Christians in Military and Police … ?

“Christian” Police and Military – My Reply to a Question Asked

The 21st century is an Age that Worships Violence,
Brutality, and Aggression.

Its women have abandoned Femininity
to be, effectively, “men” …

and its “men” are unrestrained Savages
collectively spewing filthy obscenities
as part of normal conversation;
and having not even the remnant of a moral conscience
to see that anything is ‘wrong’.

Its “entertainment” is Crude, Vulgar, or Violent,
and people set up a ‘big-screen’ altar of worship
in their sitting rooms … kitchens … bedrooms …

An active Conscience will neither use force of arms,
or threat of arms … in the pursuit of profit
– whether his or his master’s.

The Order-Taker, however, does precisely that:

Follows Orders.

The Orders laid down by a Political Power.

If the end is to obliterate public discontent
over Corruption or Tyranny; or enforce the dictates
of Special Agenda Groups who will brook no opponents –

the Police enforcer … will enforce.

If the power wishes to occupy and steal
a country’s resources or geographic position on earth;
or impose force of rule whether political or economic,

the Military invader … will invade and subjugate,
by force, any man, woman, or child
he is ordered to take captive.

No Thought.
No Morals.
Just Blind Obedience.

He cannot ‘pick and choose’ and,
If some remnant of a conscience tells him that
he would not obey all orders, then he is duplicitous,
and has no business supporting by his presence,
and being the servant of his masters.

Should a Christian Bear Arms … ?

It is a question that I can answer
from direct, personal experience.

The answer, for me, is “No” – with explanation.

Bearing arms is the duty of government
and the violent men who work as compliant servants
with unquestioning obedience
to its every political dictate.

“So” comes the invariable retort –
“you would sit in your home
and let other people go to war,
and die to defend you ?”

If an intruder seeks to force his way into my home,
I shall do everything in my physical power
to stop him.

But, on the grander scale of war … ?
I will not kill for the sake of some cabal’s
tyrannical ambition.

Sit in my home, while other people
defend me ?

That very much depends upon
from whom, or what, they are defending me;

IF they are even ‘defending’ me at all.

Presuming that you refer to a real threat,
and not one contrived in order to gain control
of some geographic territory, I reply …

I am not allowed to forcefully defend myself.
Regardless of ever-popular theory spouted in America.

And I am certainly not willing to gamble my freedom
and trust to the mercy of men in the legal system
whose litigious perverting of right and wrong
long ago replaced Justice for victims in society.

I – by order of government – am NOT allowed
to take a shotgun and shoot a predator who
(to my considered judgment)
is giving every indication
that he is about to hurt or kill my family.

IF I do that, the chance is … VERY … high indeed
– that I will end up going to jail
for defending the life of my family.

Based upon (even my barely passing acquaintance
with) isolated ‘news’ stories, I am aware that
family men sit in prison,
who have thought otherwise.

The Clear … BIBLICAL … Teaching Upon the Use of Force

You may recall that an angel was placed
at the entrance to the Garden of Eden:

Once sin had entered the world,
sinful men (in a sinful world)
would need to be kept at bay
by fear of the sword.

THIS is The Way of the World.

NO biblical Christian would deny the existence
of brutal, savage men in the world –

I routinely encounter a half dozen or so,
bad-tempered, forcibly inconsiderate,
profanity-spewing, obnoxious reprobates
just on my way to and from to the supermarket

What a biblical Christian would assert however,
is that brutal men in government
must justly maintain the peace of their community
by ‘ the fear of the sword’ –
by meeting force with force …

… but those same governors of men
must not compel Christians to use force
to invade other nations for profit.

Note that Government was never … ‘of God’.
It was a thing peculiar to Pagan nations.

What does the Bible say about men who
hold power in this world ?

Daniel 4;17 “ … the most High ruleth
over the kingdom of men,
and giveth it to whomsoever he will,
and setteth up over it, the BASEST of men.

Government Was NEVER Ordained By God.

Government was instituted because
people DID NOT Want to be ruled by God.

Note the first occurrence of “godly” people
wanting to be ruled in the same way
as the nations that were around them:

“Then the men of Israel said unto Gideon,
Rule thou over us … And Gideon said unto them,
I will not rule over you …
the Lord shall rule over you.” [ Judges 8 22-23 ]

When the nation DID get a king,
what was the assessment of God about such a thing ?

“… make us a king to judge us like all the nations.
… give us a king to judge us … And the Lord said
unto Samuel … they have rejected me,
that I should not reign over them.” [ 1 Samuel 8 7-9 ]

“I gave thee a king in mine anger,
and took him away in my wrath.” [ Hosea 13:11 ]

God uses governments in the course of this world,
is evident by the plain statements of the Bible:

“I have given all these lands
into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon,
my servant …” [ Jeremiah 27:6 ]

“… the king of Babylon, my servant,
and will set his throne …” [ Jeremiah 43:10 ]

God permits brutal men to rule, to invade,
to use force – as instruments of justice,
in the course of his Providence –
governing the events in this world.

Of this, the Old Testament abounds with example.
in a world where Christ was known
by one nation alone.

Christ declared that, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Those who are citizens of Christ’s kingdom
do not take up the Ways and Methods
… that are used by the World.

Christians will not invade a country;
Pagans will invade a country.

A follower of Christ will follow the Instruction of Christ.

Christ does not force his kingdom
upon any pagan man.

Nor should pagan man force his kingdom
upon any Christian.

“But, John did not tell the soldiers to leave the Roman army”
is the sad, evangelical rebuttal used as nauseum
by those who venerate the sanctioned killers of “My Country”.

True, John told soldiers to be fair and use no “violence”
– rape, pillaging, brutality or degradation …

… which is PRECISELY what one would tell
a group of Pagan soldiers whose business it was,
to control people by force.

When Christ declared “… in earth as it is in heaven”,
he was noting the conduct of a citizen of the kingdom
of heaven … while that citizen of heaven
is living in this life, on this earth.

The parable of the Trees, in Judges, illustrates
the situation faced by any godly man or woman,
when faced with the prospect of political office:

“The trees went forth … to anoint a king over them;
and they said unto the olive tree,
Reign thou over us.
But the olive tree said unto them,
Should I leave my fatness (olive oil) wherewith by me
they honour God and man,
and go to be promoted over the trees ?”

Then said all the trees unto the brambles,
Come thou and reign over us.
And the bramble said unto the trees,
If in truth ye anoint me king over you,
then come and put your trust in my shadow …”

THIS is precisely what politicians, military men,
and police oblige themselves unto.

They are obligated, by the oath that they take,
to do whatever … The Bramble … tells them.

War is a practical necessity in an evil world.
Let brutal men strive with brutal men for political gain.

The Christian should never be compelled
to be one of them; for no biblical Christian
will Want to be part of them.

The description of the effect of the gospel
upon human beings,
is laid out in the second chapter of Isaiah –

“…all nations shall flow into it …
and we will walk in his paths …
and they shall beat their swords into plowshares …
neither shall they learn war any more.”

The biblical Christian WILL NOT

“learn war any more.”

“The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them;
and they that exercise authority upon them
are called benefactors.

But ye shall not be so …” [ Luke 22:25-26 ]

What was the example of Christ upon imminent,
personal threat ?

“… a band of men and officers … cometh thither
with lanterns … and weapons.
… Then Simon Peter, having a sword, drew it,
and smote the high priest’s servant …
Then said Jesus unto Peter,
Put up thy sword into the sheath …”

Yes, Christ declared that, as he came for this
SPECIFIC moment …

… and should he then, fight to prevent it?

Yes. This specific incident of the Lord’s time having come,
is not a general example of the regular daily life
of a redeemed soul in this world.

BUT it does declare the mentality that will
motivate a genuine Christian in daily life.

With regard to the use of force –

There is a World of Difference
between a Christian
trying to hold or restrain a mugger,
and pull him away from his victim …

… and gunning down people
because a politician declares war
in order to control oil, opium,
or a piece of topography.

MOTIVE is the question.

Situations in life are Not “All or Nothing” –

– “kill” or “do nothing”.

Unsolicited Defence
– in order to remove … Immediate Danger

is not Wilful Offence
– to remove supposedly … Prospective Danger.

As near as I can gather, if government reasons
that I was “sitting in wait” – that is,
prepared to kill an intruder in or around my home –
I will be deemed to have been in a state of premeditation,
and I will be charged with manslaughter, if not murder;
and be sent to prison.

Guilty until proven Innocent.

So, in reply to any retort about me sitting comfortably
and letting other people risk death to ‘defend’ me
I reply:

Government declares that I cannot protect my family;
so I shall – not unreasonably (surely?) –
expect government to protect my family.

And I shall leave the taking up of weapons
and use of force, to them.

In the case of (genuine) war –
where a nation is about to invade one’s
s national borders,
I certainly believe that an INVADING force

( again, a genuine invasion, and not one that is
fabricated and fed to a gullible public
by contrived lies on the television )

should be repelled from a nation’s borders.

Once they have retreated and abandoned their efforts,
the carnage stops.

( Which should make it self evident that I do not subscribe
to the practice of invading and subjugating a nation of people
in order that “we” might control topography, oil, and opium,
and call that “defending freedom”.

It should not be necessary for a British man like me,
to explain how Great Britain became “great”.)

The government insists that they (and not I)
are to do the defending;
then, by all means,
let the government do the defending.

But whereas I would only lift my hand
in unavoidable violence to defend life in imminent danger,
do not compel me to kill indiscriminately
for the sake of political advantage.

I have been, briefly, a military man;
and can say from experience that
such a mind-set – killing under political orders –
is completely abhorrent to me.

It is certainly not the conviction of an empathetic,
conscience-driven man or woman.

For any professed Christian to cavil
at that personal matter of conscience,
I see no reason to look any further
than the biblical description
of the mind-set that a Christian should have …

in the matter of Prisoners of War:

“Thou shalt not smite them:
wouldest thou smite those
whom thou hast taken captive
with thy sword and with thy bow?

set bread and water before them,
that they may eat and drink,
and go to their master.” [ 2 Kings 6:22 ]

[ Allow me to pause in order to anticipate
Evangelical scoffing at my assertion
that the Old Testament Believers were “Christians”

and remind the bulk of evangelical humanity that
Moses, David, Elisha, and Job, ALL placed their faith
in same Redeemer as John, Matthew, Peter, and Paul. ]

And whilst that is the sentiment of an Old Testament prophet,
the New Testament Preacher, John,
never told the Roman soldiers to leave the army;

but that ( in continuing to keep the peace and thus,
stop men from committing violence )
THEY were to “do violence to no man” –
that is, they were to not have people be in fear of them.

John encompasses the whole course of duty
when he tells them that they were to be honourable:
“neither accuse falsely.”

Nothing wrong with an honourable policeman.

The conduct of people reveals the state of their mind.

Genuine Christians conduct themselves towards God
with proper decorum; not the unholy presumption
that is characteristic of ‘churches’ over the past 40 years.

A righteous man judgeth all things …

“Peace” never comes at the expense of Truth.
“Peace” never comes by excusing Evil.

Blind Pacifism was no quality of Christ:
for he withstood those who were corrupt.

Misguided and immature blanket-Pacifism
is just as wrong as being willing to gun-down
any man or woman, should the situation present itself.

A Christian will be regulated by discernment,
moderation; empathy, and a desire for peace.

Governments demand the sole right
to protect nation and society.

I submit myself to their decree – and yes,
live a life of determined peace and gentility,
being quite willing to let them summon those
who want to control, capture, and kill,
to do their bidding.

The problem for me comes, however,
when the people charged with the protection of my family,
cannot be bothered.

The peaceful harassment by thugs;
and Police who are not interested.

The worse thing that can happen to the godly,
is to be left to the “mercy” of men.

No, I do not believe that a Christian should bear arms.
And I make that statement based upon my experience
in the military of Mrs Thatcher.

I KNOW the mentality.

I have seen and heard the testosterone vanity
of those who thrill to holding a gun;
who lust to actually have an opportunity to use it;
and who will kill anyone if … ordered … to do so.

You may believe that indiscriminate killing,
subjugating people, and driving families from their homes
is conducive to being a Christian.

I am assuring you, that it is not.

And before you begin too much outraged huffing and puffing,
I grew up in Belfast in the late 1960’s –
I KNOW what it is like to be hauled from a car at gunpoint
by government thugs;
I know what it is like to have my car, my body, my belongings
forcibly searched;

I know what it is like to be
looking down the muzzles of six – 6 – rifles
held by spotty-faced youths
in fatigues and berets.

If you do not, then perhaps you will have the maturity
to grant that I speak from experience:
And you do not.

A gun in the hand
obliterates any notion of … “I Could Be Wrong.”

Which is the characteristic thought of every
humble … Genuine … Christian.

The magistrate (government) bears the sword –
A disciple of Christ puts down the sword.

The book of Revelation concerns the battle
between the forces of Satan, and the forces of Christ
in this gospel age.

There is sufficient conflict with self, and evil, and error,
with regard to the souls of men and women,
and boys and girls,

as should keep any genuine Christian occupied
in a battle of quite another nature altogether.

There is but one type of person who is ever taught of God:
those who are “… of a contrite and humble spirit”
who “trembleth at my word.” Isaiah 57.15, 66.2

FALSE faith is always revealed by a lack of humility.

As a general observation: Where there is no humility,
there is no Grace.

A gun in the hand, and the authority to use it,
imparts an aggressive, “us and them” mentality
which has (throughout the course of my life)
been made clearly evident time and time again;

and whilst there are Always exceptions,
I had always found it impossible
to be surrounded by such people
and not see the inflated-chest posturing,
the self-satisfied look,
and the self-important manner.

Such a mentality will have no place
in the mind of any genuine Christian.

It would have been utterly impossible for me
to have remained in the military: utterly impossible.

The whole environment –

the talk,
the attitude,
the strutting,
the cock-sure demeanour:
the sense of self importance;
the willingness to kill on a politician’s whim –

that I saw and heard all around me,
every single day,

filled me with such unease and trepidation
that it was impossible to ever feel ‘at ease’ or comfortable,

when surrounded by people
who ascribed to it.

Honourable men and women are needed
in every walk of life;
but to answer this question, in general –

“Should a Christian bear arms ?”

Apart from a desire for authority or dominance,
I will never – from the experience of seeing and hearing –

understand why he would.

The followers of Christ are designated (by Christ) as “sheep”.

What is a “sheep” — ?

Is it an Aggressive Animal ?

QUITE the contrary. It is an animal that is slaughtered
by wild beasts, as well as men.

Does a sheep attack an aggressor ?
Well – it may attempt to push an attacker away in order to defend its young,
but it does not cause injury to any creature.

A sheep will, at its most aggressive,
push and then attempt to flee.

Let the bulk of professed Christians be ravening wolves:
the true Christian will be a sheep in this world.

And it would be nice if the world
could exercise the intellect and mature discernment
to distinguish between the two –
before blaspheming God, and blaming (genuine) Christians
for the conduct of the false.

I chose to leave brutality to brutal men,
and brutal women;

to those who enjoy the “rush” of holding a gun;

and to those whose vanity is gratified
by being a part of that world.

I have been subjected to taunts, being shoved over,
being hit, and being called the most foul and obscene names
in front of people – who just stood by and watched;
nine times, (I counted), in 55 years.

And in each case, I walked away to dreadful abuse
and laughter.

It is never pleasant, and one feels like a coward
when listening to the voice of pride and vanity.

But I am promised that “Vengeance is Mine;
I will repay, saith the Lord.”

It has been noted that the mill of God may grind slowly
– BUT it grinds exceedingly fine.

Evil inflicted upon me will be returned
upon the heads of those who torment me.

And that is the way I choose to live my life.

P Livingstone