… August, 2018

Welcome to this Internet Site.

The intent was to offer camaraderie
to those who are downcast by what they see
and hear around them;

and observations to inspire moral individuals
to rise above the degradation of the masses.

There is Nothing that is … Entertaining … on this site.

Those who are bereft of the self discipline
to read for 5 minutes, should look for their amusement
anywhere but here.

My wife and I live a Plain Lifestyle
content to own a few quality possessions,
without television, stereo, or technology gadgets.
We have Internet service because my wife requires it
for her medical profession.

We read books and have conversations in the garden:
playing with iToys and staring into screens is not
a part of our life.

Which is why people who arrive at this site
… want nothing to do with it.

It neither amuses nor entertains,
but challenges people to make a personal effort
to pause, think, and rise above the deification of “Me”.

which leaves me unable to understand
why those who do return,
have not the decency to leave a word of greeting.

The most important articles appearing are:

“A Blind Man, A Dog, and Modern Humanity”,
“The Farce of Animal Rescue, Parts 1 and 2”,
and, “Teaching: What is the Use”.

No comment has ever been received for any of them.

For six-and-a-half years now, the hand of friendship
has been extended to regular visitors of this site.

This is what remains of that effort.

P Livingstone

Thoughts to a Victim … of Modern Humanity

Thoughts to someone who was deeply hurt by the
degrading comments of vicious, Internet sadists …

The 21st Century …

A Perverted Mind
sees perversion in everything.

An old man stands looking at children in a playground.



Is that not the first thing that comes to the
polluted cesspool that now passes for human thought?

I … see an old man looking at children,
I imagine him to be wistfully reliving his own childhood;
reflecting upon the dreams and hopes
that never came to pass in his life;

I … wonder if maybe that old man
has a baby, or a child, that he and his wife
laid in a grave decades before.

It does not occur to me, at all, that the man
is a depraved monster.

If anything, the depraved monsters
are the collective bulk of 21st century humanity
(the “majority”)

who saturate the earth, harbouring ill-will
and hurling abuse at anyone
who is not as rude, crude, selfish,
swaggering and ignorant as themselves.

The malignant nature of such individuals
can be readily determined
by letting them speak, write (or type)
for 5 minutes.

“Self Esteem” is the conceited veneration
of … Me. And multitudes bow down
to no higher God than themselves,
and their own self-gratifying opinions.

Viciousness, Vulgarity, and Ignorance
will always come out in the communication.

Those who delight to degrade people that are
more sober-minded, thoughtful, or intelligent
than themselves, almost IMMEDIATELY
resort to calling people names.

When anyone calls another person “Idiot”,
“Conspiracy Theorist”, (or any of the
degraded obscenities by which the Vulgar and
the Vicious reveal themselves openly to the world),

anyone of maturity will recognise that
it is the one levelling the insult,
that is the Ignorant Fool.

Those who cannot debate maturely,
or upon considered intellectual skill,
invariably resort to the infantile practice
of bad-tempered children –

Name Calling.

It is the moral duty of every Conscientious
man and woman, to stand against evil and error:
but the few who actually do so,
conduct themselves with maturity and discretion.

The Ignorant vomit out threats and obscenities
to bolster their own conceited opinions.

A Mature Man or Woman is NOT Afraid
to let a philosophical or intellectual opponent
speak freely.

Because a Mature Man or Woman has the
… maturity … to hear conflicting thought,

and agree …
investigate further …
or reject accordingly.

More importantly, a mature person
has the humility and moral decency to consider that:

“I … may be wrong”.

The practice of Children – Literal or Emotional,
to dismiss people by calling them names,
is something that reflects upon the Emotional Infant
doing the name-calling:

and NOT the person receiving the abuse.

The Internet is absolutely SATURATED –

not only with

1. self-published examples posted by people
who have not the intelligence to realise
that they are demonstrating (to the entire world !!!)
just how vicious and crude they are;

but also with

2. multitudes who find nothing wrong,
and actually join them in saying:
“Look at how crude I am, too”

by allowing other people’s depraved comments
to remain on their own ‘blog’
or YouTube page.

When I was growing up (and Common Sense
still existed in the world), adults (the name
used to mean those whose minds had developed)
were responsible enough to recognise
the use of obscenities as being the domain of
the Crude, the Rude, and the Ignorant.

Sadly, Crude, Rude, and Ignorant are universal
Characteristics of what now passes for “humanity”.

Crude, Rude, and Ignorant are considered to be
“normal” human communication.

The Internet is More Than Sufficient
to demonstrate the open depravity of collective humanity,
who have not the moral conscience
to blush with shame
at what comes out of their mouths

(and worse – keyboards upon which,
they take the time to actually tap out profane filth.)

Having been abused by the Ignorant or Obscene
pronouncements of the vulgar and vicious masses,
simply –

Consider The Source.

Every person on the Internet who uses obscene
language and profanity
in the course of what they regard as ‘conversation’,

openly reveals the level of their OWN moral character,
their lack of self control,
their low standard of intelligence, and
their utter absence of moral conscience
towards those who hear or read their filthy language.

IF such vitriolic creatures ridicule
and degrade You …

they are declaring that You Are
at the Opposite End of the Human Spectrum
from Themselves.

And that, to me …is the greatest Compliment

that any foul-mouthed,
opposition-censoring emotional infant

could bestow.

Mature Men and Women will not resort to
conducting themselves like Bad-Tempered Children.

And if that is all the 21st century
now has to offer then,

hug your dog, stroke your cat,
or speak gently to your goldfish …

… and let the vicious hordes of modern humanity
wallow in their own rage:
You have better things to do
than trouble yourself with the likes of them.

An empty vessel makes the most noise.
A drum makes a sound because it is hollow inside.

So are those who are loud, and constantly prattling
on about themselves and their imagined

Filthy language merely advertises
the Unprincipled Savage inside.

Countless multitudes are violently proud
of their Ignorance:

“You think you’re better than me?”
is the usual scream of outrage.

‘I know I am’ … will be your silent response.

Show me your friends,
and I will tell you what you are.

Seek the company of those who are quiet,
peaceful, and conduct themselves
with civility and courtesy.

As for the Vicious Hordes …

just walk away.

P Livingstone

A Study in Scarlet … Dispelling Ignorance: Mormons, Massacre, and the Modern Mind

It has been distressing to see the now-all-too
typically-characteristic derision borne of Ignorance,
in those who express their distaste for Doyle’s
first adventure with Mr Sherlock Holmes:

Their “complaint” ?

… the Inexplicable “Wild West Story”
that comprises roughly the second half of the novel.

As a boy reading Holmes, whenever we,
as schoolchildren, encountered an unfamiliar word

or did not know to what some historical reference referred,
we … laid aside the book we were reading
and opened up the household OXFORD Dictionary,
or went to the local library.

We Made the Effort to Learn.

It was NEVER a hardship, for us in the 1960’s, to
educate ourselves – raise ourselves to a higher standard
than that which we had just ten minutes earlier.

Today – with precious rare exception,
anything that requires minimal personal effort
and the humility to learn,
is immediately dismissed as ‘too difficult’.

The refusal to pause … and discern between
Vacuous Opinion – (which should be kept private
… to conceal one’s foolishness);

and Apathetic or Intentional Error – (which should be
exposed and withstood … to defend honourable folk
from malignant bullies),

has all but vanished from the world that deifies “Me”
and is insulted that anyone should care enough to
make the effort to correct their error.

I was often asked by students, as a schoolteacher
in Italy, if I could recommend the best thing
for my Italian students to read in order to become
proficient in proper, grammatical English.

Without hesitation, my reply was always …

“find an unabridged, un-modernised, unedited copy of
“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”.

“There”, I would point out, “you will see how English
was – and should be – spoken and written;
spelled and punctuated.”

Familiarise yourself with Holmes’ English
of a century ago,
and you will immediately be able to detect
the difference between properly spoken English,
and the barely-literate grunting of the
21st century.

Conan Doyle’s 1887 introduction of Holmes
was the very same introduction that I read
to Italian schoolchildren 120 years later.

And I cannot recall there ever being any difficulty
for 14-year old Italian students,
in understanding the Victorian narrative.

What woeful tragedy then, in modern-day minds
who claim English to be their ‘native tongue’,

but require their books, ‘bibles’, and ‘English’
to be dumbed down, modernised, or edited.


It is in this 1887 novel, A Study in Scarlet,
that Edinburgh native and physician,
Arthur Conan Doyle recounted the meeting of
Holmes and Watson,

and provided the reader with a glimpse
into the background of both literary figures.

Having changed his character’s name
from “Sherrinford” to “Sherlock”;

and replacing “Ormond Sacker”
with “John Watson”,

Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes
to the world at large in the one shilling edition
of Beeton’s Christmas Annual.

Written within living memory of the 1857 Mountain
Meadows Massacre in America – wherein 120 men, women,
and children were butchered by Mormons in Utah –
Conan Doyle drew upon the outrage for this, his first novel –

“A Study in Scarlet”.

A summary of history will enable the reader today to
understand the outrage that existed at the time – and should
exist today – over the savagery of which men are capable,

when they place the proclamations of self-appointed,
pseudo-religious ‘leaders’ over and above the old Bible
– while pretending to the world that they have something
(however tenuous) to do with “Christianity”.

1. Some sadistic tyrant claims to follow the Bible.
2. Said tyrant rapes/brutalises/massacres peaceful people.
3. Mindless humanity therefore blame the Bible
which the perverted tyrant used as a cover for his depravity.

If infantile multitudes had the maturity to control themselves
at any mere mention of the word “Bible” – WITHOUT the
knee-jerk vomiting of obscenities as though they were
starring in the 1973 film, “The Exorcist”,

they might be able to exercise that once-commonplace adult
quality that used to be known as “discernment”.

If people had the maturity to control themselves at any
mere mention of the word “Bible”, without the knee-jerk
vomiting of obscenities as though they were starring
in the 1973 film, “The Exorcist”, they might be able to
exercise what used to be called “discernment” …

It might also help them to understand why Conan Doyle
evidently felt compelled to centre his first novel
around an incident involving what was touted as some
supposedly Christian-esque sect in America.

It seems wholly unknown in the 21st century that a (genuine)
Christian is one whose life – conduct and conversation – at all times,
is characterised by the doctrine and example of Christ … and NOT
the “special revelation” proclamations of
Popes, Pastors, Faith-“healers”, or Evangelical Showmen.

The mature will have the intelligence to discriminate
the true from the false; and realise that those who are
… truly … godly people WILL conduct themselves
in accordance with the old Bible –

which makes no allowance for mass murder,
emotional hysteria, or fleecing the gullible.

What outraged the consciences of Victorian society
had nothing to do with any biblical account of
an Old Testament war against sadistic nations

who held parties where they placed their babies
on to the red-hot ‘arms’ of bronze statues of Molech,
and then beat drums and danced while the tiny babes
died screaming in agony …

… this massacre involved the butchery of peaceful settlers
in America – women and children included.

THAT is why the “Wild West” story appears.

In appalling perversion of biblical writ, it was maintained
by Joseph Smith

– whose claim to angelic visitation and Extra-Biblical
revelations (a feature of EVERY sect, cult, and Charlatan)
became Mormonism, in April of 1830 –

that the blood of Christ was insufficient to atone for
some sins … and that the only way for redemption
was for “sinners” to have their Own blood spilled.

This blasphemy against the Christ (kindly note:)
of the Bible, permitted murder on any “sinner”
over the age of eight.

For Smith’s successor Young, to murder certain people
… was to “love” them enough to shed their blood.

Such was the Mormon notion of “Blood Atonement”.

And at Mountain Meadows, Utah … that principle
was certainly carried out – children and all.

A Utah settler from Denmark, named Anderson
– for the sin of adultery – was held over an open grave,
whereupon his throat was sliced open from ear to ear.

They held him poised over the grave as the blood drained
into it; dressed his corpse in fresh clothing,
and dropped him into the grave.

This was the mentality immediately before
the massacre at Mountain Meadow.


A party of settlers going under the name of
“The Fancher Party” was attacked by a band of Mormons
and “Indians” (which, many strongly suspected)
might not have been ‘Indians’.

Successfully holding the attackers at bay,
the company noticed one of their potential killers
approaching under a White Flag.

Accepting the White Flag of peace, the Fancher Party
let down their defences, spoke with the representative,
and agreed to the Mormon proposal of safe passage
out of the area.

Having surrendered their weapons, the emigrants
began to trek in the direction that their Mormon
escorts led them.

The men – at the front of the convoy – were
butchered first.

The women … and children judged to be over
the age of 7 years … were slaughtered next.

Younger children, presumably, became “Mormons”
whether they wanted to or not.

In the wake of this historical atrocity, a man named
Lee was the only one of the Mormon killers to be executed
(by firing squad under the command of a certain Marshal Nelson)
for his blind allegiance to Brigham Young, Governor
of the Utah Territory.

Lee’s final words before execution included:

“I do not believe everything that is now being taught
and practiced by Brigham Young. I do not care
who hears it. It is my last word – it is so.

I believe he is leading the people astray, downward
to destruction … I studied to make this man’s will
my pleasure for thirty years.
See, now, what I have come to this day!”

It is firmly asserted – by its present adherents, that
modern Mormonism no longer practices
“Blood Atonement”

… yet, IF the mind-set has indeed been removed,

it is puzzling to note that Mormons have repeatedly
pushed blame elsewhere; and tried to bring about
the wholesale banning of Conan Doyle’s
“Study in Scarlet”.

I am a British Citizen.

And I understand that Great Britain became “Great”
in the 18th century … because it butchered people
who could not fight back … made slaves of multitudes
… and terrorized, invaded, and occupied the lands of
those who did not acquiesce –

much as another nation took over the reins
a century later, and now boasts freely and loudly
of its “greatness” and “might”.

Yet I – as a British man – do not seek to ban
the truth of British tyranny in the 17- and 1800’s.

I had nothing to do with it …

despise those who did …

and believe that political corruption and murder
should be open to historical criticism and loathing.

And that the citizens – of any country – should be capable
of summoning enough integrity and maturity
to stop living in a fantasy world of ego, apathy,
and the fanatical pagan religion of nationalism.

It strikes me as strange then, that certain Mormons
in the American state of Virginia, should seek to ban
“A Study in Scarlet” as being “anti Mormon”
[ The Guardian, 16 August 2011 ] …

… rather than acknowledge the incident
upon which it was based,
and have the maturity and integrity to reassure
the world that nothing like it could ever happen again
at their hands.

Conscience, in the most of humanity,
has observably been a thing of the past
for the last thirty years.

The massacre at Mountain Meadows
most definitely did occur:

Conan Doyle based this novel upon it,
and I forward the title now
for your consideration.

P Livingstone

Ænglisc … An Introduction to Old English ( “Anglo Saxon” )

Why is it that those who cannot spell basic words,
are the first to publicly display their Viciousness,
Foolishness, or Immaturity for the world to see ?

Multitudes Who Should
Blush with Shame,

are instead,

the ones who Curse with Rage.

“Grammar Nazi” …

I doubt very much if there has EVER been a time
in human history, where human beings have been –
not merely so crude, vulgar, and wilfully ignorant,

so viciously PROUD of the fact,

and vehemently determined
to remain that way.

Yes, certainly, you may have had some young man
in the Middle- or “Dark Ages”,
who never learned to read or write at all …

but NOW there exists several generations
who must have been taught the basics

(although, one may wonder precisely what it is that
‘English Teachers’ have been teaching under the
guise of “English” for the past 35 years),

yet have no interest to retain it for any dignified use.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum,
Si þin nama gehalgod. to becume þin rice,
gewurþe ðin willa,
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum

WHY LEARN Anything … ?

Those who do not have the Self Discipline
and Humility to Learn,

do not have the Self Discipline
and Humility to control
what comes out of their mouth (or keyboard).

Learning purely out of personal interest,
requires a spirit of humility that implies
a peaceful mind and lack of conceit.

Those who refuse to correct their own error
openly display the extent of their Vanity.

History, to the humble, IS exciting because
it is a pursuit of collecting the Wisdom,
Skill, Mistakes from which to learn,
and Experience … of those who came before.

Learning for the pure love of it,
removes the mind from the adoration of Self.


IF for no other reason –
to form the habit of Thinking
before Speaking or Writing.

When people speak or write, they either
destroy or raise up.

There IS NO Neutrality in language:

Complacency, Apathy, and Excuses, serve no
other purpose than to Destroy –
because they refuse to stand against the
degeneration in which the modern world
now wallows with pride.

The greatest device ever invented
to turn the human brain to mush …

Ten minutes on the Internet is revealing enough:

“She could of seen it if she tried.”

“Of” … ???

“This is what they should of saw:”

“… should … of … saw”

Disgusting is too noble a word for it.

“I’m going to lay down.” …

“LAY” is PAST tense.
“Lie” is what you are going to do.
“Lying down” is what you Are doing.

And then of course, there is
“there” … “their” or –
“your” and “you’re” .

Minds that are too lazy … to think.



A person who is Illiterate has never been taught.
One does NOT blame such a person at all.

But a person who is … aliterate … has the means
TO learn, but could not care less to do so.

I could read,
I could spell,
I could speak intelligently … But I don’t want to.

I do not possess the self discipline.
I do not possess the respect for those I am
communicating with, to even communicate properly.
I do not have the Integrity to do things properly.

I am Lazy.
I am Apathetic.
I am a self-obsessed Narcissist who cares only
about Me – let other people decipher
what I am saying …

I WILL NOT raise myself to a level
of personal responsibility to even speak or spell
basic words properly;

I WILL NOT ‘put myself out’ enough
to prove that I can be Trusted as a
Reliable Source of ANY Information,

I CERTAINLY DO NOT possess the Humility
to be thankful to anyone who corrects my error.

But I WILL use my limited capacity to spew
Obscenities at anyone who DARES to “Insult Me”,
by correcting my wilful Ignorance.

THAT is the Standard of the 21st century:

Be Better Than That.

That Multitudes publicly display such arrogance,
does Not mean that you have to join with them.


The MENTAL EFFORT to learn the Old,
will invariably make your MIND sharper,
and more PROFICIENT.

Someone who is interested enough to learn OLD English,
will probably develop that same self-discipline
to learn Proper English

Rather than representing Apathy
to the deteriorating hordes around you,

you will become a BENEFICIAL example
to human beings
that seem hell-bent on degrading themselves
at every possible opportunity.

Look at the letters used here –


you already know what the word sounds like,
despite the spelling. And now you have an idea
of how the language ‘sounds’.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum,
Si þin nama gehalgod. to becume þin rice,
gewurþe ðin willa,
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum

Do you know what it is ?

Look carefully:
key words are discernible …

“Fæder” – Father
“heofonum” – heaven
“nama” – name
“becume” – to come to pass
“ðin willa” – thine will
“eorðan” – earth
“heofonum” – heaven

By picking out what is evident – once
your mind is paying attention to the topic !!!
– you have already understood
half of what is in front of you.

And you have not even had a lesson.

“on eorðan swa (on earth so)
swa on heofonum (as on heaven)”.

When you begin to recognise WORDS from
a thousand years ago – along with the FACTS
and the HISTORY that your mind will acquire –

English becomes a fascinating subject
whose depths the modern multitudes
cannot even begin to fathom.

Join me in Lesson 1 to have a look
at the Anglo Saxon alphabet …

P Livingstone

vita e lavoro in Venezia …


The first day of work

The view from my colleague Luisa’s balcony at … Via Monte Cengio, 30171 Mestre

I stopped to stare, mesmerised by this statue, every time I walked past it.

In early springtime, the streets would sometimes flood. I always recall my heart going out to one young woman who waded in nylons – shoes in hand, skirt hiked up as far as modesty would permit – through the thigh-deep water.

The enjoyment of going to LaToletta bookshop:
getting there was a nightmare after about 10:00am.
One made an effort to learn the short-cuts
that would allow us to by-pass the outrageous throngs of tourists …

Carnivale was madness for its crowds …

Orso Grande … he came to live with me.  He still does.


LeBarche: Feltrinelli’s wonderful bookshop was on the entire upper floor.

On our days off, Luisa would take me to see historical places.
I took this photograph of her on one of our days out …

Heading home …

My street

The safest way to travel the on the roads.

The view from my classroom …

Apparently, due to the disgracefully litigious state of the world, I am not allowed to show any photograph which features a student’s face. This the only one I can present here.

The end of the day …

A life that is used to gratify Self,
is a life that has been wasted.

It may be that there will have been someone who will have enjoyed seeing these few photographs, and sharing my memories of working and living amidst a wonderful group of people. Comments – for those who can manage congeniality, would be appreciated.  – PL