Film Review: Wings of the Dove

Despite my loathing for Hollywood and the dross
it unleashes to a disgracefully grateful world,

I was asked, recently, if I would write
a film review:

“There must be SOME movie that you have
sat through and enjoyed … ? ”

There was … One.

Film Review: Wings of the Dove

“She’s come here to live, not to die.
She doesn’t want our pity.”

“What does she want?”

“Your love.”

The only English language film that I could suggest
in answer to the assertion that there must be
“SOME movie” that I sat through,

would be the 1997 production … “The Wings of the Dove”

In this film, actors Helena Bonham Carter,
Linus Roache, Alison Elliott, and Elizabeth McGovern
feature in a tale set in 1910 London and Venice.

It was, for me, a Morality Play – and, certainly,
for a mature audience that can sit through
actual conversation – rather than profanity,
violence, and explosions.

A third of the way into the film,
a revelation is made about ‘Millie’;

from this point, the story is completely concerned with
scheming, greed, and … conscience.

Interestingly enough (for me, anyway) –
I cannot recall (with every willingness to be wrong)
that there was one bit of obscene profanity in the whole thing.
Amazing how they can do it, if they want to.

Now, this is not fit for any child – literal or mental.
There is, towards the end, a graphic scene with nudity
– sexuality, even — which is … PRECISELY the whole point
of the story.

(NOTE:  If you wish to see the film …

Do Not Proceed

with this review.   Stop Here.

For those able to still follow
a story whilst being aware of the premise … )

It is the moral reality – for those of us
left in the world who possess a conscience,
that makes this film a mirror to the soul:
something that is instantly relatable …

Ill-gotten gain;
treachery towards someone;
and conscience bringing such disgust
that one conspirator could not bear to celebrate
… “success”.

As the final scene makes abundantly clear.

Better to live alone
than to commune with “successful” predators.
Not a message which, I suspect, is often conveyed
by Hollywood studios.

Though struggling to detach myself from the nostalgia
of having walked those same Venetian streets
(Piazza San Marco too many times to count)
as a school-teacher in the area,

I cannot see how anyone possessed of feeling
could fail to be stirred by this celluloid story.

Indeed, it would take an heart of stone to
Not be moved at the scene where
a grief-stricken man kneels beside a sofa;

or to find immense satisfaction
in the result of that final ‘bedroom scene’
and aftermath.

“Give me your word of honour
that you are not in love with her memory.”

I never expected Film to arise
as a topic on this site – but then again,
the emotional pain of tender-hearted people
is something to which I can profoundly relate:
And would be the only type of film
that I could possibly watch to its end.

As this British production is the only
English-language film
that has any worth or significance to me,
I hope that this summary and these thoughts,
will pass well enough for my version
of a ‘Film Review’.

P Livingstone

The BBC … Rising from the Slime ?

BBC History …

Lucy Worsley: Jane Austin Behind Closed Doors

James Fox: The Art of Japan

The opportunity to see two particular BBC historians
presenting, via the Internet,
their respective television programmes,
has left me actually overwhelmed
with a sense of gratitude.

No, not for the thoroughly well-done production
relating to two topics of profound interest to me
(this is the BBC, and one would expect
nothing less than technical excellence) –

but for the efforts made by both presenters

… in their personal appearance.

Seeing each of them was, for me,
to have been transported back to the time
when a certain aspect of society was so routine
– back then ! – that I took it for granted;

a once common feature of mature adults,

whose utter eradication from the world
I have never ceased to lament
throughout the last thirty years especially.

Both presenters hosted their respective programmes
dressed like the respectable men and women
amidst whom I was raised.

Unlike the slovenly ‘blue jeans’ androgyny
of the new breed of ‘Independent’ woman –

( ‘beg pardon: “female” – ‘we’ no longer use
the terms “men”, “women”, boys” or “girls”
that specifically indicates … Human … gender )

– that featured in a few attempts to find historical viewing
via the BBC, over the past twenty years.

Unlike, too, the ( for me ) insulting, vulgar,
appallingly libidinous, low-cut attire clearly worn
to display the cleavage of one recent
British woman historian.

Here was a man

dressed like ANY mature man

used to dress

on a daily basis;

and a woman

whose appearance is … well,


It was the first time that I can recall
being so overwhelmed with appreciation
and gratitude at Anything that was produced
for the medium of television – an invention

that has spent its entire existence
obliterating the concept of the mother-at-home-family,
children-showing-respect-and courtesy-to-elders, and

while at the same time, making vacuity, vulgarity,
violence, profanity and promiscuity … “normal” …
in the minds of all who view it.

Of course, I made the mistake of glancing down
to see the comments placed from the great mass
of the 21st century viewing public …

….. whose ingratitude shone forth
like some great advertisement
for all that is vicious, selfish, and crude.

“Why are you wearing a suit?” quipped one;

( Well, sonny, it is a once-common concept
that used to be known as “Professionalism” )

several whined because the audio ‘dropped’ in places;
and more told the channel owner to take the video down
and re-upload it to suit their specifications.
Not one of these malignant ingrates
had the self-discipline or decency to say … “Thank You.”

Which is precisely WHY these two presenters
have brought a bit of bitter-sweet cheer into my life –

“bitter-sweet” because, of course,
once the programmes have ended
you are back into the 21st-century reality
of modern human beings.

Here, on these two occasions, the BBC
has set aside its 21st century formula
of profanity and lewdness,
to offer programme hosts who could have
just stepped out of the 1960’s
that I so fondly recall and lament.

What a Pleasure.

What a Relief.

Just to have had a ‘taste’ of the world
that I had the inestimable pleasure of experiencing
in my formative years.

A breath of pure, fresh air … rushing in to
the choking chamber of polluted, poisoned smog
in which one is now required to exist.

What an escape.

I believe, always, in saying ‘Thank You’ –
in giving credit where credit is due.

Sadly, it seems that I cannot thank the person
who ‘posted’ this video, as I would need
a YouTube channel in order to do so.

And, of course, I dare not write
from the other side of the world,
to thank the BBC –
whose Division of Corporate Greed
known as “copyright infringement”

would almost certainly
remove the videos from the Internet
since nothing can be simply ‘shared’ any more
without greed-mongers demanding money.

But, to those two specific presenters in particular:

Thank You; you have allowed me to escape,
( for a little while ) back to a world
that I so desperately miss –

a time when adults were actually capable
of presenting themselves with maturity
and some degree of elegance.

Thank you so very much.

Whilst Miss Worsley’s dress is impeccable
in all her documentaries,
the young man is a new face for me …

and I wonder if I dare hope that this might
set a ‘trend’ for those who actually want to be
perceived as ‘professional’

to begin once again presenting themselves
as being mature enough, and competent enough,
to dress like adults
rather than ill-disciplined, lazy street urchins.

If not, and it transpires that this is but some
temporary aberration,

I am so very grateful to have experienced it.

P Livingstone

ごがつ … The GARDEN in May

A few of the plants that arrived to join us in the garden,
during the end of April and the first week of May, 2018 …

Syringa vulgaris


Blue Mammoth

Fuji san

Prunus Kwantzen



Hosta Guacamole




By mid-May, the canopy thickens overhead

Thank you for stopping by to visit today;
join me again when, all being well, we can enjoy the sights
of the Garden from May into June …

P Livingstone

Austerity Measures … ?

For the second time in a few months, someone
has presented the concept of “bio diversity” to me
and, whilst this second occasion has been merely
as an aside to a larger, general question,

the first had been phrased as a definite challenge
– an admonition – that I ‘should be doing more
to “care” for this world.

As I did not address that first presumptive remark
at all, I thought it might be prudent to present
a few thoughts with regard to this notion that I
– and folk like me Should … “Care”.

I would have thought that it Should Be crystal clear
from the content of this Internet site,
where I stand with regard to Any aspect
of kindness, care, courtesy or consideration

– most especially where peaceful and gentle creatures
( whether man, animal, or nature in general )
are concerned.

Dispensing Kindness … Should Be … the practice
of Every human being that possesses
a working conscience.

There has been, over the past ( I suppose )
fifteen years, a renewed religion of EARTH

that I remember being last foisted on us
in the early 1970’s, under the phrase … “Ecology”.

What appealed to the hippies of the latter ‘60’s,
now appeals to the glass-and-chrome living,
machine-programmed urbanites of today.

It is a ‘bandwagon’ that is clambered upon
by the perpetually hand-wringing, knee-jerk reaction
masses of 21st century society …

… a ‘wagon’ which is driven OVER the top
of people who ARE conscientious;

and driven AROUND those who are the
cause of damage in the natural world today.

I have neither part nor interest in this decade-long
proliferation of Fear from … Supposed … “Over”
Population, ( the whole middle latitudes of Canada
consists of tens of thousands of acres of vast open,
unpopulated wilderness – as, I suspect,
are the same latitudes of Russia and Scandinavia (?) );

Political Fanatics,
the Sun,
the Seas,
the Temperature,
utterly ludicrous “Second Hand Smoke”

and every-and-any-other Snowflake
that has been presented as an Avalanche,

in order to breed fear, dependence, and uncertainty,
in infantilized, subservient, self-obsessed, an very
hypochondriac masses.

I can only state again:

The destruction of plants, animals, and wilderness
is a topic that SHOULD BE taken up
with the TWO forms of humanity who do just that:


those “film stars”, “celebrities”, politicians, and CEO’s
who go from A to B in Leer Jets and Limousines;
who have the walls and ceilings of their Californian
mansions decorated with 24 carat gold leaf –

… and yet whine,

and call for the little old widow lady
in her cottage in Killarney
to practice “Austerity Measures”



those wanton liquor-swilling, groin-scratching savages
who destroy nature with the noise and carnage
from ‘dirt bikes’, ATV’s, speed-boats, and Snowmobiles;
before flinging their stinking beer tins
wherever they happen to be standing at the time.

So Then – to raise any such matter with a man
who feeds birds all year; and is moved to tears
when he has to lay a mouse trap because the little
creatures have ventured into the kitchen



I will not abide being equated with the self-serving narcissists
who regard this world and everything in it
as being here for their amusement … or source of profit.

Ban the little old man from smoking his briar pipe
in a city park – that wisp of smoke
will kill your children !!!

but think nothing of the 600 cars, trucks, and buses
that spew benzene, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide
all over you – and your children – every single hour
in Vancouver, New York, Moscow, Berlin, or Tokyo.

I believe it was Jonathan Swift who observed that

The Law is like a spider’s web:

it catches flies … but allows wasps, and hornets
– large and dangerous predators –
to fly free.

The same is true of the fantasy plethora / deluge of
fear-mongering that has been proliferated of late.

Yes, I will do what I am told to,
because I want to live peaceably.

But – to those who are ever seeking to ride the rails
of nit-picking hypochondria;
or jump on the bandwagon of every newly invented
criticism based upon paranoid absurdities,


If you have concerns about the abuse of this world,
or abuse in this world …

… you DIRECT your call for accountability TO
those creatures who are Responsible for the abuse.

And leave those of us who daily exercise
due conscience and consideration

to live our lives in peace.

P Livingstone

Setting Aside a “Special Day”

It is not falling into a mire
that is the disgrace –

but lying there,
and wallowing in it.

An honourable man or woman WILL ‘fall’
from time to time. Through fear, or panic, or lust,
Integrity may be uncharacteristically discarded
in a fit of passion, loneliness, or melancholy.

But those of moral principle – though defeated
for a while, Will see their own disgrace…
and will remove themself from it.

Character, in a human being, is a matter

A loud, over-bearing braggart may well keep quiet
for one hour at a funeral – but he is still a loud,
over-bearing braggart.
THAT is his regular state of existence.

A “special occasion”, ‘special day’,
or ‘moment of reflection’ will do nothing
to change What He Is.

The character of a man or woman is revealed
by the consistency of conduct and conversation
that is manifest in their every-day life.

A righteous man; an honourable woman
– needs no special occasion to stimulate courtesy,
consideration, or conscience.

In the 1960’s, we, as British schoolchildren,
started each day in the gymnasium,
by reciting the Lord’s Prayer; singing a hymn
(usually “All Things Bright and Beautiful” ),

and generally being instilled with the sentiment
that WE … were not the centre of the universe.

That was then.

Of course, in this depraved, “Enlightened” Age,
such activity has long since been eradicated
from the public school system, in which teachers
must NEVER interfere with a child’s self esteem.

It is now imperative, you see,
that Dick and Jane
have very high opinions of themselves,
so that they can become teenagers
and tell their elders
to ‘f*** off”.

Now then, let me ask you:

In such a world as that – of what use is a
“Day of Prayer” … a “Moment of Remembrance”
… to a nation that has completely obliterated God,
Moral Decency, and Self Control ?

It is nothing but an empty gesture: A Farce

… a display of utter hypocrisy by people
who would not give “God” – or even moral people,
a second thought in their daily lives.

And yet, “A Moment of Prayer” has been
a preposterous display that is melodramatically
performed by politicians and ‘leaders’

whose laws and proclamations
have removed from their society,
the very God
unto whom they pretend to pray.

A “special occasion”, or Special Day,
allows self-centred multitudes
to imagine great things of themselves,

while the regular conduct of their lives
consists of gratifying nothing but vanity, ambition,
laziness, and the constant pursuit of entertainment.

Special Days, Dates, and Ceremonies … do nothing
but harden the hard-hearted in their own conceit;
and foster a spirit of hypocritical legalism
by making people think that,

because they put a coin in a tin …
send a box of food to a ‘food bank’ …
or give a second thought to an abused animal
on some Isolated, Single Occasion –

they are therefore “doing their part” –
doing “all that is required” of them.

At “Christmas” people send cards
( although, I understand that email is now
serving insincerity and laziness with the utmost
in non-effort ) …

to family members with whom they have
Not One Moment’s Contact
for the entire rest of the year.

But … they have “done their bit” –
they have observed that “one special day a year”
– and so, nothing more should be expected of them.

The hypocrite can once again return to 364 days
of revelling in what matters most – ME.

The only thing “special” about Special Days,
is that they give the vast majority of apathetic humanity
the opportunity to tell their
barely lukewarm consciences

that they … ‘care’.

People push a banknote into a tin
( 80%+ of which, pays the salaries of CEO’s, staff,
and brochures of some ‘charitable’ organisation )
and see themselves as the saviour of abused animals.

During the 12 weeks I could endure at the SPCA,
concrete-enclosed dogs spent 23 hours-plus
with NO metal stimulation … NO Toy
with which to play … and most,
without EVEN a Bed upon which to lie.

The dogs – many of them – were quite insane.

The mental torture of isolation bereft of companionship
or mental stimulation … in a cement dog “kennel”.

And no one – staff or head office – had so much as
a stirring of conscientious empathy to care.

Walk in and ask for an impromptu tour of the kennels
BEFORE writing a cheque to support
the mental-and-emotional torture of dogs
confined in isolation to the concrete boxes
of the local “Shelter”.

People “give” to animal “Rescue” societies
and walk away secure in the conceit that they have
“done their bit” … and no further thought is required.

People Give … what does Not inconvenience them.

To a Genuine heart … “Special” days are NOT required.

Those who ARE “the real thing” …
will show it – every single day of their life.

Their conduct and conversation will reveal
– to every person who spends more than five minutes
in their company – precisely what type of person they are.

The man or woman who is concerned
for the welfare of animals,
will be concerned for the welfare of animals
in EVERY aspect of his or her daily life.

They will not buy anything other than Free Range eggs;
will not give their money to “corporate” meat suppliers
that slaughter animals en masse;

will NOT buy cosmetics or cleaning products
UNLESS assured that that product does Not engage
in ‘animal testing’;

and will scrutinise local animal products
and ask questions – before spending money
to support businesses.

Unlike the Most, whose ‘look out for Number One’
attitude, will buy whatever is ‘on sale’.

Those who ARE who they say they are,
WILL keep their word.

They will show – all the time – that they
mean what they say;
and they say what they mean.

Kindness, Courtesy, and Compassion
will be evident in the conduct and conversation
of those who are TRULY … “kind” people.

Show me what you do on a Day-to-Day basis
– NOT what you do every now and then
( never mind just one day a year ).

Those who require “a day” to spur them to Thought,
Consideration, or Action … are neither
thoughtful, considerate, or conscientious.

Their kindness is ’empty’ … Hypocritical.

One day a year will do nothing
to change the selfish spirit that actuates
such an individual for 364 days a year.

It strengthens the hypocrite in their hypocrisy,
but has no effect on those who are genuine.

Discernment and Kindness will be habitual
in those who are … TRULY … kind.

P Livingstone

Thoughts … to Victims of Bullies

I used to think, as a boy that, whenever I saw,
read, or heard of cruelty from any human being,

it was the frightening evidence of demons
who were making themselves visible
in the natural world.

Such were the thoughts of a little boy.

The 1990’s saw the popularization of a perverse
mentality that proclaims ( to the effect that ) –

“Never regret anything that has happened in the past:
you cannot change it, so regard it as a lesson,
and ‘move on’ with your life.”

“Never Regret” … ?

It is nothing less than a Psychopath’s Mantra:

the doctrine of those who feel no remorse for anything,
and are affected to thoughtful consideration
by nothing … that lies outside of their own ego
or ambition.

There is an appalling plague that has infected
infantilised, modern masses, which proclaims that

“I cannot judge someone’s character
because I am not a ( heaven help us! )
… psychologist.”

IF there is anyone left on earth, under the age of,
say, 50 ( who actually POSSESSES a working mind
imbued with the ability to observe and consider ),

DO what Mature and Responsible adults
have done for thousands of years, and

“judge the tree by the fruit that it bears”.

It has been a great privilege in life,
to have been trusted with personal confidences
by people who, really, know nothing about me,
save for an impression that they had initially formed
about my character.

I remember occasions in life, where someone
(who has been so traumatised by a bully
that they are still tormented by the memories of
the indignity to which they had been subjected)
will say …

“You cannot imagine how it feels for me!”.

Perhaps not … yet, I am someone who has
a very tender-heart and peaceful disposition;
and who seeks and shows gentility
in every facet of my life.

And I do understand those who have
mentioned still feeling humiliated; who
feel like a coward for not having
‘done something’.

Many are tormented by the memory – the
mental scars – of what a bully has done to them.

And the crude response of “friends”
who tell them to … ‘get over it’ —

perhaps the most insulting, degrading,
and callous sentiment
that can be levelled at some hurting soul;

and visible proof that the person
to whom they have come to for compassion,
has no interest Whatsoever in their pain.

To such tormented souls, allow me to say that,
while I cannot ‘know’ what it is like for you, personally,
I DO understand what most ( especially in the crude,
callous world of today ) do not.

You see, I DO know …

The lowest form of humanity that I ever encountered
forced himself into my life in 1985,
in the early stages of training for my short time
as a photographer in the Royal Navy.

Just after ten o’clock one night,
the lights in the ‘transit mess’ ( sleeping quarters
in the naval facility where I was awaiting
my first ‘posting’ ) suddenly turned on.

Still half asleep, I pulled on my trousers
and staggered out into the corridor.
Seeing two individuals from another mess,
I approached them and asked what was happening –
was it a fire exercise?

One of the two walked up to me and, without any warning,
slammed his forehead across the bridge of my nose.

All I knew of the creature
was that his name was Pennington;
and his accent seemed to indicate that he
was from the northern part of England.

That very day, my parents had travelled,
and just arrived to spend a few days with me.

To physically defend myself from this vicious brute
would be to spend the following day
in the Regulating Office – the Royal Navy’s police.

More significantly, and quite apart from that,
physically defending myself back then,
still went against my nature.

I was a peaceful and gentle young man.
Because of it, I had the indignity of having to turn
and walk away. And it has bothered me ever since.

Still … as my dear grandpa said to me once:

“There is no need for any genuinely God-fearing man
or woman to seek revenge: there Will Be
a Day of Judgment;

and on that day, Another will do it
far more efficiently, effectively – and thoroughly –
than any grieved victim ever could.”

So, to those who reply that I do not know
your mental anguish – that sensation
of ‘being a coward’ for not ‘standing up’ —

I DO know. I feel it as well …
but would ask you to consider that:

You are not a savage.
And I am not a savage.

And so … should we … know how to respond
with the same cruelty and malice as them?

Bullies are SADISTS – they enjoy inflicting terror,
degradation, and misery.

Bullies are NARCISSISTS – they have no other standard
in life but their own vanity. If they have a wife and family,
it is “My” wife and “My” family – emphasis on the “My”.

Everything they do is to indulge their own Vanity.

no remorse: no conscience whatsoever.

Brutalising weaker, timid, and peaceful people
gratifies them – rather than shames them.

They have no shame
because they have No Conscience.

Everything is subservient
to their love of Self.

The 21st century is absolutely inundated
with such individuals.

Gratuitous violence is the drug that has been pushed
by Hollywood for a century. Since the 1980’s,
it has become sadistic.

A generation has been nurtured on it, and are now
unleashing upon the world – children of their own.

The days of conscionable men, gentle men,
trustworthy men … are long gone.

Men have become slovenly, vulgar creatures
for whom domineering arrogance, laziness, and ease
seem to dictate their every thought, word, or deed.

The days of Ladies, too, are long a thing of the past:
women now dress, speak, groom themselves and act
in such a way as to imitate the modern image
of what now passes for ‘men’.

An “independent” woman now, is one
who is observably, aggressive, loud, domineering
and ‘macho’.

Humility and Gentility have been obliterated
from the New Version of humanity.

Youths raised in the obscene depravity of the 1990’s
were taught that women are toys – ‘bitches’ to be used;
that shop clerks and company staff exist to serve them;
that weak and timid people are there to be stepped upon,
And this world is no place for The Old.

Look into the eyes of such creatures and you will
invariably see the ‘absence’ of … Something …
something that you cannot ‘put your finger on’ –

the derisive expression of perpetual scorn:
an ‘emptiness’ in the eyes; a practiced,
‘what are you looking at?’ sneer of contempt.

There is no humility, no compassion, no intellect;
neither ability or desire to carry on a conversation;
no ‘warmth’ in the eyes …

To put it simply:
the qualities that once make a person ‘human’

Are Not There.

Add viciousness and a desire to glorify themselves
and humiliate others,
and you have a depraved Bully.

Now then, my disheartened friend, can you –
who possess a moral conscience and natural empathy,
hope to ‘stand up to’ a conscienceless creature such as that?

You CANNOT ‘reason’ with such perverse creatures,
because they have no moral centre:
the “value” of everything in their existence
is calculated according to how much it gratifies
their vanity.

Let a bully be made aware of the misery
he caused someone 40 years ago,
and he will spew contempt, threats, or ridicule.
There is no shame, or any sense of regret.

They have no capacity for moral sorrow.

How much misery could be removed
if every person who reads these words
would think of one time when they –

let someone down;
ridiculed someone;
made someone’s life miserable

– but then made some type of EFFORT
to ‘make it right’ ?

Without offering extenuating excuses ?

“I picked on you and I don’t know why”

… is NOT an apology.

It is salve for the stirrings of a guilty conscience
in a conceited human being.

“I picked on you because you were timid,
and I was an arrogant bully;
degrading you made me feel tough, and important –
and I am ashamed of myself for it.
I am so very sorry.”

… IS an apology

There are multitudes who regard themselves
as ‘self respecting’ people, who will never
bring themselves to do just that: say,

“I am sorry for the pain I caused you.”

I had thought – in 2016 – that I would
receive such a sentiment
from someone who dealt harshly with me
over 30 years earlier.

That person removed every shred of trust
I ever had in so-called ‘friends’,
and fostered a wariness of people that has
led me through life lived without them.

I never did receive any hint of regret.
Which is fine: it confirmed my lifelong course
of trusting animals and being content to have
no human friendships.

Multitudes have not the slightest trace of
empathy, compassion, or regret
for the harm they have caused others.

Add physical brutality to that inner callousness,
and you have the Bully.

How can you possibly think yourself “weak”
because you are not like them?

Keep short accounts with God:
Remember your own past failures;

Where it is possible to do so, apologise
to anyone you have wronged;
And where it is not, never forget your fault:
and never repeat it.

A man is no coward who, because he possess
a conscience – a moral centre –
consequently recoils from violence.

Do not allow the painful memories
of vicious, soul-less creatures
to rob you of occasions to show the world
that you are everything

that these depraved beasts

are not.

I used to believe – as a boy, that human beings
who feel no shame for the pain, torment, and anguish
that they have caused …

… were the physical manifestations of demons
exercising their malice in the visible world.

The thing is …

I Still Do.

P Livingstone

Women’s “Liberation” … ?

The Modern Woman … and The One Ring

Last weekend, whilst walking past a car
in which a mother was plainly struggling
to free her child’s foot from a strap on the car-seat
– I stopped and spoke across to her … “Can I help?”

The woman froze.

The husband – sitting in the driver’s seat
with that typical, 21st-century, cow-chewing-its-cud,
glazed expression – made absolutely no effort
to help untangle the strap from the child’s limb.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

Craning to look over her shoulder at me,
the twenty-something displayed what can
only be described as a mask of disgust,
and replied, “Yeeee-ah-uh!”
in that obnoxious, modern-day drawl
which is seemingly reserved for those
who ask the most ludicrous questions possible.

“Very sad that you find an offer of help
– made out of kindness – to be so offensive”
I remarked before walking off.

In what a barbaric state must the human mind
and soul be, when even someone in need of help,
will not possess the humility and gratitude
… to accept it.

Aggression and Impertinence is now regarded
as ‘normal’ behaviour, having become so obscene
that profanity-spewing, obscenity-gesturing viciousness
is regarded – not with shame, but with pride.

” The ring is the ultimate machine because it was made
for coercion. Made by Sauron to coerce.
And that is why, the only solution to the problem
of the ring – as the wise of Rivendale saw –
was its destruction.”

[ Christopher Tolkien, BBC: JRR Tolkien –
A Study of the Maker of Middle Earth ]


A race now exists (generally and with rare exception)
of people who cannot think for themselves,
but must imitate what they see played out on
television, cinema, and computer screens;

unable to think from a reserve of facts gleaned
from the reading of quality books, but needing instead,
to “look up” everything on the Internet.

Human beings HAVE BECOME – Ringwraithes –
lifeless beings … unable to think, reason, discern;
feel empathy for those around them,
or judge Good from Evil.


The modern hordes shout inanities into
mobile telephones for all to hear;
“text” furiously or stare vacantly
– their ears plugged with miniature
loudspeakers …

human beings connected to machines:
incapable of mature conversation,
vacuously existing … like machines.

It is this technological darkness
that replaces brain function,
and binds 21st century inhabitants together.

“One ring to rule them all,
one ring to find them;
one ring to bring them all,
and in the darkness, bind them
… in the land of Mordor.”

The name is Old English:
the land of … Murder.

And NOWHERE is there ANY place
more populated by vicious, vindictive,
mental and emotional Murderers,
than the Internet.

Simply typing the words: “Tolkien” “Middle Earth”
into YouTube is enough to immediately – immediately –
reveal an example of the effects of this ‘One Ring’:

Having select one of the first-offered results,
I was, within 5 seconds – seconds ! –
confronted with comments in which

some young woman expresses her offense
at “Tolkien’s prudish Victorian morality” …
and then adds what seems to be considered
some form of ‘qualification’ for her ignorance:

“Keep in mind I belong to a living history group
and know a bit about the middle-ages.”

The unbridled Ignorance
absolutely boggles the mind.

I can hammer a nail into a piece of wood:
that does not make me a carpenter.

Nor does some upstart’s passing involvement
in some club,

denote her an expert in matters, and people,
and a time in which she neither lived
nor experienced.

Having felt perfectly free to express
her detestation of a time
when it was generally recognised
that the sanctity, safety,
and smooth running of the home; and,

the moral well-being and proper raising
of beloved children, was due to the diligence,
care, and Selflessness

of a loving wife and mother …

She then makes it clear that she regards
such diligent honourable, moral responsibility;

as well as a society in which selfless diligence
was Commonplace … as ‘prudish’,

– all whilst making it abundantly clear that she
will tolerate no criticism of her …

[ I have edited the obscenities ]:

“People that make hateful comments towards me
will be booted and blocked. I personally hate people
that act like a**holes in general.
If you want to say something towards me
be respectful, or get f*cked.
My thread, My rules.”

[ End Quote ]

And there it is:

A real woman of the 21st century –

Be “respectful” to me … or “get f*cked”.

What a testament to her parents.
What a representative of her family.
What a perfect example of modern society.

She can denounce the morality of a man;
but obscenities are heaped upon anyone
who might dish out similar treatment to her.

She derides others, yet demands that everyone
be respectful to her;

and does so by hurling vicious, filthy profanity
at anyone who will not bow
to … her … rules.

So bereft of a conscience,
the irony is utterly lost to her.

This is PRECISELY the One Ring at work.

There was a time when women were known as

“The Gentle Sex”.

A century later sees them, not merely imitating men
but, having become every bit as crude and vicious.

Women’s … ‘LIBERATION’ ?

Indeed, given my memories of the dignified, feminine,
and respectable women that I remember from the 1960’s,

it is a gigantic … DEGRADATION.

There is something, for me, about seeing aggression,
vulgar filth, and profane obscenities
disgorged from the mouth or mind of a woman

that simply fills me with an overwhelming sense

that ‘all is lost’.

P Livingstone