PHOTOGRAPHS: A Walk Through the Garden (Part 1)

It may be that one or two folk would like to join me
for a walk through the garden
that I had the pleasure of keeping from 2009 until 2017 …



Fuji san

Calluna vulgaris

Rosa canina

Fire and Ice

Early morning sounds of wailing attracted the attention of Seona, our Mastiff,
who promptly came and let me know that something was wrong.
Following her, she led me to six tiny rabbit kittens,
crying pitifully, and crawling blindly …

It was evident that their warren had been unearthed by some night predator.
Gathering the brood, I held them on a towel in my lap
and fed Skim Milk to each through a syringe.

Replacing the earth up to their disturbed home, I lined it with straw
and a dry facecloth; put the kittens inside,
and covered the whole with a piece of plywood.
Keeping a careful watch, I was relieved to see
their mother return at 4:00 o’clock that afternoon.

Hosta June

Nature’s Diamonds

Krossa regal

Iris siberica

The Best of Friend

A Graceful Turn

Please join me as we continue our walk in Part 2 …

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