A Blind Man, A Dog, and Modern “Humanity”

For Pity’s Sake, Wake Up !!!

Living without television, radio, or newspapers – whilst being of indescribable
benefit to our moral conscience, mental acuity, and family life – has nevertheless
meant that undertaking this Internet site in March of 2012, opened us up
to a torrent of “culture shock” of depths that I could never have anticipated.

There have been – in the past twelve months particularly –
occasions when I have been confronted with aspects
of 21st century “living” that almost makes me panic in despair.

But the latest revelation has filled me with utter revulsion,
and I confess, makes me want to do away with the whole Internet and computer –
my only concession to, and link with, the modern world.

I had – for the first time in more than a year – occasion to travel
into the “big city” specifically to visit the one specialised shop
which stocked the type of very fine-nibbed pen that is best suited
to the copperplate writing that I have used since a boy.

Walking along the busy city street, I was aware of a slight ‘commotion’ on the footpath,
in front of me. It took a split second to realise that the blind man ahead of me
was stopping abruptly:

the cause being that the beautiful Golden Retriever in the white harness, was having
a ‘personal crisis’ – yet, while still trying to continue walking at the same time.

The man – realising that something was wrong, stopped – the face around his dark glasses
plainly confused.

Having left a veritable trail of faeces on the pavement, the poor dog cringed –
its tail low, its head hung down:
the dog knew that it had done something ‘wrong’.

The man soon produced a plastic bag and started to shuffle back
in the direction from which he had come.

But it was none of this that held my attention.

It was the conduct of the people – Modern Day Humanity: the dozens of pedestrians
who ignored that man, ignored his need – his patently obvious need – for help
in a difficult situation;

and without a second thought, walked around the man and carried on their way.

Oh, one unbelievable creature did react: expressing a melodramatic ‘sigh’ of vocal disgust
that the Guide Dog had fouled the pavement.

Thinking back now, I can only suggest that my brain could not accept what I was seeing.
I was stunned – for a split second – and found myself absolutely bursting
with utter contempt for the … “humanity” … that surrounded me.

“Sir!” … “Sir”, I said running quickly to the man: “give me the bag there, and you carry on.”

I continued:

“Your poor dog is hanging his head, and if you will let me clean up the accident,
I would appreciate it very much if you would give him a pat on the head …
and tell him it’s alright.”

Plainly, the man struggled to understand what I was saying: he stuttered a bit,
and looked dreadfully confused as I took the plastic bag from his hand.

It certainly seemed as if he could not ‘take in’ the idea that a stranger
could extend kindness to him – and his dog.

The man thanked me several times, and paused – as though making certain
that he had understood me. Only then did he walk on.

I was thrilled that he reached down, said something,
and patted the dog on its head and neck.

It was my pleasure – my absolute pleasure! – to pick up that dog’s mess.

But as I looked up ahead at the backs of those who had – moments ago,
just walked past that man and his dog; I could not help but think that –

I may well have just lifted a dog’s faeces of the pavement,

but that particular city block was covered in filth.

Self-obsessed, conscienceless machines have seemingly replaced what, forty years ago
were, generally, compassionate, empathetic gentlemen and ladies.
Today, people dress like slobs, and act like slobs … And no one bothers.

The average ‘man’ looks like a bag of manure – unkempt, slovenly; shoulders slumped,
back bent forward, the pig-ignorance of wearing a ‘baseball cap’ at a restaurant table;
shoving their way through doorways while carrying either a vicious sneer,
or a vacuous glaze on their face;

while women have spent forty years doing all that they can to be men.

The ‘standards’ of 21st century “life” – or, more correctly – 21st century Existence.

Vulgar individuals are tolerated in public places: spewing obscenities as part of their “conversation”; wearing shirts with that depraved obscenity “F*CK” fully spelled out
for all to look at

… and a BLIND MAN is left to – (what?) – get down on his knees and feel around
in order to clean up his specially-trained dog’s Highly Uncharacteristic accident?

I understand that conscience has been all-but obliterated from the human race,

but how evil do ego-maniacal, self-venerating human beings have to get,
before they take a look around them, and actually start to care
about the utter extinction of Common Decency in the 21st century?

I have more enjoyment in the company of our dogs, and the birds and animals
that come down from the mountain behind our home, than I ever possibly could
in the company of what I witnessed during my 30 minute stay in the city today.

A plea from my broken heart, to young people in general:

feed the birds in the wintertime; say “Good Morning” to every vacant, stupefied-looking
individual you pass; stand in front of a mirror and practice, if need be,
to learn how to carry on an intelligent conversation,

but … please, for pity’s sake –– WAKE UP !!!

stop the ludicrous obsession with ‘texting’,
get the earphones out of your ears;
break the addiction of constantly needing to spew trivia and tripe
into a “cell” ‘phone …

Consider … Ponder … Think – for a change:

– at least pretend that you are capable of independent, intelligent thought, without
needing a machine for constant amusement. And set an example to everyone around you.

Practice Kindness … Consideration for others … and Courtesy in public:
and start reversing this 30-year plummet into self-serving, mindless oblivion
that (to an “out of touch”, “old fashioned” recluse such as me) seems to have
– with very little exception – gripped the whole of humanity.

When people conduct themselves with no more morality than an animal,
they are infinitely worse than any animal because they have the capacity
– and the conscience (in theory) – to exist at a level higher than that of a beast.

The central characteristic of arrogant men
and religious hypocrites … is Pride.

PRIDE always demands attention from others.

Pride always seeks to dominate other people – to shove itself right down the throats of society:
the malignant Self Esteem – of people being filled with the love and adoration of themselves.

It is long past time … to give attention to those who DESERVE it,
rather than to those who DEMAND it in order to feed conceit and ego;

… well past time for modern-minded human beings to step down from their throne;
and be less concerned about ME – about ‘getting’; and Greed, and Vanity, and Self.

What I witnessed today has disgusted me beyond description.

A PSYCHOPATH is an individual who is not the slightest bit concerned
that others will suffer because of what he does.

Or fails to do.

They know ‘right from wrong’ – and simply do not care. They are bereft
of any genuine sense of moral responsibility – can excuse away, or accept, any atrocity
if it benefits them. They freely choose to show neither courtesy, consideration,
nor compassion – And it does not bother them in the slightest.

The 21st century is filled with psychopaths — all one has to do is
listen to the ‘talk’ of the massed multitudes walking around in any public place,
in this age of ‘self esteem’.

As far as this Internet site is concerned, I may not be able to slow the moral degradation
of modern humanity: but, I do not have to condone it by my silence.

What I saw today was an utter lack of compassion from a mass of people.
And when compassion is gone from any man or woman, there is nothing left
to distinguish them from a beast.

A blind man … left to crawl on a street …

… While the contemporary hordes walk around him.

I shall never, ever, be able to understand (much less ‘fit in’ with)
the vicious mentality and malignant apathy

of Modern … “civilization”.


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