation,
came the installation of that principal characteristic
of every contemptuous, belligerent thug
lacking even a semblance of self discipline:
– that crude obscenity “f*ck” ingrained
as a regular feature of modern “communication”.

And parents of the 1990’s,
stayed clear of their children’s bedrooms –
which was filled to overflowing with this vicious depravity,
while sons and daughters roamed the streets
on a Friday and Saturday night – ‘clubbing”
until three- or four o’clock in the morning,
if they even returned home at all.

Even television – in the 1970’s
had enough moral decency to post the nightly announcement:
“It’s ten o’clock, do you know where your children are?”

And parents still had enough moral decency
to set curfews, and actually care.

This, however, was the 1990’s – where selfishness,
apathy, hedonism, and the conduct of savages
had become normal.

This was a world characterised by the
wholesale destruction of the family
in all but the most liberal use of the word;

relinquishment of all authority by parents
who willingly facilitated the usurped tyranny
of emotionally and mentally undeveloped children;

and the utter eradication
of every last pretence of moral decency.

In a world such as that, Humility … will be the first trait
of human decency to be obliterated.

Then came the Internet …

… the platform for every crude character,
slick charlatan; ignorant youth and vicious thug,
to promulgate whatever self-serving agenda
best gratifies their vanity, vacuity, or viciousness.

The 21st century:
the complete absence of moral discernment,
self discipline,
and basic good manners.

A world where machines ‘think’ for people;
where brains are no longer exercised by reading,
writing, and thinking …

and where, as people grow increasingly stupid
and undisciplined,
they become increasingly impatient:

“I don’t have the time”.

A world where the humility to learn – to be corrected
and taught how to do things correctly;
the humility to say “I’m sorry” – and mean it;
the humility to act with self discipline,
has (with rare exception) completely vanished.

A world where “Grammar Nazi” …
“f–k you” … and, “Well, that’s your opinion”
are the standard mantras of those who recognise
no higher right and wrong than their own opinion.

Human brutality, cruelty, neglect, and misery
exist in the world … because of Pride –
obscene “self esteem” … the absence of Humility.

I still struggle with the experience of reading, a year ago,
the disgusting aspersions heaped upon one man,
by an American ‘pastor’ and the truly ignorant minions
who joined him in tearing apart the character and name
of that honourable man.

People cannot read writing of ‘depth’,
cannot string six sentences together grammatically:

but they can wade in with their malignant vanity
and proceed to rip apart the character
of men and women whose integrity, morality,
and self discipline, far exceeds their own.

“How can I love anyone, if I don’t love myself?”


You have a higher regard for the welfare of others,
than you do for the gratification of your own conceit.

It used to be common practice when I was growing up –

“You First”

… rather than …

“Me first”.

Forgive me if I maintain that,
were there far less “self esteem”
being hurled around by (so-called) ‘adults’, college boys,
and children who are treated like adults from the womb,

this world would be an infinitely kinder and gentler place.

I cannot help but wonder:
if there was less self-deification in the world,
would men have the humility and respect for people around them
to dress like gentlemen, speak like gentle men, act like gentle men;
inspire women to be ladies once again;
and raise children having respect for elders, basic manners,
self control, and a working conscience ?

Then again, of course, such thoughts
are just so much wistful speculation:
it has been fifty years since decency and decorum
was displayed in public, and expected of mature adults.

Along with family, courtesy, moderation, and humility,
selfless conduct, common courtesy, and principled conversation
in mature, adult, daily life
are – very clearly – long gone.

I walked over to the door, leaned inside the coffee house
and thanked the girl who made my extra-hot Mocha;

then left – genuinely wondering:

Do people really NOT See
what is going on all around them ?

Or are they just too busy being entertained

to care ?

[ P Livingstone ]

A Blind Man, A Dog, and Modern Humanity: For Pity’s Sake, Wake UP !


The mindless existence of modern humanity:
living day in and day out – for a lifetime,
with no higher incentive than seeking to be entertained
when not looking for opportunity
to gratify lust, greed, and vanity.

Living without television, radio, or newspapers – whilst being
of indescribable benefit to our moral conscience,
mental acuity, and family life

has nevertheless meant
that undertaking this Internet site in March of 2012,
opened us up to a torrent of “culture shock”
of depths that I could never have anticipated.

There have been – in the past twelve months particularly –
occasions when I have been confronted with aspects
of 21st century “living” that almost makes me panic in despair.

But the latest revelation has filled me with utter revulsion,
and I confess, makes me want to do away
with the whole Internet and computer –
my only concession to, and link with, the modern world.

I had – for the first time in more than a year –
occasion to travel into the “big city” specifically to visit
the one specialised shop which stocked the type of
very fine-nibbed pen that is best suited
to the copperplate writing that I have used since a boy.

Walking along the busy city street,
I was aware of a slight ‘commotion’ on the footpath, just ahead of me.
It took a split second to realise that the blind man ahead of me
was stopping abruptly:

the cause being that the beautiful Golden Retriever in the white harness,
was having a ‘personal crisis’ – yet, while still trying to continue walking
at the same time.

The man – realising that something was wrong, stopped –
the face around his dark glasses plainly confused.

Having left a veritable trail of faeces on the pavement, the poor dog cringed –
its tail low, its head hung down: it knew that it had done something ‘wrong’.

The man soon produced a plastic bag
and started to shuffle back in the direction from which he had come …

But it was none of this that held my attention.

It was the conduct of the people – Modern Day Humanity,
the dozens of pedestrians who ignored that man,
ignored his need – his patently obvious need –
for help in a difficult situation,
and without a second thought, walked around the man,
and carried on their way.

Oh, one unbelievable creature did react …
expressing a melodramatic ‘sigh’ of vocal disgust
that the Guide Dog had fouled the pavement.

Thinking back now, I can only suggest
that my brain could not accept what I was seeing:
I was stunned – for a split second –
and found myself bursting with utter contempt
for the … “humanity” … that surrounded me.

“Sir!” … “Sir”, I said running quickly to the man:
“give me the bag there, and you carry on.”

I continued:
“Your poor dog is hanging his head,
and if you will let me clean up the accident,
I would appreciate it very much,
if you would give him a pat on the head
and tell him it’s alright.”

Plainly, the man struggled to understand what I was saying:
he stuttered a bit, and looked dreadfully confused
as I took the plastic bag from his hand.

It certainly seemed as if he could not ‘take in’ the idea
that a stranger could extend kindness to him – and his dog.

He thanked me several times, and paused –
as though making certain he had understood me …
only then did he walk on.

I was thrilled that he reached down, said something,
and patted the dog on its head and neck.
It was my pleasure – my absolute pleasure! –
to pick up that dog’s mess.

But as I looked up ahead at the backs
of those who had, moments ago,
just walked past that man and his dog;

I could not help but think that …
I may well have just lifted a dog’s faeces of the pavement,
but that particular city block was covered in filth.

Self-obsessed, conscienceless machines have seemingly replaced
what, forty years ago, were – generally – compassionate, empathetic
gentlemen and ladies.

People dress like slobs, and act like slobs, and no one bothers.

The average ‘man’ looks like a bag of manure
– unkempt, slovenly; shoulders slumped, back bent forward,
shoving their way through doorways;
carrying either a vicious sneer, or a vacuous glaze,
on their face.

While women have spent forty years
doing all that they can
… to be men.

The ‘standards’ of 21st century “life” …
or – more correctly – 21st century existence.

Vulgar individuals are tolerated in public places:
spewing obscenities as part of their “conversation” …
wearing shirts with that depraved obscenity “F*CK”
fully spelled out for all to look at …

… and a BLIND MAN is left to – (what?) –

get down on his knees and feel around
in order to clean up his specially-trained dog’s
highly uncharacteristic accident?

I understand that conscience has been
all-but obliterated from the human race,
but how evil do ego-maniacal,
self-venerating human beings have to get,
before they take a look around them …

and actually start to care
about the utter Extinction of Common Decency
in the 21st century?

I have more enjoyment in the company of our dogs
and the birds and animals that come down from the mountain
behind our home, than I ever possibly could
in the company of what I witnessed
during my 30 minute stay in the city today.

A plea from my broken heart,
to young people in general:

feed the birds in the wintertime;
say “Good Morning” to every glazed-faced individual you pass;
stand in front of a mirror and practice, if need be,
to learn how to carry on an intelligent conversation,

but … please, for pity’s sake –– WAKE UP !!!

stop the ludicrous obsession with ‘texting’,
get the earphones out of your ears
break the addiction of constantly needing to spew trivia and tripe
into a “cell” ‘phone …

Consider … Ponder … Think – for a change
– at least pretend that you are capable
of independent, intelligent thought
without needing a machine for constant amusement –
and set an example to everyone around you.

Practice Kindness … Consideration for others
… and Courtesy in public:

and start reversing this 30-year plummet
into self-serving, mindless oblivion that
(to an “out of touch”, “old fashioned” recluse such as me)
seems to have – with very little exception –
gripped the whole of humanity.

When people conduct themselves
with no more morality than an animal,
they are infinitely worse than any animal
because they have the capacity
– and the conscience … (in theory) –
to exist at a level higher than that of a beast.

The central characteristic of arrogant men
and religious hypocrites … is Pride.

PRIDE always demands attention from others.

Pride always seeks to dominate other people –
to shove itself right down the throats of society:
the malignant Self Esteem – of people
being filled with the love and adoration of themselves.

It is long past time … to give attention
to those who DESERVE it,
rather than to those who DEMAND it
in order to feed conceit and ego;

… well past time for modern-minded human beings
to step down from their throne;
and be less concerned about ME – about ‘getting’;
and Greed, and Vanity, and Self.

I remember my grandpa mentioning that
“the knowledge of a proud man
is the throne of Satan in his mind.”

What I witnessed today has disgusted me beyond description.

A PSYCHOPATH is an individual
who is not the slightest bit concerned
that others will suffer because of what he does.
Or fails to do.

They know ‘right from wrong’ – and simply do not care.

They are bereft of any genuine sense of moral responsibility –
can excuse away, or accept, any atrocity if it benefits them.

They freely choose to show no compassion;
and it does not bother them in the slightest.

The 21st century is filled with psychopaths —
all one has to do is look at the facial expression,
and listen to the ‘talk’ of the massed multitudes
walking around in any public place,
in this age of ‘self esteem’, hedonism, and greed.

As far as this Internet site is concerned,
I may not be able to slow the moral degradation of modern humanity:
but, I do not have to condone it by my silence.

What I saw today, was an utter lack of compassion from a mass of people.

And when compassion is gone from any man or woman,
there is nothing left to distinguish them from a beast.

A blind man … left to crawl on a street …
while the contemporary hordes walk around him.

I shall never, ever, be able to understand
(much less ‘fit in’ with)
the vicious mentality and malignant apathy
of Modern … “civilization”.

[ P Livingstone ]

“Attacking” … ??? A Response.



When speaking in Japanese, it is not acceptable practice
to keep repeating “I” in a conversation.
One gives credit to the other person’s intelligence
and presumes that they can understand
when one is referring to ones-self.

Sadly, in what now passes for English conversation,
the “I” keeps being repeated … and repeated … and repeated.

The same thing happens – apparently, when people read.

Stop putting “I” into everything.

Especially, if a situation does not apply, personally,
… to you.

And if it does apply to you, consider that
it might just serve to help, rather than harm.


I am a very gentle and tender-hearted fellow.

But one thing that truly does make me angry
is – when I have taken great care to compose
a carefully worded, detailed monograph
concerned with presenting a moral principle –

and receive a message
composed of three or four sentences
proclaiming that I am … “attacking” … people.

The ONLY thing that is ever … “attacked”
on this Internet site
is evil – however small its amount:

intentional error designed to mislead people;
apathetic laziness which allows evil to flourish;
brutality of animals for the “entertainment” of sadists;
or outright malicious degradation of some peaceful adult.

Concepts. Not individuals.

The only instance when my antipathy to a concept
becomes antipathy to a human being,

is when that human being finds delight
in inflicting fear, torment, or pain
on any animal, child, or peaceful adult.

I will not hesitate to withstand any sadist
who obtains pleasure or “sport”
by inflicting fear, or ridicule, or pain, or cruel death
upon any living creature.

So, if you are the type of brutal creature who finds “sport”
in riding a horse behind a pack of hounds,
and obtains satisfaction

from hearing the squealing shrieks of a fox
whose skin is being torn apart once it is
inevitably caught from sheer exhaustion –

I am against you.

In every way, shape, and form possible.
If you wish to term that an “attack”, so be it.
Considering the source:
I would consider it a compliment.

But an ‘attack’ is an act of violence:
And I find no pleasure – no “sport” or thrill –
in standing against you.

Unlike the enjoyment you get from “hunting” a petrified
or unsuspecting animal;
or humiliating some timid, weak,
or peaceful human being.

I simply despise bullies

and withstand evil, and evil people – not because it entertains me;
but because I am one of an ever-dwindling segment of humanity
who has a working, moral conscience.

I … take great care to select the words used
in every article that appears on this Internet site:

how would it be if YOU … take some degree of care
to actually READ the words that I have written …

And THEN, ask yourself,
— IS — what he is saying true to the situation
that he is describing?

( The closure of a cesspool of ignorance and negligence
known as a Parrot “Refuge”, this past month,
brought upon me – in an article about the hypocrisy of people –
the claim of shock that I was “attacking” certain folk. )

On this Internet site –
Read what is written.
Consider the words that are used.
Then ask if there is truth in those words.

Group “A” is complaining that they are over-burdened by work.
Group “A” refuses to ask Group “B” to help them.
Group “A” refuses to ask Individual “C” to help them.

THAT is a statement of fact.
It is Not an ‘attack’ on Group “A”.

The subsequent excuse:

“Well, yeah, but, well … we have reasons
why we refuse to allow help!”

… changes nothing.

The original observation that I expressed
when relating that Group “A”
seemed to welcome or want NO outside help –
remains unchanged.

A public notice stating that the Police will be called
on any well-meaning folk
who shows up at a given location –
is not an “attack” —

( actually, it IS an attack; but not one that was made by me )

— it is an observation.

I write HERE … so that gentle people
and animals will NOT be hurt

by MALIGNANT human beings
WHO find it an easy thing to CAUSE pain;

or APATHETIC individuals whose indifference
ALLOWS pain.

Please – rather than accusing ME of attacking someone,
stop, and actually read what is written;
and point the finger at those threatening harm
to someone else.

Throughout my writing, phrases such as “seems to be”,
“apparently”, evidently” and other such-like phrases
are specifically inserted to show the OBSERVANT
and intelligent reader
that I am quite prepared to be wrong.

I realise that – in the 21st century –
an ‘old fashioned’ writer can no longer presume
that a reading audience has the self discipline
to actually READ the words that are there

… or,

can read the words about a general group
or cross-section of humanity WITHOUT
seeing those words through the eyes of vanity,
and therefore, making them highly personal
(ie, “He’s attacking ME!!!)

No – your own conceit is making you see that.

Remove vanity from the equation,
and read the article again.

If I suggest that “the whole world lieth in wickedness”,
you do not need to tell me about your kindly grandmother
who lives in a remote Irish cottage on the Dingle Penninsula.

Remove the “I” … and read again.

I have, on this Internet site, defended Atheists,
Evangelicals, Buddhists, and everyone in-between.
I have withstood belligerent bullies,
malicious punks, and ignorant thugs –
and done so with great reserve.

If you have some gripe, complaint, or criticism
about ANYTHING appearing in this Internet site you –
make certain that you have the context in perspective;
make certain that you have removed your vanity from the equation;

cut-and-paste the portion that you do not understand,
or in which you think I err, and Ask, rather than presume.

I am ALWAYS willing to learn,
and be corrected to my own edification.

However, I have defended far too many peaceful folk
and brutalised animals throughout this Internet site,
to willingly tolerate mindless accusations
of “attacking” people,

by people who refuse to read what is written,
and then completely and utterly ignore points that were made
in the article with which they find fault.

I take great pains to carefully and specifically word
every article I compose.

So, how would it be if you make some form of effort
to read what is written,
and think about what is written,
before spewing ungrounded, vanity-fuelled conjecture
about my motives ?

My ‘motives’ are clearly evident in every article I write.

They centre upon my disgust and loathing of
cruelty, apathy, and vanity.

Multitudes who are cruel, lazy, and vain
… COULD change … if they had the humility;
but they will only do so
if they recognise themselves in an illustration I present.

Critical articles on this Internet site
are presented for the edification – For … ‘The Good’
of the very people who are offended by them.

No one will be more thankful
than a humble man or woman,
when reproved for error.

Show humble souls where they err,
and they will be grateful.

Those who find pleasure in being cruel;
and those who promote cruelty
by being too lazy or narcissistic to care,
will see it as an “attack”.

The knowledge that such tyrants will not ‘like me’, I confess –
will not weigh too heavily upon my conscience.

It is a concept once known as ‘Moral Integrity’.

This Internet site was composed from the practical application
of life experience from someone with a tender heart:
it is meant to help those who might think about what is written.

Have the decency to read the words
and note the ‘tone’ –
before presuming me to be some impudent
Internet Ignoramus.

If you do not understand something,

ask –

I am a very approachable fellow.