A “Special Day” to Remember … ?

It is not falling into a mire that is the disgrace –

but lying there, and wallowing in it.

An honourable man or woman WILL ‘fall’ from time to time.
Through fear, or panic, or lust, Integrity may be uncharacteristically discarded
in a fit of passion, loneliness, or melancholy.

But those of moral principle – though defeated for a while,
Will see their own disgrace… and remove themself from it.

Character, in a human being, is a matter of CONSISTENCY.

A loud, over-bearing braggart may well keep quiet for one hour at a funeral
– but he is still a loud, over-bearing braggart.

THAT is his regular state of existence.

A “special occasion”, ‘special day’, or ‘moment of reflection’,
will do Nothing to change What He Is.

The character of a man or woman is revealed by the consistency
of conduct and conversation that is manifest in their every-day life.

A righteous man; an honourable woman – needs no special occasion
to activate courtesy, consideration, or conscience.

That the filthy obscenities of 50 years ago are now considered ‘normal’
in the speech of modern society
reveals the rarity of considerate, self-controlled,
and morally decent human beings in the world today.

Genuine Men and Women of (real) Integrity … have a Conscience.

And that Conscience … works.

In a mid-December journey to the city, I noticed the tinsel-sparkling sentiment
“Good Will Toward Men” in relation to the liquor-swilling festive hypocrisy
known as “Christmas” – a time ( it is glibly touted ) for … “peace”.

The lifelong observation of people has satisfied my conscience
that the setting aside of certain dates in the year for “Good Works”
does Nothing More than foster a spirit of legalism
– insincerity; hypocrisy; even apathy – in the bulk of their participants.

In the 1960’s, we, as schoolchildren, started each day in the gymnasium,
by reciting the Lord’s Prayer; singing a hymn
( usually “All Things Bright and Beautiful” ); and generally
being instilled with the sentiment that WE … were not the centre of the universe.

That was then.

Of course, in this enlightened age, such activity has long since
been eradicated from the public school system in which teachers
must NEVER interfere with a child’s self esteem.

In the 21st century, it is highly imperative that Dick and Jane
have very high opinions of themselves, so that they can become teenagers
… and tell their elders to ‘f**K off”.

Now then, let me ask you:

In such a world as that – of what use is a “Day of Prayer” …
a “Moment of Remembrance” … to a nation that has completely obliterated God,
Moral Decency, and Self Control ?

It is nothing but an empty gesture – a farce …
a display of utter hypocrisy by people who ordinarily
would not give “God” or sensitive, moral people,
a second thought in their daily lives.

It is Hypocrisy.

And yet, A Moment of Prayer is a farcical display that is
melodramatically performed by politicians and ‘leaders’

… whose laws and proclamations have removed from their society,
the very “God” unto whom they pretend to pray.

By a single action, or a single occasion, or Special Day, self-centred multitudes
imagine great things of themselves:

while the regular conduct of their lives consists of gratifying nothing but vanity,
ambition, laziness, and the constant pursuit of entertainment.

Special Days, Dates, and Ceremonies … do nothing but harden the hard-hearted
in their own conceit; and foster a spirit of hypocritical legalism
by making people think that,

because they put a coin in a tin … send a box of food to a ‘food bank’,
or give a second thought to an abused animal on some Isolated, Single Occasion
– they are therefore, “doing their part” … doing
“all that is required” of them.

At “Christmas” people send cards ( although, I understand that email
is now serving insincerity and laziness with the utmost in non-effort ) …

to family members with whom they have Not One Moment’s Contact
for the entire rest of the year.

But, they have “done their bit” – they have observed that “one special day a year”
… and so, nothing more should be expected of them.

The hypocrite can once again return to 364 days of revelling in what matters most
– ME … My Laziness, and My Entertainment.

I am against the “observance” of “special” days for the simple reason that
the only thing “special” about them, is that they give the vast majority
of apathetic humanity the opportunity
to tell their barely lukewarm consciences
that they … ‘care’.

People push a banknote into a tin (80%+ of which, pays the salaries
of CEO’s, staff, and brochures of some ‘charitable’ organisation)
and see themselves as the saviour of abused animals.

[ During the 12 weeks I could endure at the SPCA, concrete-enclosed dogs
spent 23 hours-plus with NO metal stimulation … NO TOY with which to play
… and most had NOT EVEN a Bed upon which to lie.

Walk in and ask for an impromptu tour of the kennels
before writing a cheque to support the mental-and-emotional torture of dogs
in the local “Shelter”. ]

People “give” and walk away secure in the conceit
that they have “done their bit” … and that no further thought is required.

To a Genuine Heart … “Special” days are NOT required.

Those who ARE “the real thing” … will show it –
Every Single Day of their life.

Their conduct and conversation will reveal – to every person
who spends more than five minutes in their company –
precisely what type of person they are.

The man or woman who is concerned for the welfare of animals,
will be concerned for the welfare of animals

– in EVERY aspect of his or her daily life.

They will not buy anything other than Free Range eggs;
will not give their money to “corporate” meat suppliers
that slaughter animals en masse;

will NOT buy cosmetics or cleaning products UNLESS assured
that that product does Not engage in ‘animal testing’;

and will scrutinise local animal products and ask questions
before spending money to support businesses.

Unlike the Most – whose ‘look out for Number One attitude –
will buy whatever is ‘on sale’.

Those who ARE who they say they are, WILL keep their word.

They will show – all the time – that they mean what they say;
and they say what they mean.

Kindness, Courtesy, and Compassion will be evident in the conduct
and conversation of those who are … TRULY … “kind” people.

Show me what you do on a Day-to-Day basis –
NOT what you do every now and then ( never mind just one day a year ).

Those who require “a day” to spur them to Thought, Consideration, or Action
… are neither thoughtful, considerate, or conscientious.

Their kindness is ’empty’ … Hypocritical.

I was asked whether I believe that a ‘special day’
for kindness, sincerity, compassion, empathy – is a good thing.

I have answered – “No.”

Being on the “outside” of humanity, and having observed human beings
for 55 years now, I know that one day a year will do nothing
to change the selfish spirit that actuates such an individual
for 364 days a year.

It strengthens the hypocrite in their hypocrisy,
but has no effect on those who are genuine.

Kindness will be habitual in those who are TRULY kind.
To such a person, a special ‘occasion’ or ‘day’

will be no different

than any other.

P Livingstone

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