Parrot “Refuge” – Part 6 … 2016: All the Little Tyrants

VANITY: the cause of every evil that exists in the world.

When you have out-lived a Tyrant,
do not become a Tyrant yourself.

Though none can be found to actually fight evil … multitudes
SUDDENLY appear to voice their collective opinions;
trumpeting their support and accolades of those who arrive
to clean up the battlefield – once the conflict is over.

Battlefield scavengers that are viewed as great heroes
and amass a following of eyelid-fluttering followers –

having conveniently ignored the existence of those who originally
stood to fight tyranny –


We were genuinely perplexed as to why – ( when on premises to search
for any information about our birds, on the 2nd of July, 2016 ) –
there were so few ‘rescuers’.

And why local folk whom we would have expected to be there,
were nowhere to be seen.

WE had travelled 5 hours to find out information about our birds –
only to find that, clearly, none was forthcoming that day.
But where were the masses of Local People whom we had fully expected to be present ?

When I asked the spokeswoman for the little group that was orchestrating the rescue,
about the whereabouts of several hundred blind, disabled,
and injured birds that had filled the ‘porta-cabin’
that passed as a filthy “Sick Bay” – I was told –

“We don’t know.”

Here were a small group of people complaining about the vast amount of work
that had to be done … in a short space of time;

and dozens more whom I expected to be there – were nowhere in sight;

hundreds of birds seemingly vanished;

and no one was willing to speak about any of it.

Something, it seemed, as we began the 5-hour journey back to our house
… was very wrong here.

Help me to understand the mentality of people today; because
what now passes for “normal” human behaviour
has long passed the point of being disgraceful.

World Parrot “Refuge” – Part 7 [ July 2016 ]

Two years ago, I made a public plea for people living in a certain locale,
to help me to bring world-wide awareness and government intervention
to an animal “refuge” where human-habituated birds were disappearing,
dying, and existing without human affection;

to help me to bring massive PUBLIC awareness,
rather than waste time with past futility of locals in sending letters
to community ‘news’-papers and minor politicians.

Not one of those local people who had ‘inside’ first-hand information
would lift a finger to help. Some, complained that to do so,
would add … “stress” … to their lives.

One woman did provide me with a detailed witness testimony;
but one was certainly not enough for me to formally approach media,
governments, and corporations worldwide.

I needed Witnesses, and those witnesses were too conscienceless
and pathetic to stand up and save 7-, 8-, or 900 birds
from misery, illness, and death.

Disgusted, I made the Prediction (in August, 2014) that –
should anything happen to end the misery of birds in that “refuge” –

a legion of apathetic, hand-wringing hypochondriacs would suddenly
emerge from the darkness … and jump on the bandwagon to declare
their repulsion of the abuse that had gone on.

Abuse which … in 2014, THEY did absolutely NOTHING to stop.

Two years later – upon the death of the person responsible
for the infliction of such massive misery and suffering
on these captive birds leaving this world for eternity,

the pretentious bureaucrats of the “SPCA” saw easy pickings,
(now) took interest (for the first time in ten years);
and a (Mainland) ‘bird club’ was chosen to move the few remaining birds out,
in order to find them new homes.

Within days, the very disgusting circus of hypocrisy
that I had predicted in 2014 … was in full swing.

In June of 2016, Facebook was alive with back-slappers and well-wishers galore …
all who had been silent when asked to stand up when hundreds of birds
Might well have been saved from disease, distress, and death.

Whilst inexplicably mystified why one group of caring Vancouver Island ‘bird folk’
were excluded from the rescue operation,
I noticed one thing (that I found to be) utterly disturbing …

Following a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “news” article,
announcing that birds needed to be homed – or they would be euthanized,

a Notice was posted on the Facebook page’ of those who had been authorised
to remove the surviving birds:

In the most officious prose, it glibly declared that,
should anyone show up in person, the bird club people
“would be more than happy to call the [ Canadian police ]
to have you removed.”

More than happy.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation presented several “articles”
to their readers, in a typical blend of media mutilation of facts,
gross presumption, generalisation, and supposition …

… all clothed in that panic-inducing, fear-mongering, 21st-century ‘standard’
of “journalism” … which is designed to terrify the simple-minded,
and generate fear and panic in all:

a rhapsody of theatrical frenzy about time running out,
and birds being euthanized if they did not find a home.

Given the modern mentality wherein whatever is on TV;
or appears ‘in the press’ is instantly believed without question,
one could hardly – (reasonably) – be ‘calling the police’

on well-meaning, panicked folk who truly believe
[ The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says it !!! ]
that parrots without a home will be killed;

yet they – earnestly seeking to help, are here being told to Go Away … ???

Those who find themselves in authority MIGHT have the empathy
to explain a matter fully, BEFORE threatening to ‘call in’
the pepper-spray, Taser, and handcuff brigades.

“We have 1,440 emails waiting to be answered !!!”

Fine- have four people set themselves at a desk
and each lose half a night’s sleep: 4 hours, 240 minutes, 4 people – 3840 minutes
— allowing a brief reply of 3 minutes per inquirer:
there is almost a thousand inquirers helped in one swoop.

Answer the emails.

Do not co-operate with ‘The Press’ in shining a spotlight
and portraying melodramatic panic.

Sit down and present a daily ‘update’ bulletin board FROM Day 1 –
so that people who do not think clearly can be made AWARE
that there are considerations such as bureaucracy, quarantine,
and time required for the task.

But –

‘More than happy’ … ‘RCMP’ … ‘have you removed’.

That was PRECISELY the type of imperious temperament that characterised
the … dictatorial narcissism and brutality of the old regime:
“Get in my way, and you will regret it.”

“Well” (I hear an outraged symphony of support), “they are racing against time,
and cannot be wasting it answering the questions
of people who show up !!!”

My experience with That Place, extended back to 2006 – LONGER
(with every willingness to be corrected) than ANYONE
currently involved in the 2016 bandwagon:

and – whilst I am UNcertain whether members of different
Vancouver Island-area bird-clubs were asked to help with the work
of moving birds, I certainly KNOW that MY own OFFER
to be put to work – although acknowledged [ “we can always use help” ]

… was Never accepted:

at NO point during the subsequent two weeks, was I ever given a time
or place to meet and be an extra pair of experienced and willing hands.

Closed Club? Members only? I cannot say.

But what WAS evident, in July of 2016, were the clarion cries
of that predicted Facebook ‘bandwagon’, extolling veritable adoration
upon these brave, demi-god folk

who were so valiantly struggling to remove whatever birds
had survived the 12 year reign of terror of that place.

Precisely … WHERE … WERE … these outspoken, opinionated
defenders of mercy in 2014 ???
Because those who ‘knew were the bodies were buried’
were scared stiff of the warehouse regime;

while neurotic hypochondriacs stood on the side-lines, in 2014,
wringing their hands, saying: “We must not disturb things too much:
we must think of the birds that are there”.

Well, I — WAS — thinking of the birds that were there !!!

And, your “concern” left two birds (of whom we are aware,
thanks to the moral backbone of one young volunteer in 2015),
to suffer unimaginable torment of each having a foot removed
at the neglect of medical aid from The Owner and her ‘staff’
of incompetent minions.


Well done.

Nothing much to say back then when animals were suffering neglect,
dirt, disappearance, and disease —
and there truly WAS a Battle to be fought.

But once real conflict is removed; once the struggle is now
a mere rehoming of the FEW survivors …
legions swarm from the shadows of Facebook,
and begin to strut in a deluge of cloying Internet comments.

Real heroes.

PLENTY to say now, haven’t you ???

Where were you in 2006? 2008? 2010?


Because, I cannot recall having met any of YOU
when my wife and I were scrubbing flights, cleaning cages,
sweeping, mowing, and weeding; serving as tour guides,
tending the wounds of bitten and bleeding visitors,

and giving human contact and affection to human-habituated birds
who were desperate for (but receiving no) human contact,

for the Eight Years before we were banned
for challenging the competency of the incompetent.

And, once I was banned from That Place for DARING to insist upon an answer
for what happened to our birds – and came to Facebook to call for witnesses
and moral (Yes – “moral” – you know, a conscience … ?) support
to have every newspaper, corporation, tourist board, and government
that had a postal delivery service,
made aware of what went on there —

in 2014?

I certainly saw NONE of you willing to stand up to a determined,
narcissistic tyrant during the past two years.

But suddenly, once there is NO Conflict left –
there you are … the lot of you.

Making your opinions known.

And – Oh, the stream of infantile, lip-pouting comments:

How you do not have any time for ‘people who complain’,
for negative thinkers … for anyone who criticises –

Of course not: YOU are ‘in charge’ now – through NO effort of your own.

Now, all is as it should be … and No One had better cross Your paths.

It’s how you salve the conscience: isn’t it ?

How you wipe away the Reality of having done NOTHING
when there actually was a battle still being waged ?

No time for ‘criticism’.
Because it gets in the way of Vanity, doesn’t it?

Simply stand back and observe (even just) the last 30 years:
All those special-agenda groups who whine and wail for “Equality”
– once they get it, are the very last to give equality
to anyone whose philosophy differs from them.

They have no interest in ‘sharing’ … they want it ALL !

But, perhaps, I am … “unreasonable” … ?

What a nasty, bitter, horrible man !

Not displaying enough 21st century, fuzzy-wuzzy, subjective, feel-good sentiment?

Let me remind you heroes – who did

Mattered …

It is OUR Birds that are DEAD – Not Yours !!!

You spend several years watching YOUR animals being abused through neglect,
while bystanders who COULD help,


And see how that affects you.

The 21st century:
the Age of the Armchair Hero.

Utterly ludicrous.

It is disgraceful to realise the lack of conscience.
with which multitudes can live.

A man whose family had been murdered at Auschwitz stated to an interviewer,
that he did not blame Hitler, or Himmler, or Mengele;

BUT that he blamed the butcher, and the baker; the postman,
and the shop-keeper who – once they were issued with uniforms,
and given authority –

proceeded to show just how pitiless, brutal, and malicious,
they really were beneath the veneer of every-day ‘life’.

The merest position of authority always strips the pretence
from a self-serving narcissist, and transforms him into a raging despot.

And once such individuals see themselves as ‘on the winning team’ —
they become the most brutal tyrants of all.

The sheer hypocrisy of modern humanity.

Why was all the help that COULD have been found,
not invited to attend ?

And why is adulation being so freely distributed – and accepted ! –
by people who never ‘stood up’ before ?

Where we all these ‘heroes’ in 2014 ?

Cringing; wringing their hands; doing nothing of substance.

Had multitudes even the resemblance of a working, moral conscience,
there would be a lot less ‘celebrating’, and a good deal more soul-searching
and regret in many who imagine themselves to be “compassionate”.

More pierced consciences would move people to meaningful effort,
instead of invented excuses.

And that would result in far less misery

in the world today.

In a ‘community’ of pathetic, hand-wringing cowards
whose combination of self-importance and wilful apathy
led to the disappearance (death?) of Wallace;
the death of Sarah;
and the suffering, death, and disappearance of what must
conservatively be reckoned at “hundreds” of birds,

My wife and I acknowledge the efforts of ONE man who has done all he can
to find out what happened to Wallace; and who (in correspondence)
has several times, expressed trepidation – that, he had to “be careful” –
and so shall remain nameless here.

Yes, some have made efforts: writing to local politicians:
trying to do something: but as for the bulk of those
‘jumping on the bandwagon of conceit in June and July of 2016:

Take a look in a mirror … and ask your reflection
(if you can summon the Integrity) –

WHERE Were You
when corporations Could Have Been notified, media informed,
and politicians presented with formally written letters for help;

When hundreds of birds COULD HAVE been saved …

While you sat there


P Livingstone
Parrot Refuge
July 2016