The First Day …

Receiving the keys for the new house at mid-day,
we set about my personal obsession in
cleaning every surface on the ground floor,
managing to bring in the first pieces of furniture
by late afternoon.

It is a return to the type of house in which I grew up:
oak doors with glass doorknobs – an interior
that I have not experienced in thirty years,
yet one that immediately takes me back to my childhood
and, as a consequence, feels wonderfully familiar.

Before one can get to work in the garden,
there is, first of all, the house …

Built in 1920, it was, on arrival,
quite a privilege to see it completely empty.

A lower floor serves as a garage,
which will need to be cleared of a myriad of
haphazard old shelves and work counters;
a laundry room and larger room will need to wait a while.

The ground floor was where we began today.
The upstairs will, no doubt, have to wait a week.

Whilst I may well be the only person to view this page
who has an interest in familiar, ‘old’ houses,
with the first pieces of furniture in,
a few photos taken at the end of our first day …

The front entrance …

Sitting Room …

A Hallway from my childhood …

We discovered, attached to the Sitting Room, a pleasant little Office …

Finally, the kitchen was as far as we got on Day One …

Darkness fell at about half-past five and, too exhausted to cook a meal,
we greatly appreciated simple fare with a few mugs of Yorkshire Tea …

The mattress, placed on the floor of the sitting room,
saw us asleep at some point before 7:00.

Tomorrow, all being well, the pond will have to be drained, cleaned,
and re-filled to provide the new home for our fish; then,
back into the house
where the cleaning will continue …

Friday, 10th November, 17.

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