Clothing … Revealing Your Integrity to the World (Archive, 2014)

ARCHIVE: Originally Posted on 28 September, 2014

It has been 11 years since a college last asked me
to deliver a presentation to their graduates
on the subject of presenting one’s self
as a competent professional to a prospective employer.

Professionalism is all but extinct.
And people no longer care.

And yet, the men who run this world
present themselves in shirt and tie:
they – and any professional – know full well
that ‘Who You Are’ is immediately determined
by your appearance.

Professional people present themselves in public
– dress the way they do, because they know full well
that their clothing and appearance
sends a message to the world.

From 1990 onwards, there has (most noticeably)
been a marked endeavour by the members of World
Government to – not only instil an infantile mentality
and dependence upon rulers within the hordes
of the increasingly ignorant masses,

but a very observable programme to Visibly
Separate the responsible members of the human race,
from the TV addled, mindlessly compliant ‘workers’

A major portion of that method has certainly been
in the area of Dress and Deportment.

Up until the 1970’s, it was a fairly common occurrence
to hear someone mentioning arriving at a family wedding
or other such event, in their “Sunday Best”.

Prior to the 1980’s, even the most crude members of humanity
had SOME basic understanding that one wore
appropriately respectful clothing … to a church.

With the advent of the 21st century, that BASIC aspect
of Common Courtesy and Respect for Others …
had been (along with the moral conscience),
all but obliterated from rapidly dwindling human awareness.

IN the new century, people attend “church”
dressed as though they were arriving for the ‘company picnic’.

It shows the state of that (so-called) “Christian’s” heart
(and mind), who would imagine to appear before God
in a way that he would never dare to appear
at his mother’s funeral, or his daughter’s wedding.

It is lack of reverence, a display of hypocrisy, and
(given the setting) contempt.
Let me ASSURE you of the practical reality of one thing:

The Clothes That You Wear …

Reveal the State of your Mind.

A man may dress in a shirt and tie, but if that shirt
is not ironed, it conveys laziness, neglect, apathy,
to those who actually look with discernment
at what is in front of them.

It is a simple fact that your appearance
– whether you want to accept it or not –
is the basis by which people judge you
during any first impression.

The way you choose to dress
declares who, and what, you are.

If you, generally, “cannot be bothered” –
your clothes will reveal that.

And those who make the real decisions
with regard to the running of this world
know it full well.

Slovenly Dress – Slovenly Mind.

Whether you are a tenured surgeon or household servant,
people will form an immediate opinion about your competence
based upon the way in which you dress.

Given the prospects of a coveted job or opportunity,
most often, you have one chance to ‘get it right’.

This tutorial will explain the basic fundamentals
in how to dress, and why.

A white dress shirt and tie for men;
a dress, or skirt and blouse, with nylons for women,
are the once-common-sense ‘basics’.

It is little wonder that people who no longer make an effort,
have gone from being regarded as “employees”
to being nothing more than expendable “human resources”.

Dress the way you want to be perceived,
Because you WILL BE perceived
by the way in which you dress.

It has been difficult to accept that I (and my father,
and my grandfather before me) dress
to work in garden soil,

better than many men dress
to take their wives out in public.

Either I simply have too much respect for women,

or the example that has been set for young people,
over the past thirty years is an absolute disgrace.

The Single Most Disgusting general aspect
of 21st century humanity is the undisguised
Laziness, Vanity, and Apathy
which is openly displayed in public
by the way in which a person dresses.

The Feeble-minded follow fashion;
The Vain exhibit wealth; and

Those who have respect for others
will wear the clothes they have
in the tidiest manner possible.

The way in which you dress
is the way that you broadcast to the world,
the level of your character, maturity, integrity,
and dependability.

You may not like the assertion,
but it is a fact nonetheless.

If you will not dress out of respect for

– your family;
– the people with whom you work;
– the people who might interact with you
throughout the day,

you reveal openly, your

– level of self-centredness
– apathy for others, and
– lack of self discipline.

Dress and Deportment is a very reasonable
indicator of whether a man or woman
may be trusted with

– a key to your house;
– the care of your children, pets, or valued possessions;
– responsibility for any undertaking of consequence.

Those who do not care about their general appearance
will not – If Pressed – care for anything beyond their own
vanity, ease, or entertainment.

A sluggish appearance
is the product of a sluggish mind,

betraying a self-serving mentality
which “Why should I be bothered?”

if it “puts them out” … they will, more than likely,
make a begrudging, half-hearted effort,
and will be ready to invent excuses for why
– like their dress and deportment –
they just could not ‘do the job properly’.

If a man will not dress out of respect for other people,
he will do precious little else
out of respect for other people.

As always in life: Discern the Tree
by the Fruit that it bears.

From the mid-80’s onward, I presented
a series of lectures entitled

“Essential Principles of Dress and Deportment
for Gentlemen and Ladies”.

Until several television “Sit-coms” featuring
(I took the trouble to find out from ‘TV Times’ descriptions)
groups of ‘friends’ whose main concern in each episode
was finding opportunity to copulate like rodents,
or talk about ‘sex in the city’ …

… inspired the concept of men wearing suits without a tie;
and women, a dress or skirt without nylons;
as if starting out to dress like a professional,
and then, purposely abandoning the attempt –

– because heaven forbid that anyone should have to
Make An Effort, or “endure” looking like a professional.

I remember seeing a 2002 excerpt from British
‘Breakfast Television’ in which a message just received
was read out ‘live’ in front of the camera.
In it, a viewer had, just then, telephoned the station to ask:

If he bought a silk tie and brought it personally
to the 35 year old presenter in the television studio,
would he wear it ‘on air’ with the suit he had on,
and at least make an effort to “dress properly”?

(Of course, the question was promptly
laughed away by said presenter and his co-host.)

Professionalism having been obliterated;
and with people now attending “churches”
in T-shirts and blue-jeans – appearing (as they imagine)
before God in casual, careless attire
that they would NEVER DARE to wear
to their daughter’s wedding,
or their mother’s funeral –

– the last time I was called to speak on
Dress and Deportment was in Edinburgh, in 2003.

I am so far removed from what is now deemed “Acceptable”,
that I can no longer stretch my imagination enough
to even attempt to relate to modern humanity.

In a profession whose very Appearance
once Personified hygiene –
Physicians have gone from white coats,
collared shirts, and ties,

to the practitioner that my wife and I encountered
in a Canadian hospital, who appeared wearing
a tie-dye t-shirt and blue jeans;

while the nurses – a profession that I remember
as being immaculately dressed in white uniform,
nylons, and shoes – varied from
a girl wearing a baggy jogging suit
to others in pyjama-like “scrubs” and athletic shoes.

The Comparison is a self-evident disgrace:

today’s laundry room in a hospital
– light blue cloth bags filled with bed linens,
dropped in dishevelled, misshapen piles –
waiting to be cleaned;

in contrast to the crisp, white sheets
of ‘yesteryear’ – folded and placed on a shelf
ready to be used.

Dress like a slob, think like a slob –
dress as befitting the Company Picnic,
and think as befitting the Company Picnic.

The sentiment used to be taken as a warning.
Now, it is a badge of honour.

Any vocation that once was set apart by self discipline,
professional standards of dress
and a meticulous work ethic,
has been reduced to the lowest common denominator
of self-pleasing, sloth, and apathy.

As children in the 1960’s, we learned
Reading, Writing, Grammar and Arithmetic;
addressed adults as “Mr”, “Mrs” or “Miss”,
and were quick to apologise with a bowed head.

If the Internet is anything by which to judge,
it is difficult to imagine just what children
of the last 30 years have been taught.

Should there be any young person
visiting here, who earnestly wants to
rise above the disgraceful state of modern humanity,
you will not go wrong in looking in a mirror:

Consider the manner in which you dress,
and the manner in which you speak and relate to people.

Stand in any public place and simply observe:
what now passes for ‘men’ invariably walk about
with either a vicious, “Got a Problem?” sneer
or, that vacuous, empty glazed look
that is commonly found on cattle chewing their cud;

their clothes are a reprehensible chaos
of unkempt sloppiness,
thrown over a lethargic frame
of personified laziness.

And women have spent 40 years
doing all they can to imitate ‘men’.

I have spent my time on the Internet
futilely trying to understand
why multitudes have no desire to

read above the level of a comic book,
write cursively,
spell correctly,
speak grammatically,
or even think with an attention span
longer than that of an infant.

Young Man,

Tuck your shirt in.
Walk with your shoulders back.
Say Good Morning to those you pass
at the start of each day.

Think, Act, and Speak like a MAN — Not a Savage.

Young Woman,

Do not be ashamed to be a Lady.

Your femininity raises you infinitely
above the pathetic macho posturing
of the modern masses of men – and women –
that now roam upon this earth …

Women in the 1960’s and 70’s were
able to work, socialise, and present themselves
like competent, conscientious … and feminine women:

I know – for, I remember them.

Let every “female” in the world adopt the role
of the aggressive, belligerent, domineering bully …
… but You, young Lady – rise above that.

Never be ashamed to Dress, and Speak,
and Act like a Lady.

Keep yourself from wallowing in the muck
that currently Characterises
the modern world.

– P Livingstone