Cultivating Compassion … Roses and the Garden

This Internet site exists only because
I care enough about people
to make an effort to reason
with those who will not give me the time of day.

Perhaps that makes me gullible: providing
entertainment and amusement – ‘a bit of a laugh’
for those

(barring the moral support and ‘likes’
of a friend from Britain whose presence
provides silent encouragement to try ‘one more time’)

who come here
and leave again without a word.

It is the price, I suppose,
for having a tender heart and a moral conscience.

The greatest shock – and only “benefit” (?) –
of the Internet, for me, has been to reveal
not merely the depravity
of the modern human race in general,
but the selfishness of people on the whole.

Multitudes who cannot even spell properly,
and are without even the sense of responsibility
– the integrity – to ‘check their work’,

have the audacity to dispense “advice”
on the Internet,

to those who are without the capacity to think
to discern – that something
is manifestly wrong with their ‘teacher’.

Ignorance, error, and apathy abound:
and no one cares.

The very nature of GARDENING requires
conscientious thought; instils attention to detail,
and teaches patience.

It obliges the gardener
to pause long enough … to think.

And in an age that is characterised
by wholesale Ignorance and the blind pursuit
of constant entertainment,
the ability to think is something
that is DESPERATELY needed.

The human race into which I was born and raised
has long since been replaced.

Where I have spent my life being … grateful
to those who have corrected my error,
this is an age in which
anything more challenging than

“You’re perfect, just the way you are”

is regarded as an “insult”.

It interferes, I suppose,
with the Luciferian religion of “Self Esteem”
– the arrogant veneration of … “Me”.

I believe that the GARDEN is a wonderful way
to cultivate Compassion, Tenderness,
the Humility to learn, and a sense of
what-was-once-known-as Personal Responsibility.

Roses are a wonderful way
to develop an interest in gardening.

The consistent appeal throughout this Internet site
has been that, for any conscientious person
to break this perverse obsession in modern humanity
of needing to spend every waking opportunity

staring into the electronic screen
of some technological toy;

or seeking attention
through some form of vanity possession,

he or she must either exercise the mind
through the reading of quality books,

or exercise mind, body, and senses
by appreciating and caring for the natural world
– most notably, animals that suffer the neglect,
brutality, and apathy of human beings.

Gardening, I have endeavoured to suggest,
will cultivate empathy, care,
and halt the modern propensity
to exist like a machine.

( It will also, of course, provide a peaceful setting
in which to sit and enjoy that quality book. )

Whether you live in a British Country Cottage;
or Tokyo Flat; or Modern Urban Townhouse –

will transform any balcony, patio, or garden
into a visually beautiful, fragrantly scented
setting that will

calm the nerves,
arouse an empathetic mind, and
foster an outside interest that will counter
both laziness, and the modern fixation
of being connected to a machine.

Whether in a garden or suitable container,
all the rose requires is friable, nutrient-laden soil,
at least four hours of sunshine,
and a gallon (a 4-litre milk jug)
of water applied to the base of the rose
every 3 days, if there has been no rainfall.

Newly-planted roses will need water
every other day – a great way
to develop the habit of responsible care.

“How can I love anyone if I don’t love myself?”

has been the perverse mantra
of self esteem humanism
that has been trumpeted throughout the nations
since about 1990:

The answer is simple:

Removing that obscene “Me First” mindset
will allow its former adherents
to actually experience
Compassion, Self-LESS-ness, and Responsibility –

(qualities which were not only instilled,
but expected – demanded – in us as children
in the 1960’s);

as well as provide the experience of thinking
Less of ME … and More of Others.

Sunshine, gentle Watering, and healthy Soil:

Have the resolve to provide these things,
and place them where they are not ‘bullied’
by neighbouring plants (3 feet of separation is fine)
or harsh weather …

and you can grow roses.

To offer your roses a little extra treat,
consider an application of Rose Food
at the end of March; a week later,
apply a 3-inch cover of mulch
in order to deter weeds.

Applications are available for ‘rust’ and mildew;
while Aphids can be sprayed off with a blast of water.

Cutting back spent flowers will not only
maintain the visible beauty of the plant,
but will facilitate that ‘hobbyist’ element
of fine-tuning, caring for, and presenting
your collection to visitors.

Caring for plants ( that offer no tangible love in return )
will make it a simple matter to extend compassion
and care to animals,
as well as kind and deserving people.

The more you do,
the more pleasurable, and natural,
kindness becomes.

Whether in a large garden
or diminutive balcony, ROSES
offer so much more than visual beauty
and fragrant aroma …

… they can stimulate qualities in your life
that are so tragically lacking in the world today.

Care for a garden,
Care for a rose,
and set a moral example

to all who see you.

P Livingstone

2 thoughts on “Cultivating Compassion … Roses and the Garden”

  1. My thanks indeed. Having berated myself for, just now,
    having paid to renewed this site for another year,
    I very much appreciate your kind sentiment.
    I thank you once again and remain,
    Yours sincerely, P Livingstone

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