A Word to Fierce Humanists

When opening a Facebook page for our shade garden nursery,
this ignorant atrocity appeared on my ‘logged-in’ page.

The one form of low-grade existence
for which I reserve absolute contempt,
are those … creatures … who like to cause
pain, fear, or degradation
to any animal, child or innocent adult.

I do not care whether you are an Atheist, Buddhist,
so-called “Christian”; hug trees,
or Worship the Third Moon on the Right –

I simply despise … Bullies.

Especially those that supplement their cruelty
by spewing wholesale Ignorance.

In 2002, I completed three years of work
on an academic dissertation entitled:
“The Religious Humanism of the Modern Evangelical Church” –

which took the Old Bible … and held it up like a mirror
to superficial and agenda-opinionated “Christians”.
So, I am no defender of modern “evangelicals”.

What I AM, is a defender – as best I can –
of animals and people who have not, it may be,
the strength, or courage, or skill, or maturity,
to stand up to vicious thugs in this world.

Now, to all such ignorant punks who like to degrade people
that believe in … fairy tales,

Precisely what is it in the Ten Commandments
that so offends you ?

1. Live as though you were not the centre of the universe.
2. No need to grovel and scrape to statues.
3. Exercise self-control over the verbal filth
that comes out of your mouth.
4. Give your employees and farm animals a day off
once a week.
5. Respect your own Dad and Mum.
6. Do not maliciously kill anyone.
7. Do not destroy the family next door with adultery
arising from your lust.
8. Do not steal what belongs to someone else.
9. Do not lie or cause disgrace to another person.
10. Do not be greedy for everything you see.

Now – you who are so ready to run off at the mouth –
You explain it to me !

YOU like to mock and demean a certain moral segment of society
– WHAT precisely is so offensive to you
about the moral code of human conduct listed above ?

And if people choose to live accordingly,
while believing in their Invisible Friend –
WHAT is THAT to YOU ???

Or does being an obnoxious Bully
degrading quiet and moral people in the world,
just appeal to your self-image as a smug, arrogant thug?

Please direct me, also, to the book, chapter, and verse(s)
in the old Bible, where God declares that he needs money.

Or are you simply displaying your contempt and ignorance
by equating shyster “evangelists”, paedophile priests,
and perverted “pastors” … with the content of this book?

Have you even opened this old book,
and mentally digested its content?

A rhetorical question, as the very presence
of an ignorant image such as this,
already reveals the extent of stupidity
and lack of rudimentary intelligence
in all who present it, or promulgate it
on places like Facebook.

To Dispel Ignorance:

The Old Testament (which is so “repulsive”
to lust-loving narcissists in general)
provides the “rules to follow” for those who Claim
that they want to live in a … THEOCRACY.

For ancient Hebrews, these were the laws and principles
by which ONE nation was expected to live.

If you did not like that, then move to Egypt,
or Sodom, or some such non-godly place on earth.

The NEW Testament provides rules and principles
for those who claim subservience to God,
while living amongst people of all nationalities throughout the world.


If I am living quietly and peaceably in the land
worshipping anything that you deem foolish –

WHAT is that to you ???

Recently, I watched footage of a grizzly bear being tortured
by the gunshots of sadistic trash … It has affected me deeply,

[ phot: bear-torture ]

and I am disgusted with seeing that same malignant cruelty
exercised against folk
by smug, aggressive North Americans who live
in relative luxury,
and should be thankful for what they have –

rather than looking for people to degrade and humiliate.

If you are posting this type of malicious tripe
– so openly displaying your lack of character to the world –
‘un-friend’ me, ‘un-subscribe, or ‘un-follow’,

because I do not want anything to do
with your Sweeping Contempt for, and ridicule of,
entire groups of people
who just want to live morally in this world.

I have spent my life withstanding displays of cruelty:

Perhaps you might expend your energy doing that,

rather than withstanding standards of morality;
and people who only want to live quietly in the land ?

P Livingstone

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