The 1st of April … in the GARDEN


A Tulip displays in mid-morning

With April ushering in that extraordinary temperature
of 11 degrees Centigrade,
shoots begin to emerge from the cold garden soil –

Should there be one or two folk remaining in the world
who appreciate the wonders of the garden – in all stages,
Join me as we take a walk around …

In every garden bed, Hostas make their first appearance …

… as the first leaves emerge on bright red branches.

Matteuccia struthiopteris

From Blue Mammoth to the diminutive Blue Blush,
every species of hosta in the garden is now responding to the warming air.





The ‘glow’ of Forsythia

The Beautiful, Purple-Black of Hellebore “Blue Lady”.

The first display of Prunus


Something not destroyed by the interfering touch
of man-made inventions or brain-wasting techno-toys:
the wonderful sights of the garden
which, I trust, one or two folk visiting today
may have appreciated.

For those possessing the capacity, be congenial,
say “Hello” and leave a word of greeting;
I hope that you have enjoyed sharing the sights
of this walk around the garden on the 1st of April, 2018.

I shall leave you with another look
at one of the Tulips in the garden …

As always —
Rise above the degradation of the 21st century;
Cultivate Kindness, Gentility, and Attention to Detail:

Make the Effort … Care for a Garden.

April ’18

2 thoughts on “The 1st of April … in the GARDEN

  1. Oh dear … I hesitate to mention, then,
    that I received your comment today
    whilst preparing a new, Mid-April update in the garden.
    Perhaps, with the snow outside where you are,
    you can still enjoy the sights, and anticipate
    what is to come for you ?

    Lovely to hear from you Lorraine,
    Kindest regards,

  2. Beautiful pics. Signs of Spring after a long winter. We are expecting snow again here today. Spring doesn’t want to arrive here. Your pictures are encouraging…….maybe we will see some color soon.

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