Pipe Portrait … 2009: Peterson of Dublin … Writer Series, “Shaw”

Pipe Portrait … 2009: Peterson Writer Series, Shaw

01. Peterson

Our Plain Lifestyle means that we prefer
to own little … but what we do own
are quality Victorian or Edwardian items
made from Scottish or Irish oak,
that have accompanied us around the world.

We are live contentedly appreciating
the craftsmanship and beauty of that furniture.

Similarly, the only items (apart from
replacing clothing as needed) that I have any
desire to buy, are the briar pipes which are,
for me, strictly items to look at and enjoy.

I bought my first pipe in 1985,
and have never forgotten my fascination
with that polished piece of wood.

Each year, I venture in to the tobacconists
to see if there might just be a new pipe
for my birthday.

The first to be featured is Peterson’s
“Shaw” Writer which was, to me, both visually
and practically, a very lovely pipe indeed.

A few photographs for any genuine aficionado
who might appreciate a little look …

My old “Countryman’s Methods” pipe videos
and articles are now long gone, but

I am always happy to engage in sincere conversation;
or replying to any questions about “old fashioned”
traditional methods of pipe and tobacco
that were featured back in 2008-10 on YouTube.

If you would have the decency to leave a greeting
in the comment box,
I should be very pleased to hear from you.

P Livingstone
Traditional Methods of pipe and tobacco