The Accusation Agenda … Modern Mob Mentality and Eradication of Kind Men

“Give me six lines written by
the most honourable of men,
and I will find excuse enough in them,

to hang him.”

Vicious People do not care Who ELSE they hurt:
as long as they get their vengeance.

It used to be that,
if you had a grievance with someone,

you went to them personally,
and attempted to reason with them.

If they were an aggressive personality,
you took an acquaintance to act as ‘witness’.

You did Not make your personal grievance
a Public Vendetta where you sought to humiliate
someone in front of as much of the entire world
as possible.

You also had the maturity to recognise
your own poor judgment:

If I … Willingly … walk into a Den of Thieves,

and choose to be plied with their food and drink,

I do not present myself as the blameless victim
when I discover later, that my pocket watch
has been stolen.

I certainly Do Not align myself with a crusade
which intimates that ANY Man
who might pay me a compliment

… is doing so because he is a thief,
looking for an opportunity to rob me.

“Let’s end Fear … by Generating Fear.”

Using Evil as an Excuse

to Commit Evil

… is Evil.

The Sadist who is determined
to beat an animal,
will ALWAYS find a stick.

Even without owning a television, we were aware that,
in 1990, the American President had used television
to proclaim the arrival of the “New World Order”.

It would be a “New World” which would encourage Vanity,
ridicule those who questioned, enforce subjection to authority,
broadcast fear of everything … and ensure that Self
was the only god that is worshipped.

It is a New World in which barely literate multitudes
cannot distinguish between “there” and “their”,
or “your” and “you’re” – YET can spew filthy profanities
while being “offended” if anyone
attempts to help them by correcting their error.

Lacking the humility to learn,
or the decency to say ‘Thank You’ –

bereft of any sense of responsibility
or the mental self discipline
to even check basic spelling,

such individuals arrogantly imagine that their
undisciplined opinion should be regarded as ‘wisdom’
by others.

It was the Age of the “Instant Expert” in which
ignorant youths imagine themselves qualified
to teach others.

In this New world, ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’, and ‘Men’ and ‘Women’,
were quickly reduced to animal status

when those exclusively human nouns were discarded,
and replaced with the adjectives … “male” and female”.

Twenty five years later, even basic biology
has been so successfully obliterated
that a child will soon not be certain whether he or she
is looking at a boy or girl –

or even if he or she … is … a boy or a girl.

But even this mass chaos and confusion is not enough
for this New humanity — NOW,
ANY conscientious man with a kind disposition,

is presumed to be a Perverted Predator.


Increasing legions of smirking, ‘macho’ savages
will never be deterred from their abuse, contempt,
and degradation … of Women.

BUT genuinely kind men
who would – in the past, freely hand out an heartfelt
compliment to a woman about

her appearance, or
new hairstyle, or
happy demeanour,

will now be afraid to so much as Encourage or extend
a KIND comment to Any Woman,

for fear of “offending” a vitriolic narcissist,

and being labelled as some form of ‘predator’.

It is a situation that is evidently wanted
by women who indiscriminately bludgeon kind
and complimentary men with the weapon
now evidently known as

… “me too”.

Intelligent human society has long BEEN eradicated.

Congenial human society is Now BEING eradicated.

Infested with vanity and self-worship,
society is now so fragmented
that any cohesiveness is nigh-on impossible.

Those who hate men;

and those who are too lazy to make any personal
effort that might merit a compliment,

are going to make sure that NO ONE

will receive a personal Compliment …
or dare to offer one.

Their downright sullenness
is going to be standard practice in the workplace
… in public … Everywhere.

These vitriolic instigators are hate-mongers:
figurative mass-murderers who are determined
to destroy the character of men in general.




And in a world where mature Discernment
and Moderation … have not existed
for over thirty years – anyone
who does not jump to the extremes of
instantly agreeing with this Degradation of
All Men,

is decreed to be supporting rapists.

NO WOMAN – Anywhere – exceeds me in
believing that men, generally, are loud, obnoxious,
slovenly, arrogant narcissists who want to
dominate every one they meet.

IF that is how you view the bulk of men –
I do as well.
I may well be more ‘feminine’ than you are.

BUT what is going on today reeks of Hatred:

Vengeance – for a Few, and Mob Mentality
viciousness for a Multitude of malicious

Any Reader of my work will Know that I am
completely in favour of any Rationale
that will remove the stupid, pathetic, swaggering,
testosterone-posturing viciousness that typifies
‘macho’ bullies, punks, and thugs the world over.

Every … Genuine … victim of malice Should
seek redress from the physical assaults of violent,
evil men.

But there is no need to take part in a Mass Movement
that is populated in large measure by those whose
perverse Conceit decrees

any attempt at a handshake …
a sympathetic touch on the shoulder …
a welcoming or congratulatory hug …

as attempted … “physical intimacy”.

A woman violated by some savage brute,
SHOULD pursue the matter, at the time, privately.

But this method of ‘bandwagon-jumping’
multitudes crying “Me too” … while recounting
an occasion from twenty, thirty, and forty years ago,
across the unrestricted world of television
and the Internet –
is serving quite another purpose.

It is creating a public mind-set where any Good Man
attempting to express Camaraderie,
Compassion, or Congratulations …

is a malicious pervert.

In this situation, Kind Men
are NOT the ones
who are displaying Predatory Malevolence.

The effect of this tribal bloodlust
will not be merely to dominate men,
BUT to make kind men … cower

… before women.

This about power: subjugating those who –
traditionally – were seen to ‘hold’ power.

A rash of 1980’s and 90’s American “TV Talk Shows”
placed every manner of low-grade humanity on a stage;
and garnered “ratings” by having viewers
vent bestial outrage on some slovenly thug
who abused his wife.

The modern mentality of instantly believing Anything
that degrades another person, is appealing
to the Conceit of the Vicious and Self-centred –

Because it makes them “feel superior’.

Scatter enough of these vitriolic individuals
throughout a population,

and you add to the calculated fear culture

that now guarantees hypochondria
in disgracefully increasing numbers
of neurotic narcissists.

A pregnant yuppie mummy cannot shake hands
in case her baby catches an “infection”.

This New World is now characterised by
ignorant Opinion, appalling A-literacy, Immorality
Error, Vulgarity, and Bullying,

which successfully keeps those who are ABLE
to think, consider, and question,
derided, intimidated, and submissive.

“Let’s end violence by being Violent.”

“I can destroy the reputation – the life –
of any man who has so much as
tapped me on the shoulder,

offered to carry a heavy suitcase, or
asked if I would like to join him
for a Mocha at a cafe.”

Power. Bullying. Domination.

In the workplace, we talk about work –

Just work.
Only work.

Sociable compliments – basic human decency –
are now outlawed by miserable creatures
who want to force their resentment
and contempt

upon everyone around them.

Men now (evidently) come in two sorts:

1. vulgar, profanity-spewing, aggressive,
beer-swilling, tattoo-covered mimics
of depraved Hollywood ‘he-men’ ;


2. “successful” men in positions of power,
celebrity, or just being my equal at work …

… who are rapists and paedophiles

because they dared
to extend a compliment to me.

Having embraced the bodily mutilation
of tattoos and piercings
to regard clean-cut’, conscientious,
sober-minded professionals with contempt;

and thrown away maturity, responsibility,
conscience, and the ability to think,

re-engineered humanity now not only
spends every possible waking moment
connected TO a machine:

they have BECOME callous, ruthless,
self-serving machines.

Kind, Considerate, Articulate, and
Complimentary people are a rarity
that is being expunged from this world.

Vicious people make a vicious world
when those with a moral conscience
just sit there

and let it happen.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone

A gentle man who simply wishes to live quietly and die peacefully ... despite being surrounded by a world that has neither manners nor morals.

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