The Age of the Emotional Infant

Thinking Men and Thinking Women
Ask Questions – Specifically
so that they can … Think.

An adult has the maturity to listen,
weigh evidence, agree, or disagree.

A Mature Adult … can do these things.

A Child … will erupt in a temper tantrum.

The 21st century is a place in which the ability
to Think independently, and with maturity,
has been wilfully given up in a world where ANY
Mental or Moral challenge is deemed … “offensive”

Mature adults recognise that in ANY society
of people, there are going to be Differences
of Moral Conscience, thought, and opinion.

Impudent Children demand that everything
be done … their way.

And – as with Any bad-tempered child,
those who refuse to investigate the possibility
that THEY could conceivably be wrong,
resort to the cruel child’s practice
… of calling people names.

Free Speech is no longer tolerated
by those whose ‘lives’ consist of little more

self deification,
personal pleasure,
self-centred apathy,

and the hedonistic standard of minds
that are NEVER Morally challenged.

An Adult has the maturity to weigh evidence,
consider, and reject or accept the thoughts
and observations of another person;

but a Child, and a Bully, MUST
have everything their own way.

It is impossible to reason with those
whose entire thought processes
are founded upon entertainment.

Anyone who makes an attempt to question
the world around them
is mocked, degraded, and vilified
by multitudes
who arrogantly regard themselves
as “defenders of equality”

And How do Emotional Children “defend”
their notion of ‘equality’ … ?

By Censoring anyone
who has the maturity to Ask Questions.

Throughout the 1980’s, 90’s, and 00’s,
it was simply a matter that
those who demanded “equal rights” –
once they got what they wanted –

were the very LAST to grant equal rights
to those whose philosophy differed from theirs.

By mid-August, 2018, the hatred and viciousness
of those who claim to need “protection”
from “Hate Speech” …

… not only level brutal Hate Speech
at anyone who is different from them, but
demand that Internet Companies … Ban

those who express considered thought,
morality in any way;
or question events of the world around them.

Degraded, Censored, and Removed for daring
… to ask Questions.

Whilst the bulk of humanity just sit there,
and do nothing.

The human race has been obliterated:
what populates this earth now are half machines
programmed to “think” and act in a self-indulgent haze.

Truth is Whatever I Think it Is.
And they cannot even be consistent in that …

Humanist multitudes look to “Science”
to assure them that there is no God.

But when Science has spent more than a century
declaring that anyone
who has a Y Chromosome, is a man;
while two X Chromosomes denote a woman,

suddenly, the modern “mind”
makes Science redundant.

I may feel like a duck,
wear feathers in my hair,
and quack whenever I meet people –

but I am still a deluded man
acting like a duck.

And he is the greater Fool than me,
who would look at me, and agree
that I actually am … a duck.

This is the 21st century.

Where along with discernment
and mature thinking –
Objective Truth … No Longer Exists.

I remember a time when an Adult
could actually be distinguished
from a Child.

Now … “adults”
are now so Emotionally Unstable

that they demand the Censoring
of anyone whose thoughts and observations
conflict with the ‘feel-good’ mentality
of their infantile utopia.

Free Speech is a terror to the Domineering,
the Despotic, and the Wilfully Ignorant:

because it allows their integrity to be tested.

Perpetual Children
demand to have things their own way –
either by bullying … or “Telling the Teacher”.

To Self Esteem demi-gods, Anyone
who speaks with moral objectivity,
and possesses the ability to spell basic words

is a “bigoted”, “sexist”, “–ophobic” “racist”
“Narrow-minded” “Grammar Nazi” spewing
“hate speech”.

Emotional Infants can censor Thinking Adults.
But Thinking Adults must never challenge
Emotional Infants.

When I was a little boy, it was illegal
for a woman to murder her unborn baby
because a child would get in the way
of her social life.

Now, Human Beings not only march in Parades
Celebrating – rejoicing in !!! – the fact
that they can have a baby in their own womb
sliced, vacuumed out, and dumped in a bucket,

but spew obscenities and vicious hatred
at anyone who thinks that the life
… of a tiny baby … is important.

Governments are legalising marijuana
to encourage entire populations (whose low moral
character was once restrained by the law of the land)
to become drug users.

The “morality” of modern minds
rests upon No higher standard than

what they “are allowed to get away with”.

The day governments tell them
that it is legal to kill,
modern humanity will – sooner or later –
go out and kill.

For perpetual adolescents whose purpose in life
is to gratify every stirring of Lust, Conceit,
or Greed:

“Do What Thou Wilt” … TRULY
Has Become the Whole of the Law.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone

ひとりげいこ ... かなしみをまぎらす

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