A Guide to Distinguishing (Biblical) Christianity … from Hypocrisy

Vicious human beings –
from the Atheist to the Evangelical –
use the Internet to spew invective at people who are
quiet, God-fearing, or peaceful.

It is an easy thing for malicious creatures
to brazenly heap scathing proclamations
at those who excel them in moral integrity.

Their words wilful ignorance is evident – often,
in the very words they use.

They delight in the exercise of brutality
because it allows them to wallow
in their own narcissism.

They broadcast their ignorance to the world
… or at least, to the very few who have the capacity
to discern it.

There are two main classes of people who
particularly despise the biblical Christian. They are,

1. The Contemptuous Religionist – who will proclaim
any genuine Christian to be too “narrow-minded”,
“fanatical”, or “unloving” … and,

2. The Contemptuous Atheist – who will either delight
to relate the various atrocities of Popes, priests,
religious charlatans and any host of assorted hypocrites;

or, will display their complete and utter ignorance
of the old Bible by citing some fiction from
selected biblical texts taken rudely out of context.

They never consider the one thought that would save
them from so openly displaying their wilful stupidity:

Not all who claim to be ‘Christians’ … truly are.

Then again, of course, a vicious man
who wants to beat an animal,

… will ALWAYS find a stick.

That Bible that they despise makes it very clear
that “many” are called (or attracted) by the gospel;
but “few” are genuine.

Christianity asks too much
from those who love themselves.

The Me-First, feel-good, happy-clappy displays of the
past forty years especially, are so cloying to anyone
of sober-minded disposition, precisely because they are
identical to what is found in the pubs and cabarets of
the world.

ME-FIRST “Christianity”

Crowd-pleasing “evangelists” have spent the past
century laying the foundations for the glib, frivolous,
utterly superficial “entertain and entice evangelism”

which bases “being saved” on Questions to which


could also answer … “Yes”.

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God;
that he died and rose again on the third day?”

Any DEVIL in Hell CAN – and does –
give mental assent to the gospel:

“Even the devils believe, and tremble”.

The formula is always the same:

An entertainer to make them feel good.
A colleague to ask them if they are sorry
for the times when they have been ‘bad’.
Assure them that Shame is the same as Repentance.
And there you have it: another Instant “Christian”.

Whether the 19th century, Ivory-tickling piano
of Sankey and Moody;
or the 20th century Variety Show performances
of Billy Graham;
or the coloured lights complete with ‘chaff’
concerts that thrill the blue-jean clad multitudes,

World-Imitating Entertainment … is the key
to the modern perversion that assures adherents
how “special” they are.

WHAT IS Christianity ?

Biblical Christianity places a Man or Woman
(as it were) in the dust: utterly devoid of any
pride in themselves or their natural “free will”.

A biblical Christian is ASHAMED of
the self-elevating state
of their own heart and mind;

The religious Hypocrite uses their “Church”
to GRATIFY the self-elevating state
of their own heart and mind.

Whether eyelid-fluttering fantasists
or belligerent fundamentalist bullies –
the result is the same …

The Elevation and Entertainment of “Me”.

To even BE a Christian, there MUST first be
the abandonment of anything that glorifies Self.

The methods of the world that gratify Vanity,
Lust, and Greed, will be REPULSIVE
to those who humble themselves
before Christ.

Those who Imitate the World, DO SO
to be separated from it.

The Central Characteristic to a genuine Christian
is … Holiness.

No genuine Christian will be comfortably able
to look at, or listen to, anything that is designed
to gratify sensuality.

Any individual with a defiant heart – Me and My
Opinion – will Never have the humility
to pause, consider, and learn.

The Christian separates from the world.
He does not Imitate it.

Yes … God IS Love. But all of God’s Love …
is centred upon Christ. Not the rejection of him.

“Love the Sinner, but hate the Sin” is humanism.
The old bible – which the modernist has replaced,
notes that God “is angry with the wicked every day”.

None but those who are Tormented by their OWN
depravity, will ever submit and cry in despair to Christ
for mercy,

“Accepting” Christ is accepting a Sovereign
to rule over Self and Self Interest.

The interests of the Charlatan will be the same
as that of the World: Fun, Self Esteem, the Occult.

Multitudes will be found prating on about “Prophecy”
– obsessed about “End Times”.

Such has ever been common amongst Pagan masses
throughout history: a ready obsession with fortune-telling
and ‘divining the future’.

The CHARLATAN will cling to his idols
and Imitate the world and its ways;
the CHRISTIAN will be rid of his idols
and Separate himself from the world and its ways,

The CHRISTIAN overcomes the world;
The CHARLATAN impersonates the world.

Look at the “fruit” of the tree …

“Christian” Rock Concerts,
“Christian” Tattoos,
“Christian” Compromise … ?

Note the Conduct and Conversation.
Then discern accordingly.

The Religious Hypocrite maintains that
The Law of God is not applicable to him.

The Christian affirms that his heart was changed
and he was given a Love for the Law [Romans 7:22, 25]

The Religious Hypocrite will declare that he “found” Christ.
The Christian knows that Christ called him.

The Christian STRIVES to enter in to the Strait Gate.
The Charlatan dances, claps, and laughs his way to a Demonic Gate.

“Of your own selves shall men arise …”

The conduct and lifestyle of the Charlatan
will usually reveal him to be nothing more
than a “cleaned-up” (ie. non-cursing) lover

of Precisely the SAME Things
that captivate those who profess no faith at all.

Those who are their own god will be personally offended
should anyone challenge their claims.

Dismissive contempt for godly men and women,
are as much a part of the hypocrites character,
as they are of the Atheist’s.

The average Evangelical does not loathe himself
– he loves himself .

The CHARACTER of a CHRISTIAN will be evident:

1. Humility

A spirit of contention with anyone who is ‘different’,
are NO hallmark of a Christ-like soul.

They will EXPLAIN their integrity, and refuse
to COMPROMISE with anything that is contrary to
holiness and reverence unto God;
BUT they will never rise to anger or invective.

2. Meekness

A genuine Christian will behave with dignity
when faced with mockery or ridicule.

3. Sober-mindedness

The Christian is constantly discerning – judging
righteous judgment – in order not to be carried away
by every fanciful word, notion, or money-making scheme
of conniving men and women.

The Christian will not accept the glossy performance
of every religious showman who claims to be a ‘pastor’,
preacher, or teacher; ‘Reverend’, Professor, or Theologian.

He will faithfully withstand those who denigrate God
and delude and seduce followers with a counterfeit Christianity.

But he will do it calmly, with resolute steadfastness.

4. Reverence in Worship –

“God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints;
and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.”

Reverence when (supposedly) coming into the presence of God
is a concept that the smug modernist dismisses in an instant.

True worship denotes adoration, veneration – a contrite heart.
It is bereft of the brash Impertinence which allows any sense
of complacency or ‘equality’ when approaching
the object of worship.

This places an immediate check to the self-pleasing frivolity
that characterises “worship” in the modern Age.

A Christian will never entertain the unholy presumption
of elevating himself above Moses, Joshua,
Ezekiel, the leper, John, or the ‘four and twenty elders’
who ‘fell on their faces’ before God, in humility.

Biblical worship is done “in spirit” – NOT in the
carnal sensuality of pleasing the emotions.

The VERY Characteristic that Christ used
to expose the religious hypocrites around him,
is PRECISELY the chief hallmark
of modern “worshippers” —

they Make a Display of ‘outward’ things.

Those who are … ‘of the earth’
love the things … of the earth.

Their ‘worship’ is Pagan – Sensual,
Appealing to the Senses;
Stirring to the Emotions;
and Gratifying to Pride and Self esteem.

Mary washed the feet of Jesus – with her tears:

It is an attitude that is at utter variance with the
light-hearted frivolity of “worship” in the present day.

False doctrine, false ‘bibles’ false ‘worship’ –
anything that elevates man
and places him closer to a ‘level’ with God,
is an offense to the genuine Christian.

Show the Hypocrite his error, and he will
be offended, argue, and vent every excuse
under the sun.

Show the Christian his error and –
he will earnestly thank you for it.

Abel was murdered by Cain,
who professed to worship the same God
as his brother.

Pride serves Self – Never God.

“This people honoureth me with their lips,
but their heart is far from me.”

People may convince others;
and fool themselves with their hypocrisy:
but they will never deceive God.

And they need not deceive you.

Ignorance and outrage done in – The Name ! –
of “Christianity”

have nothing whatsoever to do with
Christianity or the God of the Bible.

“To this man will I look, even to him that is poor
and of a contrite spirit and trembles at my word.”

“The meek will he guide in judgment:
and the meek will he teach his way.”

There are Good and Pious people
who are tormented by thugs – worldly and religious –
for no other reason, than that

they wish to live Humbly
by the dictates of the old Bible.


purport to be “Christian” …

Discern and Distinguish.

Look Carefully at the fruit,
and you will – most probably,

identify the tree.

P Livingstone