A. A. Milne … A Boy named Christopher … and a Bear

The discovery of 150 classified British Government documents
that had been kept by a certain Captain James Lloyd,
revealed valuable background into the character of
author A. A. Milne.

Milne’s work had never been of interest to me as a boy
being associated, as they were, with the captive
mascot bear of an Army unit in WW1.

That bear had been named after the Canadian city
of Winnipeg, in Manitoba;
and it was here that Milne derived the name
for his character.

Photographs I had seen of “Winnie” the Bear
clearly revealed its disgusting captivity in
a concrete box, from where the poor animal
looked out through iron bars.

Although I shall never stop associating that character
with the bear in the concrete cage;

nor with the fame that came to the writer who –
(I always thought) – could have spoken out in protest
at the conditions of animals in captivity
I was determined to, at least, give Milne’s book
a fair chance.

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest
waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes.”

It was the advice that I followed when opening
this Internet site as my attempt to “go to” people.

Sadly, even the advice of a well-meaning bear
does not always ring true:  People who arrive here,
cannot find the kindness even to say ‘Hello’.

As a boy whose childhood friends WERE his bears,
I felt a warm affection towards Milne’s son
whom I had seen featured in a series of portraits taken
of the boy with “ Edward“ – the real ‘Pooh’ bear.

Christopher Robin Milne, London, National Portrait Gallery

Born in London on the 18th of January, 1882,
Alan Alexander Milne, a contemporary of
Arthur Conan Doyle, was the creator of the
much-loved Winnie the Pooh,

and it is for that (much to his own consternation)
character that he is so widely known.

The discovery of lost papers however,
revealed a part of Milne that I had not known;
and allowed me to find, in him,
a seeming character trait with which I Could relate.

After the War, Milne spoke out as a Pacifist.

Not too many of us in this My-Country-as-god world.

The man who found those classified documents
that had been kept by Captain Lloyd, was his
great-nephew, 61 year old Jeremy Arter,
himself an officer in the British Army’s
Education Corps.

Arter had been de-Cluttering and was in the process
of throwing away accumulated papers,
when he noticed the acronym “MI7”, and decided to
look before discarding.

The documents revealed that after an injury
received in the battlefront, on the 7th of July, 1916,
upon arriving in England, Milne was sent to work
in the Department of Military Intelligence:
an office known as “MI7”.

Milne’s specific work was in the “b” section
– Propaganda, which was formed in 1916
to counter any anti-war sentiment then thriving
in Britain.

It was “b” ‘s commission to write media articles
about how great it is to sacrifice limb and life
in the furtherance of political war;
and to lie effusively about daily life in a trench.

Not a proficient liar, Milne found the work
troubling to his conscience. He was glorifying war
as “patriotic” heroism, rather than as pawns and
cannon fodder to bring about the political will
of the “conqueror”.

Whilst multitudes of nationalist fanatics view war
as a necessary “medicine”, Milne was emphatic
in declaring it to be “poison”.

If an invading army attacks your country, you repel
him from your borders with whatever force required.

But tyranny, invasion, and occupation –

occupying another nation’s geographic position,
forcibly subjugating people,
stealing their natural resources;
or commandeering their economy

– find no support in Milne’s wonderful work
“Peace With Honour” (1934, Methuen )

Milne believed himself obliged to change his position
during the Second World War when he admitted that,
in Hitler,

“ … we are truly fighting the Devil, the Anti-Christ…”

“Winnie the Pooh” was published in 1926.

The illustrations for the book
were drawn by artist Ernest Shepard,
who based the appearance of Winnie the Pooh –
not from Christopher Robin’s bear,

but from a ready-to-hand model:
his son’s bear, ‘Growler’.

Winnie’s title was conferred upon him thanks to
inspiration found in a swan named “Pooh”.

All was well for Christopher, who quite enjoyed
the celebrity – until, that is he entered Boarding School
where he found himself bullied for his
quite feminine looks (a result of his mother’s tastes)
by the type of sadistic thug children that grow up
to be vulgar, obnoxious adults.

Finding himself a perpetual object of curiosity,
by his later twenties, Christopher had become
so exceedingly resentful of his father’s work
that he estranged himself from their company.

Christopher Milne at 27, with his soon-to-be wife

Between the time of his father’s death in 1956,
and his mother’s fifteen years later, Christopher
visited with her only once.

It was only much later – having married a cousin
and opened a successful bookshop in Dartmouth, Devon
that Christopher was able to talk freely about the books
of which he now felt able to mention being “quite fond”.

A. A. Milne died in Sussex on the 31st of January, 1956.
He was 74.

Christopher Robin Milne, bookseller and writer;
born in London on the 21st of August 1920,
died in Totnes, Devon on the 20th of April, 1996.

P Livingstone

Further Reading:

Milne, A.A. It’s Too Late Now

Milne, A. A. Peace With Honour

“People say nothing is impossible,
but I do nothing every day.”

Ænglisc … Anglo Saxon Text … þās eorðan

Hit ġelamp on sumum dæġe,
ðā ðā Godes enġlas cōmon
and on his ġesihðe stōdon,
ðā wæs ēacswylċe se
scucca him betwux.

Tō ðām cwæð Drihten,
“Hwanon cōme ðū?”
Se sceocca andwyrde,
“Iċ fērde ġeond þās eorðan
and hī beēode.”

Now there was a day when the sons of God
came to present themselves before the LORD,
and Satan came also among them.

And the LORD said unto Satan,
Whence comest thou?

Then Satan answered the LORD, and said,
From going to and fro in the earth,

and from walking up and down in it.

The Accusation Agenda … Removing Kind Men from the World

“Give me six lines written by
the most honourable of men,
and I will find excuse enough in them,

to hang him.”

Vicious People do not care Who ELSE they hurt:
as long as they get their vengeance.

Modern Mob Mentality

It used to be that,
if you had a grievance with someone,

you went to them personally,
and attempted to reason with them.

If they were an aggressive personality,
you took an acquaintance to act as ‘witness’.

You did Not make your personal grievance
a Public Vendetta where you sought to humiliate
someone in front of as much of the entire world
as possible.

You also had the maturity to recognise
your own poor judgment:

If I … Willingly … walk into a Den of Thieves,

and choose to be plied with their food and drink,

I do not present myself as the blameless victim
when I discover later, that my pocket watch
has been stolen.

I certainly Do Not align myself with a crusade
which intimates that ANY Man
who might pay me a compliment

… is doing so because he is a thief,
looking for an opportunity to rob me.

“Let’s end Fear … by Generating Fear.”

Using Evil as an Excuse

to Commit Evil

… is Evil.

The Sadist who is determined
to beat an animal,
will ALWAYS find a stick.

Even without owning a television, we were aware that,
in 1990, the American President had used television
to proclaim the arrival of the “New World Order”.

It would be a “New World” which would encourage Vanity,
ridicule those who questioned, enforce subjection to authority,
broadcast fear of everything … and ensure that Self
was the only god that is worshipped.

It is a New World in which barely literate multitudes
cannot distinguish between “there” and “their”,
or “your” and “you’re” –

YET can spew filthy profanities
while being “offended” if anyone attempts to
help them by correcting their error.

Lacking the humility to learn,
or the decency to say ‘Thank You’ –

bereft of any sense of responsibility
or the mental self discipline
to even check basic spelling,

such individuals arrogantly imagine that their
undisciplined opinion should be regarded as ‘wisdom’
by others.

It was the Age of the “Instant Expert” in which
ignorant youths imagine themselves qualified
to teach others.

In this New world, ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’, and ‘Men’ and ‘Women’,
were quickly reduced to animal status
when those exclusively human nouns were discarded,
and replaced with the adjectives … “male” and female”.

Twenty five years later, even basic biology
has been so successfully obliterated
that a child will soon not be certain whether he or she
is looking at a boy or girl –

or even if he or she … is … a boy or a girl.

But even this mass chaos and confusion is not enough
for this New humanity — NOW,
ANY conscientious man with a kind disposition,

is presumed to be a Perverted Predator.


Increasing legions of smirking, ‘macho’ savages
will never be deterred from their abuse, contempt,
and degradation … of Women.

BUT genuinely kind men
who would – in the past, freely hand out an heartfelt
compliment to a woman about

her appearance, or
new hairstyle, or
happy demeanour,

will now be afraid to so much as Encourage or extend
a KIND comment to Any Woman,

for fear of “offending” a vitriolic narcissist,

and being labelled as some form of ‘predator’.

It is a situation that is evidently wanted
by women who indiscriminately bludgeon kind
and complimentary men with the weapon
now evidently known as

… “me too”.

Intelligent human society has long BEEN eradicated.

Congenial human society is Now BEING eradicated.

Infested with vanity and self-worship,
society is now so fragmented
that any cohesiveness is nigh-on impossible.

Those who hate men;

and those who are too lazy to make any personal
effort that might merit a compliment,

are going to make sure that NO ONE

will receive a personal Compliment …
or dare to offer one.

Their downright sullenness
is going to be standard practice in the workplace
… in public … Everywhere.

These vitriolic instigators are hate-mongers:
figurative mass-murderers who are determined
to destroy the character of men in general.




And in a world where mature Discernment
and Moderation … have not existed
for over thirty years – anyone
who does not jump to the extremes of
instantly agreeing with this Degradation of
All Men,

is decreed to be supporting rapists.

NO WOMAN – Anywhere – exceeds me in
believing that men, generally, are loud, obnoxious,
slovenly, arrogant narcissists who want to
dominate every one they meet.

IF that is how you view the bulk of men –
I do as well.
I may well be more ‘feminine’ than you are.

BUT what is going on today reeks of Hatred:

Vengeance – for a Few, and Mob Mentality
viciousness for a Multitude of malicious

Any Reader of my work will Know that I am
completely in favour of any Rationale
that will remove the stupid, pathetic, swaggering,
testosterone-posturing viciousness that typifies
‘macho’ bullies, punks, and thugs the world over.

Every … Genuine … victim of malice Should
seek redress from the physical assaults of violent,
evil men.

But there is no need to take part in a Mass Movement
that is populated in large measure by those whose
perverse Conceit decrees

any attempt at a handshake …
a sympathetic touch on the shoulder …
a welcoming or congratulatory hug …

as attempted … “physical intimacy”.

A woman violated by some savage brute,
SHOULD pursue the matter, at the time, privately.

But this method of ‘bandwagon-jumping’
multitudes crying “Me too” … while recounting
an occasion from twenty, thirty, and forty years ago,
across the unrestricted world of television
and the Internet –
is serving quite another purpose.

It is creating a public mind-set where any Good Man
attempting to express Camaraderie,
Compassion, or Congratulations …

is a malicious pervert.

In this situation, Kind Men
are NOT the ones
who are displaying Predatory Malevolence.

The effect of this tribal bloodlust
will not be merely to dominate men,
BUT to make kind men … cower

… before women.

This about power: subjugating those who –
traditionally – were seen to ‘hold’ power.

A rash of 1980’s and 90’s American “TV Talk Shows”
placed every manner of low-grade humanity on a stage;
and garnered “ratings” by having viewers
vent bestial outrage on some slovenly thug
who abused his wife.

The modern mentality of instantly believing Anything
that degrades another person, is appealing
to the Conceit of the Vicious and Self-centred –

Because it makes them “feel superior’.

Scatter enough of these vitriolic individuals
throughout a population,

and you add to the calculated fear culture

that now guarantees hypochondria
in disgracefully increasing numbers
of neurotic narcissists.

A pregnant yuppie mummy cannot shake hands
in case her baby catches an “infection”.

This New World is now characterised by
ignorant Opinion, appalling A-literacy, Immorality
Error, Vulgarity, and Bullying,

which successfully keeps those who are ABLE
to think, consider, and question,
derided, intimidated, and submissive.

“Let’s end violence by being Violent.”

“I can destroy the reputation – the life –
of any man who has so much as
tapped me on the shoulder,

offered to carry a heavy suitcase, or
asked if I would like to join him
for a Mocha at a cafe.”

Power. Bullying. Domination.

In the workplace, we talk about work –

Just work.
Only work.

Sociable compliments – basic human decency –
are now outlawed by miserable creatures
who want to force their resentment
and contempt

upon everyone around them.

Men now (evidently) come in two sorts:

1. vulgar, profanity-spewing, aggressive,
beer-swilling, tattoo-covered mimics
of depraved Hollywood ‘he-men’ ;


2. “successful” men in positions of power,
celebrity, or just being my equal at work …

… who are rapists and paedophiles

because they dared
to extend a compliment to me.

Having embraced the bodily mutilation
of tattoos and piercings
to regard clean-cut’, conscientious,
sober-minded professionals with contempt;

and thrown away maturity, responsibility,
conscience, and the ability to think,

re-engineered humanity now not only
spends every possible waking moment
connected TO a machine:

they have BECOME callous, ruthless,
self-serving machines.

Kind, Considerate, Articulate, and
Complimentary people are a rarity
that is being expunged from this world.

Vicious people make a vicious world
when those with a moral conscience
just sit there

and let it happen.



How Much Lower … ? Persuading Populations to Become Drug Users

Multitudes whose Irresponsibility, Immorality,
or lack of Personal Integrity
was previously held at bay

by the law of the land –

Now have no reason
to exercise Integrity at all.

When men and women defend and
delight in what should cause them shame,
it is a certain sign that they have obliterated
every trace of a moral conscience.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Since 2008, the CALMING Effect of tobacco
has been vilified through the use of personal-opinion,
guess-work questionnaires being passed off
as “scientific research”.

Having successfully used Hollywood to get people
‘hooked’ on tobacco, the same method of
programming human minds,
now has its audiences despising tobacco
as a threat to human life.

It even gave hypochondriac masses
a NEW, replacement habit:

sucked through a slit in the plastic lid
of a paper cup.

And everyone was ‘doing it’.

Coffee. The New ‘tobacco’.

In TV-Land, “Friends” met at a Coffee House;
‘sit-coms’, hospital dramas – all the TV heroes
were shown clutching the cardboard cup
with the plastic lid.

Group Dynamics: Present the behaviour
of the majority … and every individual with
a television set, and a mind ruled by vanity
(the desire to be popular or ‘liked’) – WILL

often to the extent of mocking those who have
the moral capacity for Independent Thought.

The mind that considers the exhaust pipes
of a dozen cars jetting sulphur dioxide, benzene,
and carbon monoxide, parked six feet away
from the tables of popular coffee house franchises,

to be a “Smoke Free Environment”,
will never apply itself to actually Think …

For how many Years would some old Countryman
have to smoke his little briar pipe, before he would
put the same amount of smoke and toxins into the air
as your family automobile puts out
… in just five Minutes ?

Automobiles are successfully used by people
to commit Suicide:

And you and I both know that you
do not think twice about walking your children
past dozens of idling car exhausts
in the parking lot of the Shopping Mall.

You and your children inhale more poison
from your family barbeque
than that old man could ever produce
from a briar pipe.

ALCOHOL – the product responsible for

heightening aggression,
diminishing moral conscience;
removing ethical inhibitions;

the stupefied depravity that goes on
at house “parties”,

street violence, vandalism, and intimidation
on a Saturday night in so-called “civilised”

THE fixture in wife abuse, child abuse,
animal abuse, neglect of care and attention,
drunken rages, and drunken driving,

But No one calls for the banning of alcohol.

People pour liquor down their own throat,
stupefy their minds and their mouths;
make public fools of themselves
and experience – not infrequently, I am told,

the following morning, nausea, vomiting,
sensitivity to light, and dizziness, amongst other
symptoms – having utterly wasted their money
to get into that condition …

Only to do it all again the following weekend.

And if ruining their lives and reputations
as a result of alcohol use, have the impertinence
to call their ‘alcoholism’ a … “disease”.

The Willing, Intentional, Self inflicted Abuse
of their own body … is now a “disease”.

ANY Excuse under the sun … EXCEPT
Personal Responsibility.

Legislate that the tobacconist must
cover his shop windows in order to
“Protect the Children” …

But keep the liquor flowing, and ‘casual
drinking’ displayed as a prominent feature
that accompanies the sadism, torture,
glorified violence, copulation, and ‘partying’,
of Hollywood ‘entertainment’ that children
flock to and imitate.

“Protect the Children.”

Teach Children By Example to discern
objective, moral Right from Wrong;
to have respect for their elders and neighbours;
and the maturity to exercise
Self Control and Personal Responsibility.

Tobacco is evil.

This in a society that ‘pops’ Pills,
swills Liquor, and Guzzles Coffee

while shovelling the fluffed lard, salt,
and grease of modern “foods”
down their collective throats,

in a ‘western world’ that knows nothing of
moderation, the responsible use … of anything,
or even basic common sense.

When I was growing up

Common Courtesy,
Proper Spelling, Speaking, Writing,
Basic Morality,
even Human Gender,

but the most depraved elements
of vulgar humanity.

Now obliterated from society,
the ONLY “Morality” today, is:

“Well, It’s legal.”

And if it is “legal” then … it is Good,
and Right, and Acceptable.

Right and Wrong is now determined
by political decree.

But even bureaucrats recognise
the pitiful state of modern mankind:

Seat Belts, Life Jackets, and Bicycle Helmets –
(I remember a world without any of those things)

– are enforced because human beings
are no longer capable of exercising Consideration,
Discretion, or Personal Responsibility.

Multitudes mutilate their bodies with tattoos
and ‘piercings’ to “express themselves”
by Imitating (!!!) ‘everyone else’ –

they connect themselves to machines
at every possible opportunity –

How long, one wonders,
before they are queuing to have vanity gadgets
installed in their own bodies ?

And these are the “adults”.

What chance have little children, who look up
to see Drug Use as the role model
for their own lives ?

It is beyond Disgraceful.

“War” on Drugs ???

In just one example,
Government-built “safe injection site” parlours
opened to provide addicts with comfortable lounges
and free paraphernalia in 2006.

By 2016, the free heroin prescriptions being
handed out in Vancouver, had already been
“… available for years in Britain, Denmark,
Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.”
[ New York Times, D Levin, 21 April, 2016 ]

FREE Heroin for current Drug Users.

LEGAL Marijuana
to Encourage all who
want to … BECOME … a Drug User.

But Pipe Tobacco is banned
as a bad example

… “to the children”.

The last thirty years of
systematic, sanctioned depravity ,

now make perfect sense:

I have been watching
the Methodical Destruction

of the human race.


The Lighthouse …


The Lighthouse

The lighthouse shines and sends its light
on darkest seas, through blackest night;
though none pause from their crass delight
to think of reefs just out of sight.

While many hasten to their doom,
that light shines on amidst the gloom;
in raging seas or hidden moon,
the lighthouse shines where dangers loom.

So many sank … who thought they knew
a selfish course would see them through;
they foundered, sank, perished too:
that lighthouse guides a Cautious Few.

A lighthouse lights though none will heed,
and most sail past at hurried speed;
the light guides those who will concede:
and have the sense to see their need.

This place attempts to light the way
of some who from the path might stray;
and should one read – its thoughts to weigh,
these ‘Old Paths’ will not betray.

– PL

Ænglisc … An Introduction to Old English ( “Anglo Saxon” )

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum,
Si þin nama gehalgod. to becume þin rice,
gewurþe ðin willa,
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum

WHY is it that those who cannot SPELL basic words,
are the first to publicly display their Viciousness,
Foolishness, or Immaturity for the world to see ?

Those WHO SHOULD Blush with Shame
are instead, the ones who Curse with Rage.

Those who do not have the Self Discipline
and Humility to Learn,

do not have the Self Discipline
and Humility to control
what comes out of their mouth (or keyboard).

Learning purely out of personal interest,
requires a spirit of humility that implies
a peaceful mind and lack of conceit.

Those who refuse to correct their own error
reveal the arrogance of their Vanity.

History – to the humble, IS exciting because
it is a pursuit of collecting the Wisdom,
Skill, Mistakes from which to learn,
and Experience … of those who came before.

Learning for the pure love of it,
removes the mind from the Adoration of Self.


IF for no other reason – to Exercise the Mind
to Personal Integrity:

to form the habit of Thinking
BEFORE Speaking or Writing.

When people speak or write, they either
destroy or raise up.

There IS NO Neutrality in language:

Complacency, Apathy, and Excuses, serve no
other purpose than to Destroy –

because they refuse to stand against the
steady degeneration in which the modern world
now wallows with pride.


I doubt very much if there has EVER been
a time in human history,
where human beings have been, collectively,
so irresponsible and wilfully ignorant.

Yes, certainly, you may have had some young man
in the Middle Ages, or “Dark Ages”,
who could NOT read or write at all …

BUT NOW there exists a race of human beings
who must have been taught –

(although, one may wonder precisely what it is that
‘English Teachers’ have been teaching under the
guise of “English” for the past 30 years)

– basics, yet have not the Mental Acuity to retain it
for any dignified, practical use.

To Learn – and throw it all away,
is surely, far worse
than having never learned at all.

THE greatest device ever invented
to turn the human brain to mush …

Ten minutes on the Internet is revealing enough:

“She could of seen it if she tried.”

“Of” … ???

“This is what they should of saw:”

“… should … of … saw”

Disgusting is too noble a word for it.

“I’m going to lay down.” …

“LAY” is PAST tense.
“Lie” is what you are going to do.
“Lying down” is what you Are doing.

And then of course, there is
“there” … “their” or –
“your” and “you’re” .

Minds that are too lazy … to think.



A person who is Illiterate has never been taught.
One does NOT blame such a person at all.

But a person who is … aliterate … has the means
TO learn – but could not care less to do so.

I could read,
I could spell,
I could speak intelligently … But I Don’t Want To.

I do not possess the self discipline.
I do not possess the respect for those I am
communicating with, to even communicate properly.
I do not have the Integrity to do things properly.

I am Lazy.
I am Apathetic.
I am a self-obsessed Narcissist who cares only
about Me – let other people decipher
what I am saying …

I WILL NOT raise myself to a level
of personal responsibility to even speak or spell
basic words properly;

I WILL NOT ‘put myself out’ enough
to prove that I can be Trusted as a
Reliable Source of ANY Information,

I CERTAINLY DO NOT possess the Humility
to be thankful to anyone who corrects my error.

But I WILL use my limited capacity to spew
Obscenities at anyone who DARES to “Insult Me”,
by correcting my wilful Ignorance.

THAT is the Standard of the 21st century:

Be Better Than That.

That Multitudes publicly display such arrogance,
does Not mean that you have to join with them.


The MENTAL EFFORT to learn the Old,
will invariably make your MIND sharper,
and more PROFICIENT.

Someone who is interested enough to learn OLD English,
will probably develop that same self-discipline
to learn Proper English

Rather than representing Apathy
to the deteriorating hordes around you,

you will become a BENEFICIAL example
to human beings
that seem hell-bent on degrading themselves
at every possible opportunity.

Look at the letters used here –


you already know what the word sounds like,
despite the spelling. And now you have an idea
of how the language ‘sounds’.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum,
Si þin nama gehalgod. to becume þin rice,
gewurþe ðin willa,
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum

Do you know what it is ?

Look carefully:
key words are discernible …

“Fæder” – Father
“heofonum” – heaven
“nama” – name
“becume” – to come to pass
“ðin willa” – thine will
“eorðan” – earth
“heofonum” – heaven

Picking out what is evident – once
your mind is paying attention to the topic !!!
– and you have already understood
half of what is in front of you.

And you have not even had a lesson.

“on eorðan swa (on earth so)
swa on heofonum (as on heaven)”.

When you begin to recognise WORDS from
a thousand years ago – along with the FACTS
and the HISTORY that your mind will acquire –

English becomes a fascinating subject
whose depths the modern multitudes
cannot even begin to fathom.

Join me in Lesson 1 to have a look
at the Anglo Saxon alphabet …



“Bitter” ? … Just an Old Path, Along a Narrow way

An Open Reply to the Claim of Being … “Bitter”.

One of the alleys used to avoid the deluge of tourists when living
and working in Venezia: an Old Path … a Narrow Way … where one is obliged
to walk alone.

And hence it is come to pass, that
wherever there have been complaints of faults,
miscarriages, errors …
their counsels have only been
how to destroy the complainers – not in the least,
how they should reform themselves.

[ John Owen, 1616-1683 ]

Worldly men cannot endure to be outshone;
and because they have no mind to be
as good as others,

they would fain make others
to be as bad and vile as themselves:

therefore, they are full of hard thoughts
and hard speeches against good men.

[ Thomas Manton, 1620-1677 ]

I was born shortly after the start of the 1960’s.
That fact is the foundation for everything that appears
on this Internet site.

When I first began looking around the Internet in 2012,
it became readily apparent, that I could not –
watch the average video, read the average “blog”, or
be part of any ‘social site’ WITHOUT encountering
the disgusting obscenity … “f**k”.


I have previously mentioned the video that was
‘posted’ on YouTube by the mother of an autistic child;
and the obscene “comment” below it, telling that mother
that she should have “put your retard down” because she
was a “drain on society”.

Once I quelled the feelings of nausea that
actually sent me kneeling in front of the toilet
(yes, shows how ‘out of touch’ I am, doesn’t it?),

I had to contend with the fact that the Owners
of these YouTube pages Do Not Even POSSESS
the Common Moral Decency to Remove every trace
of These Vicious Creatures from Their YouTube Page.

So now this Sadistic Degradation is on TWO levels:
the malignant beings who make these statements, and,
the conscienceless creatures who see nothing wrong
with them.

BUT THEN, I looked for the plethora of comments
from the rest of the YouTube audience,
who voiced their disgust and loathing at the type of
malignant beings who made comments like that.

And you know ???

There was none. No one said a word.
No one voiced their disgust. Not one.

Now this Sadistic Degradation is on THREE levels:
the reprobate who makes it … the degenerate
who allow it on their YouTube pages … AND
the hordes on YouTube who see it – and do Nothing.

You see, THAT is the Difference between the 1960’s
and the sewer of today – People. The “general public”
then, would have voiced their moral outrage.

If ANY child had uttered an obscenity ANYWHERE
on our street in Northern Ireland, he would have received
a ‘clip on the ear’ or a ruddy good shaking
from whatever mother or wife happened to run past
her garden gate and get to him first.

But what is the conduct of humanity 50 years later
when surrounded by the depravity of vicious people?

Join him ? Encourage him ? Tell others so that
they can perhaps consider the thoughts that he presents ?


When finding a man who ventures onto the Internet
to challenge evil in the world … denigrate him;
attempt to invalidate everything that appears
on his Internet site by insisting that he is … “Bitter”.

I simply despise the laziness, apathy, and self-centredness
of those whose allow depravity to run rampant.

I am disgusted beyond description at people who were
raised in the type of moral society in which I was raised;

yet have spent the past forty years FACILITATING this
perverted society that is now standard in the world
… by doing and saying NOTHING.

And yet, when a man possessing Integrity,
makes an effort to do what they will not,
they quell the guilt that pricks them, by deriding
his efforts and dismissing him as … “Bitter”.

Because if he was Not “bitter”, then he would
obviously see that the modern world
is just wonderful.

What makes me wonder if it is worth the time and effort
is understanding all too well that, the world is now so debased,
that my even replying to this insult
will be dismissed

as a … “Rant”.

People want to be popular … and entertained.

Anything else is “uncomfortable” and unwanted.

“Bitter” (harsh, sour) – is an adjective that
does not apply to people who are attempting
to Sweeten the world … by espousing
Self-LESS-ness in an Age that is characterised
by Self-ISH-ness.

“Bitter” (resentful) – far from feeling resentment
at a world that has ‘let me down’ … this world
is so far BELOW my most crude instincts,
that I have no expectations that it could
possibly disappoint.

It has to do with an active Moral Conscience.

Having One.

When you See Nothing Wrong with the conduct
of modern humanity – on the Internet, or in ‘Life’,

Yes … all you WILL see is a “Bitter” man.

Along with “The Farce of Animal Rescue”,
the essay on this site that SHOULD stir
moral indignation in anyone who reads it is
“A Blind Man, A Dog, and Modern Humanity”.

Neither has merited comment. Ever.

HOW do you read the personal account
of a Blind Man being left to crawl
on a crowded city street … AND NOT
have one thing to say ???

WHAT KIND of Moral CORPSE do you have
to be, to read that account – and just move on
to your next bit of entertainment?

Unless it affects their Vanity, Lethargy,
or Bank Account, people, it seems, Can Not be
“moved” to Righteous Indignation any more.

Degeneracy is ignored or excused,
but never withstood.

What is “normal” to the bulk of humanity,
is depraved, to me … and I am simply asking
people to consider the narcissistic-to-vicious
conduct of modern human beings,

and ask themselves whether that is the example
that they want their 3-year old daughter
or grand-daughter to imitate.

Provide standards of moral decency.
Or do nothing, and make excuses for depravity.

I was shocked by the account of a mother
who was trying to dismiss the shock of taking
her teenaged daughter to her first “party”:

“Oh well, they are under such pressure now that
we never had: it’s hard for them to say “No”.

Pressure? … “We” … ???

The woman related how she her husband
had driven their daughter to a ‘party’ where,
at 7:00pm, they actually saw youths screaming
and swilling liquor in the front lawn of a house
– and left her there to be part of it.

“Under such pressure … that we never had” ???

I told her honestly that, as a teen, no amount of
reward would have enticed me to keep company
with vulgar, drunken louts.


“Why”, I asked the woman, “would ANY
responsible boy or girl even WANT to be
in the company of riotous, liquor-swilling yobs
like that?”

I wondered if it was she who later ‘downloaded’
52 articles from this site that evening.

I was incredulous, in 2008, when staying overnight
at the home of a fellow teacher, who told me
not to worry if I heard a noise in the night
… it would just be his 19 year old daughter
returning home from a date with her boyfriend.
“Sometimes the stairs creak” he said.

I gave him a dismissive wave: “If I hear
anything, I’ll remember that it’s her”.

“Usually, they’re quiet” my colleague said
as he bid me Good Night, and turned
to leave me in the spare room.

It was involuntary: “Sorry – What ???” I said.
He turned.
I continued, bemused … “You said, ‘they’re’ “

“Oh yeah”, he replied, they’ll go up
to my daughter’s bed; in her room.”

My face must have said it all. He added:

“Well, they’ll ‘do it’ anyway;
we’d rather it be here.”

He paused; then asked me what I would do.

I told him he would not want to know.
He said that he did. And so, I answered:

“I had a girlfriend when I was a teen; there
was nothing wrong with my hormones,
but I had limits that I would not cross.

What would I do ?

I would teach her to have enough respect for her
parents, and enough self control for her own dignity,
by not laying out a ‘Red Carpet’ to facilitate some
lust-driven punk, by turning our home
into a cheap hotel, with her mother and me
in the next room.”

The Blank Look.

I might as well speak in Anglo Saxon
with people today –

“Wreclástas wunian sorhcearig
þeáh-hwæðere þéos is min ænetlíf “

– for all the good it does.

“Parents” in the modern world, become acquainted
with EVERY form of Debauched, Immoral Perversion
under the sun …

And willingly SACRIFICE

their Teenaged DAUGHTERS to it.

Yes, I realise that the bulk of humanity now,
HAVE no moral centre … that THEY are
their only God, whose “morality” stops at ME,
but it is those who are older … those who COULD
HAVE Spoken Up, that raise my ire.

Those who, like me, were brought up in a world where
decorum, personal responsibility, and professionalism
were not merely expected, but demanded –

and who have sat there for years, allowing the steady,
suppurating cess-pool of modern degradation
to overflow onto their own grandchildren.

‘Bitter’? No. If I was THAT selfish, I would have
walked away from the Internet after the first year,
read books in my garden,

and let humanity continue on its demented course
of transforming themselves into human machines
incapable of original thought.

I care enough to be disgusted at “adults”
who have facilitated depravity in this world
by Saying … Nothing ;

by letting their children run at all hours of the night;

by installing ‘big screen TV’s’ so they could get
a better view of the violence and promiscuity …
and speakers, so that the filthy obscenities
could be heard more clearly.

I am trying to represent – on the Internet,
the standards of human decency that those people
have abandoned,

have clearly refused to insist upon from their
own children,

and have downright HIDDEN
from their grandchildren.

There is a reason why I have been ‘harping on’
over the past two years – begging people
to leave a word of greeting here, on this site:

I DO NOT WANT to believe that the human race
truly IS the way it appears to be.

But when observable Conduct and Conversation
declares that 21st century human beings have
(with very rare exception) degenerated into

apathetic, lazy, self-deifying, wilfully ignorant,
hedonistic, immoral, degenerate barbarians
whose entire purpose for existing on a daily basis
is to stare at a screen to gratify their Vanity,
and seek constantly to be Entertained,

forgive me,

if I find myself Compelled to accept –
without fear of intelligent contradiction
– that what I SEE, and what I HEAR

must Be True.

If YOU believe that a worldwide society
which cannot communicate or “entertain”
without the filthy obscenity “f—k”,

provides a healthy example for your 5 year old
grand-daughter to imitate, then yes –
you dismiss me as selfish, resentful, and ‘bitter’.

BUT if you KNOW – somewhere deep in your soul,
that the filth that has been the Entertainment Industry
for the past 30 years, has done nothing
but turn celluloid-imitating human beings
into brute beasts;

if you KNOW, deep down, that this feeding frenzy
of Self Worship … “Selfies”, Selfie Sticks,
‘Cell Phone’ obsession, and Social Media … has
created an entire race of Luciferian, self-deifying

then why not leave a word of encouragement –
rather than dismissing me

as a cantankerous old fool ?

I was told in 2012, by a woman from Australia,
that there “is not another site like this on the whole
Internet” – “nothing” she clarified, that offers moral
decency without a personal agenda” of join me,
join my club, join my denomination”.

I thought she was exaggerating to be kind – appreciative
of what she had read. But that had been her assessment
of this Internet site.

If she is wrong, and I truly am … “bitterly” … over-reacting
to the displays of putrid filth that SATURATE Internet
comments, popular “entertainment”, ‘TV’, and the
mouths and keyboards of millions of souls,

then you show me what YOU are doing to return Integrity,
and Self Control, and Discernment, and Moderation –
in an effort to make a moral difference in this world.

And if after all this explanation, you still want to insist
that I am … “Bitter” –

Very well …

I am “bitter” that people who were raised
in the same British schools
in which I was raised;
with the same courtesy, and etiquette, and humility,

have let all that civility, and decency, and self discipline
run through their figurative fingers,

so that they can use those fingers to text
and press buttons that allow them to stare at a screen
at every available moment of their waking existence.

I am ‘bitter’ that they have abandoned every example
they have ever had of femininity in women,
and decorum in men … and given their approval to
the depraved example that they have allowed to
“raise” their children and their grandchildren,
for the past 30 years.

I am ‘bitter’ that the type of lovely ladies – lovely
in dress, bearing, conversation and deportment
– who used to read bedtime stories to me as a little boy
whenever they happened to be visiting my parents’
house …

may never be known by any little boy or girl today.

How can I say such a thing ?

Because such women seem So manifestly Rare
in this world of aggressive, “break free”, “liberated”,
bestial, testosterone posturing,

that one might be forgiven for believing
that they have all but vanished from the face of the earth.

Malignant individuals figuratively murder articulate,
conscientious, morally upright, or even elderly, people
right, left, and centre in their vicious YouTube comments.

I have not so much as seen a television screen in 15 years;
and I would not degrade my mind by sitting in a cinema,
but even I know from taking pains to look at ‘trailers’
and ‘movie reviews’ that,

after 20 years of featuring graphic human torture,
people being sawn alive, contests where people
kill each other, and ‘zombies’ ripping people apart,
Hollywood is now making films featuring Witchcraft
as “freedom”, and Cannibalism as a way to success.

Human beings are so close to becoming machines
that even the human sexes have been obliterated.


that there is something ‘wrong’, ‘narrow-minded’ ‘
and bitter’ … with a man who is espousing
Courtesy, Consideration, and Conscience?

You are the same age as me?

You remember what I remember?

You actually have the experience to compare
Ladies … and Gentle Men from 1968,
with the slovenly, belligerent hordes of 2018 ?

Call me ‘bitter’ if that eases the annoying twinge
that someone like me makes in your conscience:

there are some things worth being ‘bitter’ about.

Stop trying to deride and dismiss me for being
someone who is Making an Effort
to return discernment and decency to this world:

Develop a moral conscience,

and do something Meaningful, yourself.