“Hunters” … Sadists … Cowards

NOTE: NOT the VIDEO – Still Photo: I had placed the video link …
but could not stand to see it animate whenever I came to my page – PL

“Hunting” … ??? HUNTING ???

HUNTING is when a man lives north of the Arctic Circle,
in a cabin, and needs to provide food to stop his family
from starving to death.

THAT is hunting.

Vicious thugs dressing in camouflage costumes to lie in wait for an unsuspecting animal to wander into their trap so that they can ‘get off’ on shooting holes in him in order to pretend that
they are … ‘men’

– is called SADISM.

Sadism: finding pleasure in inflicting pain or death.

Which is very evident in the screeches and ‘yee-ha’s” of the malevolent creatures whose voices feature in the soundtrack of this disgusting display.

1 minute 54 seconds … that graphically reveals the perverted, self-obsessed, narcissistic,
and utterly conscienceless ‘world’ of vicious cowards who find their pleasure in terrorising
and torturing animals for … amusement.

And NOTE: If you are one of the vicious savages who thinks the content of this video
is perfectly acceptable, do not even think of spewing obscene invective at me …

… there is NO filthy degradation that a creature such as You could heap upon me,
that I would not cheerfully accept as an honour and a privilege

because it means that you place me at the opposite end of the human spectrum from yourself.

And believe me, that is Precisely where I am.

One needs look no further than a household television set
to see that needless brutality is equated with “manliness”.

The sadism of “hunters” who find their “sport” in arming themselves
in order to chase and kill timid or defenceless creatures;

and then revel in some perverse notion of the “manliness”
of putting a bullet into an unsuspecting or frightened animal
for … “fun” … simply disgusts me.

I do understand that there are times when wildlife populations
may need to be “controlled” by self-disciplined men appointed to the task.

Then select and appoint disciplined riflemen for the unpleasant work. I am not referring
to such unfortunate necessities of human infringement upon wilderness and animal life.

My revulsion comes with the macho mentality of thug sadists
who find their ‘sport’ and amusement in the exploitation, intimidation, suffering, and death
… of animals.

“Sportsmen”, such beings call themselves.


A “Sportsman’ is someone who competes with an opponent of equal ability … with equal advantage
… using equal and fair means … in a contest where each is aware of the other’s presence.

Whatever else they are, such “hunters” are no sportsmen.

They do not engage in fair competition.
They do not give the animal a chance – much less, an even chance.

Bear from a great distance; docile deer, pheasants … and bunny rabbits:
these are the victims of the “mighty hunters”.

Individuals – pathetic cowards who would NEVER engage a bear or other carnivore
UNLESS the advantage was well-stacked in their favour – creep up, or lay in ambush,
to entrap an animal that has no chance.

And in this, so-called “hunters” find cause to boast ?

Forgive me for believing that hunting for “sport” is nothing but the ego gratification
for pathetic creatures who find pleasure
in the suffering and death of animals that are ambushed
and given no chance to save themselves;

sadists who revel in the subsequent opportunities to egotistically brag
about their pitiful “prowess” in squeezing a trigger with their finger.

Some things should be beyond debate:

suffering as entertainment is one of them.

Writer Samuel Clemens observed:

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection
produces results that are profitable to the human race or doesn’t …

The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals
is the basis of my enmity toward it,
and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity
without looking further.”

To have watched this video of a Grizzly Bear “hunt”
simply reinforced every thought I have ever had about the type of
vicious sadistic cowards who stand well back in safety,
and kill animals for pleasure and amusement.

Receiving gratification from inflicting pain … death ?

The word is … “Sadist”.

P Livingstone

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