A Word to Vicious Humanists

It is an interesting observation to note – that
“Hate Speech” never applies
when the Ridicule, Mocking, Vitriol and Hatred

is directed at peaceful folk

who wish to live quietly
according to the principles
contained in the Old Bible of William Tyndale.

WHY DOES That Bother You SO Much … ?

It would seem that, because I
(and an ever-decreasing number of other folk)
was raised in a world where people
had sexual relations – and babies –
when they were married,

I – and the very few left in the world like me –
am an object of contempt
to the 21st century mind.

We are regarded as cruel tyrants who would
advocate such reprehensible behaviour as
Self discipline; Family Values; and
Common Courtesy.

I understand that human beings
no longer have the ability to blush:
that shame is a thing of the past –
but from where does this knee-jerk hatred
for basic morality come?

Does it require too much effort to
… NOT be vicious?

Or is it that anything that might require
moral decency and self restraint,
is just too repulsive to the modern mind,
and so deserves to be vilified and despised?

I understand that there are legions of
self-venerating “Evangelicals”
who practice a transcendental, head-in-the-clouds,
feel-good “Christianity” ;

hordes of grandiose charlatans fleecing
their utterly deluded congregations; and,

‘fundamentalist’ tyrants who bellow obnoxiously
and wave a Bible as they build an empire
of tragically ignorant, domineering disciples.

Denominations exist precisely because
Men are not content to read – and heed –
what is in the old Bible,

but imagine themselves so wise,
as to add their own opinions and notions
to what is written there.

I am also aware that the New Testament
is HIGHLY specific, insisting over and over again
that, whilst many May Claim to be “Christian”,
very FEW actually “live” it. Most are hypocrites.

When briefly opening a Facebook page
– which I endured for forty days,
the following ignorant atrocity appeared
on my ‘logged-in’ page.

The one form of low-grade existence
for which I reserve absolute contempt,
are sadists who find satisfaction in causing
pain, fear, or degradation to any animal,
child, or peaceful adult.

I do not care whether you are an Atheist,
Buddhist, so-called “Christian”, hug trees,
or Worship the Third Moon on the Right –

I simply despise … Bullies.

Especially those that supplement their cruelty
by spewing wholesale Ignorance.

Now, to all such vicious creatures who like to
degrade people that believe in … fairy tales –

Precisely WHAT is it in the Ten Commandments,
that so offends you ?

1. Live as though you were not the centre of the universe.
2. No need to grovel and scrape to statues.
3. Exercise self-control over the verbal filth
that comes out of your mouth.
4. Give your employees and farm animals a day off
once a week.
5. Respect your own Dad and Mum.
6. Do not maliciously kill anyone.
7. Do not destroy the family next door with adultery
arising from your lust.
8. Do not steal what belongs to someone else.
9. Do not lie about, or cause disgrace to, another person.
10. Do not be greedy for everything you see.

Now – explain it to me.

WHAT precisely is so offensive to you
about the moral code of human conduct
listed above ?

And if people choose to live accordingly,
while believing in their Invisible Friend –

WHAT is THAT to YOU ???

Or does being an obnoxious Bully
degrading quiet and moral people in the world,
just appeal to your self-image as a smug,
arrogant thug?

The OLD Testament – which is so “repulsive”
to lust-loving narcissists in general, provides
the “rules to follow” for those who Claim
that they want to live in a … THEOCRACY.

For ancient Hebrews, these were the laws
and principles … by which ONE nation
was expected to live.

If you did not like that, then move to Egypt,
or Sodom, or some such pagan place on earth:

drink, ‘party’, and place your new-born baby
on the red-hot metal arms of the idol Molech
while the drums beat so you do not have to
hear the shrieks of agony from your child.

The NEW Testament provides rules and principles
for those who CLAIM subservience to God,
while living amongst people of ALL nationalities
throughout the world.

If I am living Quietly and Peaceably in the land
Quietly Worshipping anything that You deem foolish –

WHAT is that to you ???

Please direct me, also, to the book, chapter,
and verse(s) in the old Bible, where God
declares that he needs money.

Go Ahead.

Or are you simply displaying your contempt
and ignorance by equating shyster “evangelists”,
paedophile priests, and perverted “pastors” …
with the contents of that book?

Have you even opened that old book,
and mentally digested its content?

Or have you the integrity to admit
that are you utterly ignorant of the Context
of any given portion of it?

“Love your enemies,
bless them that curse you,
do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them which despitefully use you” ?

Precisely WHOM, I wonder,
is showing the Hate ???

If the Bible is a book of “fairy tales”
believed by sad, deluded fools like me,
why does that bother you so much?

Why the Utterly Disproportionate hatred
when the mere thought of “The Bible”
comes to mind?

“Live and let Live” was the cry
of the masses during the early ‘70’s.

Yet why is it that those who cry loudest for it,
are the least willing to give it?

The few who actually are quiet, peaceable,
genuinely God-fearing people in the world,

are humble people who truly make an effort
to honour God in life and thought –
and are quite content to let the world
live as it will.

We certainly find no agitation in letting people
sit for hours in front of the television;
spend their money in the pursuit of greed or ‘status’;
or entertain each other with the frivolities of modern life.

ALL we want is the courtesy to live
in peace and quiet.

The problem however, is that neither
free-thinking humanists,
nor hypocritical religionists,
are content to let moral folk alone:

too much pleasure to be found in ridiculing
those who espouse old fashioned morality –
of which they are incapable.

Be an atheist … hug trees …
worship the third moon on the right:
as long as you do not intimidate or hurt
any animal, child, or peaceful adult —

Live your life.

But allow those of who endeavour
to live quietly and peaceably –
the same courtesy …

Without the name-calling, lying,
and ignorant slandering of our character.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone


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