Pipe Tobacco: The Farce of “Second Hand Smoke” – Part 1 … Control (Archive, 2013)

The FARCE of “Second Hand Smoke”

Part 1: Controlling the Masses

Posted by Mr Livingstone on 6 December 2013

Even an animal thinks …

For how many years would I have to puff away
on my little briar tobacco pipe

before I would put the same amount of smoke
and toxins into the air,
as your family automobile puts out …
in just 5 minutes ?”

Automobiles are successfully
used by people to commit suicide –

And you and I both know
that you do not think twice
about walking your children
through the parking lot at the shopping mall;

or sitting with them at the ‘patio’
of the local coffee-house, surrounded
by the exhaust pipes of 3, or 30,
or 300 automobiles.

This is the 21st century – a world incapable
of thinking independently of the television set.

I and my little briar pipe am not allowed
within 21 feet of the patio of any coffee house
franchise …

BUT an automobile jetting carbon monoxide,
benzene, and sulphur dioxide
can park four feet away from the patio tables.

“Live and Let Live” is the clarion cry
of every special interest group under the sun.

“Equal Rights” are demanded everywhere.

But I am old enough to have observed
that those who call for “equal rights”
– once they get what they want …

are the very last to show the same consideration
towards others who differ from them.

Let me be absolutely clear in noting that
should have to sit in ANY … Enclosed … area,
and be subjected to

self-obsessed human beings
furiously sucking nicotine from cigarettes into their lungs
whilst filling the air with smoke;
before flicking filthy cigarette butts onto the ground
for others to walk through.

But we are not here speaking of … confined … spaces.

We are speaking of wide open spaces.

You maintain that I – with my little briar pipe –
cause so-called “Second-hand Smoke”

Indeed, I shall gladly submit to your bold assertion
upon a simple demonstration of … Your… sincerity:

I will light my briar pipe,
and puff away for thirty seconds …

… if you will walk over and place
your mouth at the exhaust pipe
of that idling car
for the same amount of time.

If you cannot do that –
or will not do that –
then – please – have the honesty …
have the integrity … to admit

that your outdoor “Smoke Free Environment” policy

is a farce.

The First Clue …

It is no accident that the briar pipe is associated
with academic professors and contemplative thinkers:
the moderate use of pipe tobacco not only increases
mental activity, but reduces emotional anxiety.

Used moderately and maturely, its nicotine is an anti-depressant
that increases brain efficiency.

Used with mature moderation, nicotine serves to
increase levels of Dopamine – the body’s own anti-depressant …
stress is reduced, thinking is sharper; the brain more efficient.

Yet, whilst greed – the love of money (and thrill of being able
to change and control the ‘thinking’ of populations) –
is behind this latest generated “threat”,
it certainly does not harm the agenda of the day
to mask it in manufactured “science” that flows
from grant-seeking minions of the world governing body,
the United Nations.

Tragically, multitudes have the bizarre notion that
the 21st century deluge of health fears,
is spawned by those who “care” about the health
of people.

The absurdity is self evident to anyone
who might pause long enough to Consider:

drunken drivers are a threat to anyone around them;
drunken men abuse wives and children;
and vicious, drunken lager louts wreak havoc
upon villages, towns, and city centres
the world over …

Still … keep the liquor flowing,

but ban pipe tobacco.

That godly Puritan, John Newton,
could pen the hymn “Amazing Grace”
whilst being thankful for no less than several bowls
of pipe tobacco each day.

Multitudes with no time for Newton’s Bible,
enjoy the fantasy fiction of Professor Tolkien,
who was rarely photographed without his pipe.

But in the 21st century … Keep them drunk, apathetic,
amused and stupefied – “partying”, revelling obscenely,
and acting worse than animals.

Make it a crime to question repressive laws;
and remove any stimulus to contemplative thinking.

Fifty Years of Observation

In the 1960’s mature adults were expected
to act like … well, … mature adults.

People were held accountable for their conduct;
corporal and capital punishment were dispensed
to those who refused to take responsibility
for their own malevolent actions.

And mature adults were given the freedom to live
and conduct themselves
according to their own moral consciences.

In short, the governments treated their adults, like adults.
And adults were expected to discipline their children.
And teach them respect for elders.

Children called adults “Mr” and “Mrs” …
their teachers “Sir” and “Miss” or “Mrs” …

And no bank clerk, shop assistant, or sales representative
would EVER have had the vulgar, unprofessional,
presumptuous impertinence
to address any adult customer by their first name.

Those days are long gone.

I know … for I have watched them disappear
over the past three decades.

In the 21st century, discernment … discretion
– the ability to apply wisdom – is a thing of the past:

Tobacco is evil, and a threat to human existence.

Exterminate, rather than Think –
the concept certainly worked for Adolph Hitler,
himself a cigarette smoker turned avid anti-tobacco proponent.

It gave him a sense of domineering power:
the control to regulate the behaviour of the masses.

In their mad drive to live like animals,
modern human beings have discarded the concept
of … Moderation … in ALL things.

The pipe was, in times past, an aid to contemplative thought.

“Contemplative thought” … “Times past”.

That says it all, really.

By the end of the Crimean War, a new fad was taking shape:

Now, multitudes – who would never have the patience and self control
to devote time to quietly enjoying an evening pipe –
were now able to haul and suck nicotine directly into their lungs
through the mechanism of the cigarette,

which is nothing more than a delivery device
for concentrated nicotine.

After the First World War, the popularity of the cigarette
was unstoppable, and a new drug addiction was born:
Out with the opium. In with the cigarette.

As the popularity of these filthy things grew
(replete with the butt-flicking finale of those who openly
displayed their contempt for fellow human beings
who now had to walk in a debris field of cigarette ends),

so did the animosity of those considerate, thoughtful,
(and clean) members of society, who – Quite Rightly –
were offended at having to endure the torture
of smoke-filled rooms … smoke filled restaurants …
and smoke-filled buses.

It is worth noting here that the Reason that AIRLINES
banned smoking on flights had … NOTHING …
whatsoever to do with “passenger health” …

but rather, everything to do with NOT having to spend money
to provide FRESH AIR to the passengers of their airliners.

To heat the cold air from outside the aircraft
so that it entered the aircraft’s passenger deck
at ‘room temperature’ – cost money …
it reduced the profits of the greedy executives.

From around the 1980’s onward, ALL Passengers would breathe
the Re-Circulated stagnation of Cabin Air —
NO FRESH AIR whatsoever.

By the mid-29th century, cigarette smoking was displayed
in every imaginable form of Hollywood “entertainment”.
“Celebrities” smoked cigarettes – and so did the ‘fans’.

The stench of cigarette-sucking, butt-flicking people
was – quite literally – cloying.

Depressingly, I observed on YouTube
(once the 2008 “pipe community” was being joined by all-and-sundry),
that the same mentality and practice of the cigarette smoker,
is exhibited in many who now undertake (what they imagine to be)
pipe smoking today:

sucking away on a pipe as though it was a milkshake …
to the noise of pounding trash “music” hammering away
on car or home stereo.

This is … NOT … pipe smoking.

It is a fad … a fashion statement …
a perversion of something that – in my youth –
was associated with quiet Contemplation,
intelligent Conversation, and considered Thought.

By 2008 – scheming bureaucratic minions stepped in
and, with no interest whatsoever in discernment,
wisdom, or mature consideration –

laid down despotic rules that covered all users of tobacco
with one dictatorial brush.

Taxes on pipe tobacco increased fourfold …
and then went higher.

“Smoke Free Environment” became the latest ludicrous
‘catch-phrase’ to be implanted on the receptive brains
of the media-hypnotised masses.

Multitudes who are so brain-washed and mindless
that they cannot hear (or think of) the word ‘conspiracy’
without instantly adding a second word to it,
now had another catch-phrase to add to their litany
of 21st century hypochondria –

the high-pressure benzene, sulphur dioxide,
and carbon monoxide
jetting from thousands of automobile exhausts,

was Nothing

… compared to the malevolent wisp of smoke
emanating from the little old man
seated on a park bench with his briar pipe.

Mummies and daddies walked their infants and toddlers
through the idling exhaust pipes at the shopping mall …

but gave a wide berth to the old country farmer
seen quietly enjoying his tobacco pipe.

[ Continued in Part 2: The “Science” ]