A Balanced Consideration of Government

“The Government” has given me (at date of this writing)
an additional fourteen years with my father,
whose life would have ended – were it not for
the government health system
which pays for his highly expensive medication.

I shall never stop being grateful to them, for that
Priceless contribution to … My … life.

Within the borders of every country throughout the world,
evil is to be contained by the magistrate, or government.

Judicial Wisdom is the effective application of

Severity (to confront evil);
Compassion (to prevent legal tyranny); and
Justice (for the victim, and against the wilful offender).

Whilst these things may no longer effectively exist
in the 21st century, any semblance to them
must be appreciated and embraced:

the alternative is Anarchy:
the rampaging evil of the Vicious,
and the Violent, and the Cruel –
against those who are Timid,
and Peaceful, and Compassionate.

One cannot have had even the slightest familiarity
with the Internet over the past decade, and have
failed to notice the arrogance and the rage
that is evidently fashionable amongst multitudes:

rage against government;
rage against bankers;
rage against anyone who is moral.


There no longer appears to be a capacity
in human beings
to exercise moral common sense –
Either to discern right from wrong;
or to act with moderation.

The modern mind seems capable only
of thinking in terms of extremes.
Moderation, evidently, is a thing of the past.

There has been, since the 1990′s,
a stupefied mind-set of passivity
with regard to the affairs of this world.

Time and time again, television broadcasts
are made wherein the parents or family
of a murder victim are heard to say of the vicious,
smirking savage that raped, tortured,
or murdered their daughter … “We forgive him”.

It seems, somehow, to grotesquely be imagined
as being a “Christian” virtue.

“Christian” … ?

However intently such deluded souls make the claim,
such a notion has nothing whatsoever
to do with ‘biblical’ forgiveness (which concerns
personal insult or injury – and NOT crimes
against the peace of society as a whole.)

The Bible that these individuals claim to follow,
makes it irrefutably clear that with God,
there is … NO forgiveness without genuine repentance.

Passivity that is devoid of discernment and moral application
most certainly stands in flat defiance of biblical instruction.
In matters of personal offense – yes, I am to walk away;
to “turn the other cheek”.

This directive for my PERSONAL behaviour
in NO way applies to the rulers – the “magistrates” –
who are charged with keeping JUDICIAL peace
and equity in the land.

No One (possessing a moral conscience)
will knowingly permit a rapist, paedophile,
or wilful vandal to roam freely in their neighbourhood.

Blind and sweeping passivity is nothing but
grievously displaced, mindless emotion
contradicting the biblical directive to rulers
to remove evil from society.

There is a decided distinction, however,
between serving government … and serving tyranny.

Yet, even a tyrannical government is to be preferred
to complete anarchy: The evil of malignant individuals
MUST be controlled by some form of ‘law and order’.

The sober-minded adult has no part in revolution
against a government that maintains law and order
to some degree for – most assuredly,

it is the fear of ‘the law’ alone, that prevents
conscienceless savages in modern society
from inflicting sadism and murder upon the quiet,
and weak, and the peaceable in the land.

What is the directive of the mature citizen, in such a case?
It is to live passively: to do good and moral works
whenever occasion arises;
and to live quietly in the land as much as is possible.

A government may destroy God, family, morality,
proper education and even gender,
in the land in which it rules;
its Justice System may be nothing but a Legal System;
it may enact bureaucratic infantilising of mature adults
who might be left alive within its borders;
yet, none of these things excuse me
from living peaceably within the land.

No, so-called ‘Peace’ never comes at the expense of truth,
moral righteousness, or punitive justice.

Neither does it come from malicious thoughts
and spiteful criticism against the government of the land.

Vicious savages, sadistic thugs
who find their ‘manhood’ in harassing and brutalising
the weak and the defenceless;
exist in every age, and every country:
as equally in the lowest citizen as the highest politician.

As do apathetic, and lazy narcissists
who are bereft of righteous, moral indignation.

When despotic tyrants and regimes – throughout the world –
overstep their bounds on earth, others
who are equally as vicious, take it upon themselves
to wage war and place the instigator under control.

I am a peace-loving man, and would have no part
of violence in any form. And yet, I realise that there are
multitudes in every level of society,
who vent malicious thoughts upon leaders
whose policies run contrary to their own.

Such a thing should not be, for again –
even a bad government is to be preferred
above anarchy.

Men – in every walk of life – may engage in treachery,
greed, and brutality: yet I am determined to never
stoop to their level.

There is much good to be found in government;
and it is – surely – monstrous hypocrisy
to take the good,
and then spew sentiments of revolt in return.

In my own life, I have been deeply grateful
to the government in Canada, where my parents
have resided for the past thirty years.

Fourteen years ago, my Dad suffered
a massive heart attack
and several subsequent strokes;
and we relocated
for fear that he had very little time left to live.

It is Solely through the benevolence of
The Government – whose health care system
provides the medication ( I could never have imagined
one single pill costing £55/€70/$100 )
that is essential to his well-being –
that I have had these last 14 years to spend with him.

Caring, helpful nurses, physicians, and surgeons
have tended to my Dad, whose medical care
in the form of regular hospital visits – as well as
expenses for medication – are funded by
“The Government” in Canada, where he lives.

Were it not for … “The Government” … my Dad
would have died in 2004,
and neither I, nor my brother,
would have had the time to spend with him,
which we now still enjoy.

I cannot imagine a life ruled by self-indulgence:
where one is always Wanting –

Wanting a big screen TV,
Wanting another car,
Wanting the next iToy.

Always discontented.
Always wanting more.

People, it seems, evidently believe that they may
buy without consequence.

People who have so willingly given themselves over
to spend money with wilful and fervent stupidity,
have no reason to complain when they have
squandered bank-loans on hedonism,
toys, trifles, and vanity …

and find that the bank now demands either payment,
or the full return of its loan.

We live contentedly because … The Bank …
has given us a mortgage
to enjoy that which we cannot afford.

On the 31st of October, 2014 our beloved dog, Ben,
died despite a blood transfusion which, it was hoped,
would save his life.

It did not.

He was one of our three dogs (in three years)
who died from the complications of age.

Our only source of consolation lies in the fact
that we were able to pay for emergency medical care
for each of them – precisely because
our bank provided us with a VISA Card,
in the belief that we would use it wisely.

IF greedy people will not stop living in a dream-world
and spending on credit to gratify vanity and greed,
they must not complain if – eventually,
they are obliged (by the bank) to … wake up.

I would not want a life that is motivated by greed
and lust for power to dominate others.

I find it disturbing to observe, on the Internet,
the readiness – that seems primarily to centre
in comments from Canada and America –
of people to dispense malignant rage;

to hurl personal degradation upon peaceful people –
for no other reason,
than that they hold a different sentiment,
or philosophy, in life.

Or the indignation that people disgorge
when a bank – or a government – expects them
to behave with restraint and self control
in the ordinary course of daily life.

For me, it is always preferable to strive with diligence:
to recognise and appreciate the Good
in government policy –
rather than fixate upon those things

with which I may not agree.

P Livingstone

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