“Speaking Ill of the Dead” … ?

There has been, during the past 30 years, a very observable pattern
of mass social engineering which has been designed to make adults
look stupid, be stupid, and act stupidly.

Children in Hollywood films and television ( excerpts of which,
I have taken – quite literal – pains to view )
since the early-1990’s, have been routinely presented
as being more intelligent than their parents.

That this IS increasingly true is the fault of parents
who refuse to –

act like mature adults,
dress like mature adults,
talk like mature adults,
discipline their children (like mature adults once did),

or even attempt to set an example of what a mature adult
used to be. Stupid, ignorant, slovenly, loud and vulgar
is now commonplace – “normal” – in the western world.

The proof is everywhere to anyone who will simply
open their eyes and ears – and pay attention.

About a decade into this visible deterioration of humanity,
there was a plethora of ‘media’ stories from America concerning … “forgiveness”.

Some vicious sadist kidnaps, rapes, tortures, and kills a teenage girl
… and the parents are on the television expressing their … “forgiveness”
… of an unrepentant sadist who is just serving time
before he will be released to do the same again
to some other family’s child.

Fitting nicely into this travesty of moral outrage, mockery of justice,
and removal of evil from society, is the tired old ‘sentiment’
– “I was taught not to speak ill of the dead.”

You see, NOTHING MATTERS any more:
NOTHING must interfere with the hedonistic, iToy-playing,
truth-is-whatever-I-think-it-is, Party Mentality
of 21st century humanity.

“Speaking ill of the dead” …

This nauseating, fuzzy-wuzzy, infantile outlook
that has been pushed particularly during the past 30 years
as a way of eradicating objective morality from the human race

… is a sentiment that deserves consideration.

“Speaking ill of the dead” ?

If a human being willingly CHOOSES to live their life
in order to gratify their own vanity … manipulate people
… and show Not the Slightest Bit of Compassion for those
whom their selfish conduct leaves in misery –

WHAT expectation can such an individual possibly have
( other than arrogance ), to expect that death excuses them
from all moral accountability?


The family members of evil, vicious, conscienceless creatures
may spew forth the usual retinue of excuses –

“Oh, he was on medication”;
“She was raised in a poor neighbourhood”;
“His mummy did not hug him enough”,

and every other disgusting, insulting, degrading vindication
that conscienceless creatures can conjure in order to justify
the desolation inflicted upon timid, weak, or unsuspecting victims
by THEIR relative or friend –

but those who possess a functioning moral conscience
will have an eye to the legacy of pain, and misery, and grief
– that lives on … in those who suffered.

Life is an opportunity to stand boldly against evil and error;
to exercise mercy to those who are truly repentant; and
to show compassion to those who truly deserve it –

to live as though You are NOT the centre of the world.

The life you live now … is the Biography that YOU
write about yourself
for anyone who knows – or will ever hear of – your name.

If you choose to be selfish … merciless …
and leave a legacy of pain and grief in this life –

do not then, have the obscene arrogance
to expect people of integrity

to forget about you later.

The pain and grief that you have willingly inflicted upon others
– in your life … does not vanish simply because you die.

Your death does not obliterate the effects of your Cruelty.

People continue to suffer the effects of your cruelty.

Often, all it would have taken was an heartfelt apology;
SOME attempt at restitution: an effort to ‘make it right’.
Some display of regret or remorse.

But you would not do that.

You reap what you sow.

This world does not exist for you to abuse
animals, children, or peaceful adults:

You may ‘get away with it’ in this life,

but do not expect to escape in the next.

P Livingstone

The Great Day of His Wrath
John Martin, 1853
Tate Gallery

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