Teaching: What is the Use – Part 1 … Those in Charge

I had been walking along the concrete path
that ran next to the wall of the supermarket,
when I could not help but notice
the approach of a little girl
being dragged along at a brisk pace
by (what presumably was) her mother.

As she was hauled nearer,
the little girl looked me full in the eyes, smiled
and said, “Hi!” – her little hand waving up at me.

I did not even have time to smile down at her,
let alone respond similarly …
and looked over my shoulder to see her
craning her head to look back towards me.

I managed a wave before the little tyke
was hauled behind a motor car,
which then obscured her from my sight.

I found that I had to stop as the experience
had filled me with a tremendous amount
of sadness.

A little child with an evidently affectionate nature,
being dragged along by ‘mummy’
who was ‘far too busy’ prattling into a mobile telephone,
to let her child walk at a child’s speed and ability –

much less pause and let her little girl say hello
to a grey-haired man who was walking past.

I have often thought – with deep sorrow,
of the various sights that have crossed my eyes,
of what now passes for modern ‘parenting’ …

of the children I have seen
who appear to take ‘second place’ to gadgets;
or who are strapped into automobile child seats
to, subsequently, have an (apparently)
built-in video screen switched on –

as though the brains of the average child
are not liquidised enough between TV screens
and computer screens –
adults now stuff them in front of another screen
when out for a drive.

I have encountered school-teachers who,
like myself, had quit … because they have
a moral conscience – because they:

refused to teach promiscuous sex;

were ordered not to fail any student
in case they damage some rebellious brat’s

were told to ‘pass’ students who could neither
spell nor speak grammatically; or,

were obliged to read little children books
whose sole purpose is to ingrain the concept
that little Sarah has two daddies.

If a conscientious child can read, write,
and calculate mathematics,
he or she will be able to … think –
and discern objectively.

Unless of course, the exact opposite is desired:
in which case, an entire race of ‘humanity’
can be manufactured that will be incapable
of moral objectivity or original thought.

It was Wells, I believe, who wrote something
along the lines of a future world inhabited by
two species of human life:

1. Fragile Hedonists and,
2. Slavering, disposable Savages who labour.

Exercise the mind when young, and it WILL function
whenever the child – once an adult,
needs to make life-changing decisions.

But children have not had their minds exercised now,
for the better part of – ( what ? ) – thirty years ?

Machines now tell children what to think, what to believe,
and how they should respond to any given situation.

Reading … ? Not in the age of video and comic books,
when popular text centres upon witches, werewolves, and vampires.

Mathematics … ? I have long ceased to even attempt
to hand a cashier coins at the supermarket:
they are ( it seems ) utterly incapable of ‘making change’.

Writing … ?


Ahhh yes, Writing.

Cursive writing – the one distinguishing characteristic
that remained to separate human beings from machines –

is now being eliminated from public schools.

Along with that last vestige of human, creative touch,
goes the exercise and development of fine motor skills,
creative development,
and distinguishing personal uniqueness.

In short, the brain will no longer be exercised:

will no longer slow down long enough
to create a sentence;
disgorging instead, a sort of type-set grunting,
punctuated by filthy expletives.

With its last remaining opportunity for mental exercise
and development now eradicated, the human mind
now becomes a mere intermediary – an input device –
for communication into a machine.

I will never forget Mr Chiswell telling us boys in 1974:

“If you ever want to be a ‘real man’ … don’t you EVER
leave a woman waiting for your telephone call.
Make sure that you honour your commitments;
and keep your promises.”

Mr Chiswell set aside an hour
on Wednesday afternoons to teach us morality:

Let a teacher attempt that today
and he or she will be out of a job.

I know.
I have met them.
I am one of them.

Woe betide any adult in the 21st century
who acts like, or reveals themselves to be,
a compassionate, conscientious,
moral adult.

I recall, in 2001, working for three hours in the afternoon,
at an ‘after school club’ in Midlothian.
We had taken the children, aged 4 to 10, for a trip to
‘The Bouncy Castle’ in Edinburgh.

On leaving, in a large, open area consisting of benches
where all shoes were to be left, one little girl had overbalanced
whilst putting on her shoe –

she fell backwards, and her head hit the cement floor
with a truly sickening thump.

She was trying to scream and cry:
but was doing so with such force,
that no sound came out.

I scooped the little girl up in my arms,
held her to my chest
and cradled the back of her head – feeling, with apprehension,
for any sticky wetness of blood.

I quick-marched the distance of the big warehouse complex,
through the hordes of mothers and children,
towards the doors where Eleanor – the woman in charge,
was waving for the school bus.

On turning, to look, she noticed me,

– And began screaming hysterically.

NOT for the obviously injured little girl –
but screaming, over and over again:

“Put her Down ! Put her Down !!!”

Running over, she grabbed the little girl from my arms,
and plunked her down on the floor,
where she told the crying child
to wait in the queue to board the bus.

Even my angry description of the force
and sound of that little girl’s head hitting the cement floor
was not enough to stir even a pretence of compassion
from the woman.

You see, I learned – for the first time – that,
in the 21st century,

to pick up and comfort an injured child

is now termed … Sexual Molestation.

Which must make me … it follows …

a sexual predator.

It was with great difficulty that I did not
– upon our return to the after-school building –
tell Eleanor what she could do with her job.

A few weeks later, I had a group of children
in the gymnasium – standing as their ‘safety’
while they bounced on the springboard,
and into a pile of foam mats.

Three boys came in with a football
and began kicking it around the gym.
I yelled at them to take it outside.

One of them drew back and gave the ball a wallop …

… sending it straight into the face
of the little girl who was waiting to use the springboard.

The impact actually threw her back with such force
that her feet whipped up before she hit the ground.

I grabbed the offending creature under his armpit
and marched him out the fire door
before staunching the blood from the little girl’s nose
and carrying –

( yes, that’s right, I picked her up as well )

– her to the sink in the first aid room.

Again, I was taken to task for this Crime Against Society.

No – not the ‘tenderness-and-consoling-
-embrace-equals-paedophilia’ crime …

… but for my lack of tenderness
towards the arrogant upstart who refused
to do as he was told and injured a little girl
who was standing quietly nearby.

All was quickly made clear as Eleanor hissed
in barely-controlled Terror:

“His father is a major contributor to this school.”

I was ordered to apologise to the vicious miscreant.

Needless to say, under No threat of Any description,
was I going to apologise to a disobedient, unrepentant,
11-year old brat …

Which, of course, made that

my last day of work.

Never mind rebellion, wilful violence, arrogance,
disobedience, bullying, foul language, disruption to class …

… or Reading, Writing, or Arithmetic –

A teacher’s ULTIMATE concern now,
is to ensure that he does not damage
little Johnny’s Self Esteem.

You See … in the 21st century,

Dick and Jane MUST
be filled with self confidence

so that they can go out into the real world,

and tell their elders to “F**k Off”.

[ End of Part 1 ]

P Livingstone

Teaching: What is the Use – Part 2 … A Different Human Race

The DESIRE to learn …
the HUMILITY to learn …
the APPRECIATION for being taught …
are qualities that are now long gone.

Everything now, it seems, is directed towards:
“How will this make me money?”

It is said that people get the society
that they deserve.

Indeed, one is obliged to sadly concur.

I write my Copperplate script using a pen and paper:
it is what distinguishes me … from a machine.

And I will not surrender these things
to the contemporary nothingness … hedonistic apathy
… and obscene laziness
of the modern world.

To a young person, I would plead:

Write properly.
Never lose the skill.

And teach it, one day, to your children.

Conscientious youths seem few and far between
– a mere remnant, really, amidst a multitude
of teenagers whose unbridled arrogance
now impertinently imagines that their personal ‘opinion’

is every bit as valid
as that of someone who possesses actual skill,
maturity, and life experience.

I cannot but be filled with a deep feeling of sadness,
now, whenever I see a little child.

Like the little girl being led by the hand of a tattoo-covered
creature, screaming across a parking lot at his … ‘woman’
to … “f**king hurry up!”

It makes me incredibly sad to think of what
the future will hold for a little boy or girl,
when the ‘parents’ are devoid of anything
resembling the adult characteristics
that were commonplace in the 1960’s.

The postman, the milkman, the ‘lollipop man’,
ALWAYS had a friendly smile;
and you felt safe, when there were people around.

I remember one obnoxious thug –
( once, as we were all walking home from school )
– telling a girl to … ‘go to hell’,

and ‘old’ ( she must have been at least 40! )
Mrs Johnson reaching over her garden gate
to grab the top of his ear,
and tell the malignant upstart to never
use language like that again,
anywhere near her house.

She never released her grip on the wretch
until he apologised – to her, and to the girl.

We learned common sense, manners,
self-control, and ‘right from wrong’ …

FROM THE EXAMPLE of the adults around us.

And so did any bullies,
who would have preyed upon the weak or the timid.

What a removal from the spectacle of many parents
( “My kid would never do that!” ) today.

If WE did anything wrong,
we hoped and prayed that our parents
would never find out.

But then – along with those with whom I grew up
– we simply would have been restrained by conscience
and the fear of disgracing our parents.

It was what was expected of us.

We didn’t have opinions.
And we didn’t talk back.

We were children and had no life experience.
And we knew it.

We didn’t glibly lie …
for the simple reason that lying was wrong.

And everyone else’s mum … was our mum too.
All along the 20-minute walk to school,
could be heard shouts of:

“You, boy! Stop dragging that school bag!”
“Tuck in your shirt!”
“Run along or you’ll be late for the bell.”

It felt GOOD to have rules.
And to be expected to live up to them.

There was None of this modern, self-esteem arrogance.
Respect was EARNED.

You respected your parents, and teachers;
you PROVED that you were responsible,
dependable, and that you deserved
to be trusted and shown some degree of respect.

And when you DID live up to those rules
… boy! did that feel good.

Of course, given the all-too-evident, modern reality
of people who cannot even spell:
their minds incapacitated by technology;

morals eradicated by televised debauchery
and moral sewage of Hollywood;
and manners obliterated by the eradication
of discernment and common decency,

I am not so sure, now,
that recalling the joys of those by-gone days
is such a good thing …

because the next time I venture
past the garden gate,
the grim reality of the 21st century
will be all-too readily apparent.

By the end of the 1970′s, public school education
in North America had discarded the classical academic
foundations of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
( all of which actually taught the brain to work );

and substituted, instead, a system of
Pavlovian Conditioning in which
subsequent generations of pupils were taught
“critical thinking”

– innovations supplemented by classroom tuition
in “Sex Education”, “Drug Education”, Birth Control,
Alternate Lifestyle Awareness, and Political Correctness.

As reading, writing, grammar,
and the ability to think was abolished,

a centralized effort was obviously being made
to reshape the will;
to re-define morality, and to
eliminate objective values of right and wrong.

“Tolerance” quickly replaced discernment
as moral absolutes were discarded
and human beings were now taught to
“keep an open mind” … and that,
“we must never judge”.

Subservience and Compliance
became the main goals of education.

Eradicate the ability to think: memorise
and repeat everything that is taught.

The 21st century bears witness
that it has been a very observable, and phenomenal,

Not only are barely literate young people
being turned out of schools scarcely able to read,
spell, or carry on an intelligent conversation –

but they will now ‘graduate’ being unable even
to physically write.

Unless physically connected to a machine,
human “communication”
will be of the most limited capacity possible.

“Ordinary men and women will be expected
to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless
and contented.

Of these qualities, probably Contentment
will be considered the most important.”

[ Bertrand Russell, Education in a Scientific Society ]

Contented, of course, with liquor, hedonism, iToys and TV.

I have spent my life espousing certain standards
– of morality, self-discipline; of courtesy,
consideration, and conscience:

doing my best to encourage young people
– and their parents – to apply themselves;
raise themselves to a higher standard than
the lowest common denominator of mediocrity
which prevails today.

Sad to say that – given what comes out of the mouths
of “adults” today,

it has clearly been an utterly wasted effort.

P Livingstone

Destruction of the English Language – Part 1 … Manufactured by Television

With utter contempt for the “hard work” of
reading any book that is grammatically higher
than a children’s primary-school reader,

the degradation of modern humanity
continues as multitudes
enthusiastically putrefy into vulgar oblivion,
while rejoicing in the laziness
of technological “advancement” …

It was the delay of my wife’s flight that found me sitting
alone in the small local airport “Arrivals” area,
ten feet away from the first television set
that I had seen in five years …

The Destruction of the English Language

Dispensing with Discernment

When I was a boy, I loved to learn.

As a teenager, I took every opportunity
to improve my knowledge by listening to,
observing, and talking with mature adults
who knew interesting things that I did not.

Sadly, it has become very apparent
that my particular method of learning –
shutting my mouth, and opening my eyes
and ears instead – is one that seems
to possess not a great deal of popularity
in the world today.

The advent of the home computer –

with its ready supply of photographs, video;
‘sound-byte’ articles; and personal opinion
from all and sundry on ‘chat’ sites

– has encouraged multitudes raised WITHOUT
the mental discipline instilled by books
and diligent reading,

to regard themselves as The Instant Expert
on whatever topic takes their fancy.

The knowledge, wisdom ( which is the ability
to apply knowledge ), and life-long skill
of experienced people … no longer matters.

In the 21st century, ‘My Opinion’
( that is, whatever appeals to – Me )
has become the only standard of … “truth”.

People will believe any and every
fear-mongering absurdity,
hand-wringing hypochondria, revisionist history,
and newly-manufactured ‘science’ …

if they see and hear it on the television set;
or glimpse a stand-alone photograph
alongside a specially crafted newspaper write-up.

Human machines that cannot think without
“looking it up” on the Internet;
impoverished modern minds that would be rich
in practical wisdom, if they had but the humility
to pick up the crumbs that fell from the table
of those who came before them.

A personal thought to all 21st century,
Instant Internet Experts … teenagers …
college-boys … and beer-swilling ne’er-do-wells:

“Criticism is good:
it keeps a mature man or woman ‘sharp’:
PROVIDED, of course,
that the one doing the criticizing
is QUALIFIED by sober-minded MATURITY,


In the 21st century, EVEN actual facts
no longer seem to matter.

Consider history, for instance …

Now … no one EVER actually believed
that the earth was flat.

That is a fallacy that has been taught
to almost every public school child
for the past hundred and twenty years.

The notion is the absurd invention
of American author Washington Irving
in his fictional account of ‘hero’
Christopher Columbus
and his imagined stand against the
oppressive ignorance of popery.

( Then again, an invention not too “absurd”,
apparently – for, after all, multitudes in the “advanced”
21st century believe Irving’s assertion to be a fact. )

The curvature of the earth was (almost) apparent
to men who specifically ascended mountains
in order to get a better view of approaching ships
or invaders:

with altitude, they could always see over and beyond
what had appeared – lower down – to be the horizon.

You may despise the old Bible – yet you cannot argue
that its Old Testament was written several thousand
years ago; and even that Bible speaks of
“the circle of the earth”,
[ Hebrew ‘chuwg’ or, ‘sphere’, Isaiah 40:22. ]

A book that is infuriating to those
who refuse to consider that there
could be any higher god than themselves –
particularly when that annoying old Bible
also notes that the spherical earth … sits in space:
“he … hangeth the earth upon nothing.”

Now, arrogant, smirking, 21st century mankind
may well try to present the ‘unsophisticated’ people
of the ancient world –

( you know – those ‘backward’ civilisations who could
place monstrous cubes of stone so precisely,
that a piece of paper cannot be inserted between them ) –

but they do it through outright lying,
and out-of-context misrepresentation.

A “flat earth” was certainly no deterrent to maritime trade,
which was a routine occupation long before Columbus.

In my wife’s Scottish home town of Roslin, in Midlothian,
portions of the mid-15th century Rosslyn Chapel
( ten minutes’ walk away from where her parents still live ),

are decorated with stone carvings of … corn … a crop
peculiar to North America … yet which is situated
in plain view: carved a good fifty years
before Columbus “discovered” America.

No … there was no 15th century sailor
– nor even the 11th century Vikings
who regularly made the transatlantic voyage to Iceland,
Greenland, and North America – who Ever imagined
that they were going to sail off the end of a flat world.

Utter nonsense.

And yet this notion is believed as a ‘fact of history”
by multitudes. And few there are who will believe otherwise.


The Cuckoo is a bird that never builds its own nest.

It gains its success by brutality and occupation.
It is a thug, a thief, and a bully of the worst kind.

It enters the nests of other birds, destroys what belongs
to them; steals the labour and workmanship of others,
and claims the results for itself.

It Invades … Occupies … and Steals what others own;
what others have created … and passes it off as its own.

The degradation of the English language
has always been something that I have always found
to be particularly appalling.

And it can certainly serve as an able illustration that,
whatever appeals to laziness … sells.

Noah Webster wakes up one morning;
decides he hates the British; and declares
that he is going to invent … an American language.

Of course, he doesn’t invent anything,

He Steals.
He plagiarises English – dispenses with objective rules of grammar;
alters spelling according to his own taste;
and passes the resulting abomination off as
… “American English”.

With regard to SPELLING:

England was conquered, in 1066, by the Normans:

The French – not the Italians.

English spelling is after the French – Not the Italian.

“Colour” … not ‘color’.

The premise of Webster’s perversion is: Laziness
save yourself the ‘trouble’ of learning grammar …
nothing to learn; nothing to remember … just ‘spell’ it as it sounds.

Now, even those who embrace Webster’s innovation can,
I am certain, distinguish between painting vertical lines (stripes)
on a wall – “striping” … (single consonant, ‘long’ vowel: “str – I – ping”) …

and the task of removing wallpaper – “stripping”,
(double consonant, short vowel … “str – ih – pping”.)

Yet, interestingly, they see nothing questionable in “traveling” –
(single consonant, ‘long’ vowel … “trav – EE – ling”), which,
in the English Language, is rendered “travelling”,
(double consonant, short ‘e’ … “trav – eh- lling”.)

And even in America, “Map” becomes “Mapping”.
Not ‘Maping’.

Ludicrous. And all in the pursuit of laziness.


Moving from the beginning of the 19th century,
to the end of the twentieth century allows one to see
the results of throwing away objective standards
of right and wrong – and doing things … “by feel”.

I say “by feel” because, of course,
for the last twenty years or more, people
no longer … think.

They “feel”.

“Well, I just feel like it should be that …”

“And with all this “feeling” going on, it has – apparently –
also become essential ( in modern communication )
to interject the word “like” after every sixth word;

and begin the answer to any question,
by saying “So …”

“Have you lived here long?”
“So, I have lived here since 2009.”

“And, what have we here?”
“So, this is the main entrance to the building …”

And, of course, modern intelligence would not be so readily an oxymoron
were it not for the necessity of including that filthy f-obscenity
at every possible opportunity – most notably,
after the word “the”.

Modern communication. Let me hear you speak,
and I’ll tell you what you are.

As was the case of two modern misses in the queue
in front of my wife and me, at a certain local Coffee House …

“So, like, I said to him, like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’,
cause, like, I’m not going anywhere with him!
Like, I mean, come on, really!
Like, what am I, like, Oh my G**, what a f***ing loser! …”


Mother must be very proud.

I certainly know the look the little Madam gave me
when I indicated my wife, and a little girl,
and asked her to watch her language.

No shame.

Not the SLIGHTEST concept of common decency in public,
much less ‘effing’ and blinding in front of other people –
including the little girl standing with their mother,
right in front of them.

What a public testament to her … “parents”.

Modern society?

Modern Society ???

There is more refinement in an animal.

[ Continued in Part 2: Machine Legalese ]

P Livingstone

Destruction of the English Language … Part 2 – Human Machines

“Machine” Legalese


Unwilling to read, although able to do so.
‘this generation is not illiterate but aliterate’

[ Oxford English Dictionary ]

It also seems that people no longer read books …
no longer “have the time” to read.

Mothers used to raise families – incredibly,
there was a time when that
was the most honourable career on earth;

the whole family ate dinner together;

and fathers made the time to read to their children at bedtime,
play with them, and instil moral values,
a sense of personal accountability,
and even … respect for others.

Children were taught the basic good manners
of addressing adults as “Miss”, “Mr”, or “Mrs” –

and young people did not roam the street at night
like packs of wild dogs.

Even television stations were endued with enough morality
to broadcast a nightly message:

“It’s ten o’clock, do you know where your children are?”

But then, those were the days BEFORE
society threw off every last pretence of moral decency.

Funnily enough, in the days of one-car families
and conventional ovens – – – there was always … ‘time’.

In the 21st century, the more luxuries, toys, and gadgets
people have at their disposal, the less … time …
they claim to have.

Apparently, all that “time” is needed to run around
frenetically gabbling nonsense and spewing profanity;
plug oneself into some iMachine or mobile telephone;
or spend hours hypnotically transfixed in front of the television.

As technology has turned the human brain to mush,
with an attention span measured in seconds –

multitudes no longer read or write,
and have thrown away the art of intelligent conversation.

With every luxury at their convenience,
one cannot but wonder:

What precisely it is that people now do
with their … ‘time’ ?


From perusing the flight arrivals board,
I turned my head towards the wall-mounted television
in disbelief at the sound of the narrative
which was coming from something called a ‘newsmagazine’
programme – about police procedures
in locating missing people.

I would quickly realise just how far the world and I
have – irreconcilably – parted ways.

I actually grinned, (at first), at one embarrassingly
pretentious fellow – all shoulder-patches and a shiny metal badge –
who was obviously relishing his moment in front of the camera
– trying to impress his listeners with ‘big words’.

But the smile was wiped from my face –
and I had to offer a mental ‘apology’ to the man –
when I realised that THIS was the way that “official”
government employees, journalists,
and up-and-coming ‘media stars’ today actually speak.

“… and so, we’re going to utilize the volunteers in an effort to …”



It would seem that people no longer “use” things – they “utilize” them.

“.. in an effort to alert people, we’ve put up lots of signage.”



We used to say “signs”.

What – ( one cannot but wonder ) – is next?

Will dictionaries soon be filled with … “wordage”?

I have learned that those who value objective standards
and seek to pass on their skill to younger generations,
are now impudently termed “Grammar Nazi’s” …

by the new breed of humanity who are

too lazy to make the effort;

too arrogant to humble themselves enough to learn;
and whose arrogance makes them defiantly determined
to remain vulgar, ignorant, and stupid.

It is no longer enough to wallow in apathy and laziness,
but modern humanity must also actually DESPISE those
who would dare to strive to impart knowledge.

[ Let us return, though, to ‘education’ by television ]

“It was soon discovered that the man went and hung himself”.

In the English language … Objects are “hung”.

Evil, sadistic, predatory people ( when there used to be
a justice system, rather than a legal system ) are … “hanged”.

A house may be “burgled” … not “burglarized”.

There is now, evidently, a tragic enthusiasm for
“True Crime” programmes in which one may hear
bandied about the term … “Serial Killer”.

Those of us who acquire English from somewhere
other than a TV set, were taught the English language term:

“Multiple Murderer”.

“… the elderly man was found deceased.”

Apparently … something is now ‘wrong’
with the term … “dead”.

The whole world of TV, Hollywood, and Internet imitators,
apparently now speaks in courtroom ‘legal-ese’.

And then there are such disgraceful travesties,
as should not even merit refutation …

“We’re done here!” … and …

“Good to Go.”

One strongly suspects that this kind of grammatical atrocity
could only result from some Hollywood trend
in which steroid-assisted, foul-mouthed, ‘action heroes’
brandish guns and are prepared to set about
brutalising other people
for the “entertainment” of cinematic audiences:

“locked and loaded”, they are … “Good to Go!”.

And then, of course – “We’re done here.”

Absolutely disgraceful: North Americans reduced to
the absurdity of TV-speak
by mindlessly imitating, rather than thinking.

The Magic Wand, in folklore, was supposedly made
from the wood of the Holly: Plainly, that particular device
for magically entrancing and stupefying
the minds of people … is still in use.

Whatever may be its origins, the phrase
“You’re good to go!”
has evidently become the new
“Have a Nice Day.”

And there are those who actually believe
that minds are not affected by …

– that people do not mindlessly imitate –

what they see on that screen,
the altar of family worship in the average home.

What I learned through the medium
of that airport television set
let me realise that I am – truly – nearly extinct.

“The assailant was a 21 year old male who had recently
moved to the neighbourhood…”

I am confounded.

“Motorists are asked to be on the lookout
for a 42 year old female last seen …”

A 42 year old female?

And multitudes consider the 21st century
to be a technologically … “advanced” … civilisation ?

A 42 year old female.

A “42 year old female” … What?

Runaway horse?
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo?

Incredibly, those of us who were pupils
at Elmgrove Primary School in Belfast,
in the 1960’s, learned that sentences

actually needed to have … a subject.

It was something of which all of us
eight-year old boys and girls were well aware.

How times have changed.

“… a 42 year old female …”

“Male” and “Female” … are Adjectives.

“I have a male Jack Russell Terrier, his name is Ben.”

When referring to human beings, in English, we say …

“Man” and “Woman”

“Boy” or “Girl”.

It distinguished human beings from animals.

Or at least, that is what we – as British schoolchildren, were taught.

And – while I understand that it is an integral part
in the programme of social engineering
to develop a mindless, unthinking, subservient human race
and reverse every last vestige of normalcy
up to and including human gender –

one would Think that people could at least PAUSE
long enough to THINK – rather than immediately ape
whatever the TV and Cinema presents to them.

But then of course, in the 21st century, Humanity is finished:

Adult human beings, for pity’s sake, are no longer
even called “employees” … but are reduced
to being disposable possessions – now referred to as
“human … resources”.

Resources – a thing, a disposable commodity,
to be used up and replaced by more of the same.

Automated Machines

Amongst the latest innovative “improvements”
of the last few years,
cursive writing is being eliminated from schools;

and schoolteachers are no longer allowed
to fail students because it might “damage the self esteem”
of the lazy, the irresponsible, and the openly rebellious.

Youngsters spew filth and profanity from their mouths
as part of common conversation,
yet are unable to string six sentences together grammatically;

while “educators” ‘dumb down” what passes for ‘education’
to such an extent that now, the ability to write like an adult
is soon going to be a thing of the past.

And all people care about is ‘partying’, being entertained,
and coveting the next iProduct or upgrade
for the one that they have just bought.

All the while, roundly despising anyone
who might call for objective standards of professionalism,
common decency, moral accountability … and grammar.

That penchant of Noah Webster’s – to summarily dispense
with objective standards according to my own personal opinion,
has ( plainly ) not been confined just to English grammar –
but has become the very foundation for modern thought.

Maturity, life experience, and the application of wisdom,
mean nothing to most:

“That’s your opinion” has become
the commonplace response of the day.
After all, screams the modern mind:
“No One is going to tell ME what to do.”

The least suggestion of self-control or morality,
and they are stirred to fury.

Our old English teachers instilled an appreciation
for the objective standards of grammar, reading, and writing.

Reading good books, they maintained,
was the greatest pastime we could ever have.

Reading worked our minds; it made us visualise
the scenes and situations about which we were reading.
It obliged us to actually use our brains.

Reading was the nutrition that made us think;
whilst writing was the exercise that conditioned our brain.

I recall, with gratitude, the teachers
who gave us a glimpse into the wonderful things
that we could learn from reading books –
by people, and about people,
who knew more than we did.

Reading taught us humility: that … we …
were not the centre of the universe.
And now – forty five years later, looking around
at the filth and profanity that spews from mouths
(and keyboards) of modern “civilisation” …

the Luciferian pride, contempt for diligence,
and the lack of moral integrity …

I am so very, very grateful that they did.

To Miss Evaschesen … Thank You.

Your student in 1967 – 68,

P Livingstone

[ Postscript: How very sad to have learned
that Christine Evaschesen … died in 2010 ]

Thoughts to a Young Woman …

In this age where truth is despised,
and advocating common decency
is regarded as ‘hate speech’,
my heart breaks for little children today.

Most especially, I suppose, for girls who are
– very evidently – being taught
that it is somehow a shame, or weakness,
to want to behave or dress … like a Lady.

I remember a time when women
were not ashamed to be feminine;

nor felt the need to impersonate
crude, obnoxious, and vulgar men.

There is a reason why Irish writer Bram Stoker
gave Dracula the quality of having no reflection
in a mirror:

There are multitudes, in this world,
who are so evil – so narcissistic –
that they do not see anything wrong
when they are confronted with themselves
– their conduct and conversation –
in the Mirror of Conscience.

They see nothing.

Nothing at all.

They prey upon people …
in order to ‘feed’ their own ego.

They live in the darkness …
and fear the light of morality shining upon them.

They suck the life from people …
and move on to the next victim.

PROFANITY: Revealing Your Depravity to the World

Multitudes use the “power” of the Internet,
who have no business being On the Internet.

Had they the ‘mirror’ of a conscience,
they would writhe in shame
at the public example that they present of themselves.

And – if they had but the wit (or conscience),
would remove every trace of themselves
from public display.

Humility is gone.

And with it, those qualities – discernment, discretion,
self control – which once distinguished a human being
from a vicious savage.

The Vicious

The last time I had made an effort to give the Internet
“a fair chance”, I happened across a BBC documentary video
on YouTube – and invariably noticed the comment
that was visible immediately beneath.

In presenting this particular video on YouTube,
a mother had posted a medical comment
pertaining to her daughter who had Down’s Syndrome.

One reply ( the comment that I noticed )
was from an American viewer

who told this caring woman
that special needs children were a ‘drain’ on society

… and that she should … “have put your retard down”.

I could not take it in.

I remember actually beginning to shake.

Now ( given the lifestyle that I have led
for the past thirty years ) I wish that I
had never encountered the Internet at all.

You see, I had been quite content to be
ignorant about the state of humanity in the world today.

And – I have to confess, I wish that I had never
been made aware of its depravity –
by giving the Internet ‘a fair chance’.

For some vicious, evil, malignant creature
to tell a woman – the loving mother of a disabled little girl –
that she should have “put your retard down”

… is something that I am just not able to bear.

Should anyone genuinely want to know WHY
a very few people like me, want nothing to do
with the world and its ways — This is the reason.

The comments featured throughout YouTube
are more than sufficient to give the moral temperature
of modern humanity – but this … this …
was infinitely beneath disgusting.

I do not know from where that level of sadistic,
depraved malice comes ( if not from the pit of hell itself )

… but I have certainly noticed an abundance of it
on the Internet.

As I do not want things like this lodged in my memory,
I do not browse the Internet.

And each time I tell myself that it cannot really
be as bad as I remember, I try again –

And find out that … It is.

The Internet has left me bewildered
to realise the hatred that people have
for ANYTHING that represents or requires

… empathy, self control, or moral discernment.

21st Century “Humanity”

Society does not find it shocking
for a 16-year old to copulate like an animal:

But the 19 year old who remains a virgin is … weird.

For a teenage girl to expose breasts, thigh, and midriff,
is “fashionable” …

But the girl who dresses modestly is a “prude”.

And certainly, the whole modern world … KNOWS
( don’t they ?) … that, If a girl or woman is quiet,
ladylike; and consistently seen to be wearing a dress
… she is … “in a religious cult”.

So degraded has the modern mind-set become that,
if a teenager can NOT recite the filthy profanity
or sexually obscene lyrics of the latest “pop” song;

if they read a book, rather than
waste their brains on computer games;

or are raised with family values
and standards of moral restraint,

they are deemed to be “brainwashed” —
“victims” of ‘child abuse’ …
having been denied the “freedom”
to experience modern culture.



A society that is characterised by

self-centred ambition,
obscene commercialism,
absence of self discipline,
filthy language,
the cinematic glorification of violence, vengeance,
torture and sexual promiscuity as ‘entertainment’ …

… THIS … is … “Culture” ?

This is Moral Degradation – and yet,
because it is the lifestyle of the Majority,
those who exercise self-discipline,
modesty in dress, and moral conduct

… are viewed as being “repressed” –
or even “abused”.

Parents allow their teens to roam the streets
at all hours; or go “clubbing” amidst the depravity
of deafening noise, promiscuous immorality;
and an inherent liquor- and drug-culture …

but think it AB-normal for a teen to attend
a church youth group and be home by ten,
out of respect for their parents’ home,
and efforts made to raise them
to be responsible adults.

As a teenager in the 1970’s,
I was never out past ten o’clock.

Never needed to be.
Never wanted to be.

In excusing the depravity of the 21st century, people exclaim:

“Oh, but, remember when YOU were a teen!”

I do.

Thoughts to a Young Woman

In my own life, I have spent over 50 years
proving the truth of the proverb that,

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast”

and have mentioned to more than a few young women
the fact that they would save themselves a lifetime
of misery and grievous disappointment,

if they would but take the time to look at the way
a ‘boyfriend’ treats the animals
that are dependent upon his care.

Before you commit yourself to any man, woman,
“friend”, or potential business partner,
give them plenty of opportunity … to talk.

And LISTEN to them.

Listen to how they talk about people who are moral,
quiet, and benevolent;
about their own parents;
about their pets, or the livestock on their family farm

… Listen.

And discern the nature of the “tree”

from the “fruit” that it bears.

Where an animal is involved … Look.
Open your eyes.
Think about what you see.

Look at the family dog –
is it kept on a chain? a rope?
confined to a doghouse that is damp,
without clean bedding;
or just plain filthy?

Is it thrown into the back of a pickup truck to
– having no grip whatsoever – use balance, if possible,
in order to prevent itself from being thrown about,
or even thrown over the side?

Does the dog noticeably cringe, quiver,
or drop its head when the ‘owner’ approaches;
startle – ‘snap to attention’ – instantly,
whenever he comes near?

One is resigned to a potential beating.

The other agitates to avoid one.

One is timid, defeated.

The other has some will to live still remaining.

People lie.

A dog will not.

To every teenage girl, I would say simply that:

Any man who does not show compassion
for an animal in their care …

… will NEVER show genuine compassion FOR YOU
– no matter how self-deluded you may wish to be.

Many a young woman has said of a savage brute:

“I will change him”.

An illustration:

I will stand on the floor beside a table.
You climb up, and stand upon the table.

Now …

Lift me up to where you are.

Will you succeed?


But it is most unlikely.

Discerning Danger: The Psychopath

Television – for the past 30 years –
has portrayed the psychopath perfectly:

the only problem is, that in illustrating The Psychopath,
television has presented them as being ‘normal’ or
‘everyday’ people.

No self-restraint.
No objective morality.
No effort to dress, speak, or behave out of respect
to those around them.

Neither discretion or discernment.
No higher purpose in life that to be entertained.
Existing to ‘get’ what they can, with the least amount of work possible.

Their whole existence is about … Me”.

They are so saturated in conceit
that they exalt themselves as an ‘expert’
on the basis of having read a book;
gleaned some minimal experience;
or (heaven help us) watched a video.

They do “good works” or give to some charity
in order to further their own public image;

manipulate those who are trusting or gullible.

They beg charity, plead poverty;
copy and take credit for what others have done,
and prosper off the work or contributions of others.

They have contempt for those who are moral or honest,
and despise the attempts of others
to help or correct themselves.

When ‘caught’ or exposed, the Psychopath always
has a ready excuse: ‘medication’ … ‘mummy didn’t hug me’
… poor neighbourhood … bullying or abuse as a child.

Men and women survive concentration camps,
brutality, and genuine poverty, yet NEVER
commit anything approaching the conscienceless acts
of these vicious, egomaniacal creatures.

They will never say “I am Sorry” …

because it is always the other person’s fault.

For the narcissist, it is always about “Me”.

They have the ability to end a personal relationship in an instant;
Immediately desire revenge if they are withstood or exposed.

They are without conscience:
no remorse, no regret, and certainly
– offer no reparation for the misery they have caused.

They are like the modern Police:

Never Apologise,
Never Explain.

The psychopath gratifies Self in all things.
He will use ANYONE he can find to further his own ends
and serve his own lusts.

And that includes you.

His god – his object of worship – is himself.

Challenge a psychopath in any way,
and they will be rid of you in an instant
– without a shred of guilt or remorse.

You will not make them see … ‘reason’.

They have none.

Everything is subservient to Them …
their Ambition … their Self image.

Evil men delight to degrade and pervert
anything that is Moral.

And that includes you – if you are.

It is a dreadful but true observation that

“… he that departeth from evil
maketh himself a prey.”

Modern multitudes of the 21st century
have no conscience whatsoever about defaming
or destroying anyone who excels them.

“Give me six words” said Richelieu,
“written by the most honourable of men,
and I will find excuse in them
to hang him.”

Beware of anyone who is constantly
prating on about themselves or their endeavours.

This world is full of them.

They are brutal, vicious; loud, and aggressive
… and call it “strength”.

A Self Test

If you cannot find it an easy thing to say

“I’m sorry” to those you have wronged;
“I love you” to parents and elders; or,
“I need your help” when a discernibly capable teacher
is before you,

then perhaps, these thoughts are especially for you ?

I would not like to be a moral, conscientious, young man
or woman starting out in life today,
because there IS No moral centre in the world today.

Young woman,

Be a Lady, rather than an object;
Be a Lady, rather than a pathetic imitation of a ‘macho’ savage.

IF you have a tender heart
and a discerning mind,
they will be the greatest possessions
that you will Ever own.

Never allow them to be taken away from you.

P Livingstone

To My Friends … No Longer Here

Little Owen, 2013

Wallace, 2013

Sarah, 2014

Ben, 2014

Seona, 2015

and, to dogs who suffer in misery and isolation in the concrete ‘kennels’ of SPCA hovels throughout the world … to dogs suffering the unspeakable sadism of being boiled- and roasted alive in the obscene perversion of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China … to farm animals who suffer kicking, hammer blows, and sadistic brutality so that conscienceless shoppers can shop for the cheapest “deals” on mass-slaughtered meat at their supermarket …

and those wild beasts who are “hunted” by sadistic cowards … I am one man who is troubled daily, and awakened at night, because of the pain and suffering inflicted by the ambassadors of hell who constitute the greater part of modern humanity.

To any person of sober-minded empathy and compassion, I extend a warm welcome to this place on the Internet: please make yourself known in a comment …

I have now lost the only friends I ever had in this life … and this modern world is a cruel, dreadful, and exceedingly lonely place in which to exist.

– PL