“Bitter” ? … Just an Old Path, Along a Narrow way

An Open Reply to the Claim of Being … “Bitter”.

One of the alleys used to avoid the deluge of tourists when living
and working in Venezia: an Old Path … a Narrow Way … where one is obliged
to walk alone.

And hence it is come to pass, that
wherever there have been complaints of faults,
miscarriages, errors …
their counsels have only been
how to destroy the complainers – not in the least,
how they should reform themselves.

[ John Owen, 1616-1683 ]

Worldly men cannot endure to be outshone;
and because they have no mind to be
as good as others,

they would fain make others
to be as bad and vile as themselves:

therefore, they are full of hard thoughts
and hard speeches against good men.

[ Thomas Manton, 1620-1677 ]

I was born shortly after the start of the 1960’s.
That fact is the foundation for everything that appears
on this Internet site.

When I first began looking around the Internet in 2012,
it became readily apparent, that I could not –
watch the average video, read the average “blog”, or
be part of any ‘social site’ WITHOUT encountering
the disgusting obscenity … “f**k”.


I have previously mentioned the video that was
‘posted’ on YouTube by the mother of an autistic child;
and the obscene “comment” below it, telling that mother
that she should have “put your retard down” because she
was a “drain on society”.

Once I quelled the feelings of nausea that
actually sent me kneeling in front of the toilet
(yes, shows how ‘out of touch’ I am, doesn’t it?),

I had to contend with the fact that the Owners
of these YouTube pages Do Not Even POSSESS
the Common Moral Decency to Remove every trace
of These Vicious Creatures from Their YouTube Page.

So now this Sadistic Degradation is on TWO levels:
the malignant beings who make these statements, and,
the conscienceless creatures who see nothing wrong
with them.

BUT THEN, I looked for the plethora of comments
from the rest of the YouTube audience,
who voiced their disgust and loathing at the type of
malignant beings who made comments like that.

And you know ???

There was none. No one said a word.
No one voiced their disgust. Not one.

Now this Sadistic Degradation is on THREE levels:
the reprobate who makes it … the degenerate
who allow it on their YouTube pages … AND
the hordes on YouTube who see it – and do Nothing.

You see, THAT is the Difference between the 1960’s
and the sewer of today – People. The “general public”
then, would have voiced their moral outrage.

If ANY child had uttered an obscenity ANYWHERE
on our street in Northern Ireland, he would have received
a ‘clip on the ear’ or a ruddy good shaking
from whatever mother or wife happened to run past
her garden gate and get to him first.

But what is the conduct of humanity 50 years later
when surrounded by the depravity of vicious people?

Join him ? Encourage him ? Tell others so that
they can perhaps consider the thoughts that he presents ?


When finding a man who ventures onto the Internet
to challenge evil in the world … denigrate him;
attempt to invalidate everything that appears
on his Internet site by insisting that he is … “Bitter”.

I simply despise the laziness, apathy, and self-centredness
of those whose allow depravity to run rampant.

I am disgusted beyond description at people who were
raised in the type of moral society in which I was raised;

yet have spent the past forty years FACILITATING this
perverted society that is now standard in the world
… by doing and saying NOTHING.

And yet, when a man possessing Integrity,
makes an effort to do what they will not,
they quell the guilt that pricks them, by deriding
his efforts and dismissing him as … “Bitter”.

Because if he was Not “bitter”, then he would
obviously see that the modern world
is just wonderful.

What makes me wonder if it is worth the time and effort
is understanding all too well that, the world is now so debased,
that my even replying to this insult
will be dismissed

as a … “Rant”.

People want to be popular … and entertained.

Anything else is “uncomfortable” and unwanted.

“Bitter” (harsh, sour) – is an adjective that
does not apply to people who are attempting
to Sweeten the world … by espousing
Self-LESS-ness in an Age that is characterised
by Self-ISH-ness.

“Bitter” (resentful) – far from feeling resentment
at a world that has ‘let me down’ … this world
is so far BELOW my most crude instincts,
that I have no expectations that it could
possibly disappoint.

It has to do with an active Moral Conscience.

Having One.

When you See Nothing Wrong with the conduct
of modern humanity – on the Internet, or in ‘Life’,

Yes … all you WILL see is a “Bitter” man.

Along with “The Farce of Animal Rescue”,
the essay on this site that SHOULD stir
moral indignation in anyone who reads it is
“A Blind Man, A Dog, and Modern Humanity”.

Neither has merited comment. Ever.

HOW do you read the personal account
of a Blind Man being left to crawl
on a crowded city street … AND NOT
have one thing to say ???

WHAT KIND of Moral CORPSE do you have
to be, to read that account – and just move on
to your next bit of entertainment?

Unless it affects their Vanity, Lethargy,
or Bank Account, people, it seems, Can Not be
“moved” to Righteous Indignation any more.

Degeneracy is ignored or excused,
but never withstood.

What is “normal” to the bulk of humanity,
is depraved, to me … and I am simply asking
people to consider the narcissistic-to-vicious
conduct of modern human beings,

and ask themselves whether that is the example
that they want their 3-year old daughter
or grand-daughter to imitate.

Provide standards of moral decency.
Or do nothing, and make excuses for depravity.

I was shocked by the account of a mother
who was trying to dismiss the shock of taking
her teenaged daughter to her first “party”:

“Oh well, they are under such pressure now that
we never had: it’s hard for them to say “No”.

Pressure? … “We” … ???

The woman related how she her husband
had driven their daughter to a ‘party’ where,
at 7:00pm, they actually saw youths screaming
and swilling liquor in the front lawn of a house
– and left her there to be part of it.

“Under such pressure … that we never had” ???

I told her honestly that, as a teen, no amount of
reward would have enticed me to keep company
with vulgar, drunken louts.


“Why”, I asked the woman, “would ANY
responsible boy or girl even WANT to be
in the company of riotous, liquor-swilling yobs
like that?”

I wondered if it was she who later ‘downloaded’
52 articles from this site that evening.

I was incredulous, in 2008, when staying overnight
at the home of a fellow teacher, who told me
not to worry if I heard a noise in the night
… it would just be his 19 year old daughter
returning home from a date with her boyfriend.
“Sometimes the stairs creak” he said.

I gave him a dismissive wave: “If I hear
anything, I’ll remember that it’s her”.

“Usually, they’re quiet” my colleague said
as he bid me Good Night, and turned
to leave me in the spare room.

It was involuntary: “Sorry – What ???” I said.
He turned.
I continued, bemused … “You said, ‘they’re’ “

“Oh yeah”, he replied, they’ll go up
to my daughter’s bed; in her room.”

My face must have said it all. He added:

“Well, they’ll ‘do it’ anyway;
we’d rather it be here.”

He paused; then asked me what I would do.

I told him he would not want to know.
He said that he did. And so, I answered:

“I had a girlfriend when I was a teen; there
was nothing wrong with my hormones,
but I had limits that I would not cross.

What would I do ?

I would teach her to have enough respect for her
parents, and enough self control for her own dignity,
by not laying out a ‘Red Carpet’ to facilitate some
lust-driven punk, by turning our home
into a cheap hotel, with her mother and me
in the next room.”

The Blank Look.

I might as well speak in Anglo Saxon
with people today –

“Wreclástas wunian sorhcearig
þeáh-hwæðere þéos is min ænetlíf “

– for all the good it does.

“Parents” in the modern world, become acquainted
with EVERY form of Debauched, Immoral Perversion
under the sun …

And willingly SACRIFICE

their Teenaged DAUGHTERS to it.

Yes, I realise that the bulk of humanity now,
HAVE no moral centre … that THEY are
their only God, whose “morality” stops at ME,
but it is those who are older … those who COULD
HAVE Spoken Up, that raise my ire.

Those who, like me, were brought up in a world where
decorum, personal responsibility, and professionalism
were not merely expected, but demanded –

and who have sat there for years, allowing the steady,
suppurating cess-pool of modern degradation
to overflow onto their own grandchildren.

‘Bitter’? No. If I was THAT selfish, I would have
walked away from the Internet after the first year,
read books in my garden,

and let humanity continue on its demented course
of transforming themselves into human machines
incapable of original thought.

I care enough to be disgusted at “adults”
who have facilitated depravity in this world
by Saying … Nothing ;

by letting their children run at all hours of the night;

by installing ‘big screen TV’s’ so they could get
a better view of the violence and promiscuity …
and speakers, so that the filthy obscenities
could be heard more clearly.

I am trying to represent – on the Internet,
the standards of human decency that those people
have abandoned,

have clearly refused to insist upon from their
own children,

and have downright HIDDEN
from their grandchildren.

There is a reason why I have been ‘harping on’
over the past two years – begging people
to leave a word of greeting here, on this site:

I DO NOT WANT to believe that the human race
truly IS the way it appears to be.

But when observable Conduct and Conversation
declares that 21st century human beings have
(with very rare exception) degenerated into

apathetic, lazy, self-deifying, wilfully ignorant,
hedonistic, immoral, degenerate barbarians
whose entire purpose for existing on a daily basis
is to stare at a screen to gratify their Vanity,
and seek constantly to be Entertained,

forgive me,

if I find myself Compelled to accept –
without fear of intelligent contradiction
– that what I SEE, and what I HEAR

must Be True.

If YOU believe that a worldwide society
which cannot communicate or “entertain”
without the filthy obscenity “f—k”,

provides a healthy example for your 5 year old
grand-daughter to imitate, then yes –
you dismiss me as selfish, resentful, and ‘bitter’.

BUT if you KNOW – somewhere deep in your soul,
that the filth that has been the Entertainment Industry
for the past 30 years, has done nothing
but turn celluloid-imitating human beings
into brute beasts;

if you KNOW, deep down, that this feeding frenzy
of Self Worship … “Selfies”, Selfie Sticks,
‘Cell Phone’ obsession, and Social Media … has
created an entire race of Luciferian, self-deifying

then why not leave a word of encouragement –
rather than dismissing me

as a cantankerous old fool ?

I was told in 2012, by a woman from Australia,
that there “is not another site like this on the whole
Internet” – “nothing” she clarified, that offers moral
decency without a personal agenda” of join me,
join my club, join my denomination”.

I thought she was exaggerating to be kind – appreciative
of what she had read. But that had been her assessment
of this Internet site.

If she is wrong, and I truly am … “bitterly” … over-reacting
to the displays of putrid filth that SATURATE Internet
comments, popular “entertainment”, ‘TV’, and the
mouths and keyboards of millions of souls,

then you show me what YOU are doing to return Integrity,
and Self Control, and Discernment, and Moderation –
in an effort to make a moral difference in this world.

And if after all this explanation, you still want to insist
that I am … “Bitter” –

Very well …

I am “bitter” that people who were raised
in the same British schools
in which I was raised;
with the same courtesy, and etiquette, and humility,

have let all that civility, and decency, and self discipline
run through their figurative fingers,

so that they can use those fingers to text
and press buttons that allow them to stare at a screen
at every available moment of their waking existence.

I am ‘bitter’ that they have abandoned every example
they have ever had of femininity in women,
and decorum in men … and given their approval to
the depraved example that they have allowed to
“raise” their children and their grandchildren,
for the past 30 years.

I am ‘bitter’ that the type of lovely ladies – lovely
in dress, bearing, conversation and deportment
– who used to read bedtime stories to me as a little boy
whenever they happened to be visiting my parents’
house …

may never be known by any little boy or girl today.

How can I say such a thing ?

Because such women seem So manifestly Rare
in this world of aggressive, “break free”, “liberated”,
bestial, testosterone posturing,

that one might be forgiven for believing
that they have all but vanished from the face of the earth.

Malignant individuals figuratively murder articulate,
conscientious, morally upright, or even elderly, people
right, left, and centre in their vicious YouTube comments.

I have not so much as seen a television screen in 15 years;
and I would not degrade my mind by sitting in a cinema,
but even I know from taking pains to look at ‘trailers’
and ‘movie reviews’ that,

after 20 years of featuring graphic human torture,
people being sawn alive, contests where people
kill each other, and ‘zombies’ ripping people apart,
Hollywood is now making films featuring Witchcraft
as “freedom”, and Cannibalism as a way to success.

Human beings are so close to becoming machines
that even the human sexes have been obliterated.


that there is something ‘wrong’, ‘narrow-minded’ ‘
and bitter’ … with a man who is espousing
Courtesy, Consideration, and Conscience?

You are the same age as me?

You remember what I remember?

You actually have the experience to compare
Ladies … and Gentle Men from 1968,
with the slovenly, belligerent hordes of 2018 ?

Call me ‘bitter’ if that eases the annoying twinge
that someone like me makes in your conscience:

there are some things worth being ‘bitter’ about.

Stop trying to deride and dismiss me for being
someone who is Making an Effort
to return discernment and decency to this world:

Develop a moral conscience,

and do something Meaningful, yourself.


2 thoughts on ““Bitter” ? … Just an Old Path, Along a Narrow way”

  1. Hello My Friend,
    It is very disheartening to keep trying
    to convince modern-minded people to think
    about the way they live: about what their life
    represents to people around them …
    and to hear nothing but silence in return.

    Thank you for your encouraging words.
    It is very much appreciated.
    Thank You.

    Sincerely, PL

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