Brief Considerations for Thoughtfully Planning the Garden

If there is anything more relaxing
than the deep green surround of the garden,
I cannot think what it is.

Nor can I recall anything more stunning
than a shaft of sunlight piercing the canopy of trees
to light on the spectacular blue, red, or orange
of a flower within that theatre of green.

The garden can – with a little bit
of forethought and consideration –
be a place that both comforts and pacifies;
but also stimulates and refreshes the senses.

Simply plan your garden
in much the same way as an artist
might mentally prepare a beautiful painting.

Alternately, think of the stage in a drama theatre
or ballet performance:

the lights are lowered in the auditorium
to a level approaching near darkness …

… and then, when that spotlight
first hits the performers – Well !!! –
every colour seems to leap of the stage.

It is, quite literally, breath-taking.

The garden should have the same effect
on all who visit its sanctuary:
the deep green ‘backdrop’
that accentuates brilliant displays of colour.

Against the dark green of the shrubs and hostas,
carefully plan out a colour scheme of
Blue and Purple, with highlight pin-points
of either brilliant Orange or Red.

Nothing made by man
will present a more stunning display
of colour and beauty.

Enjoy the serenity of your garden

… and share it with others.

P Livingstone

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