Women’s “Liberation” … ?

No small part of my determined resolution to have nothing to do with the 21st century
– (other than making the weekly visit to the supermarket for groceries) –
centres around the sheer aggression of people in general.

Last weekend, whilst walking past a car in which a mother was plainly struggling
to free her child’s foot from a strap on the car-seat – I stopped
and spoke across to her … “Can I help?”

The woman froze.

The husband – sitting in the driver’s seat with that typical, 21st-century, cow-chewing-its-cud, glazed expression – made absolutely no effort to help untangle the strap from the child’s limb.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

Craning to look over her shoulder at me, the twenty-something displayed
what can only be described as a mask of disgust, and replied,
“Yeeee-ah-uh!” in that obnoxious, modern-day drawl which is seemingly reserved
for those who ask the most ludicrous questions possible.

“Very sad that you find an offer of help, made out of kindness,
to be so offensive”, I remarked before walking off.

In what an arrogant and barbaric state must the human mind and soul be, when even someone in need of help, will not possess the humility and gratitude … to accept it.

There is an evident and alarming readiness in the modern masses for multitudes to instantly ridicule or regard with suspicion … anyone – when given the slightest opportunity
to do so.

Whilst I cannot help but suspect that belittling others makes ignorant
or cruel people believe that they are more intelligent, or capable,

what is evident, is that this modern readiness to degrade – rather than
think, or consider – certainly appeals to the vanity of the vicious.

There have always been vulgar, degraded, and vicious people:

but what is most certain, is that – whereas when I was in school,
our immediate response to adults was along the lines of “Please, Sir”
… “Yes, Miss” … or “No, Thank You, Ma’am” –

we now have “parents” setting the example for twelve year-olds
who are without restraint in ‘effing and blinding’,
and ‘giving lip’ to shocked elders, teachers at school,
and security guards in the shopping centre.

Neither I, nor my friends, in the 1960’s, would have done anything
that would bring disgrace upon our parents.

Whilst impertinence is far, far more prevalent now, malignant humanity
has certainly been around since the world began.
It is just that now, selfishness, promiscuity, arrogance, malice,
vengeance, violence – Aggression – is now regarded as ‘normal’ behaviour.


I have quietly observed that, in the 21st century, there is no such thing
as “hate speech” when it is directed towards anything that is remotely moral.

The whole of the Internet is a platform for the vicious to degrade other people,
gratify vanity, or satisfy greed.

The comments on YouTube alone, are more than sufficient to reveal
that moral conscience is no longer a general trait of 21st century humanity.

Consider the popular fascination with Tolkien, and his tale of Middle Earth.

” The ring is the ultimate machine because it was made for coercion.
Made by Sauron to coerce. And that is why, the only solution
to the problem of the ring, as the wise of Rivendale saw – was its destruction.”
[ Christopher Toliken, BBC: JRR Tolkien – A Study of the Maker of Middle Earth ]

A race now exists (generally and with rare exception) of people
who cannot think for themselves, but must imitate what they see played out
on television, cinema, and computer screens;
and “look up” everything on the Internet.

Many – judging by their own raucous speech whilst standing
in the queue at the supermarket, or the coffee-house –
have no higher enjoyment in life than the amplified noise and debauchery
of the next liquor-fuelled “party”or “night out”.

Others, having neither maturity nor refinement, use ‘boom cars’
to dominate the civilised, and pound their noise through the homes
of quiet-living, peaceable people.

Human beings HAVE BECOME – Ringwraithes – lifeless beings that are utterly
dependent upon technology: unable to think, reason, discern,
or judge Good from Evil … but following, like machines,
whatever the television or ‘news”-paper tells them.

Merely look, and listen in any public place, and the fact will be readily confirmed:
multitudes whose “conversation” – punctuated by filthy obscenities –
can be heard thirty feet away;

people who will not even look (much less smile) at a stranger they pass on the street
– instead, shout inanities into mobile telephones for all to hear,
“text” furiously; or stare vacantly, their ears plugged
with miniature loudspeakers.

Human beings connected to machines, incapable of mature conversation
with sober-minded people, vacuously existing … like machines;

until the next iProduct “upgrade” renews the grip of technology once again,
and they are plunged deeper into their technological addiction –
oblivious that there ever was a time when people did not need machines
in order to have a life.

It is this technological darkness that replaces brain function,
and seems to bind 21st century inhabitants together.

This is the One Ring at work: “One ring to rule them all,
one ring to find them; one ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness, bind them … in the land of Mordor.”

The name is Old English:
the land of … Murder.

And nowhere is there any place more populated by vicious,
vindictive, mental and emotional murderers,
than the Internet.

Ringwraithes having no lives in and of themselves: raised in adolescence
to know nothing of responsibility, accountability, discipline,
curfews, or correction:

their mentality formed by the mental sewage and moral filth of television,
cinema; computer games, and the Internet.

Simply typing the words: “Tolkien” “Middle Earth” into YouTube
is enough to immediately – immediately – reveal an example
of the effects of this ‘One Ring’:

Select one of the first-offered results, and within 5 seconds – seconds ! …

A young woman expresses her offense at “Tolkien’s prudish Victorian morality”
… and then adds what seems to be considered some form of ‘qualification’:

“Keep in mind I belong to a living history group
and know a bit about the middle-ages.”

The unbridled Ignorance absolutely boggles the mind.

I can hammer a nail into a piece of wood: that does not make me a carpenter.

Having felt perfectly free to express her detestation of a time
when it was generally recognised that the sanctity, safety,
and smooth running of the home; and,

the moral well-being and proper raising of beloved children,
was thanks to the diligence, care, and selflessness
of a loving wife and mother …

… she then makes it clear that she regards such diligent honourable,
moral responsibility; as well as a society in which selfless diligence
was commonplace … as ‘prudish’,

– all whilst making it abundantly clear that she
will tolerate no criticism of her [ I have edited the obscenities ]:

“People that make hateful comments towards me will be booted and blocked.
I personally hate people that act like a**holes in general.
If you want to say something towards me be respectful, or get f*cked.
My thread, My rules.”

And there it is: A real Woman of the 21st century –

Be “respectful” to me … or “get f*cked”.

What a testament to her parents.
What a representative of her family.
What a perfect example of modern society.

She can denounce the morality of a man; but obscenities are heaped upon
anyone who might dish out similar treatment to her.

She derides others, yet demands that everyone be respectful to her;
and does so by hurling vicious, filthy profanity at anyone
who will not bow to … her … rules.

So bereft of a conscience, that the irony is utterly lost to her.

This is precisely the One Ring at work.

There was a time when women were known as
“The Gentle Sex”.

A century later sees them, not merely imitating men, but –
having become every bit as crude and vicious.

Women’s … ‘LIBERATION’ ?

Indeed, given my memories of the dignified, feminine,
and respectable women that I remember from the 1960’s,
it is a gigantic … DEGRADATION.

There is something, for me, about seeing aggression, vulgar filth,
and profane obscenities disgorged from the mouth or mind … of a woman,

that simply fills me with an overwhelming sense

that ‘all is lost’.

P Livingstone

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