Explaining the Empty Site [March 2018]

I have a moral conscience
and the ability to apply discretion
in unique situations.

It has continually made me an object of contempt
for modern-minded humanity who resent anyone
that has the self-control to think, and discern,
in a lazy, vicious world
where compassion and empathy
is considered ‘weakness’.

Anything that requires Thought and Self Discipline,
is distasteful to modern minds.

The domineering bully is always “offended”
at anyone whose words
might expose their tyranny.

When a society is so depraved that teenagers
freely shout filthy obscenities in public,
one realises the futility of trying to promote empathy
amidst a collective humanity
that has no moral decency whatsoever.

The problem in actually paying
for an address on the Internet
is that it cannot be ‘taken down’ at will, but must
(as I understand it) be left to “expire”.

At the end of 2016, I asked that anyone
who was interested in this site continuing,
simply let me know.

And spent 2017 listening to the silence.

In determining to simply remove the content
and let it expire in 2018,
I have been troubled by the fact
that folk keep arriving here;

and feel guilty at the ( unlikely ) thought
of someone ( who might ACTUALLY be interested )
making the effort; and yet, arriving here
only to find a blank ‘page’.

As much as I try (and make every effort)
to make a friend,
it is impossible for me to please people.
It has been this way all my life.

I am ‘Out of Place’ in the World:
I always have been.

People look at me,
and see a “narrow-minded” “killjoy”.

I look at people and see multitudes
whose speech and conduct denotes an existence
with no higher purpose than to be entertained.

They would not want to be me.

And I would not want to be them.

Objective Truth is of no interest
to the modern-mind.

People want to be Deceived, Degraded,
and Destroyed –

they do Not Want to know the magician’s secret:
discerning the truth
means that they will have to take responsibility;
and THAT means that conscience will oblige them
to reject the offered luxury, and ease, and sloth.

Bid people to wake up and rise from the dead,
and they will be furious: angry
at even the hint of moral responsibility.

Human beings in the 21st century do not want
the fantasy world to be destroyed.

I had imagined that any folk who came
to this Internet site, and returned,
did so because they shared some common bond
and would, ( I had presumed ) make themselves known
if for no other reason, to encourage someone of like mind.

But people Do Not do that —

An Encouraging Word

in a Putrid World

is (evidently) too much of an effort.

Conscience is dead … and so are
the masses who walk with a beating heart
– and little else beyond poking a finger
into some technological toy,
and being fascinated with the result.

In such a world, there arrives a point
when one must realise
that he is manifestly wasting his time.

For me, that time came at the close of 2016.

Anything that requires Thought
and Self Discipline,
is distasteful to modern minds.

Anything that requires discernment between
objective Right and Wrong is … unpleasant.

The family having been effectively obliterated,
people are no longer referred to as
men and women, boys and girls –
but in adjectives one reserved to describe animals:
“male” and “female”.

No one cares, but ‘jumps on the bandwagon’
and adopts the speech.

The process of removing femininity from women
is known as “feminism”.
No one ponders the irony;
they simply repeat the speech.

In a world where the “gentle man”
no longer exists,
tenderness and gentility are sneeringly
mocked as weakness;
and women consider it ‘liberation’ to be
insensitive, callous, and even brutal.

The television is the greatest single device
ever invented by mankind
to make degradation and depravity ‘normal’
in human society:

Hollywood Cinema introduces the Depravity.
Television brings it into the home, which
makes it seem “Normal” –

people will separate themselves
from a moral man,
long before they will ever separate their home
from the television set.

Multitudes complain about being “victims”
– blaming “Government”, “society”, or “medication”,
“bankers”, politicians, or circumstance –

who should, instead, be looking in a mirror
to see the cause of depravity
– and the accompanying misery – in their own lives.

Who is to blame: The Malignant Predator …
… or the imbecile who blindly and willingly follows him ?

Do not blame Hollywood when You are the one
who brings Hollywood into your home.

It is (surely?) a perverse mentality
that rages against the Poisoner who

hands an individual a glass
marked “Arsenic” —

tells the person to “Read the Label” and,
“Observe the Drops I am placing in the water”
( showing them plainly that what they are being handed
is poison );

but leaves the choice of whether to drink or not,
entirely up to that individual who not only
enthusiastically drinks from the glass,
but encourages his children to drink it also ?

But of course, one Dare Not suggest this
to multitudes whose daily existence
is centred upon no higher purpose than “having fun”.


The Evangelical Church – that once-great means
of causing people to consider that there is something
in life more important than “Me” …

has, since the mid-‘70’s, become little more than
a social centre of openly-visible “Golden Calf Worship”
in a ‘church’ that IMITATES the ways and methods
of the theatre, the rock concert, and the
psychological encounter group.

What was once moral separation from debauchery,
has given way to a stage show
where people are led in self-indulgent happiness parties,
swaying their arms and fluttering their eyelids;
being reassured of how special they are
to some modern-day surrogate “Jesus”
who just wants to be your pal.

You can even choose how YOU
want to “worship”: repetitious liturgy,
traditional with modernised American modification,
or contemporary hootenanny.
Whatever makes YOU feel ‘comfortable’.

Religious Humanism.
When the Christianity that once sought
to distance itself from paganism,
now imitates the paganism
(however much it insistently calls itself “Christian” ),
only the most deluded fantasists can imagine
that there is any discernment remaining in the world.

It is even a “sin” now … to Judge:
a characteristic of maturity that was once
recognised in the world at large as “Discernment”
– and which is absolutely commanded
throughout the Bible – Old Testament and New.

To espouse discernment in the 21st century,
is to be ignored, isolated, and even despised
– as a bitter, disgruntled, narrow-minded bigot.

The current human race has been re-created
– over the past forty years:  fist-shaking,
obscenity-spewing, Luciferian Man
… who has become, collectively, its own god.

Narcissism and Arrogance have replaced
every “value” that once distinguished
a human being from a beast:
Stand in any public place and look, and listen.

Fifty years ago, the young were set a mature example
by those who were older and wiser;
the ignorant were grateful to be corrected;
and people had the humility – and the gratitude,
… to learn.

Now, spreading “love” and “happiness in the world”
means letting people do whatever they want,
“as long as they do not ‘hurt’ anyone else” –

a sentiment whose wholesale immaturity
refuses to recognise that evil exists in this world
Precisely Because self-centred people live
to please themselves.

The marijuana-user who would have been
‘taken down town’ last year,
will now not get so much as a glance from police,
in society where marijuana is suddenly legal.

What was “wrong” before, is now “right”
at the stroke of world-governing pens in the U.N.

Strata Councils, Store Managers,
Community Authorities and Police apply “The Rules”
like weapons – rather than exercise a moral conscience
and apply discretion in unique, personal situations.

And as with all who blindly follow orders,
keeping that job with the power-trip of personal authority,
will Always outweigh any moral consideration
of whether What I Am Doing is right or wrong.

The stupid, blind, beast-like mind-set of
… “I’m just doing my job”.

People do not even listen
to the words that come out of their own mouths …

How many use ‘blogs’ and ‘YouTube’ to “expose”
the “dumbing down” of society,
the rise of greed, and the nastiness of people

… while casually punctuating their complaints
with filthy obscenities –

a trait which specifically reveals a lack of
intelligence, self control,
maturity, professionalism,
consideration for others,
and common decency.

The Irony is outrageous.

Others pontificate about the vanity-nurturing world
of “social media” in which multitudes
stupefy their own minds and intensify their own ego
by ‘blocking’ anything or anyone
that might challenge their complacency …

… and then proceed to tell their ‘followers’
to join them on Facebook and Twitter !

The Hypocrisy is scarce to be believed.

Friend, mentor, grandpa, John Hall,
at work in the Botanic Gardens, Belfast, c. 1960.
Following his death (and with the exception of my Dad),
the last Gentle Man I have ever met.

My first ‘professional’ gardening job was with him, in 1969,
removing stones from the garden beds outside the Tropical House.
Those beds still remain today – exactly as I remember them
from 50 years ago.

I would never betray his memory and example
by adopting the vicious, self-obsessed mentality

that is so openly characteristic of modern humanity.

Having twice attempted to delete this site
I have been bemused to find that folk still arrive here –
for what reason (other than amusement)
I cannot imagine.

People want the fantasy world where they
depend upon machines entirely;
live to be entertained and amused;
and are not required to Think in any capacity.

Whatever a screen tells them, they believe.
Their only concern: the veneration of “Me”.
Anything that requires moral restraint or humility
… is “offensive”.

This Internet Site will never be of any value
in a world such as that.

I know.

The silence of visitors has made that clear.

And THAT has been the reason
for the empty Internet site.


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