Ænglisc … An Introduction to Old English ( “Anglo Saxon” )

Why is it that those who cannot spell basic words,
are the first to publicly display their Viciousness,
Foolishness, or Immaturity for the world to see ?

Multitudes Who Should
Blush with Shame,

are instead,

the ones who Curse with Rage.

“Grammar Nazi” …

I doubt very much if there has EVER been a time
in human history, where human beings have been –
not merely so crude, vulgar, and wilfully ignorant,

so viciously PROUD of the fact,

and vehemently determined
to remain that way.

Yes, certainly, you may have had some young man
in the Middle- or “Dark Ages”,
who never learned to read or write at all …

but NOW there exists several generations
who must have been taught the basics

(although, one may wonder precisely what it is that
‘English Teachers’ have been teaching under the
guise of “English” for the past 35 years),

yet have no interest to retain it for any dignified use.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum,
Si þin nama gehalgod. to becume þin rice,
gewurþe ðin willa,
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum

WHY LEARN Anything … ?

Those who do not have the Self Discipline
and Humility to Learn,

do not have the Self Discipline
and Humility to control
what comes out of their mouth (or keyboard).

Learning purely out of personal interest,
requires a spirit of humility that implies
a peaceful mind and lack of conceit.

Those who refuse to correct their own error
openly display the extent of their Vanity.

History, to the humble, IS exciting because
it is a pursuit of collecting the Wisdom,
Skill, Mistakes from which to learn,
and Experience … of those who came before.

Learning for the pure love of it,
removes the mind from the adoration of Self.


IF for no other reason –
to form the habit of Thinking
before Speaking or Writing.

When people speak or write, they either
destroy or raise up.

There IS NO Neutrality in language:

Complacency, Apathy, and Excuses, serve no
other purpose than to Destroy –
because they refuse to stand against the
degeneration in which the modern world
now wallows with pride.

The greatest device ever invented
to turn the human brain to mush …

Ten minutes on the Internet is revealing enough:

“She could of seen it if she tried.”

“Of” … ???

“This is what they should of saw:”

“… should … of … saw”

Disgusting is too noble a word for it.

“I’m going to lay down.” …

“LAY” is PAST tense.
“Lie” is what you are going to do.
“Lying down” is what you Are doing.

And then of course, there is
“there” … “their” or –
“your” and “you’re” .

Minds that are too lazy … to think.



A person who is Illiterate has never been taught.
One does NOT blame such a person at all.

But a person who is … aliterate … has the means
TO learn, but could not care less to do so.

I could read,
I could spell,
I could speak intelligently … But I don’t want to.

I do not possess the self discipline.
I do not possess the respect for those I am
communicating with, to even communicate properly.
I do not have the Integrity to do things properly.

I am Lazy.
I am Apathetic.
I am a self-obsessed Narcissist who cares only
about Me – let other people decipher
what I am saying …

I WILL NOT raise myself to a level
of personal responsibility to even speak or spell
basic words properly;

I WILL NOT ‘put myself out’ enough
to prove that I can be Trusted as a
Reliable Source of ANY Information,

I CERTAINLY DO NOT possess the Humility
to be thankful to anyone who corrects my error.

But I WILL use my limited capacity to spew
Obscenities at anyone who DARES to “Insult Me”,
by correcting my wilful Ignorance.

THAT is the Standard of the 21st century:

Be Better Than That.

That Multitudes publicly display such arrogance,
does Not mean that you have to join with them.


The MENTAL EFFORT to learn the Old,
will invariably make your MIND sharper,
and more PROFICIENT.

Someone who is interested enough to learn OLD English,
will probably develop that same self-discipline
to learn Proper English

Rather than representing Apathy
to the deteriorating hordes around you,

you will become a BENEFICIAL example
to human beings
that seem hell-bent on degrading themselves
at every possible opportunity.

Look at the letters used here –


you already know what the word sounds like,
despite the spelling. And now you have an idea
of how the language ‘sounds’.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum,
Si þin nama gehalgod. to becume þin rice,
gewurþe ðin willa,
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum

Do you know what it is ?

Look carefully:
key words are discernible …

“Fæder” – Father
“heofonum” – heaven
“nama” – name
“becume” – to come to pass
“ðin willa” – thine will
“eorðan” – earth
“heofonum” – heaven

By picking out what is evident – once
your mind is paying attention to the topic !!!
– you have already understood
half of what is in front of you.

And you have not even had a lesson.

“on eorðan swa (on earth so)
swa on heofonum (as on heaven)”.

When you begin to recognise WORDS from
a thousand years ago – along with the FACTS
and the HISTORY that your mind will acquire –

English becomes a fascinating subject
whose depths the modern multitudes
cannot even begin to fathom.

Join me in Lesson 1 to have a look
at the Anglo Saxon alphabet …

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone

A gentle man who simply wishes to live quietly and die peacefully ... despite being surrounded by a world that has neither manners nor morals.

2 thoughts on “Ænglisc … An Introduction to Old English ( “Anglo Saxon” )”

  1. It is written in the An Crith Gabhlach, “Wisdom is the Mother of each profession … and it is from her hand that they all drink.” There is also a saying that I picked up in a class on Ancient Ireland, ” Is ferr fera chiniud – A man is better than his birth.”

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