Hostas … Foundation for the Shade Garden

Twelve Hostas to Provide Exquisite Visual Impact in the Garden

P Livingstone
Innerleithen, 2001

There exists an almost superfluous array of hosts
– many of which, seem barely distinguishable
from others.

Any one of the hostas recommended in the list below
will certainly provide absolute, stand-alone distinction
for those who are specifically seeking visual impact
in their garden.

Collected together, they provide
focal points in the garden
which are are spectacular.

The measurements given below
are the actual, measured dimensions
taken from the respective hostas
that are growing in our garden.

I present the following suggestions
for your consideration …

01. Blue Mammoth

A very large, Blue-leafed hosta
featuring leaves that span some 16 x 12 inches.

02. Blue Angel

Again, a very large, blue-leafed hosta
featuring similarly-sized leaves
of about 16 x 12 inches.

03. Sum and Substance

A very large, light green-leafed hosta
featuring leaves of about 18 x 14 inches.

04. Sieboldiana elegans

This large, darker green-leaved hosta
features leaves spanning about 16 x 10 inches.

05. Krossa Regal

This large, physically attractive hosta
features green, elongated, wavy leaves
of about 11 x 9 inches.

06. Frances Williams

The colour combination of yellow and green
has never appealed to me at all, however,
any advice offered throughout this Internet site
is NOT based upon my personal preference,
but rather, objective considerations from experience
and discretion. With that clarification, I must
certainly recommend hosta Frances Williams.

This large hosta offers yellow borders
to blue-green, leave which reached
about 12 by 10 inches.

07. Halcyon

With distinct, seemingly white-veined leaves,
Halcyon is a medium-sized hosta
featuring lancet-shaped, blue-green leaves
of about 8 x 6 inches.

08. Undulate albomarginata

A variegated hosta, the lovely
white-margined leaves of albomarginata
seem to shimmer from the shade of the garden.
Expect these somewhat lancet-shaped leaves
to reach approximately 8 by 5 inches.

09. June

A green centre and blue margins make this
a particularly beautiful hosta.
Planted in deeper shade, the green
will be considerably darker (and the effect
even more superb) than those which have
more sunlight reaching them.
Leaves will grow to about 6 x 4 inches.

10. Fire and Ice

A medium-sized hosta white green leaves
that feature a single white stripe down the centre.
Expect leaf dimensions to be about 6 x 4″.

11. Patriot

An incredible white-leaved hosta
that features a green stripe down the centre.
Leaf size will be about 5 x 3 inches.

12. Guacamole

To interject personal sentiment,
this is indeed my favourite hosts:

Large leaves feature a stunning gradient
of greens which (for me) are reminiscent
of aerial views of my home, Ireland.
Guacamole is a large-leafed hosta
featuring an ovate-shaped leaf
of dimensions around 11 x 9 inches.

The above list of considerations is presented
to offer hostas that have definite Visual Impact
in either size or colour,
that WILL enhance any shade garden.

I hope that it has been of interest or help
to one or two folk.

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