Evangelical Thugs [2]: Concerning Arthur W Pink

Arthur W Pink: Choice Target of Evangelical Thugs


Encountering the Internet site of a band of American “Pastors”,

and seeing their unbelievable, wholesale ignorance
– freely admitted by the creature doing the writing –
the putrid ‘taste’ of whose article is still in my mouth,

I sought to present – for any So-Called “Christian”
who might be of the same perverted, savage mind-set
as this pseudo-Christian band of thugs –


a refutation of the degrading false witness
that these “Pastors” bore against Mr Pink …
by answering their ignorant presumption,
with answers from Mr Pink himself.

Allow me then, to let Arthur W Pink
defend HIS OWN honour and character

against the aspersions of those who are – plainly –
not fit to scrape the mud from his boots …

Arthur W Pink SOUGHT Christian FELLOWSHIP.

“Christian” church-goers Did NOT Want
Arthur W Pink in their “churches”.

“… and what is still better,
we are once more in a place
where we can have fellowship
with some of the choicest of God’s people. ”
[ AWP, Studies, December, 1940 ]

NOTE: The necessity for this defence may be found
in a disgusting rhapsody of lies and wilful ignorance,
which was presented on the Internet, by an American “Pastor”
and his Internet minions,

slandering and personally degrading a man named Arthur W Pink,
who died in 1952; and whose exceedingly in-depth theological works
have been unequalled since the time of the Puritans.

[ P Livingstone ]

has evidently been utterly removed from
the Modernist Evangelical’s deluge
of modern “translations”.

It must have been: because bearing false witness towards Arthur Pink
seems to be the past-time of ignorant Evangelicals –
if the Internet is any indication.

In order that those who give ear to the slander
and malicious degradation
of evangelical punks, thugs, and bullies
may be exposed as the malicious gossips that they are,

I am presenting FACTS in relation TO Arthur W Pink
… written BY Arthur W Pink,

and do so, in order to defend this righteous man’s name
and character from degradation
by such low-grade ‘pastors’ and assorted pew-warmers
as delight to promulgate wholesale malicious ignorance
about Arthur W Pink.

Perhaps CHURCH-GOING slanderers who DO precisely this
might discover a conscience …

… and repent of their Sin
in furthering the degradation and false witness
of an honourable man of integrity whose boots
– I may speculate, the bulk of them
would not be fit to clean.

I do not hesitate to place my name,
experience, and face,
in defence of this man’s character.

From Pink:

“… and what is still better,
we are once more in a place
where we can have fellowship
with some of the choicest of God’s people. ”
[ Studies, December, 1940 ]

with all who love the Lord in sincerity, irrespective
of which section of Christendom they belong to;

but because we could NOT JOIN THEIR party,
the great majority have been offended,
and the reports spread
that we are “self-righteous”
and “not able to get along
with any of the Lord’s people.” [ Studies, December, 1941 ]

Arthur Pink is arguably the most attacked and castigated man
to bear the ignorant degradation of modern-day church-goers
who feel perfectly at ease in commenting upon the “sin” in his life.

Pink is routinely the preferred target of the 21st century
Sunday Morning Social Club Set with their tribal
brick-and-mortar encounter group mentality.

Pink is castigated for his move to Stornoway by self-righteous
gossip-mongers who arrogantly declare this to be a ‘sure sign’
that Pink was … “out of the Lord’s will.”

What these presumptive, ignorant creatures seem either unmoved by
– or unwilling to move their lazy, gossiping selves to check –

is that Arthur and Vera Pink were obliged to relocate
after their bedroom was STRAFED by 30mm cannon fire
from a German Luftwaffe fighter,
that was passing over their Hove house,
which was situated on the English Channel.

Pink WAS INVITED to a place of safety – Stornoway –
by a seemingly trustworthy Christian.

After weeks of living in their clothes,
in the downstairs portion of their house in Hove,
they accepted THE OFFER to travel north
to the Western Islands of Scotland.

Pink was ASKED – he WAS INVITED – to travel
in order to join with various “churches”.

He DID so.

When he arrived there – ( and, I shall spread this out
so that the cloyingly ignorant can grasp the words
a few at a time ) –

( Concentrate, Now … )

those “churches”

decided that


did not want AWP

amongst them.

NOTE the order of WHO rejected WHOM.

A Concept that is (obviously) unknown in the 21st century:


“… we have found our services, though offered gratis,
are not wanted.

Had we been prepared to join a Baptist
or Presbyterian church
we could have obtained a hearing,

but because we felt restrained from so doing
we have received the cold shoulder everywhere.

Sad indeed is the situation, which has confronted us
the last twelve years:

on the one hand, a liberal or broad spirit
and an open door we could not enter because of heterodoxy;

on the other, those with an orthodox creed but a fast-closed door
because of sectarian exclusiveness.

How often has the course we were led to follow
been misunderstood and misjudged by those
among whom we have gone.

Because we were not free to take up a sectarian position,
they supposed the reason we would not unite with their church
was because we were looking for a “perfect one.”

We have LONGED to have Christian fellowship with all
who love the Lord in sincerity, irrespective
of which section of Christendom they belong to;

but because we could not join their party the great majority
have been offended, and the reports spread that we are “self-righteous”
and “not able to get along with any of the Lord’s people.”
[ Studies, December, 1941 ]

“… for though the Baptists and the Presbyterians
would have opened their pulpits had we joined their denomination,

and the “Brethren” given us a welcome
were we prepared to restrict ourselves to their circle;

yet, because we felt the Lord would have us remain outside the camp
and be free to mingle with his people at large,
every door was closed against us.
[ Pink, Annual Letter, Studies, December, 1946 ]


“By the grace of God it has been our privilege
to feed numbers of his sheep who are dispersed in many denominations,
and not a few who have no church home on earth.

We have therefore been constrained to take up nothing in these pages
of a sectarian nature, endeavouring to steer clear of whatever would give
unnecessary offense, confining ourselves (with rare exceptions)
to “those things which are most surely believed
among” ( Luke 1:1 ) God’s people at large.

In order to be consistent with the undenominational character
of our printed ministry, we have remained “unattached” ecclesiastically.

Our desire and determination has been, by grace,
to walk the Narrow Way with a broad heart –
embracing ALL who EVIDENCE Christ within them. ”
[ Pink, Studies, December, 1941 ]

“We are connected with no denomination,
have no “Board” or “Committee” behind us,
and receive no “collections” from any “churches.”
[ Studies, December, 1936 ]


Residing in Hove (which adjoins Brighton), part of “The Battle of Britain”
was fought right over our heads, for we were only ten minutes’
air distance from France, where the German squadrons were assembled,
and from which it was expected our coast would be invaded by their army.

We lay in the direct route of the enemy bombers
as they came to and from London, passing over us nightly:
the warning siren was sounded at 9 or 10 p.m.,
and the “all clear” not until 4 to 6 a.m.

An occasional one unloaded his devilish freight on Hove.

At that time, there was no “shelter” within reach, and Hove
had no anti-aircraft guns.

The house in which we resided was a jerry-built one,
incapable of resisting blast or incendiaries.

On July 1st, our bedroom was machine-gunned from the air,
so from July 2nd to Sept. 20th, both of us spent every night
lying fully dressed on the hall-floor downstairs.

Yet the whole of the second half of Vol. 19 was composed
and typed out during those months, and a heavy correspondence
attended to! Did not the Lord “help” us!
[ Our Semi-Jubilee Letter, Studies, December, 1946,]

“Since writing the above we received a call, quite suddenly
and unexpectedly, to once more move our tent.

During the last few months, and especially since the German air-raids
increased so much both in frequency and intensity,
many of our friends have been much concerned about our welfare,
and numbers of them suggested our moving to a less vulnerable area.

But we did not feel free to accept any of their loving suggestions.
It was the Lord who directed us to Hove (which joins on to Brighton)
four and a half years ago, and we dared not leave
till he made it very clear that his time for us to do so had come. …

Just when the strain was becoming too much for our frail bodies,
our Master made it plain he had provided a haven of rest for us
some 750 miles distant.

An old friend in Scotland renewed his kind invitation
for us to sojourn with him. It meant travelling across the city of London,
and a bomb fell near the station where we were waiting for our train,
but we were unharmed.

It meant a 500 mile journey to Glasgow, but we reached it safely,
and had a week’s rest with dear ones
who devotedly ministered to our every need,
so that we were much refreshed both spiritually and physically.

Then another railway journey of 170 miles; a 12 hours’ sea trip,
which was accomplished without any untoward event.

A few days fellowship in the home of another kind friend and his wife,
and then a short sea trip and our “haven” was safely reached.

We are now situated on an island far removed from the scene of conflict,
where we can quietly study and conduct the work of the magazine in peace,

and what is still better, we are once more in a place where we can
have fellowship with some of the choicest of God’s people.”

[ Pink, “Our Annual Letter”, Studies in the Scriptures, December, 1940 ]

P Livingstone

A PERSONAL Word to Evangelical Thugs,
Gossip Mongers and Garden-Variety Bullies …

I can attest – FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in Stornoway,
that those who are not a part of the Paedo-Baptist social set
are most certainly NOT welcome.

Upon arrival on Lewis, Pink wrote to
Free Church of Scotland minister Kenneth MacRae,
asking if he could arrange a time to meet
in order that the two men might become acquainted.

“Reverend” MacRae wrote back to inform Pink
… that he was too busy.

THAT is the type of reception that awaits those who are
outside the sectarian social order of Stornoway. [ PL ]

Several times in Studies, Pink reiterated the plea:
“… we respectfully request that none of our readers
will address us as “Rev.” :
no worm of the dust is due such a title. It is written
“holy and reverend is HIS [ that is, God’s ] name” (Psa. 111:9).”

No one – (possessed of a conscience) – can fail to see the significance
that is illustrated when, standing in Stornoway cemetery,
one faces the grey stone monolith that marks Kenneth MacRae’s grave …

… then turns one’s head ninety degrees to the left
to see the patch of bare grass that marks the resting place
of Arthur and Vera Pink.

I have done just that … and it is a truly disgusting
visual comparison. [ PL ]

“… we respectfully request that none will address us as ‘Reverend’.
No worm of the dust is due such a title.” [ AWP ]

AWP was a man who did not squander his time.

How many of the TV-watching, moral-sewage ingesting,
cinema-going “pastors” of today could even imagine the audacity
to claim likewise?

“During this quarter of a century, almost 7,000 pages
have come from our pen, comprising no less than
1,700 articles of varying lengths, averaging four pages each. …

That is only a list of series,
though bare figures cannot convey any idea
of the immense amount of work involved in preparing,
nor my dear wife’s in typing them out
amid her domestic duties.
Many scores of others were written and typed:
some on long train-journeys, others while crossing oceans.

During those years, the editor was permitted to write by hand
well over 20,000 letters.”
[ Studies, Semi Annual Letter, December, 1946 ]

I attended the same church in Edinburgh as Iain Murray
– a kind and humble man indeed; yet it was with great self control
that I did not ask him why his re-printed 2004 biography
removed the theological ‘backbone’ from Pink
that was so freely given, and evident, in the 1981 original.

A man writes a book – and all his adoring readers IMAGINE
that … he … is the only man with knowledge of its subject.

My father spoke highly of Pink throughout my childhood:
long before that first biography ever appeared.

Testimony about Pink did not begin in 1981.

I have defended Pink for more than thirty years now,
against these increasingly frequent aspersions
which are so freely levelled against him,
by utterly ignorant creatures
who have not the slightest concept of standards of Integrity,
in matters that are inviolate.

Pink strove in great detail, to help and educate humble souls
who were genuinely ignorant of fact.
But he walked away from those who were defiantly
and wilfully so.

In the 1990’s, an American published a cheap paperback
– which looked as though it had been photocopied and glued –
containing letters written in Pink’s early years.
Flipping through this, I vaguely recall one page
where he expressed his incredulity
that anyone else could be as fastidious as Arthur Pink.

Well, that may be a mystery to you and your fans, ‘sir’,

but there are a few left – fast disappearing from this earth,
who maintain the same standards as Arthur W Pink.

Being ‘popular’ and ‘mixing’ is the indicator of “success”
for the shallow, flippant, and carnally-minded.

It was not so for Pink.

It is not so for me.

IF any modern-day, church-attending receiver of gossip
wants to know anything about Arthur W Pink,
they might have the common decency and moral integrity
to check and consider what Arthur W Pink wrote:

and NOT what a biographer (or any other Johnny-come-lately
jumping on the ‘Pink’ bandwagon), chooses to release
to the book-buying public.

Refusing to sit by and hear the degradation
of the comparative Cave Men of 21st-century “Christianity”,
heaped upon non-compromising Christian men and women,
I am quite willing to defend this man’s character.

I am not the least bit concerned with
how many ‘letters’ you have behind your name;
how large the ignorant multitude that gasps
with ecstatic adoration at your every utterance;
or how important you Think you are …

ANY reader of this article –

“Reverend”, “Pastor”, Doctor,
Professor, Narcissist, Thug,
Obnoxious Internet Site Owner,
or Conscientious Inquirer –

may contact me with honest enquiries
about this sober-minded, Narrow-Way-walking
man of integrity and humility.

P Livingstone