Disagree with Maturity and Discretion – Please. (Archive, 2014)

Originally Posted on 13 October, 2014

I define Wisdom as
the ability to apply knowledge
… with discretion.

A quality that is clearly lacking
in the world today.

I have found it incredible,
over the last thirty years especially,
to see the numbers of characters
who set themselves up as … “teachers”.

Folk who –

upon reading a book …

discovering some smattering
of inconsequential ‘knowledge’ …

learning some fact that is
already well known to the literate …

or successfully assimilating the dictates
of some academic ‘institution’ …

– have not the slightest hesitation
in presenting themselves as “experts”
qualified to “teach” others.

Those who are suited to teach
will be endowed with natural ability
– in grammar, writing, and public speaking –
to teach others.

Standing as the great antithesis of this observation
is the Internet … which is not only a tool for
the skilled and knowledgeable aficionado;

but, equally, serves as the great ‘soapbox’
– or, platform – for every

ignorant fool,
opinionated fantasist,
or militant thug,

to broadcast his or her vacuity, vulgarity, or vitriol
to the world at large.

After several years of making the effort to (at least)
become acquainted with the world of the Internet
– its savagery, profanity, universal immorality,
and even ‘social’ site pornography –

I had quietly reached the limit of my endurance
to tolerate the oppression of every special-interest group
under the sun,

whose antics are made manifest in society through
marches, parades, events, and demonstrations –
all in an effort to shove their self-obsessed ‘lifestyle’
down the throats of every passer-by …

… and who then run to the police or the government
to complain like cowardly, whining infants, about
“Hate Speech” whenever someone is Not willing
to be bullied into submission by them.

It would certainly seem that, amongst others,
militant atheists, militant evangelicals,
militant homosexuals, militant religionists,
militant nationalists, militant earth-worshippers
– and numbers more,

are all hell-bent on dominating and degrading
any and all who are not of their particular ‘camp’.

Not one of them, evidently,
is content to live peaceably and quietly in the land.

Be prepared to provide a calm explanation
of your thoughts and lifestyle to anyone …
who ASKS you why you believe this or that,

but, rather than try to see everyone whose
philosophy in life is different than yours,
thrown in jail,

why not confine your domineering, tyrannical vanity
to the walls of your own house –
and leave off trying to shove your philosophies
down the figurative throats of other people ?

Present your thoughts, peacefully, on
an Internet site … and let those who might
subscribe to them, or wish to learn of them
… read them there.

Of course, in this Age which is characterised
by vicious selfishness, I suspect that
any such peaceable co-existence amongst
those of disparate and often conflicting
opinions –

certainly, with such aggressive, vanity-saturated
creatures who are filled with their own
self importance

– is far too much for a simple soul like me to ask.

As long as you do not threaten or hurt
any animal, child, or peaceful adult,
live your life … disagree with others –

but do so with civility and maturity.

Adopt enough humility to at least Stop
availing yourself of every opportunity
to spew filthy profanity and abuse

at those whose quiet, peaceful existence
should be enough to shame you –
if you possessed a moral conscience.

May I implore you to let the dwindling few
of us who are still left on this earth –
who wish to live quietly, and in peace –
do so,

without dubious pleasure of either your
persistent proselytizing presence or
insulting, obscenity-laced invective?

I would very much appreciate the
company and correspondence
of gentle men and genteel ladies
– I Wish that I Could Find It !

I regularly make forays onto the Internet
– usually the ‘social site’ tumblr –
to see what people in this world
spend their lives pursuing.

I make the effort to understand
the thoughts of those who are articulate
… as well as see the brazen depravity
in which multitudes now wallow.

It helps me to explain to myself,
the degradation that I see all around me.

Whilst I will not debate on matters of
moral decency – courtesy, consideration,
nor bother with vacuous theological insults
from those whose ignorance of the topic
is profoundly evident,

I do make the effort to understand why
people act and think as they do.

Vanity is the usual reason.
Hedonism and Sloth motivate the rest.

Which is why it is such a Rare privilege
and a genuine pleasure, to meet someone
with a sober-minded disposition,
who can carry on a conversation;
and has the ability to say “Thank You” or,
“That Challenged me”.

The intent here is to make conscientious people
pause and consider … and perhaps, stop
squandering their lives away on the mental
and moral sewage and commercial greed
that is so popular with the masses.

So, If you are a militant thug at heart,
please take your sensibilities somewhere
other than this Internet site.

It truly would be most appreciated.

P Livingstone

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