vita e lavoro in Venezia …


The first day of work

The view from my colleague Luisa’s balcony at … Via Monte Cengio, 30171 Mestre

I stopped to stare, mesmerised by this statue, every time I walked past it.

In early springtime, the streets would sometimes flood. I always recall my heart going out to one young woman who waded in nylons – shoes in hand, skirt hiked up as far as modesty would permit – through the thigh-deep water.

The enjoyment of going to LaToletta bookshop:
getting there was a nightmare after about 10:00am.
One made an effort to learn the short-cuts
that would allow us to by-pass the outrageous throngs of tourists …

Carnivale was madness for its crowds …

Orso Grande … he came to live with me.  He still does.


LeBarche: Feltrinelli’s wonderful bookshop was on the entire upper floor.

On our days off, Luisa would take me to see historical places.
I took this photograph of her on one of our days out …

Heading home …

My street

The safest way to travel the on the roads.

The view from my classroom …

Apparently, due to the disgracefully litigious state of the world, I am not allowed to show any photograph which features a student’s face. This the only one I can present here.

The end of the day …

A life that is used to gratify Self,
is a life that has been wasted.

It may be that there will have been someone who will have enjoyed seeing these few photographs, and sharing my memories of working and living amidst a wonderful group of people. Comments – for those who can manage congeniality, would be appreciated.  – PL

Author: Mr Livingstone

A gentle man who simply wishes to live quietly and die peacefully ... despite being surrounded by a world that has neither manners nor morals.

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