How Much Lower … ? Populations to ‘Pot Heads’

Multitudes whose Irresponsibility, Immorality,
or lack of Personal Integrity
was previously held at bay

by the law of the land –

Now have no reason
to exercise Integrity at all.

When men and women defend and
DELIGHT in what should cause them SHAME,
it is a certain sign that they have obliterated
every trace of a moral conscience.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Since 2008, the CALMING Effect of tobacco
has been vilified through the use of personal-opinion,
guess-work questionnaires being passed off
as “scientific research”.

Having successfully used Hollywood to get people
‘hooked’ on tobacco, the same method of
programming human minds,
now has its audiences despising tobacco
as a threat to human life.

It even gave hypochondriac masses
a NEW, replacement habit:

sucked through a slit in the plastic lid
of a paper cup.

And everyone was ‘doing it’.

Coffee. The New ‘tobacco’.

In TV-Land, “Friends” met at a Coffee House;
‘sit-coms’, hospital dramas – all the TV heroes
were shown clutching the cardboard cup
with the plastic lid.

Group Dynamics: Present the behaviour
of the majority … and every individual with
a television set, and a mind ruled by vanity
(the desire to be popular or ‘liked’) – WILL

often to the extent of mocking those who have
the moral capacity for Independent Thought.

The mind that considers the exhaust pipes
of a dozen cars jetting sulphur dioxide, benzene,
and carbon monoxide, parked six feet away
from the tables of popular coffee house franchises,

to be a “Smoke Free Environment”,
will never apply itself to actually Think …

For how many Years would some old Countryman
have to smoke his little briar pipe, before he would
put the same amount of smoke and toxins into the air
as your family automobile puts out
… in just five Minutes ?

Automobiles are successfully used by people
to commit Suicide:

And you and I both know that you
do not think twice about walking your children
past dozens of idling car exhausts
in the parking lot of the Shopping Mall.

You and your children inhale more poison
from your family barbeque
than that old man could ever produce
from a briar pipe.

ALCOHOL – the product responsible for

heightening aggression,
diminishing moral conscience;
removing ethical inhibitions;

the stupefied depravity that goes on
at house “parties”,

street violence, vandalism, and intimidation
on a Saturday night in so-called “civilised”

THE fixture in wife abuse, child abuse,
animal abuse, neglect of care and attention,
drunken rages, and drunken driving,

But No one calls for the banning of alcohol.

People pour liquor down their own throat,
stupefy their minds and their mouths;
make public fools of themselves
and experience – not infrequently, I am told,

the following morning, nausea, vomiting,
sensitivity to light, and dizziness, amongst other
symptoms – having utterly wasted their money
to get into that condition …

Only to do it all again the following weekend.

And if ruining their lives and reputations
as a result of alcohol use, have the impertinence
to call their ‘alcoholism’ a … “disease”.

The Willing, Intentional, Self inflicted Abuse
of their own body … is now a “disease”.

ANY Excuse under the sun … EXCEPT
Personal Responsibility.

Legislate that the tobacconist must
cover his shop windows in order to
“Protect the Children” …

But keep the liquor flowing, and ‘casual
drinking’ displayed as a prominent feature
that accompanies the sadism, torture,
glorified violence, copulation, and ‘partying’,
of Hollywood ‘entertainment’ that children
flock to and imitate.

“Protect the Children.”

Teach Children By Example to discern
objective, moral Right from Wrong;
to have respect for their elders and neighbours;
and the maturity to exercise
Self Control and Personal Responsibility.

Tobacco is evil.

This in a society that ‘pops’ Pills,
swills Liquor, and Guzzles Coffee

while shovelling the fluffed lard, salt,
and grease of modern “foods”
down their collective throats,

in a ‘western world’ that knows nothing of
moderation, the responsible use … of anything,
or even basic common sense.

When I was growing up

Common Courtesy,
Proper Spelling, Speaking, Writing,
Basic Morality,
even Human Gender,

but the most depraved elements
of vulgar humanity.

Now obliterated from society,
the ONLY “Morality” today, is:

“Well, It’s legal.”

And if it is “legal” then … it is Good,
and Right, and Acceptable.

Right and Wrong is now determined
by political decree.

But even bureaucrats recognise
the pitiful state of modern mankind:

Seat Belts, Life Jackets, and Bicycle Helmets –
(I remember a world without any of those things)

– are enforced because human beings
are no longer capable of exercising Consideration,
Discretion, or Personal Responsibility.

Multitudes mutilate their bodies with tattoos
and ‘piercings’ to “express themselves”
by Imitating (!!!) ‘everyone else’ –

they connect themselves to machines
at every possible opportunity –

How long, one wonders,
before they are queuing to have vanity gadgets
installed in their own bodies ?

And these are the “adults”.

What chance have little children, who look up
to see Drug Use as the role model
for their own lives ?

It is beyond Disgraceful.

“War” on Drugs ???

In just one example,
Government-built “safe injection site” parlours
opened to provide addicts with comfortable lounges
and free paraphernalia in 2006.

By 2016, the free heroin prescriptions being
handed out in Vancouver, had already been
“… available for years in Britain, Denmark,
Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.”
[ New York Times, D Levin, 21 April, 2016 ]

An old man is forbidden to stand
on a city street
and smoke a pipe – for fear of
passing “Second Hand Smoke”

to people who are blanketed by
carbon monoxide, benzene, and sulphur dioxide

jetted at high pressure
from the exhausts of motor cars

that drive past them
at the rate of about one every 3 seconds.

And Modern Humanity ACTUALLY believes
that they live in a “Smoke Free Environment”.

The depth of the modern Inability to Think

… is absolutely astounding.

FREE Heroin for current Drug Users.

LEGAL Marijuana
to Encourage all who
want to … BECOME … a Drug User.

But Pipe Tobacco is banned
as a bad example

… “to the children”.

The last thirty years of
systematic, sanctioned depravity ,
and obliteration of mature, considered thought
now make perfect sense:

I have been watching
the Methodical Destruction

of the human race.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone

A gentle man who simply wishes to live quietly and die peacefully ... despite being surrounded by a world that has neither manners nor morals.

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