Purging Conscience

I used to think, as a boy that, whenever I saw, read, or heard of cruelty
from any human being – schoolyard bullies, thieves, rapists, murderers,
paedophiles – it was the frightening evidence of demons
who were making themselves visible in the natural world.

Such were the thoughts of a little boy.

He is in a sorry state indeed, who cannot bear to be laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed
by crude, vulgar and ignorant men.

A mature man or woman has merely but to ‘consider the source’
and he or she will find the mockery of vicious men and women, in reality … an Honour –

because for brutal individuals to mock anyone, means that
they place the person who is the object of their malice,
at the opposite end of the human spectrum from themselves.

And for vicious, ignorant individuals to do that … is nothing less than the highest honour
that they can possibly bestow.

Of course, this does not mean that ignorance, evil, and error
are not to be publicly withstood – by those who are capable of so doing.

It is important that those who possess actual ability, at least make an attempt
to alert the simple-minded who follow the majority without thinking, in the hope
that one or two might recognise themselves as having slipped into the conduct
of the smirking, the sneering, and the depraved.

Those who have a mind will try to help those … who do not.

Those who have turned their minds off, will say ‘Thank You’,
and turn them on again.

But the bulk evidently prefer to have no mind at all,
and are offended at anyone who might try to help them
to think clearly or properly.

There has been lately, a mentality that proclaims ( to the effect that ):

“Never regret anything that has happened in the past:
you cannot change it, so regard it as a lesson,
and ‘move on’ with your life.”

For individuals who have thrown away their humanity in order to transform themselves into machines, this may well apply.

“Never Regret” … ?

It is nothing less than a psychopath’s mantra:
the doctrine of those who feel no remorse – for anything;
and are affected to thoughtful consideration by Nothing
that lies outside their own ego or ambition.

[ There is an appalling plague that has infected infantilised, modern masses, which proclaims that
“I cannot judge someone’s character because I am not a
( heaven help us! ) … psychologist.

For pity’s sake – IF there is anyone left on earth, under the age of, say, 50 – who actually POSSESSES a working mind, imbued with the ability to observe and consider —

DO what Mature and Responsible adults have done for thousands of years, and “judge the tree by the fruit that it bears”.

Let mindless, machine-like automations rush to their respective assembly lines to be ‘serviced’ by ‘specialised’ technicians …

but you who can think, do so and apply yourself accordingly. ]

Those who are responsible for pain and misery caused to others Should Regret;
in fact, they should … Never Forget –

to do otherwise, is to flush away any remnant of a conscience,
and take responsibility for nothing.

To glibly dismiss past selfishness or evil is to prepare the way for a repetition of it.

Those who are possessed of a conscience, WILL remember,
and WILL regret … and WILL make DETERMINED effort to change it.

In the age of Facebook and Internet social sites, changing the pain of the past
with a greeting – if not an apology, is a fairly easy thing to attempt.

The past has present ( and future ) consequences to people who have a conscience.
Those who have a moral conscience WILL try to change the past – if they can.

I remember being asked: “Is there ever a time when it is NOT right to apologise?”

I replied that, Yes, I believe there are two times when it is wrong to apologise –

One is in the situation of a bully: when you have interfered in the life of a bully,
and stopped him from harassing or degrading someone else; and – in being stopped,
he has suffered in some way as a result.

You may feel badly that your interference caused that bully to have suffered consequences
… but you do Not apologise to a bully for that.

Malignant, unrepentant narcissists simply use apologies to bolster their own vanity.

To apologise to a domineering tyrant, is to rejuvenate his malicious nature; to give him licence
to think that he was the victim – in a situation where he was abusing someone, or some animal.

You do not fuel the malignant vanity of those who habitually domineer others.

One breaks – not supports – the power of a domineering tyrant.

Secondly, I had suggested, you do not apologise when to do so, would cause pain to someone
who was never aware that there was anything wrong.

A girl in school was routinely teased – but you were always kind to her. You were, SHE believed,
her only friend.

But YOU recall the times when she was not present, that people mocked her while you
said nothing in her defence.

You do not let that woman know that her one friend in school was – when it truly mattered –
an hypocrite. You do not break her heart years later, just to make your conscience
feel better.

How much misery could be reduced in the world, if every person could think of one time
when they let someone down; ridiculed someone; made someone’s life miserable –
And Then made some type of EFFORT to ‘make it right’ ?

Without offering extenuating excuses.

A thug, punk, and a bully knows full well why they degraded someone: It is because they knew
(or were confidant that) that person would not, or could not, ‘fight back’.

A genuine apology is Repentant: it confesses all: it holds nothing back –

“I picked on you and I don’t know why” … is NOT an apology.
It is salve for the stirrings of a guilty conscience in a conceited human being.

“I picked on you because you were timid, and I was an arrogant bully; degrading you
made me feel tough, and important – and I am ashamed of myself for it” … is an apology.

There are sadists – dictionary definition Sadists – who consider it ‘sport’
… fun … enjoyment … to inflict terror, pain, and violent death
on an unsuspecting animal:

who feel like … ‘he-men’ because their finger can squeeze the trigger’ of a gun,
on an unsuspecting animal whom – they are confidant – cannot possibly hurt them in return.

And there are more than a few women, now, who pose for pictures with dead animals –
because they are every bit as vicious and cowardly as the brute creatures they imitate.

Cowards, thugs, and bullies see their vicious malice
as some form of heroic ‘manliness’ –

yet, they are no different than the malignant cowards who target the house of some older couple; ‘rev’ the engine, squeal the tyres, sound the horn, or blast the “boom car” as they drive past

– for no other reason than to torment and disturb the peace of folk who have done
absolutely nothing to them.

Others – who do not act out brutal sadism, nevertheless think nothing of inflicting
degradation and ridicule on people at school, work, their neighbourhood, and the Internet.

If you want to see human savagery, look at comments on YouTube.

I believe, with all my heart – that such vicious creatures would
physically kill people … IF they could ‘get away with it’.

Human beings spend money to watch self-serving ‘heroes’ display brutality, torture,
and contempt for human decency – in Cinema, TV, and DVD.
It is nothing less than Vicarious Cruelty: extreme brutality regarded by multitudes
… as “entertainment’.

The human conscience has been seared away to nothing.

I used to believe – as a boy – that people who find enjoyment in inflicting cruelty
upon animals, children, women, and men,

were the physical manifestations of demons exercising their malice
in the visible world.

The thing is …

I still do.

P Livingstone

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