Site VIDEO … The Pain of Remembering

For those who are new visitors to this Internet site –
for the last 3 years, a week before the 17th of May,
I have placed this video.
I did not make a new one for 2018 – because I had no intention
whatsoever, of still being on the Internet.

I have gone through life without the company of people:
– not drinking liquor, owning a television or iToys,
or caring about the things people spend their money upon,
has proven to be not conducive to social relationships,
where modern humanity is concerned.

This week was the last week of life
for a little dog whom I rescued
from starvation and abuse.
The last three years,
I have lost the only friends I have had
this past 20 years.

I read books, spend time in the garden,
avoid the noise and vulgarity of modern ‘society’,
and try not to Remember.

But of course, every year at this time,

I do.

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