Roger Moore, Actor, on “Hunters”

I had no idea, when composing my thoughts
in “Hunters: Sadists, Cowards” –
that there was any other person who cared enough
to place his or her outrage
in a thoughtfully worded statement
that would be placed before the public gaze.

I may have little time or regard for “actors”,
but I certainly developed a great deal
of admiration for this one …

Roger Moore, Actor … on “Hunters” …

Fact: hunting is a coward’s pastime,

and no one has demonstrated that more clearly
than the American dentist Walter Palmer,
who apparently paid over £30,000
to gun down a lion to add his head to a trophy wall.

That wall includes the heads of animals
he has shot at close range –
with the help of paid facilitators, of course,
from all over the world …

… What happened bears repeating:

the man, aided by several guides,
did not stalk a wild beast who was a danger to anyone.

The animal was lured out of his safety zone
in a park and was blinded by a spotlight.

Palmer then fired a high-powered weapon
to injure the lion, who,
with a steel arrow stuck through him,
crept away and suffered for 40 long hours
before the “hunter” arrived
and the animal was skinned and decapitated.

It has been alleged that the guides
also tried to hide the radio collar on Cecil’s neck
because it contained a tracking device.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that
behind the dentist’s unnaturally white teeth
is a person devoid of moral fibre, conscience or decency.

In a world with boundless opportunities for amusement,
it’s detestable that anyone would choose
to get thrills from killing others
who ask for nothing from life but the chance to remain alive.

The animals whose lives he has
so cold-heartedly snuffed out
have precisely the same capacity to feel pain
and suffer as we do.

All leave family members or mates behind when they’re killed,
and none is exempt from grief.

“Sport” hunting is a sickness, a perversion
and a danger and should be recognised as such.

People who get their “amusement” from hunting
and killing defenceless animals
can only be suffering from a mental disorder.

We know that we should protect the most vulnerable
and helpless in society, not destroy them
– much less derive pleasure from doing so.

Thankfully, those of us with a conscience
are appalled by the idea of gunning down animals
for the sake of a thrill or a photo.

Sir Roger Moore, The Telegraph,
29th July 2015

Well done, Sir.

Well Done.

Author: Mr Livingstone


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