A Word to Vicious Humanists

It is an interesting observation to note – that
“Hate Speech” never applies
when the Ridicule, Mocking, Vitriol and Hatred

is directed at peaceful folk

who wish to live quietly
according to the principles
contained in the Old Bible of William Tyndale.

WHY DOES That Bother You SO Much … ?

It would seem that, because I
(and an ever-decreasing number of other folk)
was raised in a world where people
had sexual relations – and babies –
when they were married,

I – and the very few left in the world like me –
am an object of contempt
to the 21st century mind.

We are regarded as cruel tyrants who would
advocate such reprehensible behaviour as
Self discipline; Family Values; and
Common Courtesy.

I understand that human beings
no longer have the ability to blush:
that shame is a thing of the past –
but from where does this knee-jerk hatred
for basic morality come?

Does it require too much effort to
… NOT be vicious?

Or is it that anything that might require
moral decency and self restraint,
is just too repulsive to the modern mind,
and so deserves to be vilified and despised?

I understand that there are legions of
self-venerating “Evangelicals”
who practice a transcendental, head-in-the-clouds,
feel-good “Christianity” ;

hordes of grandiose charlatans fleecing
their utterly deluded congregations; and,

‘fundamentalist’ tyrants who bellow obnoxiously
and wave a Bible as they build an empire
of tragically ignorant, domineering disciples.

Denominations exist precisely because
Men are not content to read – and heed –
what is in the old Bible,

but imagine themselves so wise,
as to add their own opinions and notions
to what is written there.

I am also aware that the New Testament
is HIGHLY specific, insisting over and over again
that, whilst many May Claim to be “Christian”,
very FEW actually “live” it. Most are hypocrites.

When briefly opening a Facebook page
– which I endured for forty days,
the following ignorant atrocity appeared
on my ‘logged-in’ page.

The one form of low-grade existence
for which I reserve absolute contempt,
are sadists who find satisfaction in causing
pain, fear, or degradation to any animal,
child, or peaceful adult.

I do not care whether you are an Atheist,
Buddhist, so-called “Christian”, hug trees,
or Worship the Third Moon on the Right –

I simply despise … Bullies.

Especially those that supplement their cruelty
by spewing wholesale Ignorance.

Now, to all such vicious creatures who like to
degrade people that believe in … fairy tales –

Precisely WHAT is it in the Ten Commandments,
that so offends you ?

1. Live as though you were not the centre of the universe.
2. No need to grovel and scrape to statues.
3. Exercise self-control over the verbal filth
that comes out of your mouth.
4. Give your employees and farm animals a day off
once a week.
5. Respect your own Dad and Mum.
6. Do not maliciously kill anyone.
7. Do not destroy the family next door with adultery
arising from your lust.
8. Do not steal what belongs to someone else.
9. Do not lie about, or cause disgrace to, another person.
10. Do not be greedy for everything you see.

Now – explain it to me.

WHAT precisely is so offensive to you
about the moral code of human conduct
listed above ?

And if people choose to live accordingly,
while believing in their Invisible Friend –

WHAT is THAT to YOU ???

Or does being an obnoxious Bully
degrading quiet and moral people in the world,
just appeal to your self-image as a smug,
arrogant thug?

The OLD Testament – which is so “repulsive”
to lust-loving narcissists in general, provides
the “rules to follow” for those who Claim
that they want to live in a … THEOCRACY.

For ancient Hebrews, these were the laws
and principles … by which ONE nation
was expected to live.

If you did not like that, then move to Egypt,
or Sodom, or some such pagan place on earth:

drink, ‘party’, and place your new-born baby
on the red-hot metal arms of the idol Molech
while the drums beat so you do not have to
hear the shrieks of agony from your child.

The NEW Testament provides rules and principles
for those who CLAIM subservience to God,
while living amongst people of ALL nationalities
throughout the world.

If I am living Quietly and Peaceably in the land
Quietly Worshipping anything that You deem foolish –

WHAT is that to you ???

Please direct me, also, to the book, chapter,
and verse(s) in the old Bible, where God
declares that he needs money.

Go Ahead.

Or are you simply displaying your contempt
and ignorance by equating shyster “evangelists”,
paedophile priests, and perverted “pastors” …
with the contents of that book?

Have you even opened that old book,
and mentally digested its content?

Or have you the integrity to admit
that are you utterly ignorant of the Context
of any given portion of it?

“Love your enemies,
bless them that curse you,
do good to them that hate you,
and pray for them which despitefully use you” ?

Precisely WHOM, I wonder,
is showing the Hate ???

If the Bible is a book of “fairy tales”
believed by sad, deluded fools like me,
why does that bother you so much?

Why the Utterly Disproportionate hatred
when the mere thought of “The Bible”
comes to mind?

“Live and let Live” was the cry
of the masses during the early ‘70’s.

Yet why is it that those who cry loudest for it,
are the least willing to give it?

The few who actually are quiet, peaceable,
genuinely God-fearing people in the world,

are humble people who truly make an effort
to honour God in life and thought –
and are quite content to let the world
live as it will.

We certainly find no agitation in letting people
sit for hours in front of the television;
spend their money in the pursuit of greed or ‘status’;
or entertain each other with the frivolities of modern life.

ALL we want is the courtesy to live
in peace and quiet.

The problem however, is that neither
free-thinking humanists,
nor hypocritical religionists,
are content to let moral folk alone:

too much pleasure to be found in ridiculing
those who espouse old fashioned morality –
of which they are incapable.

Be an atheist … hug trees …
worship the third moon on the right:
as long as you do not intimidate or hurt
any animal, child, or peaceful adult —

Live your life.

But allow those of who endeavour
to live quietly and peaceably –
the same courtesy …

Without the name-calling, lying,
and ignorant slandering of our character.

P Livingstone

あくま … Touching Evil – My Day of Horror

Demons Exist.
And you will NEVER convince me otherwise.

As a result of my wife’s professional expertise,
we have found ourselves living
in various parts of the world.

1990 found us in northern Canada,
in British Columbia,
in a town named Fort St John.

The best that could be said of the place
was that it was a bleak outpost … for me,
real “Hudson’s Bay Company” territory
where the sight of snowmobiles in the street
as an essential form of local transport,
was actually common.

Here – it seemed – in order to meet people,
one either went to a ‘bar’ … or a church.
We chose the latter, and it was here
that my wife met and befriended a local woman.

The problem for me was that, I never cared at all
for her black-eyed, black-bearded,
buckskin-covered-Bible-carrying husband.

Yes, he was friendly enough, but … but
– I could not say why, but there was something

… Wrong.

I remember one day, when Ivan asked if I wanted
to drive out with him on the snowmobile to ‘check’
a cabin that they had in the woods.

My wife and his wife planned to work on some
craft projects so, in order to give the two women
that time together, I said yes.

We got into Ivan’s pickup truck and drove along
one of the narrow forest roads, stopping –
after twenty minutes or so, beside
a lump of blue tarpaulin just at the side of the road.

Walking over to it, Ivan pulled off the cover
to reveal a snowmobile and a red plastic
petrol container.

Within five minutes, I was being bounced along
a snow-packed trail that twisted through the thick
forest trees.

After what seemed far too long, we emerged
into a clearing with ‘the cabin’ …

… a dilapidated, glorified garden shed
with a lean-to, and what appeared to be
an outhouse to one side.

Ivan had just pulled to a stop when I was shocked
to see a brown German Shepherd-type dog walking
– head down, towards us.

I greeted the dog,
and was immediately moved to tears
to see green pus running
( and immediately crusting as it froze in the cold air )
from at least a half-dozen ‘sores’.

“He’s why we’re here,” proclaimed Ivan.

I wanted him to stop telling me the story
– not merely because I was being increasingly
disgusted, and angered, by hearing it –

( this, he related, is “our dog”, who stayed here
for 2 weeks at a time – alone … with one bowl of food,
and a bucket of water to last until Ivan decided
to make another ‘visit’ to “the cabin” )

– but because I wanted us
to get the poor creature to the veterinarian.
NOW !!!.

Then, Ivan explained the reason for what
I ASSUMED had been ‘infected tick bites’ …

“The ‘kids’ in the area come here
and shoot him with air rifles.”

Acid vomit rose in my throat.

I looked at the cowering dog …

… looked back to this obnoxious stereotype
of a ‘woodsman’ … and struggled with my revulsion
– And anger.

He was telling me that he knew
that his dog was being tortured
by sadistic youths –

KNEW All About It …

and was telling me all this
as ‘matter-of-factly’ as if he were telling me
that plants are green
because they contain chlorophyll.

I bent down to gently lift the poor animal,
and told Ivan to get the snowmobile going
so that we could get him to ‘The Vet’s’.

“No, no” said Ivan dismissively.
“That’s not why we’re here.”

Calling the dog over, Ivan walked to the ‘cabin’.

I heard the door being opened;
heard shuffling sounds from inside the hut,
and saw Ivan returning … with a shotgun.

My mind stopped.


My mind … Stopped Working.

I can explain it no other way.

Ivan said … something … like,

“I’ll look after him with this”.

I could not speak.
My mouth – honestly – would not move.

He threw something – a dog biscuit? – out …
towards the nearby treeline.

The dog hobbled towards whatever was thrown.

I felt my self swaying – my mind, my body,

EVERYTHING … was … Stuck.

There was a steady tone in my ears … a level tone
– like one hears from a vibrating tuning fork.

Everything stopped … ‘flowing’.

I was seeing in ‘snapshots’ – still photographs,
rather than the motion of real life.

The dog sniffing at something on the ground.

An explosion from ten feet to my left.

The dog pushed backward … wrenched into a ball.
Quivering. Legs twitching violently.


my mind

made my body

work …


And screamed.

And screamed.

My mind had snapped. It must have.
This was a nightmare.
And I was not waking up.

I saw the dog, still moving …
suffering, I thought.

“Shoot him again! Shoot him again!”
I was screaming bloody murder.

“He’s dead” came the calm, level words of Ivan.

My voice raised an octave –

“Shoot him F*cking AGAIN !!! ” I screamed hoarsely
in the only language that I thought this type
of brutal creature would understand.

It was the first and last time I had used that word.
But it instantly penetrated his smug indifference.

The ‘boom’ came again. And the dog lay still.
I stood … stood … stock still – for how long, I cannot say.

I remember swaying – as though I was going to fall over.

Ivan walked over to a large pile of branches,
scrub brush, and old bits of lumber.

He had a can, this time, and poured petrol
onto a section of the pile; hefted the dog’s body,
and flung it onto the wood.

The whole thing erupted into a blaze.

I wanted to speak – to say something:
to tell this piece of sewage what I thought of him.
But nothing would work.

I just kept standing there, unable to move.

The fire must have burned out –
( or did he leave it to burn ? )
I have no memory of anything else except
my mouth being suddenly dry with pure fear.


I was petrified at being in the presence
of this creature.

I was aware of his voice telling me that he
‘had to lock up the place’ … and then ( I do remember )
me getting on the snowmobile, behind him.

I sat, of necessity, pushed up against the back
of this maniac as he drove the snowmobile
through the forest.

Then, the pickup truck … and the drive
back to his house, that took forever.

I grunted acknowledgement to whatever he said
during that drive back.
No idea what he said – I just grunted.

And as always … in the middle of the truck’s
bench seat, that ever-present …
Buckskin-covered Bible.

“A righteous man” – ( I thought ) –
“regardeth the life of his beast.” Proverbs 12:10.

I had memorised it as a child in Sunday School.

Whatever the reasons that this vile creature had a Bible,
a foundation for moral living was not one of them.

Arriving back at their house, I went straight inside,
walked over to my wife and said, “We’re going.”

No greeting. I said nothing else.

I repeated the words in a trembling voice:

“We’re going. Now.”

And we never went back – although the wife,
after this, did meet and speak with my wife
about the ordeal that had been her ‘marriage’.

Not long after, we left that place.

We found out a year later, that Ivan had left his wife:
he had ( somehow ) seduced some poor young woman
from Germany (I believe), and was intending to marry her.

(I always wondered if the ever-present
Buckskin-covered Bible had played a part in
‘selling himself’ to that poor young woman.)

I shall Never, ever, get over the memory of that day
in the Canadian wilderness, when an abused
and abandoned dog came running over
to greet his ‘owner’ …

… and was killed by a conscienceless psychopath
– who felt absolutely nothing.

That was 1990.

And I am writing this article now
because last night – (yet again), I was lying in bed,
at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, tormented
and unable to get rid of the sights and sounds
that I heard that day, over 25 years ago.

You may believe that human beings are inherently ‘good’
– but continual life experience has shown me otherwise.

From the Vicious to the Vacuous;
the Atheist to the Evangelical,
massed multitudes think that there is
nothing wrong with the cruelty
that they dispense …

as long as they can “justify” their malice
to make them ‘feel’ that they are “right”.

“Me” is the only standard they have.
‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ is determined
according to pleasure, ambition, opinion or ease.

Living corpses animated
by Veneration of Self.

No conscience. No consideration.
No independent thought.

Witness the modern mantra of multitudes –

“I’m just doing my job” … Which is to say,

“I do not possess the moral conscience
or have the principled integrity to determine
whether My Job is … Wrong;

whether what I am doing is callous,
unreasonable, or cruel.

Give people the authority to domineer others,
and they will believe themselves justified
in demanding that 4-year old girls at airports
lift up their shirts.

I have met “Ivan’s”
throughout the course of my entire life;

BUT – with ever-increasing frequency
over the past 20 years,
have been forced to realise that

to be Selfish,
Ruthless, and

is NOW seen as being

“Liberated”, and

In 1990, I watched a pain-ridden, emaciated dog
struggle over to its owner for help …

… to receive the blast of a shotgun

from a ‘dead’ creature
that was utterly devoid of compassion.

Let people talk … Read their ‘blogs’,
Note their Internet comments … and you will,
very often, detect that same, unfeeling


P Livingstone

“Hunters” … Sadists … Cowards

NOTE: NOT the VIDEO – Still Photo:
I had placed the video link …
but could not stand to see it animate
whenever I came to my page – PL

“Hunting” … ???


HUNTING is when a man lives north of the Arctic Circle,
in a cabin, and needs to provide food to stop his family
from starving to death.

THAT is hunting.

Vicious thugs dressing in camouflage costumes
who lie in wait for an unsuspecting animal
to wander into their trap
so that they can ‘get off’ on shooting holes in him
in order to pretend that they are ‘men’

– is called SADISM.

Sadism: finding pleasure in inflicting pain or death.

Which is very evident in the screeches
and ‘yee-ha’s” of the malevolent creatures
whose voices feature in the soundtrack
of this disgusting display.

1 minute 54 seconds … that graphically reveals
the perverted, self-obsessed, narcissistic,
and utterly conscienceless ‘world’

of vicious cowards who find their pleasure
in terrorising and torturing animals
for … amusement.

And NOTE: If you are one of the vicious savages
who thinks the content of this video
is perfectly acceptable,
do not even think of spewing obscene invective
at me …

… there is NO filthy degradation
that a malignant creature such as You
could heap upon me,
that I would not cheerfully accept
as an honour and a privilege,

because it means that you place me
at the opposite end of the human spectrum
from yourself.

And believe me, that is … Precisely

… where I am.

One needs look no further than a household television set
to see that needless brutality is equated with “manliness”.

The sadism of “hunters” who find their “sport”
in arming themselves in order to chase and kill
timid or defenceless creatures;

and then revel in some perverse notion of the “manliness”
of putting a bullet into an unsuspecting or frightened animal
for … “fun”

… simply disgusts me.

I understand that there are times when wildlife populations
may need to be “controlled” by self-disciplined men
appointed to the task.

Then select and appoint disciplined riflemen
for that unpleasant work.
I am not referring to such unfortunate necessities
of human infringement upon wilderness and animal life.

My revulsion comes with the macho mentality
of thug sadists who find their ‘sport’ and amusement
in the exploitation, intimidation, suffering, and death
… of animals.

“Sportsmen”, such beings call themselves.


A “Sportsman’ is someone who competes

with an opponent of equal ability …

with equal advantage …

using equal and fair means …

in a contest where each is aware of the other’s presence.

Whatever else they are, such “hunters”
are no sportsmen.

They do not engage in fair competition.
They do not give the animal a chance –
much less, an even chance.

Bear from a great distance;
docile deer, pheasants, ducks
… and bunny rabbits:

these are the victims of the “mighty hunters”.

Vicious cowards who would NEVER
engage a bear or other carnivore UNLESS
the advantage was well-stacked in their favour
– creep up, or lay in ambush,
to entrap an animal that has no chance.

And in this, so-called “hunters” find cause to boast ?

Forgive me for believing that hunting for “sport”
is nothing but the ego gratification
for pathetic creatures who find pleasure
in the suffering and death of animals
that are ambushed
and given no chance to save themselves;

sadists who revel in the subsequent opportunities
to egotistically brag about their pitiful “prowess”
… in squeezing a trigger … with their finger.

Some things SHOULD be beyond debate:

Suffering as Entertainment … is one of them.

Writer Samuel Clemens observed:

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection
produces results that are profitable
to the human race or doesn’t …

The pain which it inflicts upon
unconsenting animals
is the basis of my enmity toward it,
and it is to me sufficient justification of the enmity
without looking further.”

To have watched this video of a Grizzly Bear “hunt”
simply reinforced every thought I have ever had
about the type of Vicious, Sadistic Cowards

who stand well back in safety,
and kill animals for their pleasure and amusement.
And then, more likely than not, pose for a photograph
with the dead animal.

Receiving Gratification and pleasure
from inflicting torment, pain … death ?

The word is … “Sadist”.

P Livingstone

Roger Moore, Actor, on “Hunters”

I had no idea, when composing my thoughts
in “Hunters: Sadists, Cowards” –
that there was any other person who cared enough
to place his or her outrage
in a thoughtfully worded statement
that would be placed before the public gaze.

I may have little time or regard for “actors”,
but I certainly developed a great deal
of admiration for this one …

Roger Moore, Actor … on “Hunters” …

Fact: hunting is a coward’s pastime,

and no one has demonstrated that more clearly
than the American dentist Walter Palmer,
who apparently paid over £30,000
to gun down a lion to add his head to a trophy wall.

That wall includes the heads of animals
he has shot at close range –
with the help of paid facilitators, of course,
from all over the world …

… What happened bears repeating:

the man, aided by several guides,
did not stalk a wild beast who was a danger to anyone.

The animal was lured out of his safety zone
in a park and was blinded by a spotlight.

Palmer then fired a high-powered weapon
to injure the lion, who,
with a steel arrow stuck through him,
crept away and suffered for 40 long hours
before the “hunter” arrived
and the animal was skinned and decapitated.

It has been alleged that the guides
also tried to hide the radio collar on Cecil’s neck
because it contained a tracking device.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that
behind the dentist’s unnaturally white teeth
is a person devoid of moral fibre, conscience or decency.

In a world with boundless opportunities for amusement,
it’s detestable that anyone would choose
to get thrills from killing others
who ask for nothing from life but the chance to remain alive.

The animals whose lives he has
so cold-heartedly snuffed out
have precisely the same capacity to feel pain
and suffer as we do.

All leave family members or mates behind when they’re killed,
and none is exempt from grief.

“Sport” hunting is a sickness, a perversion
and a danger and should be recognised as such.

People who get their “amusement” from hunting
and killing defenceless animals
can only be suffering from a mental disorder.

We know that we should protect the most vulnerable
and helpless in society, not destroy them
– much less derive pleasure from doing so.

Thankfully, those of us with a conscience
are appalled by the idea of gunning down animals
for the sake of a thrill or a photo.

Sir Roger Moore, The Telegraph,
29th July 2015

Well done, Sir.

Well Done.

Bags at the Front … ???

You want people in your shop
so that you can take their money,
and make a profit …

but you are not willing to treat them
with the common decency of NOT presuming
that they are thieves.

At the time of this writing,
I have managed to approach 60 years in this world
without stealing a single thing in my life.

which means that it is impossible for me
– as an honest and honourable man –
to even imagine the type of self-centred presumption
and contempt for human beings

as so evidently exists in shop-owners
and store managers who display,
at the entrance to their establishments,
signs demanding that potential customers

“leave all bags at the front”.

I understand that the generality
of the human race has deteriorated
in morals and basic manners to such a degree
over the past thirty years,
that multitudes

cannot communicate without filthy profanity
or to ‘go out of their way’ to exercise
basic, common courtesy –

for pity’s sake, modern men
do not even have the decency
to remove their hats when seated at a table
for a meal.

Human beings may have collectively descended
to below the level of animals, BUT that – ( surely ? )
does not give you license
to abandon discernment
and the application of discretion,

and presume that a particular Customer
who enters your shop
is a thief …

deserving of having their character
degraded by you ?

Of course, you do not remove the (often large)
‘handbags’ of women.

Or bar THEM from entering your premises —

You wouldn’t dare.

A woman carrying a bag … is a Customer.
A man carrying a bag … is a Thief.

In a ‘New World’ of Mindless Compliance,
I realise that multitudes will see nothing wrong at all
in being presumed a thief,

and therefore, are quite happy to leave
their personal possessions
at the front of your shop …

But there are a few of us – “old folks” –
still walking this earth,
who have lived lives of courtesy
and consideration towards other people;

who were raised with moral integrity
and “old fashioned”, (dare-I-say?) ‘biblical’ values
of conduct and self control.

Honourable people have not YET been bred out
of the human race: a few still exist.

They might even walk through the door
of an establishment such as yours.

I have observed – since the mid-1980’s in particular,
the eradication of manners and moral decency;
while selfishness, vanity, crude speech and behaviour
rose to levels that are now nothing less than obscene.

It may well be that I am the only person
walking this earth who will NOT sell his character
for the sake of buying and acquiring some … thing.

There is nothing in your shop
that is important enough
for me to submit to you
degrading my moral character.

I would not give my bag to a thug
with a gun.

Nor am I going to hand it to a thug
with a cash register.

The atrocity, I suppose, is not so much
having the callous contempt of a bully:
but in being so bereft of a conscience
as to feel no shame because of it.

This is an age when corporate supermarkets
hire less staff and demand that customers
scan and pack their own groceries
… in bags that they have to provide themselves.

All to … ‘Save the Earth’ … of course.

But such brazen disregard for customer service
need not be a hallmark of your shop, surely ?

By all means, “reserve the right” to inspect
the bags of someone whom you have
just cause to believe has stolen merchandise,

without a sign declaring the wholesale degradation
of every adult that walks into your shop.

When they still existed, mature adults
would Think … with Discernment
and a Moral Conscience.

How would it be then, shop-keeper,
if you began to display appreciation
for those who seek to spend their money
in your shop …

Rather than arrogantly, arbitrarily presume
that someone who walks through your door

is a thief ?

P Livingstone