Restoration Diary … Hardest Part Finished

Week Three … With cleaning, repairing, and painting
in the 1920 house now completed, should there be anyone
who shares my interest in old houses,
a few photos to show the house as it looks now …


After basins of constantly changed, piping hot water
and Dettol disinfectant,
filling nail holes and sanding rough areas as we found them,
a fresh coat of paint seemed to cheer the place up immensely.

Anything that was original wood
received a generous coat of Danish Oil.

The actual “Nanny’s Kitchen” is upstairs: this would have been her part of the house …

There are two larger rooms –
the smaller, we understand to have been the nanny’s bedroom;
the other is simply a large extra room …

These we will get to later on, all being well.  For now, back downstairs …

The kitchen is one of two modern additions: the other being the office attached to the sitting room.


This was the nastiest part of the whole house …

Every inch of wall space was festooned with horrible, rough planks that served as shelves … nails and screws protruded everywhere, and a full day was required to clear the walls.

Four carloads (right to the roof) of debris –
wrapped in a tarpaulin, were taken to the local dump.

A laundry room and large, finished basement room
completes the lowest floor.

Scrubbed and with the debris now removed,
the garage is clean enough, and spacious enough,
to house the two little Toyota cars
that we bought during our first week here.

The hardest part now finished, any subsequent dry days
will allow us into the garden, which awaits …

PL,  3rd December, ’17

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