Austerity Measures … ?

For the second time in a few months, someone
has presented the concept of “bio diversity” to me
and, whilst this second occasion has been merely
as an aside to a larger, general question,

the first had been phrased as a definite challenge
– an admonition – that I ‘should be doing more
to “care” for this world.

As I did not address that first presumptive remark
at all, I thought it might be prudent to present
a few thoughts with regard to this notion that I
– and folk like me Should … “Care”.

I would have thought that it Should Be crystal clear
from the content of this Internet site,
where I stand with regard to Any aspect
of kindness, care, courtesy or consideration

– most especially where peaceful and gentle creatures
( whether man, animal, or nature in general )
are concerned.

Dispensing Kindness … Should Be … the practice
of Every human being that possesses
a working conscience.

There has been, over the past ( I suppose )
fifteen years, a renewed religion of EARTH

that I remember being last foisted on us
in the early 1970’s, under the phrase … “Ecology”.

What appealed to the hippies of the latter ‘60’s,
now appeals to the glass-and-chrome living,
machine-programmed urbanites of today.

It is a ‘bandwagon’ that is clambered upon
by the perpetually hand-wringing, knee-jerk reaction
masses of 21st century society …

… a ‘wagon’ which is driven OVER the top
of people who ARE conscientious;

and driven AROUND those who are the
cause of damage in the natural world today.

I have neither part nor interest in this decade-long
proliferation of Fear from … Supposed … “Over”
Population, ( the whole middle latitudes of Canada
consists of tens of thousands of acres of vast open,
unpopulated wilderness – as, I suspect,
are the same latitudes of Russia and Scandinavia (?) );

Political Fanatics,
the Sun,
the Seas,
the Temperature,
utterly ludicrous “Second Hand Smoke”

and every-and-any-other Snowflake
that has been presented as an Avalanche,

in order to breed fear, dependence, and uncertainty,
in infantilized, subservient, self-obsessed, an very
hypochondriac masses.

I can only state again:

The destruction of plants, animals, and wilderness
is a topic that SHOULD BE taken up
with the TWO forms of humanity who do just that:


those “film stars”, “celebrities”, politicians, and CEO’s
who go from A to B in Leer Jets and Limousines;
who have the walls and ceilings of their Californian
mansions decorated with 24 carat gold leaf –

… and yet whine,

and call for the little old widow lady
in her cottage in Killarney
to practice “Austerity Measures”



those wanton liquor-swilling, groin-scratching savages
who destroy nature with the noise and carnage
from ‘dirt bikes’, ATV’s, speed-boats, and Snowmobiles;
before flinging their stinking beer tins
wherever they happen to be standing at the time.

So Then – to raise any such matter with a man
who feeds birds all year; and is moved to tears
when he has to lay a mouse trap because the little
creatures have ventured into the kitchen



I will not abide being equated with the self-serving narcissists
who regard this world and everything in it
as being here for their amusement … or source of profit.

Ban the little old man from smoking his briar pipe
in a city park – that wisp of smoke
will kill your children !!!

but think nothing of the 600 cars, trucks, and buses
that spew benzene, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide
all over you – and your children – every single hour
in Vancouver, New York, Moscow, Berlin, or Tokyo.

I believe it was Jonathan Swift who observed that

The Law is like a spider’s web:

it catches flies … but allows wasps, and hornets
– large and dangerous predators –
to fly free.

The same is true of the fantasy plethora / deluge of
fear-mongering that has been proliferated of late.

Yes, I will do what I am told to,
because I want to live peaceably.

But – to those who are ever seeking to ride the rails
of nit-picking hypochondria;
or jump on the bandwagon of every newly invented
criticism based upon paranoid absurdities,


If you have concerns about the abuse of this world,
or abuse in this world …

… you DIRECT your call for accountability TO
those creatures who are Responsible for the abuse.

And leave those of us who daily exercise
due conscience and consideration

to live our lives in peace.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone


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