02. About This Internet Site …

Plain Lifestyle, Few Possessions, Great Contentment –
Humility, Modesty, and Empathy in a World of
Self-Deification, Hedonism, and Greed

Having observed – for the past 30 years particularly –
as the human race has descended to below the level of animals
in morality, as well as comparative mentality,
one is left to wonder how much more depraved
the modern masses can actually become.

Since 1990, “Self Esteem” – the worship of “Me”,
has replaced courtesy, consideration, and compassion
in the bulk of observable society.
Self-veneration – My Opinion – is now
the sole arbiter of what is deemed ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

Ten minutes on the Internet is more than sufficient
to reveal the viciousness of modern multitudes.
Rising above sheer laziness is too much effort
for the most, who are always looking for ways
to make life ‘easier’.

People now communicate by spewing filthy obscenities
and crude vulgarity; speaking of little else but vanity,
entertainment, or possessions;

and freely dispensing ridicule, abuse, and malice
against anyone who seeks to live quietly, considerately,
or respectably in this world.

I remember a world in which the terms “Lady”
and “Gentleman” actually had relevance:

when young women were not ashamed to be ladies,
nor sought to imitate the pathetic macho posturing
of vicious and vulgar men;

and being a mother at home
was the most honourable job in the world;

when men had enough maturity and respect
for their wives, their family, and people they met,
to tuck in their shirt and exercise self discipline
in conduct and conversation;

and when children were taught
enough respect for adults
as to address them as ‘Mr’ ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’.

It is heart-breaking to realise that everything that I value in life
– conscience, courtesy, basic good manners;
the ability to read, write, carry on a conversation;
speak and act with discretion and self-discipline –

have not only vanished, but are now derided
as “weakness” and viewed with contempt;

while skill and wisdom gleaned from mature
life experience is relegated to “Well, that’s your opinion”,

and to voice these simple observations is deemed
the outrage of … “telling people how they should live”.

It may well be that, in being presented with the recent
degradation of human society, your Conscience
may be telling you how you should live …

… I am not.

Do not dismiss me as being ‘The Villain’ for merely pointing out
something that can be clearly seen
by anyone having the age or interest to see it.

You can be an atheist, a Buddhist, a Christian;
you can hug trees, or worship the Third Moon on the Right:

as long as you do not inflict fear, pain, or injury
upon any animal, child, or peaceful adult –
I am not the least concerned with how you live
– provided you harm no peaceful creature.

Whilst my memories and life experience
may well reflect my disgust at the discernible degradation
of humanity in the space of the last 30 years particularly,

as well as my inability to find any point of similarity
between me and the modern world that I see and hear
displayed around me, the content of these discourses
are straightforward Observations.

Nothing more.

I am just one man who began using a computer in 2001,
because I could no longer buy ribbon cartridges for my typewriter.

The thoughts presented are merely observations
made by a man who has always been on the outside of the
“television mentality” of popular culture, with its fads, fashions,
and technological, brain-wasting toys.

I have simply spent more than 50 years
watching human society progressively degenerate;

and now lament the almost-complete elimination of moral decency
– courtesy, consideration; compassion, and conscience.

Criticism is good: it keeps a wise man or woman ‘sharp’ –
PROVIDED, of course, that the one doing the criticizing
is QUALIFIED by Humility, Wisdom,
and Mature Life EXPERIENCE.

Until we became familiar with the Internet
and ‘had a look around it’, I had never imagined
‘ordinary’ people to be as vulgar and alliterate;

or as vicious, callous, and apathetic towards anything
that did not immediately gratify their lusts, ease, or vanity.

Good people ‘post’ a nature video; a film-clip of their dog,
or even a portion of a documentary film,
and the comments that appear below
seethe with filth, vulgarity, and contempt.

I shall never forget the film on a mother with her autistic child,
and the comment from America that the woman should have
… “put your retard down”.

Or the assertion below the piece on the Amish farmer
and his wife, noting that “they are all pedophiles [sic],
brainwashed, and stupid”.

“What a f–king useless, boring life” declared another.
[ my edit ]

The depravity of modern mankind – especially young people –
is completely beyond my capacity to fully take in.

It took me less than a week to realise that I cannot
‘surf’ the Internet.

To attempt YouTube is to wade through a cesspool of filth:
find a video of bluebells growing in a woodland clearing
and, it seems, there will be some vile, obnoxious creature
spewing profanity and invective at that.

My brief look around the Internet taught me
about the 21st century – actually, it explained a great deal.

Why it was, for instance, that whenever I held the door open
for a young woman at the supermarket,
she tells me that she can ‘get it’ herself;

why people stand in the checkout queue
bellowing into ‘cell phones’ for all around them to hear;

… or why one cannot spend ten minutes in any public place
without hearing “f**k“ after each use of the word “the”.

They even have a slogan now – “WTF”.

The filthy obscenities of forty years ago
… are now a fashion statement.

There just is no lower depth of depravity than that.

It breaks my heart to see that any plea, which advocates
moral discernment, self control, or moderation,
is now reviled as “Hate Speech” –

and that this is a world where those who cry for
“Equal Rights” – once they get what they want –
are the very LAST to give equal rights
to those who are different from themselves.

If it makes Me ‘feel good’ … then it IS “good”.
No other criteria are required.

Moral Integrity is all-but non-existent in multitudes
who no longer have the ability to blush,
or feel shame about anything.

This is the 21st century: an age in which
human beings demand to live in a world where –

“Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.”

And anyone who might reason them away
from that self-serving existence,
is dismissed as a sad fanatic
who has nothing of value to offer beyond … ‘complaining’.

Simply being ethical and quiet in the modern world,
is enough to earn the hatred of multitudes
in whose seared consciences, the very existence of morality
moderation, and self-discipline … is a ‘thorn’.

The chimney of (what was) our house is centre screen, below …

From Northern Ireland, having served, since 1981,
as a private lecturer and writer of bespoke documents
in Prescriptive English –

my wife and I live a plain lifestyle without television,
stereo, newspapers, or cellular telephones,
contentedly seeking to avoid the noise, vulgarity,
and ‘party’ mentality of modern humanity.

My lectures and written work reflects those (obviously) unwanted,
‘out-of-touch’ characteristics of moral decency
which are distasteful to modern humanity – yet which, nevertheless,
define me.

The topics upon which I speak and write are simply “Old Paths”
that are now despised by modern humanity …

… written from the perspective of a man who remembers

and laments

a world that is now long gone.

P Livingstone

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