Women’s “Liberation” … ?

The Modern Woman … and The One Ring

Last weekend, whilst walking past a car
in which a mother was plainly struggling
to free her child’s foot from a strap on the car-seat
– I stopped and spoke across to her … “Can I help?”

The woman froze.

The husband – sitting in the driver’s seat
with that typical, 21st-century, cow-chewing-its-cud,
glazed expression – made absolutely no effort
to help untangle the strap from the child’s limb.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

Craning to look over her shoulder at me,
the twenty-something displayed what can
only be described as a mask of disgust,
and replied, “Yeeee-ah-uh!”
in that obnoxious, modern-day drawl
which is seemingly reserved for those
who ask the most ludicrous questions possible.

“Very sad that you find an offer of help
– made out of kindness – to be so offensive”
I remarked before walking off.

In what a barbaric state must the human mind
and soul be, when even someone in need of help,
will not possess the humility and gratitude
… to accept it.

Aggression and Impertinence is now regarded
as ‘normal’ behaviour, having become so obscene
that profanity-spewing, obscenity-gesturing viciousness
is regarded – not with shame, but with pride.

” The ring is the ultimate machine because it was made
for coercion. Made by Sauron to coerce.
And that is why, the only solution to the problem
of the ring – as the wise of Rivendale saw –
was its destruction.”

[ Christopher Tolkien, BBC: JRR Tolkien –
A Study of the Maker of Middle Earth ]


A race now exists (generally and with rare exception)
of people who cannot think for themselves,
but must imitate what they see played out on
television, cinema, and computer screens;

unable to think from a reserve of facts gleaned
from the reading of quality books, but needing instead,
to “look up” everything on the Internet.

Human beings HAVE BECOME – Ringwraithes –
lifeless beings … unable to think, reason, discern;
feel empathy for those around them,
or judge Good from Evil.


The modern hordes shout inanities into
mobile telephones for all to hear;
“text” furiously or stare vacantly
– their ears plugged with miniature
loudspeakers …

human beings connected to machines:
incapable of mature conversation,
vacuously existing … like machines.

It is this technological darkness
that replaces brain function,
and binds 21st century inhabitants together.

“One ring to rule them all,
one ring to find them;
one ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness, bind them
… in the land of Mordor.”

The name is Old English:
the land of … Murder.

And NOWHERE is there ANY place
more populated by vicious, vindictive,
mental and emotional Murderers,
than the Internet.

Simply typing the words: “Tolkien” “Middle Earth”
into YouTube is enough to immediately – immediately –
reveal an example of the effects of this ‘One Ring’:

Having select one of the first-offered results,
I was, within 5 seconds – seconds ! –
confronted with comments in which

some young woman expresses her offense
at “Tolkien’s prudish Victorian morality” …
and then adds what seems to be considered
some form of ‘qualification’ for her ignorance:

“Keep in mind I belong to a living history group
and know a bit about the middle-ages.”

The unbridled Ignorance
absolutely boggles the mind.

I can hammer a nail into a piece of wood:
that does not make me a carpenter.

Nor does some upstart’s passing involvement
in some club,

denote her an expert in matters, and people,
and a time in which she neither lived
nor experienced.

Having felt perfectly free to express
her detestation of a time
when it was generally recognised
that the sanctity, safety,
and smooth running of the home; and,

the moral well-being and proper raising
of beloved children, was due to the diligence,
care, and Selflessness

of a loving wife and mother …

She then makes it clear that she regards
such diligent honourable, moral responsibility;

as well as a society in which selfless diligence
was Commonplace … as ‘prudish’,

– all whilst making it abundantly clear that she
will tolerate no criticism of her …

[ I have edited the obscenities ]:

“People that make hateful comments towards me
will be booted and blocked. I personally hate people
that act like a**holes in general.
If you want to say something towards me
be respectful, or get f*cked.
My thread, My rules.”

[ End Quote ]

And there it is:

A real woman of the 21st century –

Be “respectful” to me … or “get f*cked”.

What a testament to her parents.
What a representative of her family.
What a perfect example of modern society.

She can denounce the morality of a man;
but obscenities are heaped upon anyone
who might dish out similar treatment to her.

She derides others, yet demands that everyone
be respectful to her;

and does so by hurling vicious, filthy profanity
at anyone who will not bow
to … her … rules.

So bereft of a conscience,
the irony is utterly lost to her.

This is PRECISELY the One Ring at work.

There was a time when women were known as

“The Gentle Sex”.

A century later sees them, not merely imitating men
but, having become every bit as crude and vicious.

Women’s … ‘LIBERATION’ ?

Indeed, given my memories of the dignified, feminine,
and respectable women that I remember from the 1960’s,

it is a gigantic … DEGRADATION.

There is something, for me, about seeing aggression,
vulgar filth, and profane obscenities
disgorged from the mouth or mind of a woman

that simply fills me with an overwhelming sense

that ‘all is lost’.

P Livingstone

Author: Mr Livingstone


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