Thoughts to a Victim … of Modern Humanity

Thoughts to someone who was deeply hurt by the
degrading comments of vicious, Internet sadists …

The 21st Century …

A Perverted Mind
sees perversion in everything.

An old man stands looking at children in a playground.



Is that not the first thing that comes to the
polluted cesspool that now passes for human thought?

I … see an old man looking at children,
I imagine him to be wistfully reliving his own childhood;
reflecting upon the dreams and hopes
that never came to pass in his life;

I … wonder if maybe that old man
has a baby, or a child, that he and his wife
laid in a grave decades before.

It does not occur to me, at all, that the man
is a depraved monster.

If anything, the depraved monsters
are the collective bulk of 21st century humanity
(the “majority”)

who saturate the earth, harbouring ill-will
and hurling abuse at anyone
who is not as rude, crude, selfish,
swaggering and ignorant as themselves.

The malignant nature of such individuals
can be readily determined
by letting them speak, write (or type)
for 5 minutes.

“Self Esteem” is the conceited veneration
of … Me. And multitudes bow down
to no higher God than themselves,
and their own self-gratifying opinions.

Viciousness, Vulgarity, and Ignorance
will always come out in the communication.

Those who delight to degrade people that are
more sober-minded, thoughtful, or intelligent
than themselves, almost IMMEDIATELY
resort to calling people names.

When anyone calls another person “Idiot”,
“Conspiracy Theorist”, (or any of the
degraded obscenities by which the Vulgar and
the Vicious reveal themselves openly to the world),

anyone of maturity will recognise that
it is the one levelling the insult,
that is the Ignorant Fool.

Those who cannot debate maturely,
or upon considered intellectual skill,
invariably resort to the infantile practice
of bad-tempered children –

Name Calling.

It is the moral duty of every Conscientious
man and woman, to stand against evil and error:
but the few who actually do so,
conduct themselves with maturity and discretion.

The Ignorant vomit out threats and obscenities
to bolster their own conceited opinions.

A Mature Man or Woman is NOT Afraid
to let a philosophical or intellectual opponent
speak freely.

Because a Mature Man or Woman has the
… maturity … to hear conflicting thought,

and agree …
investigate further …
or reject accordingly.

More importantly, a mature person
has the humility and moral decency to consider that:

“I … may be wrong”.

The practice of Children – Literal or Emotional,
to dismiss people by calling them names,
is something that reflects upon the Emotional Infant
doing the name-calling:

and NOT the person receiving the abuse.

The Internet is absolutely SATURATED –

not only with

1. self-published examples posted by people
who have not the intelligence to realise
that they are demonstrating (to the entire world !!!)
just how vicious and crude they are;

but also with

2. multitudes who find nothing wrong,
and actually join them in saying:
“Look at how crude I am, too”

by allowing other people’s depraved comments
to remain on their own ‘blog’
or YouTube page.

When I was growing up (and Common Sense
still existed in the world), adults (the name
used to mean those whose minds had developed)
were responsible enough to recognise
the use of obscenities as being the domain of
the Crude, the Rude, and the Ignorant.

Sadly, Crude, Rude, and Ignorant are universal
Characteristics of what now passes for “humanity”.

Crude, Rude, and Ignorant are considered to be
“normal” human communication.

The Internet is More Than Sufficient
to demonstrate the open depravity of collective humanity,
who have not the moral conscience
to blush with shame
at what comes out of their mouths

(and worse – keyboards upon which,
they take the time to actually tap out profane filth.)

Having been abused by the Ignorant or Obscene
pronouncements of the vulgar and vicious masses,
simply –

Consider The Source.

Every person on the Internet who uses obscene
language and profanity
in the course of what they regard as ‘conversation’,

openly reveals the level of their OWN moral character,
their lack of self control,
their low standard of intelligence, and
their utter absence of moral conscience
towards those who hear or read their filthy language.

IF such vitriolic creatures ridicule
and degrade You …

they are declaring that You Are
at the Opposite End of the Human Spectrum
from Themselves.

And that, to me …is the greatest Compliment

that any foul-mouthed,
opposition-censoring emotional infant

could bestow.

Mature Men and Women will not resort to
conducting themselves like Bad-Tempered Children.

And if that is all the 21st century
now has to offer then,

hug your dog, stroke your cat,
or speak gently to your goldfish …

… and let the vicious hordes of modern humanity
wallow in their own rage:
You have better things to do
than trouble yourself with the likes of them.

An empty vessel makes the most noise.
A drum makes a sound because it is hollow inside.

So are those who are loud, and constantly prattling
on about themselves and their imagined

Filthy language merely advertises
the Unprincipled Savage inside.

Countless multitudes are violently proud
of their Ignorance:

“You think you’re better than me?”
is the usual scream of outrage.

‘I know I am’ … will be your silent response.

Show me your friends,
and I will tell you what you are.

Seek the company of those who are quiet,
peaceful, and conduct themselves
with civility and courtesy.

As for the Vicious Hordes …

just walk away.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone

A gentle man who simply wishes to live quietly and die peacefully ... despite being surrounded by a world that has neither manners nor morals.

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