Proudly Against the Ancient … The Contempt of Modern Youth for the “Old”

“… the child shall behave himself proudly
against the ancient,
and the base against the honourable.”

“You’re just a bitter old man”

is the disgusting mantra that I have noticed
being served as an Insult
by hordes of young brats
in comments, during my few forays onto the Internet.

If you want to take the moral temperature of humanity,
visit ‘tumblr’ or ‘YouTube’ for a lesson in
commonplace depravity.

The average 40-year old today gives observable
demonstration that he or she neither possesses
the mental capacity, morality, or maturity
of a 14-year old of fifty years ago.

Nor do they possess the humility
to be ashamed because of it.

When society began to be dramatically re-engineered
in around 1990, one of the novelties embedded into
the collective conscience was that children
should begin to address adults
by their first name.

This contempt for respect towards elders
was immediately reinforced by parents
and today, the resulting arrogance
is all-too plain to be seen.

Immature and impudent youngsters
now regards their opinion
as being every bit as “valid”
as the life experience and developed skill
of men and women

who have lived respectably upon this earth
for 20, 30, or 40 years before such ignorant upstarts
were ever conceived.

Perverted degenerates have ALWAYS existed,
and “Popular Entertainment” has always pandered
to the most depraved human dispositions …

Buddy Ebsen and Shirley Temple:
The hand indicates …

and then pulls her in …

… it is simply that now, depravity is commonplace,
and anything can be excused away:

the systematic and easily-traceable re-engineering
of the human race
has been so phenomenally successful that
to be peaceful and sober-minded,
is to now be dismissed as being ‘weak’,
‘miserable’, or ‘narrow-minded’.

And to be old … is too be dismissed as stupid, ‘bitter’,
or worthless.

In a age of such monstrous arrogance, there is nothing
that a moral, conscientious, articulate man or woman
can possibly do to promote
courtesy, consideration, or conscience
in the dead creatures that roam the earth today.

Modern Humanity ?

There is more ‘class’ in a barnyard pig
– and those poor animals are sadistically tortured,
brutalised and horrifically killed in slaughterhouses,
so that crude humanity can eat bacon for breakfast.

“Do What thou wilt
shall be the whole of the law.”

… may be the way of modern humanity,
but it will never be my way in this world.

When the term ‘arrogant and impertinent youth’
can just as readily apply to modern adults in their 40’s,
one can only expect the Me First savagery
and contempt for the peaceful, the infirm, and the aged,
to become worse and worse.

The problem is that, at the moment – when “old”
is used as a derisive insult by the young –

it is difficult to imagine just how much lower
the human race can descend.

P Livingstone

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