Thoughts to a Young Woman

In this age where truth is despised,
and common decency is regarded as ‘hate speech’,
my heart breaks for little children today.

Most especially, I suppose, for girls who are
– very evidently – being taught that it is somehow a shame,
or weakness, to want to behave … like a Lady.

I remember a time when women were not ashamed
to be feminine; nor felt the need to impersonate
crude and vulgar men …

There is a reason why Irish writer Bram Stoker gave Dracula
the quality of having no reflection in a mirror:

There are multitudes, in this world, who are so evil
– so narcissistic – that they do not see anything wrong
when they look at themselves – their conduct and conversation –
in the Mirror of Conscience.

They see nothing.

Nothing at all.

They prey upon people … to ‘feed’ their own ego.

They live in the darkness; and fear the light of morality
shining upon them.

They suck the life from people, and move on to the next victim.

Profanity: REVEALING Your DEPRAVITY to the World

Multitudes use the “power” of the Internet,
who have no business being On the Internet.

Had they the ‘mirror’ of a conscience, they would writhe in shame
at the public example that they present of themselves.
And if they had but the wit (or conscience), would remove
every trace of themselves from public display.

Humility is gone. And with it, those qualities – discernment,
discretion, self control – which once allowed human beings
to rise above the level of animals.

The Vicious

The last time I had made an effort to give the Internet world “a fair chance”,
I happened across a BBC documentary video on YouTube –
and invariably noticed the comment immediately beneath.

Underneath this particular video, a lady had posted a medical comment
pertaining to her daughter who had Down’s Syndrome.

One reply ( the comment that I noticed ) was from an American viewer
who told this caring woman that special needs children
were a ‘drain’ on society … and that she should
… “have put your retard down”.

I could not take it in.

I remember actually beginning to shake.

Now (given the lifestyle that I have led for the past thirty years)
I wish that I had never encountered the Internet at all.

You see, I had been quite content to be ignorant
about the state of humanity in the world today.
And – I have to confess, I wish that I had never been made aware
of its depravity – by giving the Internet ‘a fair chance’.

For some vicious, evil, malignant creature to tell a woman
– the loving mother of a disabled little girl –
that she should have “put your retard down” …

is something that I am just not able to bear.

Should anyone genuinely want to know why people like me
want nothing to do with the world and its ways –
This is the reason.

The comments featured throughout YouTube are more than sufficient
to give the moral temperature of modern humanity –
but this … This … was infinitely beneath disgusting.

I do not know from where that level of sadistic, depraved malice
comes ( if not from the pit of hell itself ) … but I have certainly
noticed an abundance of it on the Internet.

As I do not want things like this lodged in my memory,
I do not browse the Internet.

And each time I tell myself that it cannot really be
as bad as I remember, I try again – And find out that
… It is.

The Internet has left me bewildered to realise
the hatred that people have for anything that represents
or requires … empathy, self control, or moral discernment.

21st Century “Humanity”

Society does not find it shocking for a 16-year old
to copulate like an animal:

But the 19 year old who remains a virgin is … weird.

For a teenage girl to expose breasts, thigh, and midriff,
is “fashionable” …

But the girl who dresses modestly is a “prude”.

And certainly, the whole modern world … KNOWS ( don’t they ?)
… that, If a girl or woman is quiet, ladylike;
and consistently seen to be wearing a dress … she is
… “in a religious cult”.

So degraded has the modern mind-set become that,
if a teenager can NOT recite the filthy profanity
or sexually obscene lyrics of the latest “pop” song;

if they read a book, rather than waste their brains on computer games;

or are raised with family values and standards of moral restraint,

they are deemed to be “brainwashed” — “victims” of ‘child abuse’
having been denied the “freedom” to experience modern culture.


A society that is characterised by

self-centred ambition,
obscene commercialism,
absence of self discipline,
filthy language,
the cinematic glorification of violence, vengeance, torture
and sexual promiscuity as ‘entertainment’ …

… THIS … is … “Culture” ?

This is Moral Degradation – and yet, because it is the lifestyle
of the Majority, those who exercise self-discipline, modesty in dress,
and moral conduct … are viewed as being “repressed” –
or even “abused”.

Parents allow their teens to roam the streets at all hours;
or go “clubbing” amidst the depravity of deafening noise,
promiscuous immorality; and inherent liquor- and drug-culture …

but think it ABnormal for a teen to attend a church youth group
and be home by ten, out of respect for their parents’ home,
and efforts to raise them to be responsible adults.

As a teenager in the early 1970’s, I was never out past ten o’clock.

Never needed to be.
Never wanted to be.

In excusing the depravity of the 21st century, people exclaim:
“Oh, but, remember when YOU were a teen!”

I do.

Thoughts to a Young Woman

In my own life, I have spent over 50 years
proving the truth of the proverb that,

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast”

and have mentioned to more than a few young women
the fact that they would save themselves a lifetime of misery
and grievous disappointment, if they would but take the time
to look at the way a ‘boyfriend’ treats the animals
that are dependent upon his care.

Before you commit yourself to any man, woman, “friend”,
or potential business partner, give them
plenty of opportunity … to talk.

And listen to them.

Listen to how they talk about people who are moral, quiet, and benevolent;
about their own parents; about their pets,
or the livestock on their family farm … Listen.

And discern the nature of the “tree”
from the “fruit” that it bears.

Where an animal is involved … Look.
Open your eyes.
Think about what you see.

Look at the family dog – is it kept on a chain? a rope?
confined to a doghouse that is damp, without clean bedding;
or just plain filthy?

Is it thrown into the back of a pickup truck to
– having no grip whatsoever – use balance, if possible,
in order to prevent itself from being thrown about,
or even thrown over the side?

Does the dog noticeably cringe, quiver, or drop its head
when the ‘owner’ approaches; startle – ‘snap to attention’ –
instantly, whenever he comes near?

One is resigned to a potential beating.
The other, agitates to avoid one.

One is timid, defeated.
The other has some will to live still remaining.

People lie.

A dog will not.

To every teenage girl, I would say simply that: Any man
who does not show compassion for an animal in their care …
… will NEVER show genuine compassion for you
– no matter how self-deluded you may wish to be.

Many a young woman has said of a savage brute:
“I will change him”.

An illustration:

I will stand on the floor beside a table.
You climb up, and stand upon the table.

Now …

Lift me up to where you are.

Will you succeed?


But it is most unlikely.

Discerning Danger: The Psychopath

Television – for the past 30 years –
has portrayed the psychopath perfectly:

the only problem is, that in illustrating the psychopath,
television has presented them as being ‘normal’ or
‘everyday’ people.

No self-restraint.
No objective morality.
No effort to dress, speak, or behave out of respect
to those around them.

Neither discretion or discernment.
No higher purpose in life that to be entertained.
Existing to ‘get’ what they can,
with the least amount of work possible.

Their whole existence is about … Me”.

They are so saturated in conceit that they exalt themselves
as an ‘expert’ on the basis of having read a book;
gleaned some minimal experience; or (heaven help us)
watched a video.

They do “good works” or give to some charity
in order to further their own public image;
manipulate those who are trusting or gullible;
continually beg charity, plead poverty;
copy and take credit for what others have done,
and prosper off the work or contributions of others.

They have contempt for those who are moral or honest,
and despise any attempts to help or correct themselves.

When ‘caught’ or exposed, they always have ready excuse:
‘medication’ … ‘mummy didn’t hug me’ … poor neighbourhood
… bullying or abuse as a child –

– Men and women survive concentration camps,
brutality, and genuine poverty, yet NEVER commit anything
approaching the conscienceless acts of these vicious, egomaniacal creatures.

They will never say “I am Sorry” … because it is always
the other person’s fault.

For the narcissist, it is always about “Me”.

They have the ability to end a personal relationship in an instant;
Immediately desire revenge if they are withstood or exposed.

They are without conscience: no remorse, no regret, and certainly
– offer no reparation for the misery they have caused.

They gratify Self in all things.
They will use ANYONE they can find to further their own ends
and serve their own lusts.
And that includes you.

Challenge them in any way, and they will be rid of you in an instant
– and without a shred of guilt or remorse.

You will not make them see … ‘reason’. They have none.

Everything is subservient to Them;
their Ambition; their Self image.

Evil men delight to degrade and pervert anything that is Moral.
And that includes you – if you are.

It is a dreadful but true observation that

“… he that departeth from evil
maketh himself a prey.”

Modern multitudes of the 21st century certainly
have no conscience whatsoever about defaming or destroying
anyone who excels them.

“Give me six words” said Richelieu,
“written by the most honourable of men,
and I will find excuse in them
to hang him.”

Beware of anyone who is constantly prating on
about themselves or their endeavours;

This world is full of them.
It seems – ( to my eyes and ears ) – that the generality of people
in the 21st century, cannot rise to the level of an animal.

They are brutal, vicious; loud, and aggressive
… and call it “strength”.

If you cannot find it an easy thing to say

“I’m sorry” to those you have wronged;
“I love you” to parents and elders; or,
“I need your help” when a discernibly capable teacher
is before you,

then perhaps, these thoughts are especially for you ?
I would not like to be a moral, conscientious, young man
or woman starting out in life today,
because there is no moral centre in the world today.

Young woman, IF you have a tender heart and a discerning mind,
they will be the greatest possessions
that you will
Ever own.

Never allow them to be taken away from you.

P Livingstone

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