The Lighthouse …


The Lighthouse

The lighthouse shines and sends its light
on darkest seas, through blackest night;
though none pause from their crass delight
to think of reefs just out of sight.

While many hasten to their doom,
that light shines on amidst the gloom;
in raging seas or hidden moon,
the lighthouse shines where dangers loom.

So many sank … who thought they knew
a selfish course would see them through;
they foundered, sank, perished too:
that lighthouse guides a Cautious Few.

A lighthouse lights though none will heed,
and most sail past at hurried speed;
the light guides those who will concede:
and have the sense to see their need.

This place attempts to light the way
of some who from the path might stray;
and should one read – its thoughts to weigh,
these ‘Old Paths’ will not betray.

– PL