Asking a Question … in a World Too Offended to Think

In 1977, I was troubled by something
that I had observed
in a series of photographs.

To clear my confusion, and have matters explained,
I did what young people used to do —
in an Age when the Humility to Learn
still existed in human beings;

and young people displayed respect
for literate, articulate, morally-centred elders:

… I asked a simple question
to one of my school teachers.

After a good minute of silence –

while he compared the two photographs,
that I handed him; squinted forcefully,
moved forward in his chair,
and even turned the prints over
to scrutinise the back of the paper

– he looked at me and said:
“I cannot answer your question.”

Put that same simple question forward
in 2016,

and you will receive a barrage of filthy obscenities
from legions of vicious, obscenity-spewing savages
that populate the Internet and the world today.

When beginning (as I thought) my intended career
in photojournalism forty years ago, asking a question
was not a crime …

Having noticed the identical backgrounds
of a series of photographs, I could not understand
(considering their supposed location)
the difference …

… between the earlier series of images

and the later …

AS15-82-11057 … has lunar module

AS15-82-11082 … has no lunar module and different foreground


AS17-134-20440 … astronaut,
(lunar module in distance in frame 20441)


AS17-147-22517 … features a lunar module
where the astronaut previously stood

… and asked the simple,
(highly reasonable) question,

“Who moved the Lunar Module?”

A question asked … in an effort to learn.

Taking a first look at the Internet in 2012,
I wondered if anyone else had had that same question
as I did all those years ago …

What I found, was the vilest, most depraved abuse
typed by vicious creatures who scathingly
hurled obscenities and vulgar abuse
at anyone who asked questions
similar to what my own had been.

Anything other than the “TV Narrative”
received the most degraded expletives and insults
from vicious, savage individuals.

Name Calling: the characteristic once reserved
for bullies and bad-tempered brats in a schoolyard,
was now the conduct of “adults” on the Internet in 2012.

Brutality and Banning … for Trying to Understand

It now seems that – to even ask
how it is possible for a photograph
purportedly taken on the 14th of December, 2012,
in a North-Eastern American State,
to possibly contain green leaves,
(mid-October, perhaps, but not December)

will guarantee … Not an helpful and informative
explanation of the anomaly …

but one’s removal from the Internet
– for asking a simple Question
in an effort to learn.

It is not merely that modern human beings
are too lazy to observe, discern, and think:

but that they become ENRAGED
at anyone
who Will Do precisely those things
that they will not.

PRIDE and Arrogance
has replaced every characteristic –
(maturity, the humility to learn,
a moral conscience)
– that ONCE distinguished human beings
from animals.

The observable depravity of modern human
conduct and communication places
what now populates the earth, generally,
well below the level of any animal.

Self Esteem … is the greatest curse
ever to blight mankind: the adoration of “Me”
– the veneration of My Opinion, the reason
for every misery that people and animals suffer.

Obscene Selfishness allows women to walk
in parades celebrating – revelling – that they
have the power to have babies in the womb
sliced into pieces and thrown into a bucket
for the sake of convenience, career, or indifference.

Unbridled arrogance and immature emotionalism
permit perversely-termed Defenders of ‘Social Justice’
to scream filthy obscenities in undisguised rage
and hatred at anyone who represents
a considered philosophy differing to their own.

Self veneration is the reason that modern masses
despise any ability to think;
spew profanity at those who correct their
child-level errors in spelling or grammar;
and despise anything that challenges
“My Ease or My Opinion”.

There was a time when mature judgment
was known as … “DISCERNMENT”.

It was a quality born of Life Experience
and Wisdom.

BUT in the 21st century, all such “judging”
is wrong.

Those who are wise as a result of life experience,
moral conscience, and maturity … are to keep silent

and allow the young, the immature,
and factually ignorant men, women, and children

to do whatever they want.

IF those who see dangers ahead do Not keep silent,
they WILL be abused with a deluge of depraved obscenities,
and reproached as being ‘judgmental’, ‘sexist’, ‘racist’,
something-phobic, a ‘nazi’, or an ‘egoist’.

Name Calling – the sole recourse
for Immature and Impudent Children –
quickly reveal the degraded mentality and emotional state
of those who are “offended” by the use of words.

Adults debate.
Children throw a tantrum.
The state of modern humanity is all-too evident.

Self Esteem gratifies the laziness and Apathy
that allows what little exists of modern minds,
to buy technological toys
that are made by slave labour;

Self interest allows conscienceless sadists
to consider themselves ‘farmers’
while stuffing hens into cages
to be force-fed by pneumatic pumps;

and while equally-conscienceless people
buy ‘battery’ eggs … because they are ‘cheaper’.

Comments on the Internet openly display
Viciousness and Cruelty typed by the hands
of individuals who are clearly without any trace
of a moral conscience.

Their scorn, hatred, depravity and sadism
is utterly Unrestrained.

Cruelty in this world thrives because people
place “Me” above any other consideration
in their day-to-day pride -gratifying, lazy,
conscienceless existence.

Me … My Family …
My country …
My denomination …
My lifestyle agenda …
My possessions:

“Me” and “My” is behind

every corrupt authority figure,
every schoolyard bully,
every gambler or drunkard who has ever
ruined his family,

and every arrogant predator who openly
displays their vicious character
on the Internet.

Modern Masses blame politicians, society,
parents, neighbourhood, ‘medication’,
education, government –
any and every excuse under the sun,
rather than accept responsibility
for individual, selfish or apathetic actions.

Pigs in a slaughterhouse tremble
and lick the boots of the depraved monsters
who are about to smash a sledgehammer down
upon their cowering heads …

… and people think nothing
of buying mass-produced sausage and bacon
at the supermarket.

In considering one perverse, “scientific” atrocity
that was gaining prominence in his day,
American writer Samuel Clemens stated that
which is patently obvious – to anyone
possessed of an empathetic conscience:

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection
produces results that are profitable to the human race
or doesn’t …

The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals
is the basis of my enmity toward it,
and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity
without looking further.”

But U.N.-sanctioned “Science”, with its
grant-pandering, lab-coated priests,
is the Religion of the Modern Humanist.

Whatever “science” says, they will believe.

EVIL exists in this world because people
have no higher god than Self.

A “hero” is someone who exhibits
Self Sacrifice rather than Self Esteem;:
self LESS ness … rather than self ISH ness.

The “charity” of a narcissist is performed
for no other purpose than to salve nagging conscience,
or ‘look good’ in the eyes of others.

Asking Questions enables Discernment,
which results in Mature, Moral Thinking.

Discernment judges and distinguishes
genuine Victims from malignant Imposters.

Empathy feels the fear, heartache, loneliness, or
distress of another.

Compassion is given to those who deserve it,
rather than those who impudently demand it.

But people now react – rather than think.
Infantile Emotion – not Moral Intellect, is now
the observable, motivating feature
of modern human behaviour.

Thinking requires

1. A Moral Conscience

2. Considered Thought, and

3. Self Control.

Qualities that, in 2018, have been
all-but obliterated

from the human race.

P Livingstone