Considered Thoughts … to Victims of ‘Bullies’

It has been a very great privilege in life,
to have been trusted with very personal confidences
by people who, really, know nothing about me,
save for an impression that they had initially formed
about my character.

I remember occasions in life, where someone
– who has been so traumatised by a bully
that they are still tormented by the memories
of the indignity to which they had been subjected –
will say …

“You cannot imagine how it feels for me!”.

Perhaps not … yet, I am someone who has
a very tender-heart and peaceful disposition;
and who seeks and shows gentility
in every facet of my life.

And I do understand those who have
mentioned still feeling humiliated; who
feel like a coward for not having ‘done something’.

Many are tormented by the memory – the
mental scars – of what a bully has done to them.

And the crude response of “friends”
who tell them to … ‘get over it’ —

perhaps the most insulting, degrading,
and callous sentiment
that can be levelled at some hurting soul;

and visible proof that the person
to whom they have come to for compassion,
has no interest Whatsoever in their pain.

To such tormented souls, allow me to say that,
while I cannot ‘know’ what it is like for you, personally,
I DO understand what most ( especially in the crude,
callous world of today ) do not.

You see, I DO know …

The lowest form of humanity that I ever encountered
forced himself into my life in 1985,
in the early stages of training for my short time
as a photographer in the Royal Navy.

Just after ten o’clock one night,
the lights in the ‘transit mess’ ( sleeping quarters
in the naval facility where I was awaiting
my first ‘posting’ ) suddenly turned on.

Still half asleep, I pulled on my trousers
and staggered out into the corridor.
Seeing two individuals from another mess,
I approached them and asked what was happening –
was it a fire exercise?

One of the two walked up to me and, without any warning,
slammed his forehead across the bridge of my nose.

All I knew of the creature
was that his name was Pennington;
and his accent seemed to indicate that he was from
the northern part of England.

That very day, my parents had travelled,
and just arrived
to spend a few days with me.

To attempt to physically defend myself
from this vicious brute
would be to spend the following day
in the Regulating Office – the Royal Navy’s police.

More significantly, and quite apart from that,
physically defending myself went against my nature.

I was a peaceful and gentle young man.
Because of it, I had the indignity of having to turn
and walk away. And it has bothered me ever since.

Still … as my dear grandpa said to me once:

“There is no need for any genuinely God-fearing man
or woman to seek revenge:
there Will Be a Day of Judgment, and on that day,
Another will do it far more efficiently, effectively –
and thoroughly – than any grieved victim ever could.”

So, to those who reply that I do not know
your mental anguish – that sensation
of ‘being a coward’ for not ‘standing up’ —

I DO know. I feel it as well …
but would ask you to consider that:

You are not a savage.
And I am not a savage.

And so … should we … know how to respond
with the same cruelty and malice as them?

Bullies are SADISTS – they enjoy inflicting terror,
degradation, and misery.

Bullies are NARCISSISTS – they have no other standard
in life but their own vanity. If they have a wife and family,
it is “My” wife and “My” family – emphasis on the “My”.

Everything they do is to indulge their own ego.

People are objects, or possessions, to be used.

no remorse: no conscience whatsoever.

Brutalising weaker, timid, and peaceful people
gratifies them – rather than shames them.

They have no shame
because they have no conscience.

Everything is subservient
to their love of self.

The 21st century is absolutely inundated
with such individuals.

How then, is it possible that any moral human being
should know how to imitate the likes of them?

I have no television, but even I am aware
that savagery is now glorified and imitated
by constantly increasing hordes of vicious humanity,
who revel in its violent displays.

Since the deluge of ‘action heroes’ in the mid 1980’s,
gratuitous violence is the drug that has been pushed
by Hollywood.

A generation has been nurtured on it, and are unleashing
upon the world – children of their own.

The days of Men … conscionable men, gentle men,
trustworthy men … are long gone.

The days of Ladies, too, are long a thing of the past
as women dress, speak, groom themselves and act
in such a way as to imitate the modern image
of what now passes for ‘men’.

It is very evident that, for a woman to be a forward,
aggressive, loud, domineering and ‘macho’
is to be an … “independent” … woman.

Humility and Gentility have been obliterated
from the ‘New World Order Version’ of humanity.

The 21st century is the age of vanity, greed,
hedonism, filthy language, lust and violence …

It is the age of the savage.

In daily life, psychopaths can often be recognised
by the eyes which accompany the sneering face:
there is a “look” to the eyes in these types of beings –
( you either know what I mean, or you do not …
it is not something I can explain. )

It is as though there is no human soul in these creatures:
the arrogance radiates – they are strictly obsessed
with domineering all around them.

To these conscienceless creatures, women are toys
– ‘bitches’ to be used; men are servants;
and weak and timid people are there to be stepped upon.

This world – it is now frequently maintained –
is no place for The Old.

Look into the eyes of a bully (even in a photograph),
and you will invariably see the ‘absence’ of …
Something – something that you
cannot ‘put your finger on’ … you simply
have the impression that … ‘something is wrong’ –

The face frequently carries a derisive expression
of perpetual scorn: an ‘emptiness’ in the eyes;
a practiced, ‘what are you looking at?’
sneer of contempt and arrogance.

There is, no humility, no compassion, no intellect
– no ‘warmth’ in the eyes … to put it simply:
the qualities that make a moral person ‘human’
– are not there.

As a boy, I used to think that these were the ‘demoniacs’
that were mentioned in Biblical accounts …
the ‘possessed’ individuals of European and Eastern
religion and folklore.

I still have not ruled that out.

How then, my disheartened friend, can you –
who possess a moral conscience and natural empathy,
hope to ‘stand up to’ a savage creature such as that?

A bully is everything that a respectable, trustworthy
man or woman is not: they glorify themselves,
and find pleasure in humiliating others.

You CANNOT ‘reason’ with such perverse creatures,
because they have no moral centre:

the “value” of everything in their existence
is calculated according to how much it gratifies
their vanity.

Let a bully be made aware of the misery
he caused someone 40 years ago,
and he will spew contempt, threats, or ridicule.

They will not feel shame or any sense of regret.
They have no capacity for moral sorrow.

Now, you who think yourself ‘weak’ or a ‘coward’ –

how can you, as a conscientious human being …
ever think that you can ‘stand up to’ savages
such as these.

These are Bullies.

Vicious Narcissists.

And how can you possibly think yourself “weak”
because you are not like them?

A man is no coward who, because he possess
a conscience – a moral centre –
subsequently recoils from violence.

Do not allow the painful memories
of vicious, soul-less creatures
to rob you of occasions to show the world

that you are everything

that these depraved beasts

are not.

P Livingstone

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