November … Restoration House and Garden

As much as I appreciate the serenity of a well-planted
Japanese Garden, I confess to being fascinated
with the dark wood, glass door-knobs and ornate windows
of old British houses.

It was unthinkable then when, in November of 2017,
we were able to purchase a 1920 house
complete with an utterly forsaken Japanese garden
entirely surrounded by a sturdy, six-foot chain link fence
hidden amidst a canopy of Acer trees
and a perimeter of dying Pyramid Cedars;
all in the centre of a 25 town-house Seniors-only community.

We brought to the new house ninety-five, 5-gallon pots
of select ferns, hostas, and other perennials
which I looked forward to planting in the new garden.

Ten hours, every day, during the first two weeks
were given over entirely to the house itself –
cleaning every floor, wall, and window-sill;

having the heavy, 40-year old carpet on the stairs
and hallways chemically cleaned;

and filling nail-holes, dents, and imperfections in the walls
prior to sanding and re-painting.

Should it be that one or two folk
might share my fascination with old homes,
I enclose a series of photographs of the house
as it appeared on the 31st of December, 2017 …

The house having now been thoroughly cleaned, December
now allows us to take a look at the garden …

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